Cat playing “iSpy”

The Guy with the Uncanny Ability to Give Kittehs Voices is BACK!

This time, a kitteh playing “I Spy (with my little eye)”

Josh N. What IS THE ANSWER!?



  1. DUH, it’s the RUG. Cats are smarter than we are. Just admit, it’s the rug.

  2. Alright. I LOLed.

  3. hahaha, this is so good

  4. Uncanny indeed! I love that word…

  5. Love the voice: the ‘hmph’ @¬10 seconds followed by the ‘wogga-wurphle-woggle’ and the ‘shoulda been the rug.’
    And then the ultimate rofl ‘RUG’!
    So when cats are meow/nya’ing, they’re actually playing ‘I Spy’ while colour-blind: tricky . . .

    I say it’s the slipper.
    And to all a good RUG!

  6. YES! I’m SO happy klaatu made CO! He’s a freaking GENIUS!

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Melvin and Zoey, I second that. One of Klaatu’s other videos, “What Cats Really Think” was on a while back. That was my first experience with him. He is brilliant. His humor fits in well here.

  8. I love how fast “RUG”is at the end. owner is a little too happy he’s not getting it though…

  9. kibblenibble says:

    At about 30 seconds, when the cat is mad and turns and says, “Ah c’mon!” I am keeled laughing. Pretty kitty too. Nice eyes.

  10. I love klaatu’ss talking animal videos. This one particularly cracks me up:

    [Yes. I recognize this kitty as Alaska the English Meezer, but this “voiceover” is indeed LOLsome. 😀 – Ed.]

  11. Yeah, thanks for making my DOG sit up and take notice when the guy says, “There’s a treat in it for you.” 😀

  12. a tad awkward but still funny

  13. I think it’s the rug.

  14. The beaver video, TOO Funny! “Welcome to Canada!”

  15. That cheeky, cheeky mystic cat.

  16. Freaking hysterical….and hey, is that THE Winston posting above me at 12?

  17. HAHAHAH. A nice laugh before bed. I love it. :3

  18. ROFL!!!

    And a bigger ROFL at the (distracted) mystic kitty 😀

  19. YESSSS @ the mystic one. I LOVE IT!
    I wished he made more because I honestly can’t get enough!

  20. DaytimeDeb says:

    I think it was kitty’s pretty blue eyes. Or the rug.

  21. Definitely made me LOL. This is actually done pretty well.


  23. gravyboat says:

    That puddy is VERY sassy.

  24. I seriously almost just peed myself laughing – LOVE IT!

  25. Yay! Thanks for the feature. 🙂

  26. Very amusing and cleverly done. I assume the script is written round the mouth movements and cats actions and reactions

  27. ah, this is the guy who did those two cats talking! pure flipping genius, I love it all.

  28. I love his videos.. especially the Welcome to Canada one..

  29. That guy is sheer genius!!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  30. I love it!! The RUG!

  31. Perfection. Especially the little asides the cat makes.

  32. Rug, ya bug dope!

    I love this guy and his talking cat. I laugh and laugh.

  33. “the caaaaar!”

  34. I don’t know which was more amusing, the GREAT video, or my cat watching a duplicate of himself in the video.

  35. This made up for every horrible monday I have ever had to endure. Also the part when he says his head and its inaudible gibberish is genius.

  36. PERFECTION! these guys are so good.

  37. This one is awesome too:

    “have you had too much catnip? “Yeeeep!”

  38. The toaster.


    I know. Cos it’s the rug.

    Nice kitty there.

  39. Who’s my kitty? Who’s my kitty?

    …..sigh….. I am (annoyed voice)

  40. magical . . . absolutely magical

    I’ll be laughing for hours.

  41. these really are a treasure… seriously makes me laugh…

  42. mcbadkitty says:

    THAT was really funny. Thankyouthankyouverymuch.

  43. Lol, love his videos. Hilarious

  44. I laughed like a monkey at this. I love how the cat’s voice gets echoey as he walks towards the rug. Good production values, right there.

  45. What’s that Siamese kitty’s name again? Alaska? I would love to see that one again “but you’ve been out here for ages!” I still remember it.

  46. Walking E says:

    Funny, but the voices sound too much alike. The cat voice is great, but the human needs a different-sounding voice.

  47. Sasha's mum says:

    *Love* the vid, *love* the comments … but what’s with the title of this post? iSpy? Since when did Apple copyright a childhood game?

    (Sorry, just had to. And I really do love the vid — this guy has done some good ones before, but this is by far the best.)

  48. CoffeeCup says:

    Ha, good one, Sasha’s mum. I believe the correct term is I Spy.

    This was an integral part of my childhood and my favorite road trip game!

  49. i think it’s the rug too. 😀

  50. 😆 AWW 😆 Quit bottering those kitties and give them their treats 😀

  51. teehee

  52. That completely ended my hatred of (non-cartoon) talking animals. I still hate talking babies, though.

  53. Funny and adorable!

  54. That is just hilarious. Thanks for sharing this, CO! 😀

  55. this is soooo funny, love it!

  56. This was ingenious…loved it!

  57. These videos should play as shorts before every Dreamworks film….for lots of money! This guy is brilliant!

  58. Once A Fish says:

    …. the kljfalkjsdlkdslkmewjnbwhbbhkjhkbbbt?

    The WHAT?

    …the CAR?

    Goodness gracious me, I could watch those three seconds right there over and over and over again… nice recovery, cat-with-ever-so-much-patience-for-dumb-humans!

  59. Dogs are color blind, cats are NOT!!!