On the Plus Side, It Comes with a Great View

Hey, whose bird-brained idea was it to rent a walk-up?

George and Weezie would never move on up without an elevator, Julie G.



  1. On the plus side, at least they’re moving on up to the penthouse.

  2. …. to a GEE RAFF apartment in the sky-y-y……..

    [Oh, we’re movin’ on up! 😀 – Ed.]

  3. omg, those birds look like they have candy eyes. how cute! what are they?

  4. It’s like a stairway to knobbular heaven….

  5. this reminds to me to ask, what are those cute little knobbules on the heads of giraffe? i’ve always wondered….are they horn-like remnants or sumpin’?

  6. The bird on the giraffe’s head blends so perfectly with the giraffe that all I noticed at first was its orange beak.

  7. Oh I bet the giraffe really loves those boyds, cleaning all the bugs and nasties in its fur.

    A cowbird, mebbe?

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Great, now we can apply for that home neckquity loan.

    [:snork: 😆 – Ed.]

  9. cute!


  10. 260Oakley – *groan*

    p.s. the beady eyes on those boids look like the candy buttons on the sheets of paper that you get

  11. Penthouse available for rent.

  12. LaureninGeorgia says:

    While I love cuteoverload and visit several times a day, my favorite part is now 260Oakley’s comments. Puns always, always, always make me smile or chortle. Thank you for always brightening my day.

  13. Oxpeckers…the birds, that is.

  14. lol… oxpeckers… thank you cambridge_rat_mom
    damn, this is such a never-ending fascination-filled world…

  15. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Just behind the right ear. . . a little higher. . .no, lower. . .AAAAHHHHH! Thanks.”

  16. 260Oakley says:

    You’ve now brightened my day.

    I’m going to call someone (not a bird) an oxpecker if it’s the last thing I do.

  17. WOW. (Trying it) “You dirty oxpecker.” Yes, that works very well. 😆

  18. Yes, calling someone a dirty oxpecker is very satisfying until you realize that most people think you are referring to a bovine. Then the conversation changes pretty radically very quickly. (I tried it) (*le sigh*).

    I wonder if those birdies tickle the ‘draff’s neck? I bet they so, but not as much as wiggly things in the ‘draff’s fur. It is probably a trade-off.

    Yes, let’s all say it together-
    “Katrina wants a Giraffe!”

  19. The Oxpeckers motto “A tick in time saves nine”

  20. PS Remember to pronounce Giraffe as “GY-raffe.”

  21. PPS Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow; Staten Island Chuck did not. I go with Chuck.

  22. PPPS Apparently, Chuck did NOT bite the mayor this year. Shucks.

  23. PPPPS @Tracylee, behold the Purple Gallinule, whose beak looks like candy corn:

    BTW, when I was in Florida, I called my mom and told her I saw a Purple Gallinule. She paused a minute, and said “You made that up, didn’t you?” 😆

  24. 260Oakley wins at the intertubes!!

    Thankies @ Theresa for posting the Purple Gallinule. So beautiful!!!!! The colors are so gorgeous.

    Hmmm..if I call someone an oxpecker at work, I think I will pass Go and get sent directly to HR. 😀
    It would be fun though…

  25. resriechan says:

    1) I’m gonna go against the grain here — While 260Oakley is OFFISHE CO’s coolest Pun-ishment– I gotta give VonZepp props today, with the idea “you scratch my Giraffe, I’ll…”

    2) In re. the storyline attached to the pic, my Deep Analysis Qwershtyun is:
    “Which bird is George & which one is Weezie?”

    Thank you for your attention to these concerns.


    The Opinionated Dept.

  26. Giraffe: There’s a bird on me. There’s a bird on me. Oh, can’t you see? There’s a bird on me. (Repeat ad infinitum)

  27. there ain’t no birds on me
    there ain’t no birds on me
    there may be birds on some o’ you turds
    but there ain’t no birds on me

    (apologies if “turds” bothers anyone)

  28. Well, if it’s not a Gallinule (a real bird), maybe it was a Great Crested Caracara (another real bird)!!

  29. @Theresa, your photo only showed the upper part of the bird. You haven’t seen the feet, yet! It allows them to distribute their weight as they walk across aquatic plants, so they don’t sink.

  30. @Cambridge Rat Mom, yes, their feet are PHENOMENAL!

  31. @Aquamarine, how about “some of you nerds”?

  32. Double whammy! An adorable giraffe (the coolest animals by far, so unique!), cute oxpeckers, AND I learned all about the beautiful Gallinule. Triple whammy! I hope the birdies don’t tickle the giraffe too much, though it’s great they eat buggers off him/her. I love giraffes (I think I love them because I’m really tall, so I have a bond with them).

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    My guess is the little bird feets just do a nice tickly-scratchy thing on the Giraffe which he/she probably likes! I know I would, if I had little birdies wandering on me looking for fleas (of which I have none, which is probably why I don’t have any little birds.)
    Maybe if I got some fleas, the birds would come and maybe one would bring along a giraffe buddy. It’s worth investigating.. I love giraffes too!

  34. StormCat42 says:

    Ok, Oakley, as always a win with the pun!

    Hon Glad, I’m going to use that quote today, I don’t care if it irritates someone… Love it!

    Theresa, thank you for introducing us to the Gallinule! LOVE the color and those feet are a riot!!!

    As for the GYraffe, I think they’re so kewl and I love to watch them walk… And I’m sure they love having those little birdies back there picking off those nasty ticks! That’s gotta feel good when they peel one off… Great pic!!!

  35. Wow! that gallinule is …. WOW. Look at those feet! Incroyable!

    I was going to say something about the oxpeckers, but now I’ve lost my thought!

  36. PS Of course a ground hog should be named Chuck! They’re all named Chuck, no??

    Except for teh weatherman, Phil, that is.

  37. If you liked Gallinule feet, you’ll just love Coot feet. They look like seaweed at the end of their legs…they’re lobed, not webbed.

    [That is one weird photo. 😯 – Ed.]

  38. @ Theresa, yes, thank you, nerds, much better.

    still no one has told me what those tall nubules on the top of giraffes’ heads are for…..i’ve got this gauntlet, here…..must i throw it down?

  39. @Cambridge Rat Mom, at the bird sanctuary in Florida where I went with my dad, they have pavement decorated with the feetprints of different waterbirds, and the coot prints are the weirdest, and most distinctive.

  40. PS Coots! Old Coots! Young Coots! Does any animal have as felicitous a name?

  41. @Theresa
    Tits. Great Tits. Blue Tits. Pere David’s Tits.
    P.S. I am not making this up.

  42. @260Oakley, again, I hand you the palm (bows)

  43. Us two-footed creatures probly have no idea what it’s like to not be able to scratch yourself whenever you have a ginormous itch….!
    (Wanders off, marveling over the inequities between us and the National Georgraphic aminules….!)

  44. aquamarine – I found a couple links that deal with the giraffe knobules. (Note: I am not vouching for the authenticity of these links.) 😉

  45. candy buttons, candy corn… ornithology is like one big game of CandyLand! whodathunks?!

  46. Funny, the term Oxpecker brought to mind something larger and not nearly so cute as these darling birds! Also, that song from Sesame Street has always been one of my favorites. What a fun post!

  47. Thanks for the Sesame Street vid- I remember it from a distant past!

    Such a wonderful day at CO!

  48. @Theresa–are you a birder?

  49. @Cambridge Rat Mom, A sometime birder. I was hardcore in my younger, hardier days– would go out on cold winter mornings like TODAY, for example. 😛 I’m much wimpier in my old age– I wait til spring, or my trips to Florida.

  50. @ Theresa, I thought you might be from your comments. I, too, am a birder in the Cambridge area.

  51. thanks, ceejoe!!

    i love that i now have a new word to use–“ossicones”—and i *must* find a way to fit this sentence in sometime today: “males’ horns tend to be bald on top — an effect of necking in combat.”

  52. I love Coot feet. There, I said it.

  53. Coot feet are weird. They look like lizards or something! Check out the nails too! Why does a water bird need nails like that? 😯

    Coot! Old Coot! Great Tits! (giggle!) And don’t forget the Blue Footed Booby!


  54. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa — here chez moi (en la Floride du Nord), il y ont des oiseaux blancs qui habitent l’eau qui sont tres beaux.

    Actually we’re fortunate enough to see quite the variety here — hawks; there’s even one who we suspect *MIGHT* be a Bald Eagle (he/she? soars around VERY VERY high so we only can determine a few particulars)….but the white egrets (or whatever specific breed these are) are SO VERY elegant. They glide through the water, strolling elegantly, as though they were 18th-century ladies in satin gowns, parading down 5th Avenue in NYC. I’ve never been able to figure out, how critters living in the grungy muddiness of the outdoors 24/7 ….can be shriekingly, glowing WHITE as though satin or as though they just came from a Clorox rinse in the laundry, at all times. Amazing, simply amazing, eh?

    Birds are Interesting People.

  55. @Resrie, Florida is fantabulous for all kinds of birds. I saw an osprey my last time there. And little white ibises regularly invade my dad’s development– they look like they just walked out of a Magritte painting.

  56. resriechan says:

    ….or maybe they’re professional ballroom danceuses…..in elegant costume, no less!!

  57. But showing less skin. 😉