Hurreh! Hurreh! Hurreh!

Step right up, folks—test yah skill! Three balls for a dollah! Knock down the lead-weighted milk bottles, and win your choice from the stuffed-animal shelf!

And if you can knock down the bottles with just one ball, you win today’s grand prize:  This authentic, gin-you-wine, Cute Overload Extreme Close-up!

Christina C. says: “We just adopted a baby pug and named her Julie Bean. In this photo, she is itemizing the stuffed animals for tax purposes.”



  1. Oh look at those eyes!!

  2. Super cute! Now if only pug puppies would stay that teeny tiny forever!

  3. Ahn. Our kittties used to curl up in a basket of beanie babies when they were small. So qte.

  4. Super adorable!! WANT!

  5. Wow, where do you adopt a baby pug? I thought you had to buy them.

  6. Reminds me of the ET movie; Qte, Qte, Qte…!


  8. Oh I wish that all tax accountants were this adorable.
    Such a cute bean counter!

  9. “In this photo, she is itemizing the stuffed animals for tax purposes.” – hahahaha

    and such a cute little pup!

  10. Want! Want! Waaant!!!

  11. mmaaaaaaawwwww…. this makes me wish pugs didn’t grow up to be kinda gross.

  12. “Tax purposes”? So Miss Julie is a little “Bean counter”??? (ducking)

  13. Is Julie Bean accepting new clients? I’ve always wanted an accountant with floppy ears…

    Good luck with the audit, little one!

  14. Aww. I never win those stinkin’ games. 😦

  15. Julie Bean phooone hooome?

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    Although the cute-hance is adorable, I’m kind of sorry it’s there. I was thinking this would be an eye test.. “who can find the one that does not belong” kind of thing.

  17. Best and cutest thing I’ve seen since waking up from surgery (besides my own smoosh-faced BT). Would love to cuddle with her, it’d help speed up recovery time!

  18. Rossy! “Kinda gross”? How dareeee you speak of pugs in such a way! :O

    Julie Bean looks like my baby Oliver when he was a wee one. I miss those days when I could lovingly hold him with two cupped hands 😦 Now I practically fall over.

  19. tesstricks says:

    I wasn’t into dolls when I was a little girl – only stuffed animals. Mostly because I found them to be as cute as real ones. So while the little pug might just be the cutest little puggy I’ve ever seen, I gotta say the paws of the raccoon/woodland-creature-type beast at the top are making me squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!11!1! What a collection, too! Such variety. 🙂

  20. Webkinz came out with a Pug? Who knew?

  21. ENH !

  22. The jaguar twitched! I seeit twitch!

  23. Ooooooo I needs!

  24. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Sweet baby!!! Love the wee ones, they’re all eyeballs and bellehs.

  25. Oh my SNORF! I lubbs her!! Kissy kissy kissy poo!

  26. precious puppeh!!

    what would we do without cuteness?!?

  27. DaytimeDeb says:

    Looks more like a Jelly Bean to me…

  28. Those bug eyes handy for keeping an eye on the approaching crane…

  29. dashdotdash says:

    Hey NTMTOM, nice carnival barker

  30. “ooohh, honey, win me that jaguar. NO! The pony, the pony! NO! The giant guinea pig! OOOOHHHHH! NO! I WANT THE PUG PUPPY! WIN ME THE PUG PUPPY!”

    Miss Julie Bean is the cutest thing EVAR! (it’s a good thing that my shih tzus are both asleep. They take offense when I say stuff like that about other dogs animals living things things that aren’t them.

    And Miss Julie Bean obviously hasn’t discovered the joys of destroying stuffed animals. If I let my dogs loose on that pile of toys, it’d turn into a pile of white fluff and eyes that say “I didn’t do it” in five seconds flat.

  31. oh, and @Lu at #5,
    I know of at least one organization local to me that specializes in rescuing puppy mill dogs. They always have purebreds, and the last time I checked, they did have pug puppies. (I can’t afford another dog, and Max wouldn’t let me bring one home, but I was looking for my cousin).

    You probably won’t find a pug puppy at your local animal shelter, but it is possible to find rescued pug puppies if you know the right direction to search.

  32. Re the hovertext, she’s definitely cuter than ET!

  33. I am Zhulie Bean, zer master of dees guise. You could not see me among zer stuffed toys, No?

  34. I want to cuddle myself to death in the kawaii mountain! All the hugging and kissing might give me a heart attack ❤ Oooooo!

  35. 260Oakley says:

    Obviously, the pug was the prize in a game of squee ball.

  36. I’d take a theft charge for this one. OH MY GOODNESS.


  37. Knowhutcha mean about the stuffed animals. I have a pair of stuffed winged dragons with squeakers inside. Recently, we repainted our bedroom, and so had to box up a lot of stuff and move it around. I picked up one of the dragons, gave it a squeeze, and remarked that I should probably pass them down to a niece or nephew. Immediately, our Husky came trotting back to the bedroom, found the dragon in the box I’d just replaced it in, and took off back down the hall with it in her mouth. I rescued it just in time to keep it from being her latest chewie…

  38. I would gladly spend my hard-earned money just for a chance to win that bug-eyed little morsel! Unfortunately, I’m broke! 😦

  39. Andi from NC says:

    The COXCU took me out – and the name Julie Bean is just too much!!!!!

  40. I love the name Julie Bean, too!
    I have two smallish-sized black kittehs that I call my little black beans…

  41. Any relation to Charlene Butterbean?

    Are those stuffed animals all Julie’s-lucky dog!

  42. WAH! dohmahgad de puppeh!!!!

    -head implodes-

  43. My shitzhu pup did this when she was still tiny. She crawled right in and fella sleep in the pile of stuffies. We panicked trying to track down Skittles before we discovered her fast asleep amongst the teddy bears.

  44. resriechan says:

    @ Andrea:

    we HOPE you had the foresight to take a PITCHA of Skittles & stuffies?????

    And nice puppeh name, BTW!!!

  45. I’d pick Julie Bean over ANY of those stuffed ones. OMG, she’s ANERABLE!!!

  46. what if we dressed her up like ET? With the dress and the wig and the hat? Wheee!

    she’d look even bettah that Winston!

  47. I want to pull a bebeh puggle out of a game full of stuffed animals!

  48. lexipuppymommy says:

    I NEED! Killing me 🙂

  49. Skittles-? And just what color was your ShihTzu, may I ask?

  50. My last comment is waiting moderation- I love it- too funny!

  51. I know she is SO cute because, she is mine all the stuffys are mine and right now my little puppy is more like a dog now!

  52. Emmberrann says:

    This is deffffffinitely a qtepupster becuz when I first checked out the picture, I couldn’t even pick her out. Defffffinitely anerable. *checks pockets for room for pupster, and says, “oops, no more room.”*

  53. resriechan says:

    Paunchie: HERESY!! Heresy, I tell ya !!!

    Tar & feathers….. “Trouble”, right here in River City….

  54. googly eyed.. so adorable.

  55. Why hasn’t this gotten more comments? This is one of the bestest pictures ever!!!

    Makes me want to go out and get a pug. ^^

  56. Dominique says:


  57. MyLittlePonyTales says:

    is this what’s known as “Camouflage?”