Whoever runs on the wheel longest wins the Cheerio…Zzzzz

Large… orange… Cheerio…

So… nappy…





  1. Critterluvvr says:

    THE WHISKERS!! The Whiskers!!

  2. resriechan says:

    Alternative captions:

    “Honk-Shu” , cubed.

    “Honk-Shu” “Honk-Shu” “Honk-Shu”.

    “Honk-Shu”, etc.

  3. oh my what tiny anibloops

  4. squeeeeee! some day… when I no longer have 11 vewwy active kittehs… I would *luv* to have such teensy weensy keeeee-ute babehs!!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Contestants on the Wheel of Snoretune

  6. The one on the right seems to be not-so-sleepy after all, my guess is that once the other two drift away into slumber, he will make a run for it with the cheerio!!

  7. lizboeder says:

    What the heck are those things? I have never seen such extraordinary fluffular babeh-ness, wif teensy tiny nosies and an itto bitto paw! Someone please tell what this cute thing is that I will be allergic to and won’t ever be able to have in my house so I will add it to the list of “Cute Things I Can’t Have”.

  8. So tie tie!

  9. so.. cute! *.*

  10. Lizboeder, I believe those are dwarf hamsters.

  11. aww. “we call off race and share cheerio. we are sleeeeeeeeeeepy.” zzz.

  12. I used to have 3 roborovskis just like that, they were incredibly cute… un4tunately they’ve left their furry coil and are now running the giant wheel up in the sky… They were very cute while they lasted though!

    Here is their one and only video performance, for anyone who’d like to watch:

    RIP Bashful, Itchy, Spherical!

  13. Who’s their hairdresser, the lowlights are simply divine.

  14. Mini-foot on the left? What about the to-die-for pedi front and center?

  15. I truly think that their whiskers are longer than their body.

  16. So soft. So fuzzy.

  17. Ham-shu.

  18. The coxcu nearly keeled me ded……….my, my, my……as I go back and look at it again and again. Thank you!

  19. Wheeeeeeeeskers!! Love em. Just love em.

  20. You know what, they are adorable and all, but what is that stuff on the bottom of their cage? It kinda looks like carpet that’s been horked upon.

  21. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel so bad when my pets die;
    (I also feel bad when other people’s pets die, like Gledwood’s roborovski’s;
    or even a non-pet like the impala with the three cheetahs);
    Guess like Popeye: Iyam what Iyam…….!

  22. @Gledwood, how cute your video is! I loved the little white muzzlepowsches all pointing up suddenly at about .24 … “There’s a huge eye in our cage! What is it??”

    @Cheshirekittehkat, I feel HORRIBLE when I think of the various small rodents I owned as a child … considering how badly I treated my pets when I was 7 or 8, I’ll bet they mostly died early from stress.

    (Example: “Eskimo blanket toss” using a queen-sized bed sheet, 2 people and 1 hamster. The hamster really got some air. We at least did catch him with the sheet!!)

  23. Daphne Moss says:

    My sister and I put our cat down the laundry chute once (No damage; he landed on a pile of laundry). Only damage was that my mom was in the basement when her favorite tabby made his irate landing. We never did that again.
    These babies are all kindsa cute.

  24. Squeeeee! heh, kilt to deeth by paws to whiskas ratio – surely this should be added the the laws of cutenes???
    p.s. I’m delighted to say the honked-on-floor look is carefresh, one of the spiffier things to keep robos in!

  25. thicktortiethintabby says:

    :: cracking up at Paunchie‘s comment ::

    I’m nine, apparently, b/c I think barf jokes are hilarious!

    That foodstuff in there w/the hammies looks like some of that really cheap cat food that is almost neon-hued. Coughmeowmixcough.

  26. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I think the bedding kind of looks like a used tissue after it has been machine-washed in one’s pants pocket, but whatever works.

  27. Awww, they look like little Scops owls!

  28. HeatherNB says:


    Looks like Carefresh to me 🙂

  29. kibblenibble says:


  30. Eeeeeyup, I’d say that’s Carefresh. It’s what we use for our two robos. Soft, absorbent, and it doesn’t give them respiratory diseases like cedar chips would. Plus it’s made out of recycled paper or something.

    […”or something”?? SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! 😯 – Ed.]

  31. SOOO adorable! The only problem I have with robos is that when I had them when I was younger, they were terrible biters! But they are sooooooooo cute! I also use that kind of bedding for my teddy bear ham. She loves it!

  32. Oh, [Ed.], you are just tooooooo funny.

  33. OK well I haven’t had a rodent since grade school so I don’t know this thing called CareFresh….. gross looking, but better for zuh breathingz…

  34. slythwolf, please tell me you’re not suggesting that Carefresh is made of hamsters. (Those are definitely Roborovski dwarves. I just have 3 regular Campbells.)

    [May bedding made by hamsters, for hamsters, and of hamsters never perish from the cage 🙄 – Ed.]

  35. love

  36. There so cute, what a great blog, im glad i stumbled upon this!