Thank You For Flying Air Cygnus

Please locate the closest exit under each wing. In the event of a water landing, I am a flotation device.

Spotted by Amy C. (Story and extra photo at the Daily Mail)



  1. Little fuzzy butt!!

    Looks so soft and comfeh in dere.

  2. The last little one is like “where am I suppose to sit?” How precious!

  3. Mama is saying: No pushing, don’t make me go in there!

  4. I’d pay extra to fly Air Cygnus.

  5. If you look closely you can see the last little dude has his eye closed. Aw, he’s so sweepy! Can’t swim another stroke mom!

    I also love how mom is craning (heh) her neck to look at them . . . .slinky neck

  6. O.M.G. … once again, I am in awe of this wonderful world we are lucky enough to live in…

  7. homer mariner says:

    I think we should all look at fuzzy ‘tocks upside down. They must be just as cute that way, if not cuter! I so want a tockhance on this one! Just makes you want to snorfle it!

  8. StormCat42 says:

    Ahhhh I love the 2nd pic on the article… What a great Mom!!! I’ve heard of down pillows, but not down seats!!!

  9. Mom is demonstrating her cygnetature move.

  10. Never sit over the engines. 😛

  11. @260Oakley, enough fluff. 😛

  12. @Theresa, don’t bring me down. 😉

    [Doo Wah Hoo! ♫ – Ed.]

  13. Who’s got the emergency exit?

  14. StormCat42 says:

    Oh my gosh, Oakley! You just made me laugh out loud… (I’m so glad my boss is out of the office next door!!) You are just toooooo good…

    And Theresa, LOVE the comment about sitting on the engines!

  15. The _Daily Mail_ is the best newspaper in the WORLD! You gotta love the Brits!

    [In a similar sort of way that The Daily Show is the best news TV in the world… – Ed.]

  16. @260Oakley, it’s one or the eider. 😛

  17. Get out of the way 260Oakley’s gonna blow!

    This may be the sweetest picture, no, wait, I can’t say that, but this picture is waaaaaaaaaaayyy way up on my list of favorite pictures, thanks NOMTOM. “I am a flotation device” -oh, snerkity-snerkity-snerk) Keep paddling, NOMTOM! Jeg elsker deg!

  18. Where are the booster seats and seat belts. These Swans have no idea of health and safety. 🙂

  19. resriechan says:

    –I thought moms all had eyes/ back of their heads. Why does this Mom have to twist herself around, comme ca??
    — Lovely photo.

    Theresa, they musta been listening to our dialogue about les oiseaux, peut-etre, non?

  20. Why Katrina, uff da! Hüsker Dü! Lutefisk! Ole and Lena!

    [Ohhh ya. 😛 – Ed.]

  21. resriechan says:

    PS: NO ugly ducklings here (or anywhere, akshually)….!!

  22. “don’t bring me down” !! SNORT! guffaw

  23. This is one airline I would love to fly especially because of the little babies. They can even kick my seat.

  24. Theresa- you are just too funny. Jeg elsker deg, too. Rommergrot. According to Killer’s bigger bigger brother the vilest substance on Earth is Fiskapud. Her smaller bigger brother wouldn’t even try it!

  25. @NTMTOTM: Great Cygnus reference =) I’m glad that I’m not the only geek out there!

  26. Thanks for the smile.

  27. I’ve never heard of a mute swan. Are they specially used for public parks?

    [Libraries, mostly. – Ed.]

  28. Swan-ee, how I love ya how I love ya, my dear old swan-ee…

  29. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Kar: According to Wikipedia, the Mute Swan is noted for being less vocal than other swan breeds, but it isn’t literally mute. Wikipedia says that the concept of the “swan song” (a silent bird singing one beautiful song before dying) comes from mythology surrounding the Mute Swan.

  30. Emergency water landing after a sudden collision with a flock of planes…

  31. FYI, this is now the desktop wallpaper for the CatCave’s Movie Wall computer.

  32. 😀 😀 @ chanpon

    Is the inflight movie The Birds?

  33. I still love that neck action. It’s like if you had a long neck and could look directly at yer butt or something. lol

  34. victoreia says:

    *snicker* @Ed:”Mostly libraries”!!!!

    And where can I book a seat on this airline?

  35. Did this remind anyone else of all the passengers standing on the wings of the plane after the splash-landing on the Hudson when Capt. Sully saved the day?

  36. With all the bad news about one airline after another in financial difficulties, it’s nice to know that Bunway Airlines is still adding Cute Air Alliance codeshares!

  37. “mom stop rubbernecking!” lol

  38. @chanpon LOL! Don’t know why, your plane comment really made me laugh out loud. That is EXACTLY what it looks like. The Hudson River incident. Look at that one just standing on her wing like it’s all good in the hood.

    Once again, love it.

  39. Surrealle says:

    Beautiful shot, with some cute thrown in.. The perfect combo!

  40. Space Cowgirl says:

    “In the event of a water landing, I am a flotation device.”

    Best laugh all week!

  41. SO CUTE!!!!

  42. MoonCatty says:

    Oh, the li’l fluffities! Momma swan is a luxury boat and soft feather comforter all in one!

    My, my… the precious babes might get stuck there unless you can get down off a swan…

  43. “Watership Down…”

  44. …Watership Down…

  45. …ooops…sorry I pressed “Submit” twice…. =^..^=

  46. Holy Winged Wonders, I know swans are mean as snakes, but THAT is cute.

  47. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    What a wonderfully elegant, graceful way to travel ❤

  48. She am boat house.