Hurry, the Race Is Starting!

Somebody hitch up the humans!

Better do as Mick says, Mardell C. — we wouldn’t want to appear Idita-rude.



  1. Oh! Oh! Mine! Mine!!! Mine!!!!

  2. Andi from NC says:


  3. the earsies!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Puppy, will you be mine?

  4. Mush! Mush! Oatmeal! Muesli!

  5. On the spot, On the run, On the beach, On the road!
    I would go on and on and on with that little guy 🙂

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Poor pup never got over the humiliation of having to buy clothes from the Husky department

  7. 260Oakley says:

    He never had much to say ’cause he was a Mala Mute.

  8. lol, 260Oakley… I always wait for your comments…

  9. @260Oakley– BOOM!

  10. NTMTOM, you are SOOOOO not right with a large helping of teh CUTE on the side!! “On Wisconsin!!” LOL!! You make my day!!

  11. @260 oakley & NOMTOM: GROAN!!!

    Idita-rude? owwww……

    (i secretly love puns; don’t stop)

    GOD, HOW AWFUL!!! 🙂

  12. eastiegirl says:

    Awww! Hello there, cute puppeh!

  13. PS Anyone know about the Idiot-Arod, the shopping cart race that winds through NYC every winter? Here are some pics from the recent race:

  14. Few things are cuter than baby Pomeranians!

  15. I think this may be my favorite CO hovertext ever.

  16. Awwww, I want to pet him and hug him and squeeze him and snorgle my nose in his fur! Love the caption as well.

    @ Theresa The Idiot-Arod? That’s amazingly awesomely epic!

  17. Noelle (the First) says:

    Best Hovertext Evah!!!!!!!!

  18. lol@the hovertext

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    Who knew that dogsleds came in sub-compact?

  20. Puppy is cute. Hovertext and ensuing comments, delightful! You guys are just makin’ my day! Thanks!

  21. …I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed.
    It rolled off the table and on to the floor
    And then my poor meatball, it rolled out the door..

  22. I will push.

    He would be fun to play with!

  23. @Oakley and NOMTOM: *groooaaan* 😆

    @Dogma: My family *still* sings that when my dad makes spagetti! 🙂

  24. YUMMY! Who posted this pic? Must ask – I’m new around here, and have been looking for anyone who has cart-pulling Poms. Years ago met a lady in Alaska who had a flock-o-Poms pulling a tiny cart. Much regret over not video-ing it! The high-velocity cuteness was unforgettable. Poms Rule!!

  25. EEEEEEEEEEEK! That would be the cutest race EVER!

  26. Hovertext is made of win.

  27. Itty bitty fluffernutter. My heart hurts from the cute.

  28. catloveschanel says:

    Idita-rude just sleighed me [ :facepaw: – Ed.]
    I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed!

  29. NTMTOM–you’re the best, except for the fact that I now have a raging earworm and a craving for spaghetti…lol

  30. Om tiddly om pom, pom pom.

  31. Oh nuts, now I have to stay at my computer and look at this puppeh for hours and hours- who CUTE!

  32. Theo, yes, best mouseover.


  33. catloveschanel , bravo

  34. mmm spaghetti…..

  35. Yes, Von Z-the little subcompacts are made out of dogwood. Catslovechanel did it!
    By the way, catslovechanel, which puuuurfume do they favor? I’m fond of #5 myself.

  36. As all sled dogs know, there’s no place like Nome.

  37. OH, that’s it, I give up, Camille.

  38. Rosebud…. ROSEBUD…..

  39. enlightenmentgirl says:

    He’s training for the Itty-Bittyrod!

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  40. Dibs on the doggie!

  41. PS: Hovertext is great, but would someone please explain why “on Wisconsin” is funnier, than say “on Ohio”?? I don’t understand. 😦

    [If ya hafta ask… it still makes no difference 😉 – Ed.]

    [More seriously (er, humorously) I think maybe Mike wanted to keep the cheese theme consistent. But here I am, explaining a joke. 😛 – Ed.]

  42. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Becky: “On, Wisconsin” is the official state song of Wisconsin and the fight song of the Wisconsin Badgers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. (Wikipedia)

  43. Of course, being a native Badger, this post just gives me dueling earworms…

    Worth it, though. Totally worth it.

  44. Oh. Well, OK, carry on, then. (@Mike)

  45. That’s a very serious look for a baby ewok.

  46. NTMTOM–definitely the cutest, most clever post evah!
    Everyone else, especially Oakley–I think this is just about the funniest bunch of comments I’ve ever seen on CO, particularly all the really bad yet hilarious puns!
    Love that little pommy!

  47. Becky,

    “On Wisconsin” is a football fight song for (I’m assuming) the University of Wisconsin. The tune was used in many commercials.


  48. A-frakkin-dorable!!!! *squeee*

    BTW – I got a A on my math quiz & an A on my sociology assignment from last week *faints*

  49. Emmberrann says:

    @NTMTOM and 260Oakley: Thank you so much for your constructive silliness. Things have not been too good around the ol’ corral here in Ohio for a while now. I’m coming up on the anniversary of the last day I worked, and I’m finding it hard to credit, y’know? I just needed a little ray or NTMTOM of sunshine. Mr. Picky has been a wonderful companion, but it sure would be nice if I could arrange payment for taking care of him……… Just sayin’…….

    And thanks again.

  50. Thanks NTOM and McTwin. I am really not witty enough to even read this board, let alone comment, but thanks for the daily smiles. (Can you believe the enormous number of terribly witty people who post on the various boards of the interwebs?) A lot of them hang out here!

  51. @ Hon Glad….. Exactly…. HEhehehehe
    My Favorite kind of dog of all time!

  52. Emmberann: I’m a Buckeye and a pommie owner, too. We’re about to retire, but I have a lot of compassion for you. Here’s hoping 2010 is the year that turns it around for you financially. This place will make you smile. Thank you, Ms. Meg!

  53. I think it goes something like

    On Wisconsin!
    On Wisconsin!
    Run right through that line!
    Run right over
    A touchdown ev’ry time! (bum bum bum)

    I’m sure you all would know the tune – it’s a famous marching band favorite.

  54. very cute!! However, I must point out that the next big dog-sled race is the Yukon Quest (the Iditarod runs about a week after it, I believe)

  55. Emmberann, Hang in there, we’re here, you’re here, and those are important things.
    Becky, Bubba’s mum said it so well, “I have a lot of compassion for you. Here’s hoping 2010 is the year that turns it around for you financially. This place will make you smile. Thank you, Ms. Meg!”

    kzgz, I am swimming in possibilities for that song, and now, do I hear more words for “On Wisconsin”? How about “Buckle Down Winsockie, Buckle Down?

  56. “You can win, Winsockie, if you buckle down!” Hmm, Katrina, where IS “winsockie”? Is it related to Wisconsin? I must Google it.

    (pasockie! ha.)

  57. So that little guy is a baby Pomeranian? With that coloring, he looks just like one of his bigger sled-doggie brethren. WANT!

  58. Isn’t there a dog commerical with Pom sled racing? They’re pulling sleds the size of barbie’s transam.

  59. I was all like “yeah, this is pretty cute” until I read the “Idita-rude” comment. That’s just too “mush”. 😛

  60. KZGZ it is a sable actually a heavy sable coat color.

    or it could be a brindle but I am pretty sure sable becasue of the red in the face. here is a link if you are interested.

  61. Congrats Buttarumcake! Way to go! 🙂

  62. Squee!!! Thanks for the Sconnie reference! We heart Teh Qte!

  63. 260Oakley says:

    Here’s to greener pastures for you in 2010. And thanks for finding something constructive in my silliness, ’cause most of my friends and family have developed a zero tolerance policy towards it.

    And way to go Buttarumcake, proving that it is possible to be both qte and smart!

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Hooray for you Butta Rum Cake! You go, girl! We knew you could do this!

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    BRC: Now wake up. Do you have homework? *looks over rhinestone, cateye glasses at Butta Rum Cake*

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    Emmberrann: Hugs to you. Strength and Hope and Best Wishes coming your way from me!

  67. QoD: Yes ma’am! I’m taking a break from studying…math exam tomorrow & anthropology Monday, plus three essays to outline in Eng. Comp *shudders*

    Teh Qte is keeping my brain good and mushy so’s I can stuff more learnin’s into it LOL

    Thanks & hugs to everyone for the encouragement…I’m tryin’ to shows these whippersnappers in my class a thing or two *giggle*

    *dashes off to carry the 1*

  68. @ Emmberrann: Hang in there!! *big hugs*

  69. resriechan says:

    @ BRC: her rhinestone cat’s-eye-glasses are pretty intimidatin’, ain’t they??


  70. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: And don’t forget (wags index finger in direction of BRC)…a good night’s sleep with a hearty breakfast in the morning goes quite a long way! *pushes rhinestone, cateye glasses back up on nose and squeaks away wearing sweater with arms tied loosely around neck/bosom area*

  71. resriechan says:

    (giggle # 25, cleverly delivered behind QoD’s back……..)

  72. Too adorable – where did you get the little sled? I would like to buy one. Thanks for the followup. Gayle

  73. I vote for best hovertext ever, too!!! NTMTOM should get a bonus!

  74. food lady says:

    hehehehee great hovertext

  75. Deb Peterson says:

    Oh! Sweet lil Mick, your so cute and perfect. Miss you so much, your auntie Deb

  76. Pls send pom puppy mini sled-dog to DC-metro area ASAP. We’re getting buried under two to three feet of snow!!!

    We need him to pull mini marshmallows for hot cocoa!!!

  77. How adorable is that little mite! Loved the Christmas card too.

  78. Hi All,

    Mick’s mom here. Great bunch of comments; Mick thanks you for the compliments.

    Gayle: The sled is an American Girl sled. It came with a little stuffed husky, too. I see there are two for sale on ebay right now. Search for “American girl sled”.

    KittyAdventures: You are right. Mick is an orange sable, heavy on the sable. He lightened up as he got older, but still has beautiful black accents. Still cute as a button, I might add. He and his older Pom brother, Harley, are frequent nursing home visitors and entertainers. They play the piano, push a baby carriage, rock a doll cradle, etc. They love people! In the summer, I pull them around town with my bike and they are in a child’s bicycle trailer, or my “doggy rickshaw,” as I call it. In the winter (we live in Iowa, and have had 45 inches of snow so far) their ancestry kicks in and they LOVE playing in the snow.

    CuteOverload rocks!


  79. Emmberrann says:

    Thanks for your good wishes. I’m doing everything I can think of to make me more employable, and just a little teensy bit of encouragement is very much appreciated. CO helps me a lot.

  80. Thanks for the heads-up, Mardell!! Soooooo cuuute! Your pups are very lucky to have you!!!

  81. Being serious now-Emmberrann, It is a horrible spot to be in, where you are.
    No teentsy about it, we offer you our friendship and all the encouragement you could possibly need. As I go through ups and downs physically, I know that the Peeps are urging me on to do the best possible- and all of that is for you, too. And the best thing of all- it works! You will be employable when the economy picks up again, you’ll see. Try not to be discouraged, but when you do, talk about it, and then get to laughing and finding the qte! Your fellow Peep, Katrina

  82. I FINALLY found my note on where to see your little sweetie! This is all too cute and an American Girl Sled to boot!! I’m sure, like me, you’re looking forward to getting to ride around town on the bike with your two babies!! I do need to see both of them entertain the troops one of these days.
    Take care, Kay