Henrietta Pussycat, How Could You?

It started out harmlessly enough: an unexplained pair of booties here, an empty – and oddly small – beer can there…

But after continually finding various things askew after returning from long days at work, Mr. Rogers installed several security cameras around his neighborhood, never thinking he’d discover what he did:

The above digital c-prints, titled “Kitty City”, are from artist Tim Barber, and the above work was featured at the Fuse Gallery (warning: certain images on site NSFW)  in February 2009 as part of its Animalania Exhibit.

Thanks, Marilyn T., via My Modern Met.



  1. Tsk tsk. Why wasn’t I invited to the party? I like video games too! Kittens are really terrible people.

  2. Ugh!

  3. LMAOF *wiping tears from my eyes* Prongs this is by far, your best work. The only question now is were X the Owl & Daniel Stripe-ed Tiger invited?

  4. Ugga Mugga, Daniel Tiger!

  5. Daniel and Henrietta were the kewlest neighbors anyway. Please tell me though that those aren’t blunts in the first pic!

  6. eastiegirl says:


    “Hey man, this ain’t Pacman! This is Mass Effect 2! You don’t fall asleep! You give it the respect it deserves!” Ha! Love the sleeping kitteh!

  7. I like the video games picture the most. By the way, what does certain images on the site NSFW mean. In my gutter mind it’s “Not so f***ing wonderful”

  8. @Hon Glad
    Not Safe For Work

  9. NSFW: Not Safe for Work

  10. I…don’t know how to feel about this.

  11. Why is it that when you put shirts on cats they fall down into little weak lumps?

  12. catloveschanel says:

    If kittehs ruled the world. . .

  13. I am shocked and dismayed that in the first picture they are raising heck outside a church, of all places.

  14. I do not see what is amusing about dressing up animals. It’s not cute, it’s not funny. Let them muck about the way they are, and the fun will appear instantaneously. Fun for everybody, that is.

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Oh lighten up, Laurens. It’s hilarious, and some animals actually like it.

    I want to know where is Oscar the Grouch in the first photo?

    And somehow that’s not how I pictured Lady Elaine’s boudoir in the last pic. 😀

  16. LOL it looks like how my house used to look when my kids were still at home…

  17. Don’t tell anyone, but my brother had the biggest crush on Lady Aberlin.

  18. What I want to know is how many transfusions were needed to replace the blood loss by the people who dressed the little kitties? Caus if they’re anything like my litlle darlings, the Red Croos must be needing volonteers in a bad way.

  19. Mind-blowing cutenes enhanced byt the mention of rat terriers!

  20. It’s not even Mass Effect 2, it’s Grand Theft Auto. XP

    These are adorable.

  21. When can I move to Kitty City?

  22. Peeping Tom cat is freakin me out!!!

  23. Pic 2 – are those actually little tiny Budweiser cans??

    Pic 4 – the cat on the far right – PEEKABOO!

  24. Andi from NC says:

    Pic 2 took me out – I especially love the outfits – the velvet track suit on the sleeping cat is so “yo yo playah”!!!

  25. Andi from NC says:

    …. not to mention the “eety beeety” plants (which look pretty darn “herby” to me…)

  26. “You don’t fall asleep! You give it the respect it deserves!” *bwahahahaha*

    I’m surprised anyone managed this, and there’s no way my cats would play along – one in particular squabbles and scratches with me when I put his harness on to go outside, even though he’s the one who fetches it from his shelf and brings it to put on. (Which is incredibly cute.)

  27. In a perfect world…

  28. How awesome must the outtakes from this shoot be? Heeee.

  29. Joann Dunn says:

    Many of these animals look stressed and unhappy. I am disappointed in Cute. This is anything but. Please avoid posed shots by photgraphers who obviously have no respect for the animals.

  30. This is great stuff. Nice photo series! And awesome miniatures.

  31. *Cue ignorant “animal abuse” naysayers*


    – I felt this was needed for some reason, as the last time I saw this set, those were the kind of comments that followed. 😀

  32. Oh wait… There are some of those in here!
    Darn, I just started a potential commentroversy, didn’t I?

  33. These picture weird. me. out.
    Not in a bad way, I don’t think. They’re just weeeeird.
    Number 2 is the best!

  34. gravyboat says:

    hahahahaha! Look at the tiny marijuana plant!

  35. Elisha B. says:

    Oh my….someone has WAYYYYYY too much free time on their hands.

  36. Dorky. I like kittehs in their natural environment.

    11 | 1
    10 | 2
    8 4
    7 5

  38. Kitteh in picture 2 is walking around with his pants on the ground.

  39. PS:
    For all of those that are naysaying these pictures and such, all of the proceeds of these pictures, as well as all of the pictures in the Animalania gallery will be going to the ASPCA.
    These pictures are helping a VERY good cause.
    And they are cute.

  40. I didn’t see Peeping Tom Cat in the last pic. Hm.

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m confused. Where did those huge cats come from? And where do they buy their clothes in those sizes?

  42. Hey is that a wee ouija board on the floor?

  43. resriechan says:

    @ Paunchie:

    “wee ouija” board…… (heh heh and *snerk*)

    *Fist bump!!*

  44. spaceymcnutty says:

    Meow, Meow, awesome!

  45. What’s that? small pitter-pat
    One, two…two kitty cats
    Two kitty cats went on a spree
    Then sat down and had…some…tea

  46. Here’s the link….so cute

  47. two sleepyheads two little beds all quiet now in a little doll house…

  48. Those links totally got CuteOVERloaded, kinda like Slashdotted only cute.

  49. resriechan says:

    OK, at the risk of receiving rotten tomatoes or tomahtoes, here again is Fats Waller, in a relevant and very romantic, yet swingy lil’ number called “Two Sleepy People”.

    Fats, take it away!!

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Thank you! That was lovely and you’re right: the piano “trills” are quite fabulous! Do you, by any chance, love the movie, Paper Moon? With father and daughter actor/actress? (one of which was an academy award winner!)

  51. resriechan says:

    Wa’al —

    Ah gots t’admit….while I’m **aware of ** that mo-shun pictchaw, I haven’t
    acshually met it, in-person, as of yay-uht.

    In re Oscars for that title: Wiki states that Tatum O’N got the statue,
    under “Supporting Actress” category.

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    Yes, she did! And she was awesome in that film! 🙂

  53. fifthsonata says:

    I MUST know how the artist got those clothes on the kitties without losing an appendage!


    My local Wal-Mart just started offering Snuggies for pets (vomit about the backwards robes for people, admittedly cute on pups)…and I want…to put…my cat in them.

  54. resriechan says:

    No, no everyone has *ENTIRELY* missed the most-crucial commentroversy about this set of pics….
    *IT’S TRAGIC that these guys/ gals have to make to with (shudder) a turntable and (gasp!) VINYL music recordings!!!!

    Now, let’s get down to the analysis: which albums are those, beside the bed & on the floor. I’ll go first: at least ONE of the discs, MUST be one of the 4 discs from St. Wonder “Songs in the Key of Life”

    (wanders away absentmindedly, remembering my brother’s high-school graduation party in 1977 when this was *THE NEWEST* thing out. Considers that it’s still in my Top Five Albums of All Time….alternates humming “Love’s in need
    of love today” , “Have a talk with God” & “Pasttime paradise”…)

  55. fifthsonata says:

    Res –
    No one has mentioned it yet because, dare I say, vinyl is making a comeback! Many a kid came to me when I taught music in public school, proudly declaring their vinyl ownership and that they found a working record player in the storage closet…

  56. fifthsonata says:

    ….oh, can’t forget their joy over discovering the “old stuff” of Elton John or the Eagles…and all I say is…”yes, grasshopper, yes, soon you’ll know about more awesome music and complain about today’s music like the rest of us old people….”

  57. 😈 Those kitties are plotting REVENGE for being put through all of that 😈

  58. Eh, no really hitting on my cute meter, though I do enjoy cats dressed in clothing (my 18 year old cat liked the handmade sweaters I made her and the princess outfit, but I’d need a transfusion to try it on my two current girls, not to mention psychotherapy for Sarah the Cat). I don’t know why, but something about these pictures is off for me. I think it might be the drinking, not sure. But to each their own. Glad the pictures are making money for charity.

  59. OMG SQUEEEEEE Playscale stuff 1:6! Just the right size for kittehs!

  60. resriechan says:

    Hi, fifthsonata:

    My two favorite incidents re. “young whippersnappers” and what THEY call “old music”..
    1) I was once dating someone of the Dark Complexion for several months. I had taken a vhs copy of vh1 Classic Albums, showed the person this 1-hour show about the making of S/K/ Life. When they got to Gangster’s Paradise, this person turned to me & said, “I love that song! I never knew, that St. Wonder sang that song [wait for it….] TOO!!” This person thought that the version from about 2003
    (I can’t remember if it’s by Coolio or by whom just now) was the original.

    2)Another person I was hanging out with, we were listening to the radio or something & something by Paul Mc C/ Wings came on . “His stuff is so cool”. I made reference to the Beatles, & this guy (from Queens NY) said “WOW!!! He was with the Beatles, [wait for it…..] TOO????”


    (Wanders off again, muttering, “Godforsaken young whippersnappers! Why, in MY day, we KNEWlk[‘aepoig[poifogjk’;elf; — etc)

  61. NICE Mass Effect reference. love the frat boy kitties because that was essentially my bf’s house last year, and the last one is my room this year – paper orb lighting, guitar, random musical obscura, colourful bedspread… it’s all there!

  62. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    These are the coolest pictures EVER

  63. Chauvinist says:

    In the last pic, for a second I thought the poster on the wall in the background was Jon Bon Jovi, like it was an 80s tennager’s bedroom setting.

  64. Check out the larger photos on the artist’s site. Lots of great “oh no they didn’t” touches if you look hard enough. The site also says the photos are for VICE magazine. Hope the kittehs don’t wind up in “DOs and DON’Ts”! (Google it, but probably not from work.)

  65. Fegli — including the peeping Tom!!??

  66. Paunchie, no kidding, love the kitteh lurking outside the window in the last pic, but it IS a little creepy.

  67. Silly Mama says:

    *squints* I think that the little brown clump at lower right in pic #2 is the tobacco that used to be the ceegar which is a very nice detail. Nothing goes better with beer and video games than a little smokey-smoke.

    Grey tabby is all “Puff-puff-pass, beyotch!”