The Job Starts at Home

Sender-Inner Heather C. says:

I was standing in line at the local shelter waiting to get a volunteer application, some lady dropped [these kittens] off. She found them in an abandoned house and was surrendering them to the shelter.

She continues:

Upon learning that they would be euthanized that day (since they are too young for the shelter staff to take care of at 3 weeks) she turned around to me, a complete stranger, and begged me to take them. And of course, how could I say no?!



  1. gravyboat says:

    Hooray! Way to save the day!

  2. You can’t!

  3. THANK YOU for taking them Heather.

    Yipes, part kitten, part tadpole.

  4. What a touching story ❤

  5. Aw, Heather! God bless you for rescuing these poor little babies! Saint Francis is smiling at you, too.

  6. Oh, how… HOW…. could anyone possibly euthanize a cute, helpless lil’ fuzzball like that?!?

  7. Heather, so great that you adopted this little furry tadpole. So cute!!!

  8. Awww so glad that someone came to the rescue!

  9. resriechan says:

    ResQte, pleeeze??????

    Don’t I deSOIVe a ResQte Tag? Aren’t I QTE enuff??

    (or, in the British/ Irish pronunciation: “Amn’t I Qte enuff?” 🙂 )

  10. You will be blessed for what you did. Good for you and your big heart!

  11. skippymom says:

    Miniature toe splayage!
    Are there two kittens?

  12. This is a touching story. I just hope the lady that took the kittens from the abandoned house knew that the mother wasn’t coming back. I can’t think of how distressed the mom cat would be after coming back to her babies missing.

  13. There should be more people like Heather! This is a touching story. I’m curious, how many kittens were there? And does the shelter not have a foster program in place for these types of situations?

    Heather, you were definitely in the right place at the right time, for sure.

  14. oh, my.

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Help me.

  16. Heather, you’re an excellent person. I’m so glad the kitties will be taken care of. If I lived near you, I’d offer to help with the feeding and snuggling.

  17. omg!! more pictures please! and tell us how you are doing! i hope the mommy isn’t looking for them!!! love the kitty swimming!

  18. skippymom says:

    I vote that we all chip in and send Heather a large shipment of hearts and rainbows.

  19. Mollymouser says:

    Heather: Thanks for saving the kittens.
    Cute Overload: Thanks for posting this ~~ What a great reminder about the importance of spaying/neutering cats and dogs so they don’t share a sad fate in overcrowded shelters.
    Kitten: You are simply adorable. (snorgle)

  20. dr. berthaservant says:

    Bless you Heather! A ResQte worth bragging about (and a ResQte tag, please!)

    (Hello all…I’m still here, just swamped w/ teaching!)

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    The front paw splayage. The back leg squishy butt action going on there. The wet tailio. The seepy, seepy, comfy tie, tie in the second pic. Good Lord. (I’d better prepare the aqte ward.)
    *Rolls up sleeves. Pushes rhinestone, cateye glasses up nose and prepares for stuff and things*

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    dr. berthaservant: I was wondering where the heck you went off to.

  23. Bruce Joyner says:

    You are a sweet soul to take these little helpless creatures and save them…If everyone could be as loving as you..the world would be a better place for all of us humans and fellow living creatures.Thanks for your affirmation that there is great good in this world

  24. Flavia A. says:

    God bless you for taking them.

    But what shelter is this, that euthanizes baby cats??? ¬¬

    They don’t even try to find people to take the strays???

  25. Please keep us updated on the babies’ progress!!!??????

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking these kittens, Heather! You are a good person.

  27. dr, dr, give me the news! (*le sigh*), we are here, we know you are too. MWAH!

    The whole Internet to Heather! You are a wonderful person. Best wishes with the puddies, keep us posted on their development and when they say “Momma”! Watch out for their mittens!

  28. Aww, looks like my Philo as a babeh. Good for Heather! Many purrs and snuggles to you for caring for these wee kits.

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    *looks at pictures again. (gulp) jams smelling salts up own nose*

  30. Heather – well done! I wish more people had your dedication and kitty raising skills!

    It is a shame that the lady who brought them in to the shelter was doing the right thing, yet the shelter would destroy the kittens. But I can’t blame the shelter because they probably are stuffed to the gills with animals and have to make daily choices about which ones to foster and which ones to put down. And at that, the shelter is much better than the people who just abandon their animals and leave them to fend for themselves.

    Too many hard choices – but I am so glad some are saved. Shelters do amazing work and on occasion, do the near impossible in saving as many as they do.

    We have had as many as 6 dogs around the house – three who were abandoned, two who were shelter pups. and one who was a gift to our daughter.

  31. janet2buns says:

    @Flavia A. : What shelter euthanizes baby cats? Answer: Way too many of them. Why? Way too many abandoned cats/kittens. Why? Way too many stupid humans.

  32. Clearly, you’re an angel. (And talk about synchronicity!)

    Thanks for your good heart. 🙂

    BTW – speaking of shelters I was at one with my daughter recently and noticed one of the employees was walking around with his co-worker, acting and speaking pretty agressively. He was dropping and F-bombs (which I do all the time) while feeding the dogs. I didn’t like that. And it appeared to me the dogs were reacting to his behavior/energy in an equally agressive manner. This is not cool imo. A shelter is already a stressful place for the animals and I don’t believe the people there should be adding to it – certainly not a paid employee. Anyhow I called later to speak to the person in charge who wasn’t there. I gave my info to the person taking the message (who seemed not overly concerned) and left my #. Still haven’t heard back. Since I seem to always be the squeaky wheel I am compelled to call back. At the same time there is a part of me tired of always calling out the bad guys in life. The guy looks and acts like a convict, so maybe no one wants to tell him to shape up. I would be happy to tell him myself, but it’s better if his boss knows and handles it for good. I just wonder if they care? Sorry I’m just blabbing. This happened this past week. Any thoughts?

  33. amygaspard says:

    The poor little darlings!!! I’m so glad they got a chance at life. 🙂

  34. Awww baby cats… ❤

  35. We love Heather so much we want to donate to help with the care of the little critters. How can we go about this??

  36. Bless you thousands of times over. Just the thought of euthanizing this putty upset me terribly.

  37. omg you are the most awesome person in the world ;.;

  38. catloveschanel says:

    poor putty-tat. Yes, how could you say no? You should put up a heather-cam to film their every step. Like the Shiba Inus (so last year – shiba inus), now we want to see kitteh-kam and you will be famous and win a million dollars.

  39. kibblenibble says:

    Teeny tinee tabbies! Squeee! 🙂

  40. Instructions to self:

    1. Find dwelling that allows cats. Move the heck out of this house.
    2. Get allergies under control.
    3. Run, don’t walk, to nearest shelter.
    4. KITTENS!

  41. Marie,

    Many shelters can’t afford to pay a full staff of employees, so they rely on people who have to do court-ordered community service for many of their jobs. Some of these people are great, some of them are not-so-great, but beggars can’t really be choosers. Other shelters can afford paid employees, but can’t pay them very much, so you get people who are OK with making minimum wage…which sometimes means they can’t find a job making more. These aren’t bad people, they’re just sometimes less-educated and a bit coarse. But, they wouldn’t be working there if they didn’t care or have an interest in the animals.

    I would advise you to not judge too harshly by assuming that this person is a bad person. Working at a shelter is a very difficult job, and I doubt you were there long enough to really get a feel for how that shelter operates or why that person was acting that way. Trying to ruin someone’s job or get them in trouble is more aggressive and hurtful than whatever you saw him doing (using bad language, right?). That’s probably why your calls are being ignored. The staff at the shelter know that employee a lot better than you do, and they also know how hard and sometimes soul-crushing a shelter job can be. As well, they also know that it’s easy for you to judge when you haven’t worked a day in their shoes, and been bitten by aggressive animals or had to put down sweet ones.

    A word on the supposed aggressive behavior of the animals: all animals change once they enter a shelter environment. Even the nicest family dog can turn aggressive as a reaction to the stress and unfamiliarity of being taken out of their home and put into a strange environment. One way dogs deal with stress is by barking a lot, jumping, and being hyperactive. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad dogs, or angry dogs…it means that they’re stressed out dogs in a hectic environment where it’s nearly impossible for them to get one-on-one attention.

    As someone who worked in a shelter before, I can pretty much guarantee you that the dogs weren’t feeding off of any negative energy. More likely, they recognize that guy as the guy who feeds them, and they were going bonkers for feeding time. At the shelter I worked at, our dogs would go nuts any time our kennel staff walked through the halls. Why? Because sometimes they had treats!

  42. Kudos to the lady who went out of her way to try and help the kittens, not everyone would bother to do that.

    And Heather, you’re an awesome person. 🙂

  43. Heather, you are a saint! Thank you for taking in those precious babies.

  44. Couldn’t help it; I just cried.

  45. Hats off to Heather! You done real good. I’m too upset thinkin about all the abandoned/euthanized/mistreated/sad/lonely/helpless animals to comment any further. There are so many good people in the world but so many careless and cruel ones as well. Just too sad. 😦

  46. janet2buns says:

    @R: It’s not because it’s the rules, it’s because there is no, I mean *no* more room for any more cats. Some shelter workers are kind, caring people and would save the kittens if they could, but there is just no more room for them.

  47. Kol HaKavod (all honor and respect) to Heather for saving these adorable babies!!

    May they pay you back in years of love, laughter and companionship.

  48. Such a sweet story and even sweeter looking pictures!

  49. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Aww, bless you! Please keep us posted. A coworker of mine took in a stray last year that the vet estimated was about 3-5 weeks old. Someone saw a fox running with the kitten in its mouth, so he made a commotion and got him to drop it. There were no other kittens around, so he never found Mom or the rest of the litter. She took him and, despite the vets’ warning that the little guy might not survive though he was not injured, now he’s a feisty six month old who is tickled pink to have been literally rescued from the jaws o’death.

  50. sabrina rose says:

    On a more somber note, sometimes euthanasia is not a bad thing. This is my opinion only, but I consider that falling asleep forever is much better than ending up at a laboratory, or trapped with mean neglectful people, or as a stray trying to scratch out a living in alleys. Most shelters are completely overwhelmed due to people not believing in the value of spaying/neutering. Euthanasia is a peaceful release from pain and fear.

    On the lighter side, my husband and I have fostered many, many mama cats and kittens (dogs and bunnies too) and kept a lot of the ones who for one reason or another were difficult to adopt out. Kittens who live with their mothers all their lives become charming and well-behaved pets. I had one group for 17 years!

    I hope Heather keeps us posted on the development of her little bundles of joy!

  51. awwwwww what a wonderful thing to do heather!!!

  52. Heather, you rock.

  53. Abandoned house? Maybe that was Momma cat’s hiding place for her kittens, maybe she was coming back?!

  54. Melissa Szumski says:

    Hello Heather, where are you located. I would love to adopt one of these kittens, please email me your location and if you are close by i would love to give a kitten a loving home.

  55. Marie, Lindsey, I thought the same thing. Most likely, mom was either hiding in the house of off trying to find something to fill her tummy. 😦

    I would have asked where the house was and visited it a few times, hoping mom would show up. A Have-a-Heart trap works wonders!

  56. i’m guessing that the animal-loving community that visits this site and reads all the comments are already aware of the importance of spaying/neutering our pets, but just in case, i’d like to say PLEASE NEUTER AND SPAY your pets!! poor little kittens like this are a good example why it is so important. many shelters cannot handle the quantity of animals in need. IF ONLY more people would spay and neuter!

    /rant. sorry about that. THANK YOU heather for taking these babies on. so sweet.

  57. Jackie Rose says:

    I’ll add my blessings to everyone else’s. Bless you, bless you, bless you, Heather!

  58. certified cutologist says:

    this just made my weekend.

  59. heather you are a hero!! thank you for saving the babies!!!

  60. TwilightGuru says:

    Good On You Heather! That was a sweet thing to do!

  61. My experience from working at a shelter:
    Even if there are empty cages (and in “kitten season,” there may not be) orphan baby kittens can’t be put into the regular shelter system, because they have to be fed and cleaned every few hours, just like a human baby. Shelters are not 24/7 operations, so someone has to take the orphans home at night, which isn’t part of anyone’s job description (and no, you don’t get overtime for it!). Even considering that, most people at the shelter I worked would take a litter when they could. There were foster homes, too, and sometimes we could get the mama cats with small litters to take extras. But even considering that, some of them had to be euth’d because there just wasn’t anyone who could take care of them at that time. It’s sad, but definitely not the shelter’s fault.

    Kudos to sender-inner Heather C, for stepping up! **mew**

  62. Good for you! I wouldn’t have been able to resist them either. All the best in raising them!

  63. Von Zeppelin says:

    Reminds me of my first childhood pet, a gray tabby kitty about this size. He was thrown over the back wall into our garden by some uncaring creep. Watched as my mom cleaned him up and dusted him for fleas. (She was sure he was going to die, and dreading explaining it to her young children). He survived, flourished, and grew into a great cat. I’ll never forget you, Nudnik.

  64. Oh! That’s so good of you.

  65. virtual.jess says:

    Heather! You should make a blog to post about the kitties and link it here, so we can see how they’re doing, and so those who want to donate can.
    Hope they are doing well!

  66. I was just going to bring one of my foster hamsters back to the rescue because they started fighting and now I have to keep them all in separate cages in my 1-bedroom apartment…I took them to an adoption event, but after it was over, I couldn’t decide which one to give back, so I just decided, “Three cages doesn’t take up that much room.” I very nearly came back with a kitten, too.

    It makes me glad to know that there are people like Heather who have big hearts.

  67. Ooohh! Too Cute! How could you refuse the cutest face in the world?

  68. B-b-b-b-BROWN TABBY ALERT! D’awwwwwwwww.

  69. @alysonmiers 02.06.10 at 3:23 pm:
    “Instructions to self: 1. Find dwelling that allows cats. Move the heck out of this house. 2. Get allergies under control. 3. Run, don’t walk, to nearest shelter. 4. KITTENS!

    THIS! The allergies get better over time, really. The first few days are the hardest.

    Also, I LOL’d 😀

  70. This right here? …exactly why shelters need voluntary animal foster families.

  71. oh my goodness, im so glad you took them in!

  72. Heather C is a hero!

  73. There is a special little spot in heaven for people like you.

  74. Heather – I too am wondering what part of the planet you are on. If you need a hand or a home, I’d love to help out.

  75. Kol HaKavod to Heather!

    “…who adores the Creator needs must love His work.”

    Heather, perhaps you could tell us how we can make a contribution to the material welfare of these babies. I, too, would love to see their progress in life. If I could imagine that you were located near me (northern Virginia), I’d make an effort (after the snow melts) to come supplement your excellent kitten-socialization curriculum!

  76. I too am in the DC area (Mont. Co. MD) so if you’re in our neck of the woods, let us know!

  77. Bless you, Heather C.!

  78. tineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  79. Ohhhhh….little tiny swimmer kitty…Of COURSE you had to take them, Heather. How are they!?

  80. Bless you for taking these darlings!!

  81. The Persian version of ‘Marnie the parrot’…. plus this persian parrot has great dance moves

  82. Watching the little little swimming got me welling up…
    Reading that little little might’ve died??!!
    That just made me cry.

    Thank you for rescuing the little little.
    *runs away with face in elbow trying not to be *

  83. Thank you Heather! The first picture reminds me of when you stick those little toy things in water, like a shark or a dinosaur, and it’s supposed to expand to be 20 times bigger within 6 hours. He’s just floating in there, waiting to expand.

    You go little Kitty. You go.

  84. Thank you SO much for doing this, Heather!!!

  85. 16Phoenix says:

    SO CUTE!!!! Looks like my cat when I rescued her. I was told the same thing by the Human Society, so I took her home and took care of her. I happy there are people out there like you that saved them. 🙂

  86. OH MY GAWD. Precious.

  87. Blondie is in Montgomery County, me too! We have power, thanks goodness.

  88. Well, we could each make a $5donation to our local shelters in Heather’s honor, I’d do that.

    Heather, Jews don’t have Saints, but we know a mensch when we see one!
    Have a wonderful weekend and give your kids a snorgle for us!

    I just saw the picytures of the just-born Pygmy Nigerian goats (can you imagine??)
    that friend of mine is adopting ACK! Cuteness in Real Life!

  89. AWWWW! Now that is freakin cute! My heart has melted! Which took alot from all this snow we got… But my two sweet kitties and Jack are all I need to stay warm!

  90. Aw, So sweet that you took them, I wouldn’t be able to say no to those faces either!!!

    Bugs me that people can just abandon animals like that 😦

  91. ChrisEstes says:

    If anyone ever asks, “have you done one true good thing?” you can certainly say yes. One VERY true good thing.

  92. God bless you for taking care of them. *sniffs*

  93. Food Lady says:

    Heather C, thank you and God bless you for saving these precious little babies!!! You’re my hero! Sending big hugs your way. *HUG*HUG*HUG* 😀

  94. I heart Heather!

  95. Heather, what comes around goes around, and you’ve got good things coming your way. Someday, in some way, you WILL be abundantly blessed for this good deed!

  96. Hooooraaaayyy for Heather! Good luck!

  97. Heather for President! I would totally vote for her.

  98. Meg, you should send Heather a free calendar or t-shirt or something. She deserves it!!!!!

  99. Wow, looks like Heather got that volunteer job she was after. God had her in the right place at exactly the right time…destiny knocked and Heather answered. Well done, Heather C! Bravo! *standing ovation*

  100. Heather ROCKS!. Please give those babies a kiss on the forehead for me.

  101. Anonymous Coward says:

    @Heather C.:

    good for you.

    send Heather something, like “hoops” says, she deserves it.


  102. May all your days be full of happy and cute!

    As a rescuer/nurse of itty baby kittens myself I say thank you and blessings.
    One of the kittens I rescued (well actually rescued his mom in -50 weather from freezing and she proceeded to have kittens in our spare room) is my most favorite kitty and best friend ever. I kept him and adopted out the rest. I shudder to think that this little light would not be here if it weren’t for us taking in and caring for his mom. Kitties are precious and amazing. Good thing you went and done.

  103. Heather, you are an angel. Keep us updated on how you and the kitties are doing.

  104. May the angels watch over you and your kittens.

  105. GOOD FOR YOU! are you fostering or planning to adopt them? I’m so happy they’re safe and loved now!!!

  106. Goobinski says:

    Yay Heather C.! Hero to the kittehs! >^..^<

  107. It’s good advice, Silence, but I didn’t come for finger-wagging. It does help to know where the employees might have come from though. Gives perspective. You also had little information about what my intentions were/are. You made some immediate assumptions, which is understandable since I didn’t sit here and type out every detail. Nevertheless what makes you think I want this guy canned? Maybe I feel it’s more important he be provided with some insight about his behavior. Obviously he’s not looking at it. A lot of people in fact don’t step outside and look at themselves, yea? To your other point I actually have volunteered at shelters, thanks very much. 🙂 On this occasion I was helping my daughter for nearly three hours at the rabbit enclosure. My own experience involves two other shelters and I must say I’ve never seen this level of stress with the dogs. Not saying this doesn’t exist elsewhere (unfortunately), I just have never seen it. Anyhow while I could hear this guy railing on and off for three hours, I noticed his co-worker who was about the same age was a cheerful and gentle fellow. He seemed to know and understand the needs of the job and did it with courtesy and professionalism – towards both animals and people. He also seemed pretty intimidated by mouthy. What might be good for this guy to know as he moves into adulthood is we all have “issues” but work is neither the time or place to vent – even if that work involves non-humans. I don’t think anyone, at any job, appreciates hostility. Well, neither do animals. As someone who needed to be set straight herself when growing up, sometimes all it takes is another person to provide firm, clear direction. Sorry if you disagree, but that’s your right. Cheers.

    Btw criminal background or not some of the most polite people I’ve met have been ex-cons or gang members. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  108. Miranda R says:

    That is the cutest look of thanks and appreciation that could ever exist ❤

  109. Shelley Noble says:

    Bless you always for taking them and trying to help.

  110. Thats is wonderful they are saved. I hope they grow up to be great, healthy kittehs :3 ykwim

  111. @Heather C 😀 I am so glad to hear that you were able to take those two sweet little kittens in 😀 I raised my dear departed Seven, who was a white female cat with two stripes on her head that formed the number 7, from the time she was three weeks old after her mom disappeared (something bad happened – coyote?!) 😀 Sadly being a farm cat, Seven lived to age of 8 😦 but she was loved by me all of those 8 years 🙂 I still miss her 😦 and wait to meet her at The Rainbow Bridge 🙂

  112. laura scrivener says:

    Im allergic and I’ld take them omg!

  113. Queen of Dork says:

    Heather = GOOD!

  114. Oh Heather, some way, some how your kindness will come back to you — very likely in the form of cuteness!

  115. God bless you for taking them in I know they are work but it will be worth it!

  116. swtpatooty says:

    Heather, it’s so great that you were there and willing to take in the poor babies. How many kittens were there? You’re bottle-feeding them every few hours? I saw up above that somebody suggested you make a blog about them, posting pictures and details of what you have done to foster them. I think that is a wonderful idea, and if you need any help setting up a blog, please email me.

  117. I will bet anything the mom wasn’t far away. Just like when people find “abandoned” babies in the wild, when mom is actually close by, and feel they must rescue them.

    Should just leave them alone, but keep an eye on them.

  118. I’m a little saddened by some of the comments in this thread that seem resigned to the fact that shelters have to euthanize some animals, and that this is just something that has to happen because of lack of room. I’m in the midst of reading a wonderful book by Nathan Winograd called Redemption, which is about programs that shelters can implement to truly become No Kill. He ran a shelter that did not euthanize for running out of space; they came up with other solutions. I highly recomment the book!

    Heather, thank you for rescuing these babies.

  119. Aww! They’re absolutely adorable. This Heather person is the best ever.

  120. CoffeeCup says:

    I think I’m actually the first person to ask this, and it’s a shame, I tell you. My question being, “Where are the photos of the other kittens?!” Did Heather adopt all of them? I certainly would hope so – where are the photos? I demand them!

  121. Heather I am going to the kitchen right now to bake you a cake !
    Please post pictures of the kittens and please let us know if they have found a forever home.

  122. spaceaged says:

    I have a KMR Emergency Feeding Kit from for just such emergencies! Everybody should get one!

  123. I’ve found myself in this position on several different occasions…which has thus given me five cats, all spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. The last two were so young when they were found that I had to bottle feed them for almost a whole month before they were able to eat regular kitten food. Best of luck with those cute little babies!

  124. Sweet wishes to you! Last October I fostered an abandoned litter of 3 kittehs that were left in our recycle bin! They were about 3 weeks old. All were adopted to loving forever homes and I firmly believe that they found us and I think the same about the ones you have!

  125. YAAAYY!!! So glad they posted my story!

    Thank you to everyone for your extremely kind words 🙂 I’m all choked up here!

    They were a lot of work (and several trips to the vet), but totally worth it! My dog never got used to them, so I found new homes for both, but the little guys are doing well in their new adoptive homes.

    Like so many people who posted, I was also worried about the mom coming back for them; however, after I took them to the vet the first day she said that they were both so malnourished and unkempt that she though the mom had been gone for a long time.

    God Bless those of you who do this day in and day out; it is a lot of work, time and money. Thanks to those people and groups who do this every day of their lives!

  126. Bless you. But remember…you can’t take them all in, even though you’ll want to. It’s important to do what you can, though, because noone can do it all!

  127. Heather, i think that the shelter found a wonderful helper that day. Thank you for taking care of those little ones.

    Fosters moms really are special.

  128. Oh man! I’m so glad you were standing in line right then!!! WOW!

  129. That’s horrible.
    How hard can it be to find someone willing to take care of itty-bitty kittens?
    I mean, yeah you have to feed and clean them every few hours and you wont get much sleep for a month or two until they grow out of needing such intensive care but it seems totally worth it for the the chance to feed, play with and snorgle ITTY-BITTY KITTENS.
    I’d totally do it if my apartment didn’t charge exorbitant fees for pets:/
    Don’t most shelters have a program where they send baby kittens to the homes of volunteers to be fostered?
    Or, you could just walk out into the adoption area and hold up a kitten and yell “Baaaa-bieees!” and probably get most of them adopted.

  130. My rescued kitties were found in a dumpster, just days old. Someone found them, and got them to a cat rescue organization, from which I evetually adopted them. I’m so glad there are people out there who do such kind things! =)

  131. It’ll be hard time for you and for your family, since these little guys will need tons of care 24/7. Forget sleeping, forget going to work, forget your daily routines.
    And because you prolly knew that, and still took the challenge:

    On behalf of all kittens and animal lovers in the world, please let me thank you and the kind lady who rescued these poor things. You truly are good people.

  132. catloveschanel says:

    4th time I read this today
    All’s well that Ends well.
    Big hearts to all of you heathers & posters.

  133. One BIG thank you and please send in more pictures of the little one’s~~

  134. Eliot's Human says:

    Every day I’m eternally grateful for the person who rescued my wonderful, light-of-my-life cat when he was 2 weeks old and motherless, living in a back yard with his 3 siblings. Heather, I’m certain you just made 2 other families feel the exact same way about your little kitties. Blessings on you!

  135. My precious Lita was found in a dumpster as a tiny kitten and I will be forever grateful for the woman who found and fostered her. She is a wonderful kitty who loves a good snorgle. Thank you so much Heather for stepping up and taking those little kitties in. You Rock!

  136. How open Heather’s heart was, ready to receive the helpless kittens, ready to love them and do everything needed to bring them fully back to health and life.

    We recognize true righteousness, true power, true wisdom and strength in the unconditional love Heather demonstrated–and we can all feel the love welling up inside ourselves, too. Even if the kittens would be needy, poop-messy, and claw-scratchy sometimes–we see them as most precious, beautiful, promising and worth the effort. Worth the struggle. In our hearts we join Heather, and wish that we could continually watch and take part in her work–with these kittens or others.

    Heather and all, this is a good sample, a good picture, of the love that Jesus has for you, how He sees you as precious and beautiful, and how He yearns to rescue and help you, assuring your forever home. Thank you, Heather! Please always know that Jesus loves you, and trust Him as these kittens could trust you. I thank our Father-Creator for giving you His heart.

  137. I know this post is about the adorable kitties, but did anyone notice the Persian parrot video that Winston posted? I loved his little dance in the end!!!!

  138. How can you say no?! NOBODY CAN! Heather is awesome!

  139. platedlizard says:

    I haven’t read through all the comments here, but the reason why many shelters euth kittens is because they have to be taken care of 24/7, and often there isn’t one available. Also leeelte kittens like this are too young to vaccinate, so they are very likely to get sick and die at the shelter. If you want to prevent kittens like this from being euthed volunteer to be a foster home for them. (as well as spay and neuter your pets)

    Kudos to Heather for fostering these leeetle guys.

  140. Mazel tov Heather, what a mitzvah!

  141. Being a friend of Heather C and a cat person myself, I was very proud that she took in these 2 little kitties. These poor fur balls were in desperate need of some round-the-clock attention, and she, without any hesitation, nursed them back to health. The many bottle feedings and trips to the vet (out of her own pocket) paid off big when they were healthy enough to be found new homes after a few weeks of constant care. Too bad her little pom pom wasn’t too keen on fostering those kitties. 🙂

  142. nicefrenchgurl says:

    call it destiny
    u were at the right place at the right time
    thats how i got kitty 3, a lady happened to find her just when she was left on the street.
    i got my dog from a shelter in France, and the volunteers were complaining about how poorly the dogs were treated. and its basically the oficial french humane society. they hose the cages down with the small pups inside! cold water in frigid weather. and i wouldnt even mention how my dog got neutered, the clinic didnt even give him any medication, only a shot, he couldnt walk i had to pay for the emergency clinic and 10 days prescription, poor little thing…

  143. PS- Heather C. also rescued her little pom pom too. Her cute little black pom pom has no teeth. Such a sweet little dog. No kitties friends for her though.

  144. Mary (the first) says:

    Hugs to Heather C., the lady who brought the kittens from the house and the people who ended up adopting the kittens from Heather (see her comment.) Lovely story and two adorable kittens resqte!

  145. The white towel purrito, gives me the warm fuzzies.

  146. I’m so glad that there are people like you in the world. It honestly lets me sleep a little bit easier at night.

  147. The the ******************** kind of shelter would put down 3 week old kittens? Heather – find somewhere better to volunteer!

    And I hope that the rescuer made sure that mummy wasnt just out hunting =/

    Sigh. As cute as these kittens are this post makes me mad at the world.

  148. Have been reading some of these comments, I hope we are all making note of how important that it is that we all support our local shelters! Bah

  149. Heather C. – you are an angel for taking this kitteh home. Bless you! What a sweet thing you have there. But then…. I´m a sucker for tabbies anyway (I have one classic, one mackerel and one ginger mackerel tabby myself). 🙂

  150. Oops, just realise that these are *two different* kittens, not one. My apologies. 😉

  151. You rule, Heather.

    Best of luck raising these beauties 🙂

  152. Heather — you are awesome for taking these kittens in. You ROCK.

    How many were there? They are so tiny!! LOVE THEM.

  153. A shower, nay, a blizzard of rainbows, glitter and hearts to Heather and all the lovely angels who rescue anipals (and people) in need!!!

    [Thanks but gahhd that glitter stuff gets in everything 😛 – Ed.]

  154. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Heather, thanks for the update! I too was worrying that the Mom cat would come back & be hysterical to see her babies gone. It does seem pretty evident that she wasn’t coming back. It is awesome that both babies have found homes!!

    BLESS YOU for being an animal angel! !

  155. After reading the comments in this thread, and thinking about the simultaneously existing situations in my life and elsewhere, ergo:

    1) I need to get a life.
    2) I have a lot of time on my hands (still unemployed)
    3) Shelters need volunteers

    I am going to contact my local shelter this week and ask about volunteer opportunities. The only thing that has kept me from doing so is the certainty that the work itself will break my heart. Those of you who’ve volunteered, how do you cope? How do you keep from bringing every animal home with you?

    [Honestly, it’s hard, maybe a lot harder than you’d think. It’s not just a fresh batch of kittens to play with every 3 months. However, the ups are definitely rewarding, big time. And yeah, I definitely caved once & came back for Rikki, after we returned his mama & siblings to the Humane Society (where they were all promptly adopted) – Ed.]

  156. P.S. I’m all for fostering, but I already have five full-time cats (one of which started out as an intended foster) and two big dogs.

  157. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo: Your cats lay like that?! How funny! I’ve never worked at a shelter but I worked at a pet store many, many years ago. I didn’t like it at all. I wanted to take all of the sweeties home with me but I was just a teen living with my aunt and she wouldn’t let me bring home even one kitten. I did the best I could while I was there and kissed and loved all of the animals as much as I could. 😦 I feel kind of sad thinking about that. 😦

    [That was a one-time thing, which I was very lucky to catch on video. 😀 – Ed.]

  158. people like you make me smile. 🙂
    thank you so much for saving the lives of these beautiful little babies.

  159. Hi
    I used to work at a shelter in a small city with a big cat problem. We were the only no-kill in the city. Unfortunately some shelters really do have no options once every last cage and carrying kennel is full. In summers “kitten season” all the staff in receiving department had their homes filled to the rafters with cats too. We always appreciated the incredibly generous person who was willing to take in a few kitties. Until you’ve raised kittens you have no comprehension of how much work they are!

  160. Sender-inner Heather C.- I’m so happy you adopted the kittens in the spur of the moment. This story made my eyes well up.

  161. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo: Well, I’m glad you did catch that on video. It’s quite adorable! I love how your marmie is at first all patient with the whole situation and then at the end is all, “back the f*(&# off me! Mother *#^$%@!!!!!”

  162. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! I have to tell another story about my cat. Sorry. I said I’d not do this anymore but I can’t help myself. Anyway, I just got this new bed for my bedroom (after sleeping on an air mattress for two years. It was not cool because my cat would sometimes pop it with his claws, so I would have to go buy another one. Plus, it made my back hurt). So, SamKitty loves my bed and ever since I got this bed, he has decided to plop his furry butt right on the top where I put my head. So I can’t have that because then I snort fur all night while I sleep. My solution to this is to place a pillow cover over that area of the bed. And he loves it! He sleeps on it and refers to it as his “bed on the bed.” I (heart) my cat.

    Now, I can just remove the fur-filled pillow case when I sleep, put it back when I make the bed in the morning, and SamKitty and I can be happy. 🙂

  163. I miss a day and come back to… AWW. Tadcat… catpole?

    A belated three cheers to Heather C. from me, too. Heck, cake ‘n’ goodies to every volunteer pet-parent! I remember what work it was to raise kitt’nslugs on the bottle, back when I still could. But it’s worth every minute of missed sleep. SO much character in such tiny packages, and the way they interacted with us as they grew up… I never could figure out whether ours thought someday they’d molt and become bipedal and nekkid like us, or what. 🙂

  164. Starlinguk says:

    I’m so glad I took my little 2-week old kitten in. She was 21 when she died.

    Nothing shelters do surprises me anymore. I lost a cat two weeks ago and rang the shelter. They said they were taking down my details and would call me if they heard anything. Last week a lady rang me to say she’d found my cat. She said she’d rung the shelter, and they told her nobody had rung them about a lost cat. B*stards.
    Mind you, at least they have “foster parents” for little pups/kittens like Heather’s behbehs.

  165. Wow, I glad those kitties found a good hope.

    “weeee, I’m schwimming”, says the kitten.

  166. You are a cat angel. Bless you!

  167. Yikes, I meant “a good home”. My bad.

  168. bless your heart.

  169. As a fosterer of kitties, dogs, bunnies and birds, kudos to Heather for taking them in and caring for them. It can be tough but it is very rewarding.

  170. You rock! There is a place for you in pussycat heaven!

  171. But Q of D, doesn’t SamKitty wanna sleep on the bed on the bed with you at night?? You kick him out or what? My old cat would never abide by that, and yowl at the door to be let in. DamKitty.

    And OMG Theo, that short vid you posted is high-LARIOUS. There’s a cat on my head, a cat on my head, a cat on my, what? What’s so funny? Looks like the Marmie snagged him a good one there. Right hook!

    [That’d be Mr. Bounce. He & Rikki actually get along fine, these days. Now, our cranky-old-lady cat Spot, she’s never approved of Rikki, his entire life. 🙄 – Ed.]

  172. Sabrina Rose makes a good, sobering note about euthanasia being far, far preferable to many alternatives that await feral animals. Sad to consider, but true.

    That being said, many blessings to Heather C for stepping up to care for these babies.

  173. Saddensuprised says:

    Very cute.

    The only thing that makes me truly sad on the inside is that these tiny kittens who, let’s be honest, have a small likelyhood of survival being as young as they are away from their mother, have garnished so much attention and shocked anger that a shelter would put them to sleep while there are *countless* older cats in that same shelter who were put to sleep that night simply because they weren’t tiny and adorable any more.

    Euth is horrible. But I’d rather see shelters take time (and money and effort) to save those who have a better chance at survival (and who’ve been dumped on all their poor lives) than tiny kittens.

    I suppose it’s my years of working at a shelter that have gotten me so incredibly jaded, but I’m SO VERY tired of people QQing over the tiny little fluffballs and crying out enraged when ‘bad things’ could happen to them…. and who are the same people who turn a blind eye on the most amazing pets that sit and rot in the shelters before they’re euth’d because everyone was scrambling for the cute and tiny.

    I can’t tell you how many amazing, wonderful, smart, utterly loving dogs I’ve held down while they were put down. I CAN tell you that every time I did, I grew a little more cynical (and yes, I drop an F bomb now and again. It’s coping. And no, animals don’t care WHAT you say as long as there’s a smile, a hug and maybe a piece of your lunch to go with it!)

  174. I know it’s frustrating, but I think it’s just part of human nature to respond to baby animals.

  175. heather…you’re a saint and those little kittens were so adorable and lucky you were there to take them home!!

  176. I did that once. Four babies. Lost one. One went back to the rescuer. One got FIP just before her first birthday. The last one died in my arms at 19 1/2 years later. Best deal EVER!!!!

  177. rackletang says:

    This EXACT SAME THING happened to me a couple of years ago! I was at the shelter with a friend who was picking her new cat up after his two week quarantine. I purposefully avoided the back of the shelter, as I know myself and I would have come home with three puppies and a bunny. So who wanders in but two preteen girls with a tiny kitten in a box. Every time I opened the flap he would hiss at me. Now, his name is Henry and he lives in Baltimore with my friend Kelly. He’s fat and happy, and I was overjoyed to help him. Even so, it was pretty much like they held him up with a gun to his head, and gave me a “cake or death” proposition…

  178. Storymyskies says:

    Saddensuprised, you’re absolutely right that older animals make wonderful pets. I adopted an adult cat from a shelter six years ago and she is the most sweet, funny, affectionate companion I’ve ever had. The minute I sit down she jumps into my lap for a snuggle. Thanks for speaking up on adults’ behalf as well!

  179. MonsterOfTheLake says:

    Nice one, Heather.

  180. Lynn Hambley says:

    Thank you Heather. I can’t stop crying just thinking about your kindness. I’m a wus when it comes to unloved and unwanted pets. Thank you.

  181. Those are some lucky-ass kittens. Good for you, Heather! I’m so glad you were able to take them when the shelter couldn’t – and I understand why the shelter couldn’t. There are many barriers to taking care of such young babies in a shelter situation and that’s why foster homes are so sorely needed.
    lbird: Depending on how dirty the kittens were to begin with, a wet cloth may not have been effective. As Heather noted, the vet told her that because the kittens were so thin and dishevelled, they had probably not had their mother’s care for some time. Washing in water is not natural for cats, but it’s effective at getting off messes that they either can’t or shouldn’t lick off themselves. As long as you dry them off briskly they’ll be fine.
    Your whole tone seems surprisingly skeptical and disapproving, and if you’d read Heather’s comment you would know that while ‘common sense’ might tell you the mother was still around, the evidence suggests that she wasn’t. She may have abandoned them, as not all animals are naturally good mothers, or she may have died as a result of the many risks stray and feral animals run – risks these kittens would also have faced if they hadn’t been rescued. Thanks to Heather, they grew up in a safe home, were treated kindly, and were eventually adopted by people who will love them. I say YAY.

  182. The Green Witch says:

    THANK YOU for saving those sweet little creatures.

  183. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww!!! Yay, Heather! 😦 But, the vet saw what went down and it was actually the only way to get the little booger off of me, lol. It’s been aboot ten years since that’s happened, and I’m positive that kitten went to a good home.

    Again…YAY, HEATHER!! 😀

    If I were in your shoes, I’d do the exact same thing…Hubby’ll just have to deal with it! 😛 (We have three cats anyway!)

  184. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Wow…it erased the first part of my post…I remember when Hubby and I were at the vet with his doggie Kisca when a lady comes in in a panic with a Clorox Box (the kind the bottles are in…not the powder itself) and she didn’t know what to do with what was inside. She said she found the wee thing in the ditch and she herself couldn’t take care of it, but could the vet? The vet said no problem, but I was curious, and asked to see the “wee thing”…it was the littlest, scared to death, desperate for somebody to hold on to, kitling I had ever seen! As soon as that box opened, she leapt up on to my shoulder, mewling pitifully and nuzzled in my hair! Surprisingly, even though she was abandoned (or tossed, dunno) she was relatively clean! So as we were finishing up with Kisca I let the kitten nuzzle with me while the woman was talking to the vet and getting stuff in order…and when we were done, Hubby (the cat lover that HE was) unceremoniously ripped the kitten off of my shoulder and shoved the kitten back in the box! :O The poor thing was so cozy and comforted from the recent trauma, and then got retraumatized from what HE just did…I was PISSED!! 😡 But, the vet saw what went down and it was actually the only way to get the little booger off of me, lol. It’s been aboot ten years since that’s happened, and I’m positive that kitten went to a good home.

  185. Emmberrann says:

    @Heather C: Thankyou and blessings. ‘Sall I can think of to say. Just – thankyou and blessings.

  186. I sure wish freedom of speech was something that could be enforced in the blogosphere. I’m actually shocked my comment was deleted. I used no offensive language, and to my knowledge I didn’t say anything worth censoring. All I did was say that killing is sick. You disagree? Other people on here have argued that there are other means aside from killing to deal with all the animals that there is no room for. Why not delete Renee’s comment too:
    “I’m in the midst of reading a wonderful book by Nathan Winograd called Redemption, which is about programs that shelters can implement to truly become No Kill.”
    That’s an anti-killing comment too, but I guess she’s too much of a CO veteran commenter to be censored. Seriously though, why was mine deleted? I’m totally perplexed. …or will you just delete this one too? I guess I’ll find out. =P Weird that you didn’t delete the response to my comment too.

  187. Oh wait! It’s not deleted! …yet! For some reason after I posted that last comment, my previous one reappeared, but it’s just awaiting moderation… welllll, disregard or even delete my last comment and this comment unless, of course, you do decide to delete that first one, hahaha. But whatever, you’re the moderator so I guess you can leave/delete whatever you want regardless of what I say. Sooo, I guess now I play the waiting game… The suspense is killing me. Haha… =P

  188. R: The way freedom of speech is ‘enforced in the blogosphere’ is that everyone can have their own blog on which they can say what they want. Meg and her team have control of this blog and no obligation to publish every comment they receive.
    Also, ‘killing is sick’ is not a particularly nuanced view of the regrettable but sometimes necessary euthanasia of homeless animals. It’s not ‘sick’ to give a quick and painless death to an animal that you can’t offer a safe and happy life.

  189. What a great story. I love hearing happy stories today in a day and age where all there is in the news is tragedies and sorrows. That is so fantastic! I am sincerely greatful that there are people in the world like you 🙂

  190. Sarah: The first part of your answer was obvious and unnecessary, just catty/petty. Obviously I could start my own blog, but that wasn’t the point, you know what I meant and that wasn’t my arguing point anyway. Moving on, just because killing might be necessary in the most dire situations doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. If you read on in my comment you would see that my argument is that it shouldn’t be so acceptable. Like what Renee said, there are other ways of dealing with the lack of space other than killing. (I’m going to go buy that book she recommended so that I’ll have more ground to stand on on this issue in the future.) If you think that killing is just fine and we just have to accept it, then I suppose that’s your prerogative. “Killing is sick” may not be a “nuanced view” of euthanasia, but I think any “refinement” that involves desensitizing ourselves to what right and wrong feel like is very dangerous. If we get so comfortable with the idea of killing animals for their own good that we no longer see that killing for what killing is (yes, sickening, I dare say it again) then we will never strive to move forward and figure out new ways of dealing with it. I would be greatly troubled if the people who actually have to euthanize animals did not feel a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach every time they have to perform that job. It’s horrible, and I don’t say that hatefully, as though wishing them ill, but I am saying that it is something that people should never be too comfortable with. Otherwise, why would we bother keeping strays in shelters at all? It would be much easier to kill them all if we could just turn off the care-factor. Do you think euthanasia of humans (who are in pain or dying) is so black-and-white? Why shouldn’t animal euthanasia be just as questionable?

  191. Dear R: I’m sorry you felt I was being catty and petty (although I have pet cats and think they’re LOVELY so I can interpret it as a compliment). I think euthanasia of humans in pain or dying is a more complicated issue than for animals, because humans are sentient and have a right to decide for themselves, if they are capable (which they might not be if they are suffering from some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease). I believe euthanasia should be available for those who want it and I don’t see anything sick, horrible or desensitised about that. Nor did I ever say that the people who perform euthanasia on animals should be emotionless or happy about it – just that it’s preferable to letting an animal suffer and die anyway. I had to have one of my past cats, Rose, euthanased when she developed untreatable skin cancer. It was a terribly hard decision. I actually wish that I had chosen to have it done sooner than I did, because her last months were painful and joyless for her and I was only hanging onto her because I couldn’t face the inevitability of her death.

  192. Sarah: I’m sorry, but I disagree. Just because animals cannot communicate does not mean they’re not sentient. Just because an animal cannot speak or openly decide for him/herself should not mean that he/she does not have rights. If you put any value on the life of anything in the first place (and in a big picture sense, obviously, you could say that no living thing has value or meaning in the scope of the universe), then how can you say that the lives of “lesser” animals (because humans are just hyper-evolved, loud-mouthed, egotistical animals) are any less valuable than human life? Call me a crazy activist, but I believe that every animal should have the greatest chance at sustaining life as possible. In the case of your sick old cat, yes, I agree you did the right thing in putting her down, but she was miserable and going to die anyway. In the case of younger and healthier animals though, I think that all measures should be taken to keep from having to kill them because they deserve to live the full extent of their lives just as much as any one of us. My original comment didn’t just directly say “Killing is sick.” I was pointing out the fact that the way the circumstances were described in this particular case it just seemed like this specific shelter just made the rule that they would kill a kitten because it was too young and would be too much work for them to take care of. The thing that I was saying is sick is that someone would just go ahead and kill that kitten even if there was room because that was the rule and they didn’t want to have to bother with it. It’s hard for me to imagine a case where somebody wouldn’t do at least something to try and prevent it, but it just sounded like if Heather here hadn’t jumped in and saved the day, that that’s what would have happened anyway, and that to me is wrong. It should only be in the most dire of circumstances that you have to put an animal down, that’s all I meant. It just seemed disturbingly like this particular shelter would have given up so easily, and that attitude toward euthanasia, like it’s just a part of the job instead of dealing with the valuable lives of valuable creatures, is what was sick to me.

  193. Do they euthanize kittens at your local shelter???? O_o Fortunately this kind of thing doesn’t happen where I live…

    I’m so glad you could give them a home 🙂

  194. Ka nui to mana.

    You have much honour.

  195. bless you !

    Why? Because they needed to be bottle fed???? To quote Little Grey Bungalow – this be someone who needs a piano dropped on them. Urgh. SO glad there was a human with a heart there to rescue the babies.

    [Easy there. Ac-cen-tu-ate the positive. – Ed.]

  197. Heather, you are my hero! WTG!!!!

  198. Bless you, Heather C.!

  199. May the blessing of the Goddess Bast shower upon you, Heather! You should really set up a PayPal account so that we can all send you some $$$ to help with fostering these little dears. I couldn’t have said no, either… and I already have 3 of my own and a fourth who camps out during the snow. Crazy cat lady, coming up!!

  200. [Easy there. Ac-cen-tu-ate the positive. – Ed.]
    Eliminate the negative
    Latch on the affirmative
    and don’t mess with Mr. In-between!

    [ 🙂 You haven’t lived until you’ve heard it sung by Clint Eastwood. – Ed.]

  201. DaytimeDeb says:

    Ed.: Nice Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil reference! Yes I have the soundtrack.

  202. Shelters really, really need volunteers to foster animals that are brought in sick, injured or very young. This is because these animals’ immune systems are weak and if they were kept in ‘general population’ they would not have much chance of survival. I fostered kittens from the SPCA this summer, which is high kitten season in New Zealand – and yes, kittens for whom no foster places could be found had to be euthanased because the SPCA just didn’t have anywhere to put them. It is a sad reality and if they dwelt on how sad it is I don’t think they could do their jobs, because they’d all be in bed crying.

  203. eternalcanadian says:

    I am so freaking relieved this story has a happy ending! I have to wonder if perhaps the person that came to the SPCA with those kitties didn’t stop to think perhaps they weren’t abandoned. That they were in that house and their mum was out for food. It does happen and I would have waited several hours just to make sure mama cat didn’t come back then I would have called the SPCA. I wouldn’t have picked up the kitties and taken them there. Always best to make 100% sure mama cat is not coming back, ever, before moving babies.

    Having done my little soapbox ditty, thank goodness for blessed souls like Heather C, and thank you for coming back here to let us all know the kitties made it and are safely adopted to loving homes. Too often these stories do not end in a happy ending because so many animal shelters euthanize baby animals that need 24/7 care because there are no staff or foster carers to take in such precious fur bundles.

    So if anyone really wants to volunteer for the SPCA, put your names on the foster care list and specify you are willing to take care of underage baby animals that need 24/7 care.

  204. You’re a good, GOOD person. You’ll have stars in your crown in heaven

  205. LB, age 6 says:

    You are so great to rescue them. Thanks!

  206. @Juniper Jupiter 😦 What a nasty thing your husband did to that poor little kitty 😦 If I was at the vet and someone came in with a kitty in a box and the kitty got out and climbed onto me, I would start CUDDLING and KISSING that kitty 🙂 AND NO WAY IN HELL WOULD I GIVE HIM/HER UP!

    [Please, I love the kitties too, but ease up on the “nasty”, OK? – Ed.]

  207. You are a hero!! congrats on saving the babies!
    Please keep us up to date on how they are doing!

  208. OK, OK, Ed, I will ease up on the “nasty” part 🙂 Would you settle for “being mean”?

  209. as a foster mom for our local shelter I usually take the very young orphans as the shelter can’t provide round the clock care/feedings/getting them to potty the way mom does it’s exhausting..feedings every 3-4 hours … if you are new to this I hope you went on line to get proper info as to their care/feeding..good luck

  210. Bravo! It’s a lot of work caring for such young kitties. I’ve done it with both my rescued strays. But when they start eating solid food and making their way to their little litter box all by themselves, you’re on your way to many happy years together. Thank you for taking on the challenge.

  211. So proud of you! Way to save the day girl!

  212. CatBookMom says:

    You just got a ton of good karma! Blessings on you for sheltering these tiny furbabies.

  213. Wonderful work, Heather C.!

    One more point about shelters– there are a lot of germs floating about that may not make the adult cats very sick, but can kill kittens. It’s hard to 100% quarantine the kittens as well as feed them every few hours etc.

    Our shelter will give cat food and supplies to people to convince them to keep the momma cat in their yard/shed/etc until the kittens are old enough; then we will take them in, have them fixed and adopt them out.

  214. Cute person says:

    its SOOOO CUTE!!!! It looks like a warm little kitty now!! < cute

  215. Cute person says:

    I haven’t tried embed yet so

  216. Cute person says:

    it didn’t work ^
    but here is a cute video link

  217. Cute person says:

    hes a vacuum!!

  218. Heather, you’re the best! Update us on those cute kittens, ok?

  219. I am glad the shelter will have you as a volunteer, you will be rewarded in many ways.
    talk about being in the right place at the right time.

  220. Aww that is absolutely adorable. Thank you for saving those precious little lives 🙂 ❤

  221. You are a saint, no question.

    Take an extra portion of bacon out of Petty Cash…

  222. that is a CUTE picture!

  223. janet2buns says:

    @R @ 192: You are so full of criticism for the shelter and its workers. I’m assuming you are going to be at your local shelter, completed application in hand, to volunteer to hand raise abandoned kittens, as soon as they open tomorrow morning. Huh? What’s that you say? Hmmm….. thought not.

  224. You rock my socks, Heather C.! People like you make the world a happy place!

  225. sup’, i’m blah, short for blupero. dude, that kit’ is (omg) so cute. go sox!

  226. Bless you…what a wonderful thing to do…thank you.

  227. you’re an angel for taking the kittehs in 🙂