“Did I ever tell you about the time…”

Oh boy, here we go again. What IS it with this guy and his boring stories? Am I supposed to be impressed by the fact that he drove all the way to Home Depot without hitting a single red light?

You know what, I can’t take it anymore – wake me when you’re done talking, Speaky O’Snoresies.

It’s like being stuck in the window seat next to Kenny Bania on a red-eye, Gumbo.



  1. omg, what kind of animal is that??? whatever… I WANT!

    [Oh c’mon, you oughtta be able to spot a Fennec Fox by now 😕 – Ed.]

  2. LERVE the dark whisk-hairs and the teeny beepable nose.

  3. Fred Fnord says:

    Thanks, that perked me right up.

  4. Q. Frostine says:

    fennec fox, no?

    [Yes! – Ed.]

  5. Why don’t I ever get to hold a baby fennec in either of my hands?

  6. That sweet little face, those eyes….just to much to handle.

  7. Nicolletta says:

    Fennec fox FTW!!

  8. I think it’s a regular fox. Fennec foxes have huge ears-es.

    [Nah, they’re just folded back in these pix. – Ed.]

  9. Stressfactor says:

    ‘O Hai!’ paw!!! I wants to give him leetle High Five.

  10. victoreia says:

    Lil’ foxie, I feel your pain! I have a co-worker just like that!

  11. oh I just want to CHOMP on that snout, it’s so darling!

  12. What victoria, does he/she wrap you in a ball with your feet sticking out? That would be uncomfortable unless you do yoga. Speaking of, where has Queen of Dork been lately?

  13. Aww, a Fantastic Mr. Fox indeed. *snuggles him*

  14. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Too keeeyute.


    I need to have one in my office STAT! For medicinal purposes, you undersand.

  15. undersand… :snork: very à propos for fennex, but I meant understand.

  16. StormCat42 says:

    Wait…wait… Do I spy??? Yes, I do! Beady eyes alert!! And nommable paws!! Do these little guys make noise? Is it a bark, or another kind of kewl noise? (Like the Dik-dik’s?)

  17. So sweet!

  18. Love Fennec foxes!

  19. Fenny! Want!

  20. Wow what a fair-weathered, fennecky friend! We have to hear ALLLLL about his hunting adventures but he can’t lend us a ginormous ear every now and then? Pshaw.

  21. Aw, the fennec fox is one of my favorites. SO adorbs!

  22. That fox is super cute! But I don’t understand what the captions have to do with anything. It looks more to me like that guy is holding the little fox and is about to pop him in his moufs. =D

    That nose is to tiny!!!!!!!!!!

  23. GingerBean says:

    OMG will I never stop being amazed by how friggin CUTE fennec foxes are? the squee in my head is deafening…must…let it out…or my head will…


  24. Ok people, listen up. Fennec foxes are WILD animals and should not be held in captiv….*sees pictures*…….OMG I WANTS A FENNEC FOX NAOW!

  25. It looks like he’s doing an impression of Maneki Neko.

  26. I like how this site’s fennec-to-post-ratio is going up. I like it very much. Yes, sir.

  27. I didn’t recognize it as a Fennec. To me, a Fennec Fox is two fleshy kite shapes with a tiny puppy shape attached. But what a cutie!

  28. Firefox tests it’s new upgrade in sleep mode. Note the bigger ears for search options.

  29. Ok really – cuteoverload has to stop doing this to me. I can’t concentrate in school. I’m gushing silently on the inside at these horribly cute pictures. It’s almost unbearable. Please have pity on the people who have things to tend to in their lives. Please stop with these cute pictures.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  30. OMG!! I totally want a fennec fox for my birthday.

  31. Love the Fennec Foxes! I wonder if my local zoo has them…or sand cats. Want both!

  32. thank you, doggabone – I din’t recognize it either, and Theo tried to make me feel bad!
    :/~ (is that the tongue sticking out emoticon?)

  33. Fennec fox! Fennec fox! Fennec fox! Fennec fox!

  34. Oh my blessèd eyes! A fennec fox CUB!! It is truly too QTE a sight to behold, and I have now gone blind. Thanks.

  35. Too cuddly is right. I just wanna hold this little guy in my hands.

  36. Sigh, fureigner here requiring translation: I understand the nouns, although they appear to be randomly generated . . .
    Eric Bana I get, but Kenny Bania?
    Ahh, wiki is our friend here: ew, Seinfeld ref. Ok, got it. Uberboring.
    Redeye and gumbo I understand.
    Redeye flight and gumbo is yummy, and not to be confused with redeye gravy.
    Gumbo may be the post-er.
    Back to fennecking! Dibs on being its eyebrow wrangler and tailio floofer.

  37. STINKIN; REEKIN’ cute!!

  38. I want to kiss the teeny footsie! Ohhhhh!!

  39. So cute, he kinda looks asian lol

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m surprised no one has beat me to the sweet spot on his forehead and at the base of those soft earsies where I will snorgle and huff and nom until I (or he) can’t stand it any more.

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    ..unless I am too distracted by the sweet toeses! nibble nibble nibble

  42. Kenny Bania! Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Lol.

    Lovin’ this adorable little fox. Where can I adopt one of these?

  43. I want a sweet little fox puppy to hold in my hand!

  44. resriechan says:

    @ Paunchie (#12): Unfortunately, rumor has it, that the (ahem) Real World requires that the QofD occasionally make appearances in corporate/ gub’ment cubicles….as well as keeping house for SamKitty and a young female biped ….Woe is her but this is currently a necessity …………….

    And now we return you to the regularly scheduled programming.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    What A Sweetie-Pie!!!
    Paunchie: I’m over here!! (waves hands at Paunchie)
    Resrie: I escaped! I climbed over my cubicle wall and busted the heck out of there!

  46. Kristiann says:

    Your Fennec is kind of adorable. I want to snuggle.

  47. i stand firm in declaring Fennec’s the most adorable creature on the planet 😛

  48. kibblenibble says:

    This is what softness looks like.

  49. Queen of Dork, I congratulate you on escaping and give you a big fat smooch!

  50. Too adorable! I love fennec foxes!

  51. Finicky Fennecky floofy Fox.

  52. @koko – I concur!

  53. I’ll add this to my to-do list. Snorgle a fennec fox.

  54. Gotta love that high-contrast whisk-cloud.

    Oh, and as far as the noises they make, some people say “cute”, some say “ackmakeitstop”. You decide (warning, don cuteness crash helmets for this one): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6S4LepSKDg

  55. That was “cute”. Here’s “ackmakeitstop”, apparently the fennec way of saying “no mouse soup for you”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLI49kzqzLc

    Listen to that echo. I think I’ll get my fennec doses off of YouTube, I would not want to hear that at 3:30 AM.

  56. awww seriously cute ^___^!

    That just made my day, thankies :D!


  57. One more before I return to my more typical level of lurk. Just to prove that fennecs CAN make noises that don’t cause human ears to bleed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsgEtNeJ-Ps& (The yawn = fatal levels of qte)

    Part rubber ducky, part whistling teakettle. Oh, and for more fennecitude, wildly wagging tailio, and ear-rending fennec noises (StormCat42 may be sorry to have asked, after hearing these), try the owner’s other videos of Scout the fennec. In some, he’s quiet as a mouse, others (“early morning madness” for one) could break glass with the noise and brains with the qte, at the same time.

    I’m just…uh… taking my diabolical revenge for all the cute I’ve been exposed to since I found Cute Overload, y’know. All that making my head splooft into a cloud of dandelion seeds and kittens…. *shudders*

  58. White face + black nose = instant death from squee.

  59. Super cute, where do you guys get all these great pics…

  60. Foxy lady! Such a beauty.

  61. Christine H says:

    You are NOT too cuddly, little fox! There is NO SUCH THING as too cuddly!

  62. I just wanna smooootch him on his wittle headbone! ::snorglesnorglesnorgle::

  63. Oh, my, I am spea………………

  64. bookmonstercats says:

    I don’t get the Kenny Bania and Gumbo references but, my goodness, what an absolutely gorgeoooouuuuusss foxy.


  65. resriechan says:

    @ bookmonstercats:

    I didn’t recognize the K. Bania either, so I went to ask.com He’s a second-tier character in the Seinfeld sitcom. Which ‘splains, why I didn’t know the name, ’cause I’ve NEVER managed to convince myself to watch even 1/2 episode of Seinfeld; I find him/ that show to be like nails screeching/ blackboard. I don’t get its popularity.

    Anyhow — K. Bania is one of the characters on the Seinfeld show; who is particularly known, for NOT being a fascinating conversationalist…

  66. Oh yeah I think it’s one of Jerry’s circle who is a NON funny comic that wants to be friends with Jerry, but he’s just too annoying.

  67. Thanks – the “no soup for you” line is about the extent of my Seinfeld knowledge, and even that is secondhand. So I didn’t get the Bania reference either.

    If it starred a fennec, I’d have watched it…

  68. Yay! A Fennec!!!

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Paunchie: Hugs and smoochie-poos back atcha! 🙂

  70. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!..I so want one…hummm I wonder what u would feed the little one thou…fresh meet..!!..lol..is it wild or tame?…

  71. Those little Fennec foxes are soooooooooooo foxy and cute!