I’ll Also Need a Booster Seat and a Step Ladder, Thanks

Famed critic Anton made a surprise visit to Le’zard and ordered the oddly-paired beluga-stuffed roasted root vegetable appetizer. While delicious, he did have one criticism: the portions were a bit large.

No elbows on the table, but feets are allowed, MissyPantOne?



  1. resriechan says:

    Les couleurs sont ravissants!!!

  2. Shiiiiiiiiiny!

  3. Cute geck-kko. Those are papaya seeds, I wonder if they’re gecko food. We had a lot of both (geckos and papayas) back in old Hawai’i.

  4. Teeny tiny wee tongue!
    Also, nice table manners.

  5. We need an extreme close up on that tongue, please!!

  6. Tongue straaaaaayyyyyyche! Love the splayage in the hind foot

  7. Just 15 minutes could save you– oooh, cantalope. 😛

  8. @Resriechan and Cambridge Rat Mom– we have a Bald Eagle sighting on a Hudson pier:

  9. Where’s the “I shall leeck you” tag? 🙂

    The splayed toesies make me go aww.

    [‘Twas a toss-up between Leeck and Eat; Prongs’ writeup tipped the balance – Ed.]

  10. Tippytoes!
    That is definitely a papaya. I would do the same thing for a nibble of that.

  11. toe-hance, please!

  12. 260Oakley says:

    Geckos are masters of Tongue Fu.

  13. StormCat42 says:

    Wouldn’t this fall in to the “eeehhhnnn” category too?

    I bet that tongue is kind of sticky, but it’s still qte!!

  14. Lizard tiptoes are my new everything.

  15. @reed and pooh, ah-ha! I thought it was a butternut squash, and was like “eew, did they stuff that squash with slimy black beans??”
    what does papaya taste like? sweet?

  16. Toe splayage=awesome!

  17. Beautiful colours! 🙂

  18. ehn! ehn!

  19. ehn! indeed.

    love the chubby lizard legs

  20. When I grow up, I’m gonna be a T. Rex. None of that ripping your throat out stuff for me,
    I’ll have perfect manners. “How lovely to meet you, did you you know your my lunch” Then I’ll rip their head off.

  21. That lil guy can sell me insurance ANY day!!!

  22. Hon Glad, ROFL!

  23. needs tongue-hance!!!

  24. GrammaCool says:

    Yes, that is a ripe papaya & those are the seeds. Papayas get to be as big as watermellons – tho you never see them anywhere near fully tree-ripened size in the US. Go to Mexico & you’ll see ! Papayas are YUMMY fruit.

  25. Tongue and toe-hance 😀
    Pweeeeeese *puppydog eyes*

  26. Holy Moley, bad day at Black Rock here physically- but once again the CO vibes have therapized me to into feeling better. Three wonderful posts at the same time _AGGGGAAACCKKK. The lizardo, the fennicio and the tiiny horsie-in the whole intertube, it is just here! Back to bed for me, HI, Peeps have a great day!

  27. Needs feet-hance!!
    Also, yes, very much eeeehn.

  28. @Katrina: Fennicio! Sounds like a character in a Mozart opera!!!

  29. That is an awesome display of yoga-toes splayage!

  30. I love the toeies

  31. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:
    I’m saluting!! The photo brings new glitter to the lyric:

    “Oh, say, can you see……” !!!!!!


  32. AuntieMame says:

    This would be a great diet. You’re allowed to eat only what you can reach with your tongue off a table that you can barely get your chin over.

  33. Mmmm papaya!

  34. “It is my next payment for Geico!”

  35. bookmonstercats says:

    AuntieMame – no prob!! If that was the only way I could reach food, I’d reach it.

    Beautiful gecko. Even his eye capsules are irridescent. And s/he’s smilinks.

  36. One wonders if their wee feet make hushed “ffffffwock fffffffwock fffffffffwock” sticky noises when they take steps . . .

  37. Esqueeze me, but tongue and toe C.O.X.C.U.s are needed.

  38. That would be a papaya, not a root vegetable. Good lizard food…my friend’s iguana loves them.

  39. I love the swish of blue eyeshadow!

  40. “‘E ate my mints!” 😛

  41. earlybird1 says:

    260Oakley, you slay me again! ROFL! Your punnery is one of the highlights of CO for me!

  42. @Dash, reminded me of a Prairie Home Companion, where the sound effects guy was challenged to create the sound of someone tap-dancing with toilet plungers attached to his shoes. 😛

  43. Theresa- yes, he is a character in a very little-known aria by Mozart about a tiiiiiny Fennec Fox who falls in love with a high-society debutant whose name is oh, I’ve forgotten, what is her name, please, Theresa or anyone?

    Back to bed, I wish I could stay to play, but I guess this huge storm off the Eastern coast is really wreaking havoc with my hip. Loping off now, “Masssther, how, may I help Youuuuuuuuuuu?”….. (lope, lope)

  44. YAY gecko post! I still need to get a pic of my little dude that’s cute enough to be a submeesh…

  45. CO is such a great antidote for injury-induced cabin fever. Leeezard…

    The foot got me, too: every time I look at it, I see the true inspiration for the “wacky wallwalker” toy; octopus, my, um, foot. Hmm.. I sure hope leez-feet do better in a cat-hair-infested environment than those did.

    The only vid I could find of the original, octopusish toy is at the end of a cereal commercial. Borrrring. So I give you, instead, cats vs. sticky wall toys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km20kv-oU3I

  46. this reminds me a bit of James and the Giant Peach, where they realize that they can eat the peach they are traveling in. Though I question this little guy for going after the seeds, rather than the tasty, tasty fruit.

    I heart leezards. I heart leezards so much.

  47. platedlizard says:

    Cute little day gecko. They eat fruit and nectar as well as little bugs! Papaya is good food for them (I won’t go into the nutritional details why, it’s boring)

  48. FEETS!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.

  49. Geico gecko in his off time maybe? ^.^

  50. Is it wrong how much I love his little stumpy ‘tocks. Well if it is I don’t want to be right.

    A tongue and toe ‘hance would be nice as we don’t have a better angle on the ‘tocks. Hint Hint.

  51. Cute little leezard! I miss studying them in the desert last summer…

    And hey! Platedlizard! I wanna hear the boring nutritional stuff! Not only do I love hearing everything there is to know about lizards, but biological knowledge in general is HAPPY FUN TIMES!
    C’mon, nerd out! You know you wanna…

  52. urbankiss says:

    that’s a papaya..

  53. A teeny lizard AND and delicious paw paw? Who can resist!