Haven’t we done this post before?

According to a news agency that got up earlier than us;

Famed weather prognosticating groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has emerged to see his shadow in Pennsylvania, meaning winter will last another six weeks.




  1. resriechan says:

    Evidently Phil needs to join my chapter of Jenny Craig….. that way we’ll BOTH be ready for bikini weather, when winter is over ….


  2. Groundhog Day is also my SO’s birthday, so I’m like the 1 person in the world who remembers what day Groundhog Day is on. lol

  3. sigh… as if we didn’t already know we had six more weeks… at least… but it’s a good excuse to look at a cutie!

  4. OMG Phil in that picture is the new face of disapproval!! Someone helps him!!

  5. Staten Island Chuck didn’t see his shadow……….and we trust him because he already bit the Mayor last

  6. Did you know that groundhogs are sometimes called “whistle pigs”? I lurve that term. When nervous, they emit a whistling sound.

  7. Darn you to heck Punxsutawney Phil! *Shakey Fist*

  8. today’s OED word of the day is groundhog and I STILL didn’t realize it was groundhog day! I learned from the OED that the word aardvark translates roughly to ground-hog in dutch. And that a groundhog is closely related to a marmot. Maybe groundhogs are sausage and beer eating cousins to marmots?

  9. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Don’t drive angry! Don’t drive angry!

  10. Smug little Cupertino girl posting about WINTER razzum frazzum spazzum oh gee, fog grumblemumble… 😡

  11. Maybe if they did the whole groundhog out of his burrow during daylight hours I could get behind it. They do it so early in the morning that they have to shine GIANT lights on the whole scene. Of course he’s going to see his shadow!! It’s a conspiracy I tell you!! 🙂

  12. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Not in Georgia! Spring is just around the corner down here in the South! http://www.ajc.com/news/reluctant-georgia-groundhog-predicts-288864.html

  13. Love the “razzum frazzum consarned varmints” tag!

  14. Don’t forget about our Southern weather prognosticator, General Beauregard Lee, who lives just outside Atlanta. He pretty much always disagrees with Phil.

  15. resriechan says:

    what Camille said.

  16. I hope Punxatawney Phils prediction doesn’t extend to the UK. But I think we’ve at least got to get through February to see an improvement. Still the evenings are staying lighter on a good day nearly to 17:00

  17. Mmmmmmmm… pretty sure that’s just a fat Prairie dog haha

  18. How could an animal, with that particular shape, not find its shadow?

  19. In Canada Shubenacadie Sam from Nova Scotia and Wiarton Willie of Ontario both predicted an early sping. Yeah Canada!!!! (just parcticing for the Olympics hi! hi!)

  20. Living Just south of the Cupertino Girl Of Ed’s comment let me say that for us winter has been over for two weeks… Looks askance at spring fog… Grins like a fiend…
    The Daffodils are blooming here. Woooo HOOOOO!!!!!!!

  21. General Lee in Georgia didn’t see his shadow, but I don’t know how they expected him to when it was RAINING!!!

  22. Settlers brought the tradition to America of looking at hedgehogs and having them predict the weather. When they came to America, there were no hedgehogs and groundhogs were the closest thing they could find and turned to them.

    My hedgehogs did not see their shadows this morning. I am hoping that means an early spring and that Phil is just a little confused.

  23. Trez4400, I think that’s the idea… whatever the weather is on groundhog day dictates whether there will be 2 or 6 more weeks of winter. so an overcast (or raining) groundhog day means spring is just around the corner, while a sunny one means it is not. which I suppose means in here, spring is just around the corner! woo! …too bad I don’t really buy it.

  24. Annnnnnd…..apparently Theo’s been drinking….again. 🙂

    [Just coffee, so far… as you well know, from Facebook this morning… – Ed.]

  25. I am in awe of this animal’s geometry…..yeah, I think it will be six more weeks, too, my bursitis is being really nasty…..Killer is right here asleep and couldn’t care less.

  26. FuzzyAntler says:

    phuck phil

    [I can’t help but notice that our filter didn’t catch this. Hmmmmm. 😉 – Ed.]

  27. Well what ever the verdit I just watched the news report and the guy holding Phil has the best job…… he gets to pet Phil who is beyond redunkuloulsy cute.


  28. I always figure it’s a good thing when he sees his shadow – ONLY 6 more weeks of winter. I never expect it to warm up consistently before mid-March anyway. Although I do agree, Hon Glad, it sure is nice to see the daylight lasting longer. On the other hand it’s only 3 weeks til vacation in the Carribean – always a much needed break from the frozen tundra!

  29. Are we allowed to pool funds for a groundhog hitman? I’m from Wisconsin, and dammit, that rodent needs to die.

  30. Andi from NC says:

    I think this little guy would be perfect for a stop-action “drama shot” ala the “dramatic prairie dog.” Wouldn’t you love to seem him crawl out, give his shadow the old “drama stare” and then scurry back inside – cue the drama music!

  31. The natives take the Punxatawney Phil stuff so seriously, (or not), that when they rouse him out of his burrow, it almost seems like a religious ceremony;
    (Personally, I think it’s an excuse for the GroundHog Brothers to drink and raise heck) 😉

  32. beardediris says:

    Well, it’s Groundhog’s Day. Again. Here in Ohio, Buckeye Chuck predicted an early spring. We started out with snow, but the air warmed up to a balmy thirty-six and melted most of it. And the freezing rain skipped us, too, so maybe Buckeye Chuck is onto something? I hope so.

    [Hey, I’m from Ohio originally. You know, if you move to Minnesota, you can simply assume winter will keep hanging around until April, because it has no life. Just a suggestion… – Ed.]

  33. Fat little fluffball, so cute! 🙂

  34. Furry little $^#@*&^#(.

  35. our NC local yokel Sir Walter Wally (snerk) predicts SPRING. I like him better.

  36. Our Staten Island Chuck says spring is on the way– and since he bit Mayor Bllomberg last year, Chuck is my hero. Viva Chuck! 😛

  37. Actually, the Canuck ones so far have all whistled ‘Winter!!’ including Wiarton Willie, the albino groundhog.


    And a groundhog *is* a marmot: Marmota momax, woodchuck or [snerk] land-beaver.

  38. “Punxsutawney Phil has emerged to see his shadow in Pennsylvania,”

    Let’s face it, with Phil’s build it would be impossible for him not to see his shadow!

    PS ,Quote should read…

    “Punxsutawney Phil has emerged to see his shadow all over Pennsylvania”

  39. I LOVE that picture, but I would point out that it is a (very chubby) prairie dog, not a groundhog (aka woodchuck). Can’t anyone find a cute groundhog postcard?!

  40. He bit Mayor Bloomberg? Oh, how did I miss that? Too much I’m still giggling over he-ah! Thanks for that!

    Yes, it really does look like an obese Prairie Dog-or perhaps a Prarie Dog w/Prariedogletts. But killer (Stinkin’) cute, nonetheless.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Lindr, I’ve always wondered…do groundhogs mean six more weeks from NOW, or six more weeks tacked on to the end of the real winter season?

    I mean, c’mon, this is Colorado. Six more weeks from the first of February would make it a very short winter.

  42. @Resriechan, according to my Grandma, bikini weather was any day it went above freezing!!

  43. I have the honor of having been born on this most auspicious day – when a guy with a weird mustache and a bunch of people stand around in the butt-freezing cold to see whether a rodent deigns to grace them with his presence.

    One of these days, I am going to be one of those crazy people in Pennsylvania!

  44. Marmota momax

    Bonanafana fofax.

    (…sry. hadto…)

    [Understandable. – Ed.]

  45. @brian – thank you!! i’ve seen that pic accompanying many groundhog day articles and i was thinking it was a prairie dog – i was going to ask if nobody said anything.

    here’s a cute pic of punxsutawney phil: http://blog.oregonlive.com/knitting/2009/01/groundhog.JPG

    like the chubby prairie dog – phil isn’t so svelte either…and that just makes me loff him more!!

  46. Apparently Bloomberg bloody deserved it – he was teasing the poor thing!


    Video supposedly shows it but i don’t see it, but at least Chuck’s cute.

  47. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa: so noted.

    Yer grandma musta lived due north of P. Phil….Alaska, peut-etre????
    Either that, or she had a marvy figure on’ er!!!!

    (winky winky)

  48. Joining the crowd of prognosticators, Oregon’s got its own (and IMHO he’s cuter than Phil, no offense to the Philster).


  49. Now you have to re-post until Andie MacDowell falls in love with you.

  50. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I don’t care how long the winter is (too long in Denver), I only want to know if this summer will have hailstorms, tornadoes or mountain fires.

  51. Just so Phil doesn’t pull one over all our eyes, It’s six weeks to winter no matter what from groundhog’s day. They try to trick you with wordsmithing. He sees his shadow, “Oh No! Six more weeks of winter!” or he doesn’t see his shadow, “Yay! Six more weeks till spring!” I’ve officially put Phil on my list of critters to be suspicious of….

  52. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    There’s something ominous about groundhogs.

    Canada’s albino groundhog, Wiarton Willie, has been associated with a “scandal” (zombie groundhog?) and very possibly a double murder.

    (BTW, the very first Wiarton Willie was a fur hat with a button on the front. Hee!)

  53. Portland Oregon uses a hedgehog- OK< I learned something today!

    Abbey stop dangling those participals (*snerk*), they'll fall all over and shatter!
    Lookout below!

    I love CO.

  54. Get your albino groundhog right here…

  55. Fuzzybear says:

    I have never been able to figure out why they insist on waking him up. If they’ld leave him sleep, he wouldn’t see his shadow. But then again, from Groundhog day to the first day of spring is 6 weeks. Nothing you can do to change that.

  56. zippie8604 says:

    Groundhog day is my birthday…so I always know when it is, one of the few people considering the surprised looks my friends give me when they realize I was born on a holiday. I love Phil, he is so cute, to bad he keeps telling us we have to live through more winter.

  57. I would like to say that groundhog day in Michigan was highly suspect. First of all, there were no shadows because it was, per usual, a cloudy, white-skied day. Second, there were so many people crowding around and yelling, that of course our groundhog was going to run back to his hole. It was a setup/cover up if there ever was one…. Now we have 6 more weeks of winter.