It’s Business time—on Caturday

I have no idea what this commercial is saying. As with everything Japanese and cute, just enjoy and don’t ask too many questions.

The fish-shaped business card is pure genius, Kora M.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Kitties look so serious and professional. Qteness! *goes back for another viewing*

  2. i would love a kitty coworker!

  3. resriechan says:

    I rather like his (pardon, QoD!) dorky hornrim 50s eyeglasses.

    Should Maru be worried about his fan base?????

    And is this the office where the cat organizational system is located (remember the post with eight different cats poking out from the shelving unit??) That would really help the employees economize on bus/ subway fare & rent at their homes…

  4. Stacey- Would you get anything done with a kitty coworker? He’d be laying around, playing with stuff. Someone would ask, ” Stacey, why were you late for the meeting?”
    And you would say “I was doing something important!”
    “Rubbing a kitty belly. That’s important”

  5. I like the tiny kitteh-sized suitcase.

  6. I think this is why the Japanese are kicking our butts when it comes to cuteness: They have small, furry animals working in the qte department.

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    This cat reminds me of my SamKitty who is such a boss and is always presenting me with Terms and Conditions and such stuff and saying that his contract demands that I put more food in his dish and pet him when he requires it and so on and so on. He often wears a suit and tie and he carries a brief case. He has 70 yellow-lined legal pads and several boxes of pens with which he writes “briefs” about how I’m supposed to do things for him. And only him. He’s trying to sue me to get rid of “that girl who lives here.” (my daughter) *good grief*

  8. resriechan says:

    @ corianne: I would perhaps — with respect– suggest the following:

    that while the aformentioned small, furry animals are indeed AT the office — that they are simply there, to monitor for any laziness, or fraudulent acitivities by the bipeds with opposable thumbs, in the office. Remember the earlier entry with the cat talking about the “Food Lady”??

    Just a thought, in consideration of the purrsonalities of our Furry Overlords….

  9. Love the cat glasses

  10. resriechan says:

    @ QoD: I thought Samkitty was Too Important to waste his time at the Office.

    Nice to know that he’s got sufficient accessories such as briefcases….

  11. It says something like,

    “I’m Nyaran! Today, I’m the chief~meow.”
    “It will sell!” (presentation is for a meat-bun, I think…?)
    “Hotel Yuyaku, for chiefs!”

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie: I had to buy the briefcase, paper and pens for him. I checked when he told me to…it was in his contract. *sigh*

    Also: The briefcase had to be made of the material of his choice. Which was Bamboo shoots. *gosh* Lined in the inside with pussywillows. With pockets to hold catnip. *sheesh*

  13. Actually, apparently Maru was supposed to star in this video.

    Super adorable. I hear it’s an ad for a hotel?

    [I think the Maru name-drop might’ve been a joke. “Acrobat career”? 😉 – Ed.]

  14. This could almost be as bad as getting a Japanese tattoo! 😛

    And what is the obsession with the cutesy voice? I love it!

  15. actually. the commercial is talking about business trips.

    it’s for a website that’s kind of like a travel website. tours, business trip planning, hotel booking etc.

  16. that cat is literally serious business.

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Is this the cat that had the tomatoes on his head and paws? I remember he was mostly white with a patch of marmie coloring on top of his head.

  18. I pronounce this CUTE. But please don’t ask me why, I have NO idea!
    Perhaps it is a Jedi Kitty Mind Trick.

  19. A translation:

    Cat: I’m Nyaran.
    Cat: Today, I’m going on a business trip!
    (Slide: Nyaran’s meat sphere manjuu.)
    Cat: It’s going to sell like mad!
    Cat: *snrrrr*
    Announcer: For hotel reservations for business trips, too!

    And the male chorus in the background is repeating “business trip” over and over. 🙂

  20. 😆 I wonder how long it took to make that commercial? 😆 I would just LOVE to cuddle that kitty 😀

  21. toborzgrrl says:

    I wish that kitty was at my hotel here in Tokyo! That would make one cute thing here. Unless you count the size of the beds.

  22. The best part is the kitty salesman is selling nikutama goods – (kitty) paw pads! Check out how impressed those folks were in that presentation!

  23. DaytimeDeb says:

    I love the very last shot, the kitty asleep on his back! Only a ‘chief’ would do that. Or as we say in the U.S., the Alpha cat is the only one secure enough to do that and not worry about getting pounced on — except by me!

  24. Kitty is the spokescat for this website, just as the gnome is for Travelocity: this turned up on Metafilter a couple of days ago, and someone posted links to a number of the other commercials.

    Kitty’s vacation:

    Kitty goes to a traditional Japanese hotel:

    And this one, which ends with kitty in a hotel bathrobe:

  25. Hope it’s okay to leave Youtube links in the comments — please let me know if ti’s not.

  26. catloveschanel says:

    Oh no! Kitty in a clip-on / Kitty in a bow tie /Oh no! kitty in a bathrobe
    I watch over and over.

    Reminds me of New Yorker Cartoon with kitties in board room and they ask,
    “How many in favor of buying Microsoft” they all just look all around the room,
    Ok, “How many in favor of another nap?” They all say “aye”

  27. tomato.bandit.queen says:

    Oh, yeah! This is an ad for a hotel site, kind of like but for Japan (! I use this a lot but I never knew that they had such adorable commercials!

  28. I’d have him over the wigged one Orbitz got any day.

    Though that bathrobe one is sort of weird. Especially if you interpret ‘tail’ to be several things.

  29. Hah there is one where he is getting a kitty foot masage too LOLOL
    too funny!

  30. doomchild says:

    I dunno what this commercial is for, but I think I need one of those anyway.
    Especially if it is fish-shaped business cards.

  31. @QoD: Your SamKitty sounds pretty much like mine. The other day, I discovered shrimps on the floor (they had been defrosting in the oven overnight, the oven door firmly closed). Of course, Ares had managed to open it (still don’t know how). When I asked about the shripms, he replied “Shrimps? What shrimps?” When I pointed to them, he said “I want my lawyer, lady.”
    *Sigh* Have you checked in Sam’s contract whether he’s entitled to a lawyer? It clearly states so in Ares’… I must have been blind when I signed…

  32. They have the best tv commericals!

  33. food lady says:

    Japan will one day conquer the world with qteness. That’s a fact.

  34. BrianMPLS says:

    CJH is good. We keeps CJH! (hug)

  35. The background song “Shu Juo, Shu Jou, Shu Jou…” means business trip. The commercial is about booking business trip. It’s an online hotel booking site.
    Japanese is kicking our ass in the cute department!

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Kallisto: I know. I made the same mistake. When he moved in here and presented me with the paperwork, he pretended to be all cute and sweet and he was adorable looking. (still is). So I neglected to read the fine print. (crap).

  37. Ok.. Now I know that I HAVE to move to Japan.. I would have no idea what anyone is saying, but the cute factor makes up for that ten-fold!!!!!!!! For goodness sakes people they have business cats with fish shaped business cards!!!

  38. omg, hilarious!!!! adorable!!! want!!!!

  39. when he’s talking, he also puns with the japanese sound effect for cats: nya~ (instead of meo~w). so “kyo- wa shu’chou *nya* no da” , “today’s meow business trip!” so cute.

  40. @Kallisto and QoD, when I saw my Dante in the shelter, he was tiny and adorable, and screaming at the top of his tiny little lungs. The evil shelter person said “Want to hold him?” “OH YES YES!!!” says sucker (me). The little booger immediately curls up to my neck and starts emitting intoxicating purrwaves. “MINE! MINE!!” I say, and take him home. He blows up to around 20 pounds, and NEVER sits on my lap, except to beat the crap out of my legs. He does PURR, however, almost constantly. He is the purriest cat I have ever encountered.

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Hahaha! Great story! I’m wishing you and Dante the best. May he purr in your ear for many more years to come, the little booger! 🙂 What color is Dante’s fur?

  42. BIG thankies to jrochest for posting the links. The kitteh in the bathrobe has killed me DED.

    QoD, watch out when your cat refers to you as “the party of the first part” instead of “my human”. Also, if within 30 seconds of meeting anyone new he meows about how he went to Harvard Law School…..

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Saffron: Thanks for that advise. He claims to have an undergraduate from Howard and a Master’s from Harvard. He says he’s passed the bar so I might need to look into retaining legal council of my own. Or, if he has his way (of setting me up for some sort of felony crime, which I know he has been plotting to do until I “get rid of the kid”) and has me arrested for something, I’ll be entitled to a public defender… *sigh*

  44. @QoD: Sammy went to Howard? Does that make him a HBC (Historically Black Cat)?

    Dante is a tuxie, with the black covering almost his entire face, making him resemble Marvin the Martian.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Your description of Dante sounds pretty! I love tuxie’s. I grew up with one. My mom got my cat, Fat Albert for my fifth birthday and he lived until I was 17. He was a beautiful tuxie and my best friend for all of those years. We grew up together and I still dream about him sometimes. Yes, Sammy is an all black kitty. (Don’t freak anybody. I’m an all black woman…45 years and counting. And being bossed around endlessly by a freaking cat) sheeesh.

  46. Mouse D'Anon says:

    QoD – 3 days ago, I lost my precious dog. I have been sobbing uncontrollably since. Your hilarity on this thread is the first time I have laughed in months (it was a month-long heartbreaking decline in his health).

    I too have a black kitteh, but he is a transgendered drag queen – with many demands as well. (Though incredibly sweet and comforting through these terrible days.)

    Thank you.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Mouse D’Anon: I’m terribly sorry for your loss! I so hope that you will feel better soon. I’m happy that I triggered laughter for you! I love the thought of your black, drag queen kitty! I hope you’ll feel better soon..I really do. I know the loss that you are feeling. You will be okay. I feel your loss of your dog with you! You’ll be okay! *gives Mouse D’Anon a teddy bear, throws glitter confetti to celebrate life*


  48. Mouse D’Anon, I’m so very sorry for your loss! I hope that time will work its magic and temper the pain, allowing you to remember only the good times and the love. I’m sure your dog is in a better place (could it possibly be heaven if our pets weren’t there?). *hugs*

    QofD: I’d look into retaining some legal counsel if I were you. It’s altogether possible that Sam already owns your home and you might be able to stick him with the tax bills. Just sayin’.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    I just kissed the crap out of my cat! I couldn’t help myself. He was just lying there on my bed looking so irresistably cute and sweet and nommable. I had to do it. I HAD to. I just kissed him into some sort of coma. *kissy, kissy, kissy. good kitty, yes, you are! Yes! whose the sweetheart? whose the cute baby kitty boy? YOU ARE! YOU’RE THE SWEET BABY BOY! Yes, you are! Yes, you are! (smooch, smooch, smooch on top of his head)*

    ‘Kay. I’m done.

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Rachael: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (rubs hands together).

  51. @Mouse, deepest condolences– my heart goes out to you, and Dante sends you soothing purrs.

  52. Dear lordy, did you see the tiny suitcase? OMG.
    Now I wanna get tiny suitcases for my three kittehs, plus plush white robes. Nice!

  53. Thanks for that translation. I loved knowing what the cat was saying! Loved the fish-shaped business card, bathrobe and tiny suitcase.

  54. Q of D ~ you definitely add some good cheer and glitter around here!

    Poor Mouse we know how you feel!

    Love the Drew Carey glasses for the kitty. Wonder if Drew was a cat, he’d look like that.

  55. Just to add one more layer of oddness…I think the tune being whistled in a couple of the Youtube videos is “Turkey in the Straw”. Somehow, it all fits.

  56. @Mouse — hugs and here’s a shoulder for you, in your loss.

    Thanks to all those who take in all-black kitties. Or all-black doggies, for that matter. They are the ones often left un-adopted at the shelters. I myself have three — two tuxies (look-alike litter mate Wonder Women), and one all-black, Sabrina Katerina. But talk about your lawyer-ly types — true “suits” if you ever saw them. They have tuna in their contracts and also specify that I am not allowed to knit or read if one of them decrees that my lap must be filled by them. Sigh.

  57. It’s adorable the part where Niyaran is sitting in the Shinkansen and watching Mt. Fuji!!! Is his name “Niyaran” related to the onomatopoeiac sound the Japanese perceive the cat says? I have a Kustusita Nyanga hot water bottle and the Niyaran name sounds similar to the Nyanga of my hot water bottle!

  58. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa (in re Dante claiming you): I thought you were all literate, worldly-wise and above being manipulated in such a blatant manner, by a homeless kittie-cat!!!


    (snerk or giggle, I’m not sure which one, yet…..)

  59. Future dlisted ‘hot slut of the day’? 😛

  60. Niyaran kinda sounds like Nyere ? however you spell Nyhere

  61. @Resrie, I am ALWAYS brought to my knees by kitties, puppies, chocolate and baritones.

  62. @Mouse D’Anon 😦 I am so sorry to hear about your dog 😦 (A BIG CYBER HUG)

  63. @Queen of Dork 😆 If I kissed my cat Badger on her head 😆 when she would YOWL for attention 😆 like you did with your kitty 😆 she would be giving me the evil eye 😆 and yet the little stinker would go back to YOWLING for more attention 😆 Badger is one WEIRD cat 😆

  64. @QoD, Among Dante’s many qualities, is an insufferably SMUG expression, which just DEMANDS to be smooched, whether he likes it or not. 😛

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I know that look.

  66. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    !!!!! “Curiouser and curiouser”!!!! 🙂

  67. resriechan says:

    and @ Mouse d’Anon:

    our QoD is a sweet & very adept wordsmith of humor & compassion.
    FWIW, the one time I ever saw my “Big, Strong, Naval Aviator Pilot ” (30 yrs Navy Captain) father (flew missions in Cuba, Korea & Vietnam)….cry…was the day when our veterinarian told him that our dog Skipper’s quality of life was no longer going to improve (Sk was approx 18-20 yrs old at the time)…and they decided to release him to an easier place….

    So we here at CO definitely encourage you in knowing that you contributed vastly to the quality of your wonderful dog’s life. We are sure that you made his/ her life the best it could have possibly been!!! Take your time in deciding, what feels good & what still needs time.

  68. Queen of Dork: Black cats are the best! I collect black cat figurines as well as maneki nekos, and usually bring out my collection to display at work around Halloween. Inevitably I get asked, “Aren’t you superstitious?” And all the black (real) cats I’ve shared my life with have had remarkable personalities. Finally, you might be interested in something a lady with a cat adoption charity told me when I was oohing and aahing over a black kitten that I knew I couldn’t take home. She said that black cats are more resistant to disease: something in their genetic makeup. I don’t know if that’s true, but she also said that sailors used to be superstitious in the positive about black cats and would want a black cat aboard at all times.

  69. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Not to be a nuffer, but I don’t see business socks anywhere in this video, which makes me wonder if it’s REALLY business time.

  70. jrochest – what does Nyaran kitty say throughout the bathrobe commercial you embedded? I gotta know!!!


  71. Whoops, sorry! I meant to ask CJH for the translation on jrochest’s embedded commercial – the one with the bathrobe. sorry!

  72. Okay, I can give it a whack.

    Today, I’m going to check out a hotel for my date! Fu-fu!
    Now, off we go!
    Eating together~!
    Getting a back crack together~!
    Holding each other~!
    This place is *great*! (Add in whatever cat pun you like to accommodate his yabai-nyo-da~! joke.)
    *This* is the finish?!
    Text on screen: Break away from the everyday. Be happy.
    The night air!

    La la, Jalan!

  73. Thanks! Domo arigato CJH!

  74. BabyOpossum says:

    Argyle Donkeypants: my thoughts exactly. No brushing of teeth either, which is part of it.

  75. Queen of Dork says:

    Noelegy: Very interesting information! I don’t know if black cats are good luck like the sailors think but I know that mine is wonderful. He has this unique personality and he’s very loving and so sweet. And also bossy. But I LURVES him!!!!

  76. La-La Jalan! If I get the opportunity, I will be a loyal customer! They snagged me!
    I just love that the kitty has his glasses on until the very end & then they are next to him on the bed — like he’s such a hard worker. He worked until he just collapsed. Those of us who know kitties, ahem, know that they are good at the collapse part.
    Mouse D’ Anon, I’m so sorry for the loss of your doggy. It hurts. We’re all sending you hearts and stars.
    Also, my whole family loves black kitties and I was shocked when I recently learned that they don’t get adopted. Viva la black kitties and doggies!

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie @66: Love the Winnie the Pooh quote ya did there!! 🙂

  78. Oh my gosh, he’s a bobtail too, my favorite!
    La-la-Jalan!… now that’s going to be stuck in my head. I might try using them sometime, I have a trip planned for Kyoto next year…

  79. Mouse, I’m sorry for your loss. Please know that there are a lot of people who are sorry for your puppy.

  80. God, those wacky Japanese…

    *secretly booking a ticket to Tokyo*

  81. For anyone who’s wondering what this means, my friend thinks I’m insane, but has volunteered the following information:

    He says, “My name is Nyaran. Today I’m going on a business trip!”, while in the background they chant, “”SHUU-CHOU,SHUU-CHOU”, which means “BIZNESS TRIP BIZNESS TRIP”!

    His name card has NYARAN written on it, and that that he’s from the marketing division of the main branch of the company. At the meeting segment he says, “Business is booming!”

    He is selling “Nyaran’s Meatball Buns”, and underneath the picture it’s written “Sales arrow up”.

    LOL! I love Nyaran!

  82. Mouse D'Anon says:

    Thanks to all for the kind sentiments. I don’t know when the overwhelming grief gets better, but it does help to know that others have gone through the same thing and have eventually been able to smile and live again.

    :- |

  83. Dear Mouse D’Anon – the overwhelming grief lasts a few days and when you have seen every everyday item that reminds you of your sweet animal companion, it gets better. But do express it, share it, tell us about it, that helps tremendously.

    Pretty soon the gripping grief becomes sadness, and you can talk about him and only get chocked up, not cry. Then comes the time when the more fun memories come back – let them come flowing back, that is what they are there for, it is you sweet doggies’ way of comforting you.

    Share them, too. You are a Peep now and we Peeps know a whole lot about this. Killer the Cardigan Welsh Corgi (whose real name is Abbey) and I wish you some restorative sleep and we want you to know that this horrible week will pass and that there are MANY people here who will be right here for you.

    Try to get some rest, and if you have other animal companions, they will miss you doggie, too. Talk to us, we’re here. The various characters who populate this site have away with words, so, jump right in the deep end!

  84. You can see all broadcasted commercials (CMs) of Nyalan here —>
    I like this special version:
    There are also some wallpapers: is a hotel reservation site in Japan.


  85. the cat looks too cute with the glasses on. Love it!

  86. If I keep going “la-la-jalan” all day, I know who to blame. Japanese Bobtails are so CUTE! I love their precious faces!
    *hugs to Mouse*
    Theresa: Baritones? You, too? It’s not just me?

  87. Yes “nya” or “nyan” is Japanese for meow.

  88. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    I love it! He looks like a cat version of Dwight Schrute.

  89. Pretty good explanation of the nyaran commercial on this blog: