Sorry, This Hat Is Taken

Whuh?  Aww, do I have to?  I just got comfortabuhls!

I don’t care if it matches your purse, I’m using it right now!

Why don’t you wear your “souvenir of Miami Beach” cowboy hat with the pink flamingo design?  You used to love that hat, and I think it sets off the blue in your jacket with the mumbity farble arrgth zzzzzzzzz…

Let it go, Danny Y.—it’s gone.



  1. “I’m so sleepy, I’m out of focus” is my new best phrase evah.

  2. Hats off to you NTMTOM — just love it when your subjects fall asleep mid-sentence! I get the feeling that we are watching this little pup literally keel over–in each photo he is just a little closer to total collapse. So adorable.

  3. skippymom says:

    Is that dollhouse-diorama thing in the background a clock?

  4. doggabone, who is that scrunched up face there? I doggie’s mug looks like many lots of folds.

  5. @doggabone: I’m with you on that!

    This is a great series of photos. Poor little pup just couldn’t keep his/her eyes open any longer…

  6. Wow, so cute. Of course it is uptaken by this little pup =) I like this site . It is so full of cute animals / Maritha.

  7. Andi from NC says:

    so…very… tie tie……. this level of extreme cuteness is truly exhausting…

  8. Andi from NC says:

    welcome, maritha!

    Soon enough you’ll find yourself clicking in a couple of times a day, then hourly, then all the sudden, you won’t be able to work, or grocery shop, or function – once you find cuteoverload, there’s no going back.

    Friendly tip – watch for oakley260 – best puns in the business….

  9. victoreia says:

    Well, someone did say it’s not easy being that cute……

  10. The dog in the cap.

    I won’t do it in a hat.
    I won’t do it on the cat.
    I’ll do it in a snap.
    I’ll do it in a cap.

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Pup is obviously brimming with ideas on how to improve the cap and trade program, but sometimes has problems containing his “emissions”.

    [ :doff: 😉 – Ed.]

  12. Tip of the cap to 260Oakley once again…

  13. AuntieMame says:

    I couldn’t be as punny as 260Oakley if I worked at it a milliner years. I’m bowlered over by the ease with which she rolls them out. She can’t be toppered.

  14. Oh ho ho ho. Time for a Randy Newman earworm, methinks. 😈

  15. So tie-tie on the bamboo mat. Dawwwww…

  16. Ded. *kerthunk*

  17. Are those tatami mats? Those Japanese are kicking the qte again!

  18. Theo, they don’t know what love is. I know what love is. 😛

    [Hmm, I can go two directions from here. Foreigner or Tracey Ullman? – Ed.]

  19. Great pics i could use the hat with the puppie too lol

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    So Sweet! Puppers is seepy, seepy, tie, tie. (honk-shu).

    Hey! I wonder if sometimes when I’m exhausted and I feel like falling asleep at my desk at work if I could just tell my boss, “I’m so sleepy, I’m out of focus,” he won’t be able to actually see me clearly and I could just put my head down and take a nap. (I probably won’t attempt that)

  21. puddlepeppers says:

    Kar, don’t think those are tatami mats, but this could be Japanese. I’m with
    Chanpon that it’s a bamboo mat. Then I remembers the softee mat I had for
    naps in nursery school. Honk-shu.

  22. resriechan says:

    I think I’ll go with quoting the inimitable, AND PROFOUND
    NTM as follows:

    “mumbity farble arrrrgggth zzzzzzzz”

    (Walks away into the darkness of the night, singing quietly:
    “Nobody doooooeeeessss it bettterrrrrrrrrrrrrr……”)

  23. kibblenibble says:

    mumbity farble arrgth….

    resriechan, I’m with you. NOMTOM is ….

    *breaks into song*


  24. Loved the capsheeeeeons!! So damn good!

  25. “Mumbity farble arrgth zzzzzzzzz…” is actually a quotation from the central text of my new religion. 😛

  26. You people are sick sick sick. No doubt gloating in the joy of torturing me with images of impossibly cute puppies. Oh, the inner shame that must consume you when you contemplate the effect these tiny dogs have upon us innocents. For now I will wait in the shadows. But someday I will strike back with an image so devastatingly cute that it shall be I who is laughing. Someday…

  27. @Harry834 – From another CO post: Laundry Mountain Blues. It was love at first sight, he’s my icon just about everywhere and I made a couple not-so-motivational posters with him too.

  28. oh, to have a head small enough that my hat would be the perfect size for a yorkie pup. Or to have a pup big enough to fit in my hats. I’m in lurve with this pup, and the hat. So qte!

  29. What a crazy, happy, precious pup you been blessed with!

  30. “mumbity farble arrrrgggth zzzzzzzz”ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Amen.
    I’m going to a String Fling Recital today-four of our CCCYO members are in it.
    If I find any 1) Yorkie pups or 2) hats, I’ll steal them for you and send ’em in to NOMTOM!

    Have a great day, Peeps!


  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Have a fun, lovely day, Katrina!

  32. “I’m so sleepy I am out of focus” – my new motto

    [I wish there was a (blur) tag in HTML. 😐 – Ed.]

  33. snorglepup says:

    String Fling? I’ll be in my jammies all day looking at the snow on the warm side of the window.

  34. GeechFuffsNGoots says:

    **snooooore** wee wee wee wee wee
    **snooooore** wee wee wee wee wee
    **snooooore** wee wee wee wee wee

  35. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, in a related holy text, it was, I believe, Blessed Sam of Yosemite, who once said, “Yassin sassin snazzum frazzum blabber-spat-nazzed trap!” While we may have our religious differences, I am sure all can agree with him on this matter.

  36. VERY sweet photos indeed !!

  37. The Plaid Hatter decided to sleep through this tea party.

  38. resriechan says:

    (Blessed Sam of Yosemite?)

    (Plaid Hatter?)

    (yay for clevaire CO peeps!)

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! Hang in there. Spring on Earth will be here sooooooon!

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    I feel like that Simon and Garfunkel song because of this rainy, cloudy Saturday weather here. I bet I’ve sung this here before but…Here I go again! Yay!:

    Slow down, you move too fast.
    You got to make the morning last.
    Just kicking down the cobble stones.
    Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy.

    Ba da, Ba da, Ba da, Ba da…Feelin’ Groovy.

    Hello lamp-post,
    What cha knowin’?
    I’ve come to watch your flowers growin’.
    Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?
    Doot-in’ doo-doo,
    Feelin’ groovy.

    I’ve got no deeds to do,
    No promises to keep.
    I’m dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep.
    Let the morning time drop all it’s petals on me.
    Life, I love you,
    All is groovy.

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. I guess I can’t put other people’s songs on here. Eds, sorry about that :).

  42. dr. berthaservant says:

    I thought for sure that the book was entitled “The CAT in the Hat,” but I guess I’ve been wrong all these years….

  43. I did have a lovely day, thank you QOD.
    There were violinists, or violist, cellists and a bass player (12 musicians in all) who all did very well, it was a hoot. We are arranging a String Fling her in the Steppes of Central Connecticut when the instructors can clear their schedules. I think I may have gotten two more musicians for the Orchestra! WHOOOEE!

    dr.berthaservant-poetic license, I’m pretty sure…. Dog/cat/iguana/flamingo/marsupial …hey everybody’s gotta be someone.

  44. @Katrina: No baritone?

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Wonderful, Katrina! My daughter plays violin and has won several awards in competions here!

  46. We definitely need a C.O.X.C.U. of that prosh dollhouse 🙂

  47. resriechan says:

    @ QoD: Nice daffydills, there, ma’am!!

    @ VZ: In my childhood, the quotation went as follows. Perhaps an alternative source text?

    “Razzm Dazzm Frazzm Frk-(&%$#%”
    & so forth.

    Submitted with all due respect,
    The Yosemite Division.

  48. aww how adorable! look at that the cutest thing

  49. Von Zeppelin says:

    Resriechan, there are, of course, several different manuscript traditions for the writings of Blessed Sam of Yosemite. You are quoting from the Codex Chuckjonesensis, a third century version of the writings of the great man. Many scholars would agree with you that this is most likely an authentic quotation from Sam. In my previous quotation, I was following the less attested (but still, most likely, reliable) reading from the Great Scroll of Orange-Mustached Rage. As you probably know, it was discovered in a tunnel in Albuquerque. Most scholars believe that the two large caliber pistols and the big blue hat found with it are suggestive of its historical connection with the Blessed Sam.
    (Bonus useless information: the name for the string of typographical (&%$#%”) symbols used to represent profanity in comic strips: grawlix. Really. Google it.)

  50. Wait, VZ, shouldn’t Bugs have taken a left at Albuquerque? I do remember him doing come cogitating on it, rather remorsefully as I recall. Hmm, wonder if there is a connection?

    Ya galoot, ya varmint! Blessed upon the soul of Mel Blank.
    My fave? “Ah, say, Ah, say, he’s nice boy but he never listens to a wooooorrd ya say!” Foghorn Leghorne.

    Good night all, it was great day!

  51. @vonZep: In the words of the Immortal Sam: GREAT HORNY TOADS!!

  52. resriechan says:

    @ VZ:

    Now that you mention this, I *DO* seem to recall, hearing something, about some significant, historical scrolls found in some kinda cave ……”somewhar’s”……

  53. @resriechan – Wasn’t that the plot to The Goonies?

  54. Well I’ll be hornswoggled.

  55. Hon Glad-just remember to breathe, hornswoggling often involves such intense action that one holds one’s breath- iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn-ooooooouuuuut. Just a tip from one who has been there, done that!

  56. Katrina – Thanks, I was starting to get a bit dizzy.

  57. resriechan says:

    doggabone: Perhaps……

    (Yet another opportunity to indulge meself in me favOrite profound quotation, as follows:

    “One never knows, does one?” — Fats Waller)


  58. Von Zeppelin says:

    Katrina, I appreciate you, as an orchestra maven, sharing your knowledge on the swoggling of horns with the rest of us. Does this activity apply only to horns? Can one stringswoggle? Woodwindswoggle? Percussionswoggle?

  59. Von Zeppelin says:

    Or, since Resriechan mentions Fats Waller, how about piano- or organswoggling?

  60. resriechan says:

    (very deep philosophizing here’ bouts…. Mighty enjoyable!)


  61. As I work primarily with young musicians, the swoggling we do is Preliminary Swoggling, they generally don’t get to full swoggling until college level.
    Of course their are very advanced musicians who ask for more advanced swoggling, but our insurance is only for $3 gazilliontrillion Kroner and well, I don’t want to take the chance, you know? Even Hon Glad got dizzy..but thanks for asking! And, foundations won’t fund swoggling anymore, not since the famous tubaswoggling incident of 200, BCE. They say that part of Greece is still reverberating.

  62. resriechan says:

    (trying to make my lavendar blingy rhinestoney calculator,
    calculate $ 3 gazilliontrillion Kroner…..)

    (*Mind Blown*)

  63. what type of puppy is this? so cute!



    Uh. Um. … swog… swoggling?… I’m, uhmm… I don’t even… wait, organs? 😕

  65. Yeah we are a litigious society Res, we really are. Don’t do what I did and try to convert it to Yen, our calculatores blew up when I did.

  66. OMG! i have the same hat but in blue SO CUTE!!

  67. Hi Andi from NC =)
    Thanks for the welcome words.
    I understand what U mean =)
    There are so many nice pictures here of so sweet animals .
    Have a nice weekend =) all of U that is here looking at those lovely animals /Maritha.