Every Mackerel Within a 10-Mile Radius Smelled Like a Coconut

Unknowingly, Sandy set off a sequence of mini-environmental disasters after liberally applying  Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil.

Bain de Soleil would’ve turned the water orange, Ellen S.



  1. Thats MAJOR blorptitude going on there!!

  2. Oh, “Sandy” looks so happy with her face in the sun! I LOVE the prominent whiskers!

  3. BLORP! She looks pretty entertained being a little tanned buoy!

  4. “Buoyant ass”– REALLY!!! 😆

  5. BOUYASS. 😈

  6. resriechan says:

    (sung with Maurice Chevalier ‘s “Fronsch” aksent:)

    “Heah-vuhn; she’s een Heah-vuhn and her hahrt beets so….”


  8. Those whiskers!

  9. @Theo

    “The things that make me float make me fun”
    (old diving adage). Thanks for the new technical term!

  10. Ok, ok she’s cute and all, but I admit that my first thought at this picture was that warped scene in Caddyshack.

  11. @Theo:

  12. *blorpblorp* Eee, I love it! ^.^ So happeeee!

  13. snorglepup says:

    Mmmm, coconut mackerel….

  14. from green gatorade to blue gatorade! http://cuteoverload.com/2009/09/28/my-heart-will-blorp-on/ Maybe next time he’ll use some Bain De Soleil as Prongs said and we’ll see him in orange gatorade. Oh for the powers of photoshop…

  15. oh to blorp in the sun! Ees blees.

    seriously it’s cold outside. Wish I was blorpin too!

  16. Teresa that clip is just too long for some ADD folks like me!

    ASS. *snicker*

    Isn’t someone going to complain about the FOUL LANGUAGE?!?? Think of the children!

  17. We’ve seen this one before, right? Not complaining, by any means–this is a beautiful picture, and I’m very happy to see it today.
    My kitchen pipes have been frozen for three days, and right now I am going to take a break from fretting about it and just pretend that I am this blissed-out seal, floating without a care in the world….

  18. Sometimes you smell like a ‘nut, sometimes you don’t?

  19. So adorable! Baby seals come in white fur, too, don’t they? I looooove whiskers on animals!

  20. Von Zeppelin says:


  21. Sarade-isn’t there a song about that?

    I would love to be blorping right next to him….

  22. Sandy appears to know the meaning of true comfort! I have seen one of these fellas do the same thing at the Denver zoo. >^_^<

  23. 260Oakley says:

    The squeaky seal gets the grease.

  24. When I smell Hawaiian Tropic or a coconut oil hair preparation, I think,” who’s eating Macaroons”.

  25. lexipuppymommy says:

    Oh to be blorping in the sun…it’s so grey and yucky here! I miss summer.

  26. I don’t know when I’ve seen a picture of such Total Absolute Bliss as this seal-io;
    Think I’ll refer to this photo whenever I feel particularly stressed; I’ll close my eyes and pretend I’m floating off in blorpitude right next to Sandy….. 😉

  27. BLORP.

  28. we’re BLORPIN’!
    I wanna blorp it wid you
    we’re blorpin’, blorpin’
    and I hope you like blorpin’ too.

    ahhhh…. off to drink fruity drinks out of funny shaped glasses while basking in the warmth of my space heater…

    Sandy looks like she’s got life figured out.

    [WE’REBLORPIN’we’reblorpin’WE’REBLORPIN’we’reblorpin’… – Ed.]

  29. darkshines says:

    Its a grey and miserable day here in Wales (STOP THE PRESS! *eyeroll*) and I wish I was somewhere tropical, floating along this sealio, without a care in the world. Maybe holding hands with my beau (who has had an equally rubbish day fixing burst pipes….IN A BARN). Blissful seal, send me some calm-a…….

  30. surrealism says:

    Excuse me for being retro but… Best. Headline. Ever.

  31. Can I just BE the seal ? While 30 inches of snow is looming? Seriously the news said “shelter at home” for a few days.