Minimum Horse, Maximum Horseplay

Check out Stuart Little, a baby miniature horse practicing soccer, and… saaay, I just had an idea:  What if there was a game, kinda like soccer, but it had horses in it, and they ran around a field knocking a ball back and forth?

Naaah, it’d never catch on.

And if we had a pool, Bridget W., we could play water polo!



  1. my little pony!!

  2. Oh no!

    That little neigh killed me twice over.

  3. I love the happy little whinnies as he carries his ball around.

  4. cute little pony and friends 🙂

  5. NEEEEEIGH! Oh, I freaking overloaded right there.

  6. Courtney S. says:


    *Clears throat*


    Thank you.

    *Resumes daily business*

  7. Silly little mini-horse…

    More of these videos should have unabashed gut-busting laughter coming from the camerapeeps.

  8. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Tiny horselet displays a great amount of equine-imity.

    1:21: Mayday, mayday, we’re comin’ in hot!

  9. holy moly–that is some serious cute

  10. Are we sure that horse isn’t part cat?

  11. I love his “I’M A BIG HORSE!” neigh! So cute.

    And as someone whose last name is Little, I claim him as my newest family member! He’s much cuter than the majority of my relatives. Probably smarter, too.

  12. I am ded,thunk

  13. You know, Courtney S. is right, There is only one appropriate comment for this post.


  14. Oh my. Is it a really tiny horse… or a really big dog? I don’t know. The really big horse neigh totally threw me off.

    I had no idea horses played like that. ❤

  15. doggie? horsie? doggie? horsie? so doggy-like this little horsie!

  16. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse acting quite so playful.

  17. 260Oakley says:

    Soccer great, Neighlé

  18. Yipee -ki-yay!

  19. victoreia says:

    “Stuart Little” is such a great name!

    ….Oh, and……OMGPONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. That was absolutely enchanting!

  21. Heheheheheheheheehe AND OMGPONNIES!!!1111111 as has been already said!

  22. thatsavagegirl says:

    There IS such a thing as horse soccer! There’s a whole website dedicated to it in fact…

  23. I love how he randomly bursts into a full on sprint at the end. Too cute!

  24. harlemgrrl says:

    @around :24 my head exploded into tiny pink hearts

  25. This vid gladdened my whole heart. What a great pony! And so much joy–what’s not to love.

  26. Wheeeeeee! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  27. Lil pony’s like: “Did you see me Mom, did you see what I did, didja, didja!?!?”

  28. That makes me want to go out and chase a ball around a paddock, though I’m sure I would look nowhere near as cute as Stuart Little does.What a great little horsie!

  29. Heather in Oregon says:

    awww, when he rolled on the ball and had it between his front legs and was laying in the dirt, I just about expected he was going to go “meow”. He’s definitly part kitteh! and yes one can not view this post without thinking and saying repeatedly: OMGPONIES!!11!1Eleventyone!1!

  30. I had no idea….

    *shakes head in wonder and clicks replay*

  31. If i ever hit the big powerball lotto i’d buy a decent-sized ranch somewherem build a super-comfy but not freaky-deaky tweeker expensive house,
    then populate the ranch with horses & other animal chums and just kinda hang out.

    horses, cats dogs, pigs, sheep alpacas, turtles, cows, you name i’d have em as animal chums-in residence. get some people to help me run it…the kind of folks who know how to run ranches and stuff.

    and of course i’d spread lots of dough around to my favorite charities like, but i would definitely check out of the city-mouse rat race and spend my days hanging with the likes of stu here.

  32. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @thatsavagegirl: Thanks for sharing that link to Horse Soccer. What a great idea!

  33. MoonCatty says:

    Looks like Stuart may be a youngster on top of being a miniature horse. The other horsey in the corral is bigger but the same color… mom?

    Such a playful kid, and that’s some kinda throaty whinny for little guy! He can run FAST too! I think he might even have more fun if another horse his age could join him in the antics.

    And for those folks not too familiar with horses… YES, many of them have a great sense of humor!

  34. That was fantastic!! He is such a playful and happy little guy! Sprinting a top speed, whinneying and rolling around with the ball–this was pure joy on video!!!

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    Awwwwwwww! Stuart’s having a BALL! (he-he) 🙂

  36. OMGPWNIES!!!!!!!!!111

    Now that that’s out of my system…DAMN he runs fast!

  37. resriechan says:

    (there’s that intellectual, Theresa, considering the philosophical attributes of — wha? oh.
    –Emily Litella: “Never mind!”)



  39. this is possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen.

  40. Von Zeppelin says:

    When this guy gets bigger, he can be on that Budweiser Clydesdale football team.

  41. resriechan says:

    (at the risk of repeeeetin’ meself)


    (and maybe even *snerk*?)

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    Ha-ha! Theresa, you’re funny! That reminds me of when you met Dante and said, “MINE, MINE!”

  43. When he used the ball in his mouth to hit the other, I was thinking all scientificabubbly “He’s using a tool! Sign of advanced intelligence!”

    Then, OMGPONIES!

    Just adorabubble to the extreme, especiall ythe neighs!

  44. Horse+speedy gonzales = tiny and really fast horse! Ariba!

  45. 16Phoenix says:

    That is soooooooo cute. I have been to that horse boarding and riding place, helped rescue some wild chickens, but never saw the pony. 🙂

  46. That made my day in a way I cannot even fully express here.


    I love ponies.

  48. Even full-size horses play with those balls sometimes…it helps relieve boredom and (in the case of some horses) keeps them from destroying fencing or stalls. This little guy’s mad dash around the paddock was super-adorable.

  49. kibblenibble says:

    This is the most joyful video I’ve seen in a while. The whinnies, the running, the playfulness…it lifted my heart. And the wee horsie was so Qte, with its leetle socks on all four feet, its compact stout little body and extra full tail…So precious! Pure unadulterated joy to watch. Thanks, NOMTOM!

  50. Puddlepeppers says:

    Mike D….A little horse needs a big-hearted guy like you!

  51. That has to be the happiest, sweetest, cutest video I’ve seen in a long, long, looooong time!!!

  52. so adorabuhls!

  53. PWNIES! awesome.

    Videos like these make my life feel absolutely meaningless. If I don’t have a petite ball-playing horsey, then I truly have nothing. Thanks a lot, Cute Overload.

    Also, that looks a lot like Tucson! The palm tree and snowy mountain in the background makes me wonder. Anyone?

  54. naturalady says:

    Deeeeeeeeeeelightful video of probably the happiest little horsie on the planet. The large whinnies are more likely from the large horse on the other side of the fence at the far side of the arena. The little darling with the ball only snorts a couple of times – adorable little snorts. Wow this video will add years to anyone’s life who watches it. A million thank-you’s to CO and to the sender-inner.

  55. i am barfing rainbows here! and that was on one viewing without sound! i’m going back in for more, with the sound cranked up!! cutest clippety clop thing ever?

  56. He deserves a grassy meadow, and rainbows, and sugar cubes, and nose kisses, and tiny horsey playmates, and doting human chums, and all the apples he can eat, and and and….but stheriously guys, at least a grassy meadow! Why do Americans so often seem to put their horses in enclosures devoid of grass and shade trees? Must be so boring and uncomfortable.

  57. Nicolletta says:

    Happy horsie is happy!! 🙂

  58. @Resrie and QoD, remember that list of things that make me lose my poise completely? Puppies, kitties, baritones? ADD LITTLE HORSIES TO EET!!!!

  59. @Reed I’m almost positive this is the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, which is just a couple of blocks from my apartment. You can see and hear Interstate 5 on the other side of the trees there.

    The LA equestrian center is adjacent to the the Rancho district of Burbank, where you are actually allowed to have horse stables in your suburban back yard. I’ve seen people walking their horses through a crosswalk and down the sidewalk on my morning walk. That part is really neat…the general aroma of the neighborhood during the warmer months? Not so much 😦

  60. Ok cutest horse ever, in the history of the universe. Mini horse + big ball to play with + cute neighing = one very ded me

  61. Oh my GOD. That was so fantastic. Thank you again, cute wizards of CO!

  62. Tyvm PuddlePep

  63. binky-mama says:

    Reminds me of Stuart from MadTV…”Look what I can do!?!?” *does happy dance*

    Uh, this version is much cuter though.

  64. The big horse is like “You are so silly.” Pony: “So? I’m HAPPY!”

  65. @Dillpig…they have pastures, too.

  66. I never thought horses could be cute in a dog/cat way O_o

  67. Such ball control, send in the talent scouts.

  68. Hey, are those Romper-Room-type punch balls he’s playing with?

  69. WEeeeeeeeeeee! What a Happy Horsey! Love it. 🙂

  70. Kinda soccer-meets-billiards-meets-polo-meets-kitty bunnykickage and midnight crazies. I am giggling like a fool, and I don’t caaaaare!

    I grew up around horses, and I’ve seen balls, traffic cones, and other objects used as horse-toys to keep them amused. And some bored/creative equines will find their own toys if not given any– tree branches (dragged around and used to spook the other horses), water troughs (stood and splashed in), water troughs (tipped over and batted around), stolen halters, lip-disassembled paddock gates (you’d be amazed how dexterous horse lips are)… Or as Susanna noted, some will just plain destroy whatever they can reach over time, turning a straight wooden fence into a wavy swoosh of gnawed wood, chewing giant ratholes into stall walls…. Balls are easier to replace, and much better for the horse or pony by far!

    One of the best “omg toy” moments ever was an Arabian colt who had a plastic milk jug with gravel in it shaken near his head, as a ‘spookiness test’. Not only did he not spook, he took it away and pranced around shaking it, looking all pleased with himself. Good boy! 😀

  71. Bonus “how to amuse a clever horse” video. Sorry about the back-to-back posts, it took me awhile to find this one again. Lower fuzzyqte factor than Stuart’s, but I have to applaud his owner’s inventiveness:

  72. Stuart? Stuart?! Who calls a horse Stuart? Geniuses, that’s who. I wubs him!

  73. love when he wigs out, drops the ball, and just starts galloping around the paddock. the stallion (I’m assuming it’s a stallion based on its isolation) in the neighbouring paddock does not look amused though!

  74. I really don’t gush over horsies, but this little fella really was adorable. Crazy sprint at the end FTW.

  75. OMG PONIES!!!!111!!!!!1
    Why do I have the my little pony theme song stuck in my head?!

  76. At first I thought he was going to do a Pilates routine…

  77. I whooped when I saw the little beggar take off at the end. Zoooom!

    @BStrange: Despite that I’ve sat and watched horses run in circles and jump over things, it had never occurred to me that they were so playful. I’ve got my own movie in head of that playful Arabian colt. Thanks!

  78. Marco!

  79. The pure joy of play is so amazing to see. I wonder if he was playing soccer or is it called football, or I guess it would be soccer in the states…
    oh who cares because………

  80. No, no, Malinki, that’s Yippy-Ky-NEIGH!

    What a great clip! I had no idea horses played like that. Too cute!

  81. two words: HORSE ZOOMIES

  82. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    So noted.

    The Silliness Division.

  83. Pure awesomeness!!!! I’m so happy I could scream OMGPONIES!!!!11!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!11!!!! 😀

  84. LovesDogs says:

    HappyHappyPony had a case of the zoomies.

  85. What a blessing from God to see such a sight as this. It is better than therapy to witness a ponys’ delight in simple things such as a beech ball.
    signed Stuart rules.

  86. i used to ride at the stables one over from there and while i did see several miniature horses, sadly i never got to see stuart playing soccer, darn!

  87. Too cute! I love this!! That is a happy, zoomy pony!

  88. That is one happy horslet! And adorable! Add the ball-playing, and OMG PONIES! Soooo cute.

  89. @DillPig, I’m with you!

  90. I love the part where he brings the ball over to his human mommy to show her LOOKIT! *head toss* *ball flap* *tiny hooves in the air* WHEE!


  91. PS At that point the lady bursts into laughter…..

  92. Omg what a beautiful, adorable leetle creature. Eep!

  93. I want heeeeem!! OMG pony!

    It amazes me what a wonderfully simple and almost universal thing this “ball” is – adults, babies, children, dogs, cats…. so many love playing with a ball. Who needs complicated gizmos?

  94. Stuart is adorable!!! Here he is at 3 weeks old just starting out playing ball.

    too CUTE!!

  95. @ ShinyHappyGoth: Polo (pony)!

    and LoLipop, thanks, I’d just found all the bits of my head and – Is he a pony, or a puppy, there are places where if I came in in the middle of this I almost couldn’t tell! Ground floppage…. Wild crazy itty-baby-pony bucking and kicking…. Yup, I’m doomed. *resplode*

  96. I am DYING from the cute!!!

  97. If I had seen this video when I was about 9, I would have been DED!!

  98. there actually is horse soccer…check out horse soccer on Youtube. Not as cute as your little one tho!

  99. The best, and original balls, are made by Equi-Spirit, and they sell up to full-size balls for adult standard horses. I know this because my fave video of all time features a mini-horse with a ‘real’ soccer ball and because it’s a lot larger, he’s able to really kick it around just like a soccer player!

  100. The funny thing is that I never thought horses play, before I saw it myself O_o I knew they had all kinda stuff they were supposed to play with, but man, horses are calm and nearly flegmatic creatures!

    Except of course this one, who has had too much coffee. I love him ❤

  101. @Misha – Talk about horse zoomies. I love the end of that vid! Ricky’s spotted paddock-mate: “Yes, I may look similar, but I am NOT a soccer ball!”

  102. graceofbass says:

    What a beautifully proportioned little horse. And fast, too.

  103. You’re right, it will never catch on……LOL

  104. Too, too, just toooooooo, too.

  105. That is one little guy that can pick’em up & put’em down. Little boys are all the same, regardless of the species.

  106. It wounderful to see animals happy and well cared for.