There are no Small Parts, Just Small Actors

Hi, my name is Biggums, and I’m here to audition for the lead in “Conan the Barbarian”.

Biggums is a fighter, Christina R.



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    There’s a story behind this ….. there must be ……. please

  2. Defiant diapered doggeh?

    What a cute little face!

  3. I love the doggy didey.

  4. What breed is this cutie?

  5. Is it me, or do I hear the faint sound of the lamentation of women?

  6. Don’t worry, little man. Even Conan the Barbarian wore diapers once upon a time.

  7. A story I would like to share
    …well, when I found one of my cats in a parking lot she was a kitten and was starving, so she was skin and bones (about 1/1/2 lbs). So I waited for her to put on some weight before getting her spayed. In the meantime she went into heat and sexually harassed my orange tabbeh who was neutered and NOT interested in. She was like a little Alexis Carrington!!! Quite a little tramp! She would not leave him alone and frankly, it was hilarious to watch the confusion/panic on my tabbehs face as the maneater (cateater?) came at him. 🙂 🙂

    Anywho, if diaper-doggie is auditioning was he good enough to get the part?
    HAHAHAA! Thank you everyone! I will be here every night except Thursday! Drive safely!

  8. Oh my goodness, how cute is this chihuahua!! I love his/her little doggy-diaper!…he looks so resigned to the humiliation of being diapered…!

  9. Nice diaper! Biggums has a powerful resemblance to Robert Carlisle. Maybe we will see him in Model Trainspotting.

  10. Kangaroo feets!

  11. I’m sorry, but ya just lose so much cred when you show up in diapers. 😉

  12. After further analyzing this pic, I think it might actually be a Speedo, so his cred goes way back up again. Not just any dog can pull that off…

  13. He looks old, or recovering from an operation, perhaps incontinent.

  14. Andi from NC says:

    It’s all about attitude and Biggums is absolutely rocking that diaper!!!!

  15. #5 FTW!

    Barbarian leader: Biggums, what is best in life?

    Biggums: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

  16. Oh, you Peeps are just too much…

  17. Hi guys! This is my dog – he’s paraplegic! Was attacked by a dog 6 years ago. Doggy Diapies are a necessity 🙂

    Thanks for the comments!

  18. Is Biggums a Miniature Pinscher?

  19. @ Christie Russo Just curious, where does the tail go?

    P.S. as the owner of a diabetic cat who needs injection twice a day I want to say you rock for keeping him and taking care of him, a lot of people would not.

  20. He’s a Min-Pin / Chihuahua mix… I’m guessing. I don’t think he’s pure. Though my husband paid a pure-breed price! Ha!

    And @Gigi – thank you! You as well! To me, nothing is difficult about caring for a pet, no matter the pet’s condition. If I can’t do this, then how do I expect to care for a child?!

  21. @ Christie Russo – bless your heart. He’s adorable!

  22. @Christie Russo Biggums is a great name and kudos for you for raising him.

  23. @Christie Russo – You rock 🙂 and your dog is absolutely adorable ♥

  24. LovesDogs says:

    A big THANK YOU goes out to Christie Russo!!!!

  25. MANY hearts @ Christie Russo. You and your exceptionally cute doggie are AWESOME.

  26. Who is his big and furry friend in the picture with him?? I’m glad he isn’t afraid of all big dogs now! But Min Pin’s seem to fear nothing.

  27. Diaper Dog!

  28. “I make this thing look goood!”

  29. omg! biggims is so cute~ he looks like my dog with funny ears :p

  30. What a wonderful mom you are, Christie, and what a lucky doggie to have found you.

  31. NH: OMG! Now I’m hearing the doggie talking in my head in a thick Scots accent. Or maybe that’s just sleep deprivation. Either way, Biggums is adorable!

  32. @Christie, your little guy is awesome no matter what!

  33. resriechan says:

    ResQte Tag, possibly?


  34. Y’know, they ARE in talks about a He Man movie… I’m personally holding out for a She-ra movie. I might just have to lose 20 pounds and gain 9 inches of height to try to get the role. 😉

    Yeah… me… that’s funny. *ahem*

  35. I second the resqute! So many people wouldn’t have bothered with the second box of diapers! “See the pavement? Meet the pavement. Out of a moving vehicle.”

    Thank you Christie!

  36. @Kittyadventures – that’s what I thought (insert confused face here).

  37. irina and dawgs says:

    @ Christie Russo “To me, nothing is difficult about caring for a pet, no matter the pet’s condition.” – i totally agree! but it’s still nice to know that i am not the only person who thinks that way…

  38. I came to ask about the smiling dog too, whassup?

    Anyway Biggums has a beepable nose! Beep!

  39. Denise Baxter says:

    Just bought the Wee-Wee Diapers for my 13 yr. old Bijon Frise – she is much happier now and we’re not constantly cleaning up after her!

  40. resriechan says:

    “I’m too sexy for my diaper…”


  41. Biggums is adorable! And I agree that:
    1) He totally rocks those diapers.
    2) Christie totally rocks for taking such good care of this fellow.

  42. I love all the wonderful comments about Biggums. Of course I as his owner think he’s ADORABLE, but its nice to hear all the love from others. I forgot to answer something – he has no tail, so the diaper is really easy to put on. . @Denise Baxter – Doggy diapers are such a great thing if you have an older incontinent dog! Happy owner, happy dog. Can’t beat that.

    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see senior/geriatric dogs in shelters b/c owners can no longer care for them. I have a 17-year-old deaf and blind dog, who is my world. If I don’t have money, I find some way to make sure she’s happy and well. Your decision to get a dog is one that lasts their lifetime. Period.

    I love because its a fun adorable way to show the world how amazing animals are.

    By the way – if anyone is a Pampers diaper rep…. I could use a little help HAHA. Diapers are NOT cheap, especially 6 years worth and counting. Thank you so much again guys!!!

  43. @Christie Russo – Great for you! Everyone in my family believes this. We’ve cared for many an animal that has gotten old, ill, or hurt over the years. And we’ve taken in some that no one else would take care of.

    True story: I once worked in a vet clinic. I was mainly the kennel assistant, but also helped out in the vet clinic area. (Double duty.) They often called me up to the clinic side whenever there was a dog/cat/etc that was either a: very messy, b: bleeding a lot, or c: extremely smelly. This was because I was the only one who didn’t care more about my clothes or scrubs, or didn’t have to work the front desk. . When we had a kitty that had been hit by a car come in, guess who wound up caring for him? He is a big cat and was in a small cage with a tiny litter box. With a broken leg, that meant a LOT of mess. Plus, he was on human-grade antibiotics, dehydrated, and a slew of other problems – diarrhea for one.

    Now, it’s a great vet clinic, but I was seriously sick and tired of always hearing complaints about this cat that no one could find a home for. They were considering amputating his leg rather than giving it time to heal, because no one wanted a big cat with a broken leg and a heart murmur brought on from infection. I had them redo his cast, give me his medicine, and took him home. They didn’t want me to – I had already rescued one kitty that had been found as a starving kitten with a too tight collar that crush her vocal cords and, being pregnant, they didn’t think I needed another.

    I took him. With the problems the medicine caused, we had to keep him in a large dog size carrier b/c we couldn’t let him run through the place we rented. But instinct told me he didn’t need the medicine, and that something was wrong with his cast. Hubby helped me remove the cast – it was too tight and he didn’t really need it anymore – and we stopped his meds. Today, Sly is a happy cat living with my mom and grandparents where he follows my grandfather around 24/7, and even guides him on his bad days when he is having a lot of trouble with Alzheimers – like, Sly will actually push his medicine box to him when it’s time. Or turn the nebulizer on when it’s time for a breathing treatment (amazing cat.) Alley – the kitten with too tight collar – lives there as well and the two are best of friends.

    Moral of the story – even the best vet clinic sometimes gives up on animals. My grandfather now has a wonderful companion he adores, who alerts someone when he’s having a bad day, needs his medicine, etc. Sly took a lot of work, but he’s doing well. I’m happy to say his leg healed fully – without a limp even – and his heart murmur was brought on by infection, and is non-existent now.

    Sorry if that story was too long, but I felt like sharing. 🙂

  44. Hs is not a chihuahua….He is an overpriced MinPin. He was sold to me as a minpin but turned out to be a crossbreed between a Chihuahua and MinPin. Hes actually this way because one day the lawn people let the gate open and he decided to go visit the neighbors house which had a not so friendly Chow-chow. After a nasty bite, 2 surgeries and $4000 later he is now the super pup that he is. He is a paraplegic doggie, so therefore we had to use 1-2’s Snuggle Diapys, so that he doesnt ruin the carpet everytime his bladder is full. (i know the people at the store think were crazy for buying the same size diapers for the past 3 yrs). He is now a healthy and happy pup that scoots around in his diapy and has no clue of his situation. Expect more pics of him on his wheels chair and his furry friend “Bubbles”.

  45. Um. I misread that and thought it said “There are no small pants, just small actors.”


  46. @ Rosewolfkin having my Mom’s two kitties after she passed away has shown me how amazing and smart kitties really are.. these two gave her constant companionship, saved her one day when she fell by alerting the neighbors.. had a special way of communicating with her… she was blind and had difficulty in her mobility.. but they never ever got under her feet… how do I know about the feet thing??? They never ever get under mine.. when I get up to move about they move quickly out of the way.

    They have been for me a revelation and a comfort since she passed away.

  47. Gigi, you can get critter diapers with a hole in back for the tail. My elderly cat had a stroke and recovered fully except for being incontinent, so he had to wear diapers. He was 21 at the time, so I wasn’t sure he’d be able to adjust, but he was totally comfortable in them, and we were both a lot happier. I’m sure the diapers were originally manufactured for preemie humans because they were teeny tiny (my boy weighed 4 pounds at the time) and the tabs had cartoon babies on them.

  48. Such wonderful stories- you all have my deep and abiding respect.

  49. Kitties (and dogs too I think) have a sixth sense for sick peeps, it’s true. There was a story featured the other day on yahoo about a certain nursing home kitty that used to sort of “know” when someone was about to expire and would go and hop on their beds and sit with them until they passed.

    Some dogs can sniff out cancer too so I’ve learned.

  50. Awesome doggie -yeah Biggums!

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    Yay and love to Biggums, Christie and also RoseWolf. Ya’ll are great.

  52. A lovely story about Biggums, but I would like to point out that no one has complimented him on his excellent toes!

  53. Teeny Gozer says:

    Jason Momoa is a way lot prettier!

  54. If you want to learn about a lovely sanctuary in Ovando, MT, that is dedicated to disabled animals, go to Rolling Dog Ranch and then read their daily blog.

  55. Looks tough & cutie

  56. Mrs. McGinty says:

    @Christie, Aw, you rock! You’re a great dogmom! How great is it that you’re taking such loving care of your animals. Bless you. I wish there were more kind hearts like yours in the world.

  57. I love hearing stories about people who refuse to give up on their pets. It’s a big part of what keeps me from despairing of the human race entirely. There are soooo many good people out there – people willing to go the extra mile for those most vulnerable creatures among us. They have already earned their places in heaven.

  58. @ Christine Russo – Have you thought about cloth diapers? I’m sure there must be a size that fits your pup. They’re more expensive than disposable diapers at the outset, but they end up cheaper in the long run. (As long as you don’t mind doing more laundry!)

  59. Yes, Christie is a great person for doing what she does for biggums on a daily basis. I just wish that I could get an 1/8th of the attention that the little diaper rug-rat gets. Not to mention the fact that he has huge fore-arms and a mean bite. Couldnt really get angry at him even if I wanted to!!!!

  60. Paunchie, my Norwegian Dad went to Hospice, and we knew it wouldn’t be long before he passed. A volunteer came in with a little black dogget, Dad loved dogs. He smiled and wanly said “I don’t believe it.” He kept smiling, about and hour or two later he died thinking about dogs, I think, but he passed very peacefully, with the nurse in the room. I will always thank them for letting him see that little black dog. Thanks for bringing back that nice memory.

  61. J JAY, you’re hilarious. 🙂

  62. Tastes like chicken says:

    If he can’t control his bladder you can get belly bands for boy dogs that go round their middle covering the appropriate parts! If you do the Google thing they will come up. Some rescue people use them when they get in rescue puppy mill dogs ’till the adult dogs become trained.
    My (now ex) mother-in-law suggested that i have my first dog put down when she became old and leaky! Needless to say, it didn’t happen – carpets can be replaced, much loved dogs can’t.

  63. Katrina 🙂

  64. Go Biggums!
    These stories are great! So heartwarming- I now feel all warm and squishy, and have a little knot in my throat.

  65. Dragonflye says:

    I love reading these stories. I like to know that there are other people who would do anything for their animals. I would drop $4000 in a heartbeat for my dog… no question.

  66. MONICA GOMEZ says:

    I love him.

  67. I love Biggums! I keep coming back to stare at him. I love his sturdy little frame, which contrasts so fabulously with his frilly, little ears!

  68. @Rosewolfkin: that’s an AMAZING story! I’m so happy you took Sly home and didn’t give up on him when others wanted to. If these were kids, or any aged person for that matter, no one would be treating them that way. But most people just see animals differently. And that’s sad to me. Because guess who was there for me when everyone dropped off the face of the earth? My dogs. They don’t care what I look like, act like, smell like, whatever! They don’t know how to hate, and I’m sorry, but we need a little more of that in this world. I love that your kitty takes care of your grandfather. And I KNOW that kitty loves nothing more than to serve him. That’s the amazing part about animals. No matter how bad we treat them, they die to serve us. Someone needs to send them a memo “Sometimes – humans are just not worth it. So please move on!” But that’s part of their magic – they won’t move on.

    @ EVERYONE ELSE! 🙂 I still can’t get over all the comments. I mean it’s only 67 but who would have thought even 67! I love it! I’ve been bragging to everyone about this for the past few days. And yeah – $4000 for the decision NOT to put Biggums to sleep (which was the advice of the vet). We owed that on credit cards for YEARRSSSS. But my husband and I always say.. “it was well worth it.” And my 17-year-old…people who get rid of their dogs because they get old and start having problems are missing out. I’m sorry, my dog has more character now that she’s blind and deaf than she ever did (no i’m just kidding – she was the best dog in her younger years). But she is truly a character now. SO DON’T GET RID OF YOUR DOGS – THEY’RE FUN EVEN BLIND AND DEAF! 🙂

    All you who think me and my husband are good people for doing what we did – ALL OF YOU GUYS are just as amazing for caring, and for commenting, and following up on stories like Biggums and all the things posted on and other sites. Just appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of animals in general is good enough for me!

    Sorry – now THAT was a long post 🙂

  69. ***Awh***
    Biggie! Anybody that knows the owner of this pet know of her love for animals. She is a beautiful person and has a big heart. God, bless you and Biggie too. 🙂

  70. bookmonstercats says:

    Christie, thanks (belatedly) for letting us know about Biggums and his nappy (as we call diapers over her in the UK). I’m so pleased you kept him going and I hope you find somebody to help you out with your endless requirements. We do daft things like that too, although not on your scale, like paying for prescription steroids for an old cat with brain inflammation, £20 a time to have our guinea pigs’ nails clipped, when we only paid about £10 each for them to start off with, and ££££££££££s to keep elderly hamsters comfortable in their declining months when they only cost £5 each to buy. You can’t put a price on loving God’s creatures. Bless you.

  71. @bookmonstercats… That scale is MUCH larger than mine. Most people would not do what you do for animals like Guinea Pigs and Hamsters. And for the exact reason you said – they only cost $5. So don’t praise me, praise yourself! (I actually have a plump little rat – who love himself a bit too many bananas and fruits lol – so I’m a rodent fan myself)

    It really isn’t hard to take care of a paraplegic dog or senior dog. I minimize my vet bills by feeding them well thought out, common sense meals from home (I think kibble is a crock of doo doo lol), and change a couple of diapers. So thanks for all the thanks, but none needed!

  72. @Christie Russo BIGGUMS IS EFFING CUTE! I just love him! He has the look of someone who is running the show at your house.
    My dog (boston terrier) has cost us so much money, (just last week a $350 vet bill for skin infection medicines!). But so worth it.
    True story: he began favoring a leg around the time he turned 1 year old. Vet told us it was a luxating patella and he would eventually have to have the surgery. We couldn’t afford it by a LONG SHOT. Right when we were resigned to the fact that he would just eventually get horrid arthritis in that leg or won the lottery, someone bought like literally 10 of my paintings online ( BY THE WAY THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED AND PROBABLY WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN), all at once, which paid for his knee to be fixed.
    Isn’t it funny how that happens??

  73. @ bookmonstercats

    *big hugs* It’s wonderful that you do such for hamsters and other small pets. My mother has paid so much for Andy, her sweet rat. He turned out to be a mixed breed rat, and his teeth need to be clipped once a week or they will eventually grow so that he either A- starves to death, b- the tooth hits an artery – or c – the other one hits his brain. She was paying over 80 dollars a month to care for him and get him food he could actually eat (he can’t chew them down due to the growth directions, and his other teeth are practically nonexistent). Now, she’s learned how to do it herself and she takes such good care of her animals! He’s 4 now. Her last rats lived to be 5 and 6. Even her hamsters live years and years.

  74. Fleurdamour says:

    Is he wearing a DIAPER?!