This is a video response to a close-up grooming of Ferrets

The video below is prolly the most redonk “response” video created. Who creates a RESPONSE VIDEO to another CLOSE-UP GROOMING of FERRETS VIDEO?

Answer: THIS GUY:

Alert Sender Inner “Bleatingheart” sent this one in. [eye roll]


  1. snorglepup says:

    Nomnomnom. What a life!

  2. What a little personality on him. He is all nice clean now after that bath.

  3. I has a flavur.

  4. I feel so…relaxed and refreshed.

  5. ack! tooooo cute :D
    @jc – was thinking the same thing :)

  6. he looks like a wee badger

    was you eatin buttered popcorn? leek leek leek

  7. Who’s a tasty ferret?! YOU’re a tasty ferret!! Yeah baby!

  8. harlemgrrl says:

    when one of my cats does that it i’m compelled to smooch her face and make her “dirty” all over again, so natch i want to kiss that ferret into next week.

  9. Q: What’s your secret to perfect hair?
    A: Ferret spit.

  10. So I just went on the website of my health insurance provider and increased my coverage to handle the damage the video did when it made my internal organs explode from the qte. Thanks CO, for increasing my insurance premiums.

  11. No fancy schmancy hair care products for this guy. And he still looks more put together than anybody I’ve seen all day. :D

  12. Is this what ferrets are like when they’re relaxed and “at home”? I always thought they had two modes: enthusiastic slinkys of energy or tangled-up balls of sleep. How delightful to see the mellow middle ground!

  13. Give this guy some Dippity Do and he could go totally punk. I’m not used to animals grooming themselves with finger-like appendages.

  14. DaytimeDeb says:

    I have a bonk on my head from where I tried to nuzzle him through the monitor. I just wanted to know if I got close enough if he would start grooming me, too!

  15. Von Zeppelin says:

    Ferret slicks back his DA with Brylcreem. Time to jump in the ’57 Chevy, pick up the girlfriend, and head for the dance at American Legion.

  16. Am I the only one who suddenly had “that scene” of There’s something about Mary pop into her head?

  17. Anyone else see the first related video, “Sexy ferret”? Adorable too… I could watch these guys all day :3

  18. Can we keep in mind that he is aaaall nicey-kleen with ferret spit?
    I think I’ll wait until he dries off-I don’t know why that makes any sense to me, but it does.

  19. Those licky, snuffly noises just about keeled me. ACK!

  20. A little dab’ll do ya, VZ.

  21. I’m thinking this ferret looks very otter-like, especially in the snoot area.

    (and what happened to my bunny icon thingie??? it still appears in my wordpress account.)

  22. hehe if I was the one video taping the ferret, after it was done with it’s “prewash”, off to the tub the ferret would go!! Way too much spittal going on in thar.

  23. oh, THERE he is. Ahh. Better.

  24. Teeny Gozer says:

    Going for a Joe Flanigan-style hairdo, are we?

    (Shout out to all the SGA fans!)

  25. The teef! the teef! The little pointy teef slay me.

  26. Something completely different: Isn’t that the Final Fantasy XIII music in the background?

  27. kokobutterbuns says:

    Arthur “Fur”nzerelli

  28. fifthsonata says:

    The face-rubbing SLAYS me!
    Reminds me of Grease, when Mr. Travolta slicks his gelled hair back…

  29. Cutie-Pie Ferret gets ready for his date, humming: “I’m too sexy for my fur, yes I am, yes I am…la, la, la…♫♫♪♪♫… (he stops combing for a minute and thinks: “Or is my fur too sexy for me….?”) :shock:

  30. Jim March says:

    They’re related to otters and yeah, often show mannerisms pretty close.

    And YES they’ll try and groom YOU. Absolutely. And the cat, dog, anything that’ll let ‘em. Ferrets will literally try and make friends with more or less any type of critter imaginable, in any size range often from mouse to great dane.

  31. lexipuppymommy says:

    This cutie ferret needs to teach my rat terrier how to groom. She gets downright scruffy sometimes!

  32. Ferrets are awesome, and I think everyone should have one. But if you do pick up a ferret, whatever you do, don’t give it one of the following names:

    Ferret Bueller
    Ferret Fawcett
    Lou Ferretna
    Ferrett’s Syndrome
    “Bandit” (ugh….)
    Ferret’s Wheel
    Winona Ryder.

  33. I personally prefer bunnies cleaning their ears, but this ferrit is coming close to winning me over.

  34. Dangit, now I want a ferret! That little pink tongue… those adept-looking little paws… GAH. ♥

  35. This one eliceted three OMG’s and a Squeee! and two “can it get any cuter than that” s from me!

  36. Justahannah says:

    Or Loki….there’s too many Loki Ferrets out there too :P Ferret spit’s no different than kitty spit, it makes a great cleaner! and their little tongues are raspy too :D

  37. @VonZep, don’t forget the pack of Marlboros in the t-shirt sleeve. :P

  38. Super close up adorable ferretness needs more response videos of super close up adorable ferretness. You could start a chain and have never ending videos of super close up adorable ferretness.
    OBVIOUSLY this is what these people were aiming for!

  39. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, I believe unfiltered Lucky Strikes are more traditional.

  40. Now THAT is one heck of a pawdicure!

  41. WANT!!
    they is soooooo cute!
    (shame they’re a bit stinky)

  42. Ahhhhhhh ! Lemony fresh !!!!

  43. That is some serious Lip Smackin’ Action!

  44. kibblenibble says:

    QTE! The leekingks! The teefies! The paw smoothingks! The smackety sounds! The relaxedness! SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  45. Did anyone else get a cosmetics pop-up ad on that video? Did anyone else find it as amusing as I did? :) As if cosmetics could improve on mustelid beauty.

  46. Tineh ferritt grooming noises captured on fillum. Gaah !!! *thud*

  47. So cute! I don’t know anything about ferrets-are they affectionate?

  48. Just gorgeous!

  49. Justahannah says:

    @Jorden Yes and no… I’ve four of them and while I do get cuddles and groomings and nap times with them on my lap now and again, generally they’re being too busy/curious/playful/sleepy to bother with the sweetness….but that’s part of the charm, when they cuddle you know they really mean it!

  50. Oh hee! I love watching my boys do this. They do it the most when I go in to let them out of their cage and they’ve been napping. When the scrubbles are really good they make happy sighs, sneeze and wash their faces lots and lots. It’s adorable.

    @Jorden: My Knox is affectionate in the sense that he’ll give you nose, cheek, chin and eyebrow kisses every time you pick him up and give him some scratchings, but once he’s done doling out the kisses he wants down so he can have his rambunctious-ness. My other boy, Odie, he has no bones. Kind of how there is no spoon. There are no bones. He’s a huge suck – huge. But he doesn’t come around for love like a cat or dog would. Pick him up when he’s not ready to have a crazy and he’s all yours for a minute, maybe two.

  51. The cuteness was almost unbearable to watch!!

  52. I don’t know which was cuter, the “Angh, angh, angh, my paw is delish” move or the hair smoothing. ADORABUHLS.

  53. Dominique says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) its so sweet!!! :D I WANNA FERRET!!!

  54. lol! its so cute! I <3 ferrets!!!! :) :*


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