A Different-Kind-of-Dog Fight

Well hellooooo, little birdies! Oh, do you see something you like…? Is it this delicious walnut? Too bad the tastiest treat on the planet is jusssst out of reach…

Oh my. OK, I did not foresee this seriously terrifying hopping and pecking. How about we go split-sies?

From overachiever, Marilyn T., via Mail Online



  1. Imagine how wimpy the prairie dog will feel when he slinks back to his den, tail between his legs, and all the other prairie dogs are laughing at him.

  2. Now that groundhog hates starlings as much as the rest of us.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    The economy is bad everywhere. LOL!

  4. oh man, those cowbirds are intrepid!
    they used to steal my neighbor’s dog’s dogfood, from his dog dish right under his nose. big rottweiler… used to just sit and watch them…

  5. He almost sounds like Jerry Lewis with the hopping and the pecking and the…. laaaaaaadyyyyyy!!!!

  6. @Meaghan: The other prairie dogs may mock, but I’ve got nothing but respect for a critter than will even attempt to fend off that many hungry birds!

  7. This is frightening! Those birds will peck your eyes out! Run, little dog, run!

  8. eastiegirl says:

    Great commentary, Prongs. Looks like there may be some cheesy snack on the ground as well?

    Yaaaaay for a Finding Nemo ref!

  9. Three birds in the first pic. Four birds in the second. Ominous trend.

  10. StormCat42 says:

    What you all didn’t see, was after the photographer put down the camera, little Mr. Fuzzypants did some serious Tai Kwon Do moves and kicked some feathery butt!! See the eyes in the second picture? He’s just contemplating his first roundhouse kick!!

  11. The Red Baron was fighting off the Mig starlings at every turn and he was almost safe when who should appear but his arch enemy Snoopy.

  12. Arthur Hitchhog rehearses for his cameo appearance in “The Birds”.

  13. Those starlings can be quite the bullies!

  14. I bet he eats his “treatsies” in the privacy of his own little hole the next time! Run little guy!

  15. Wait- Tippi Hedron came back as a Prairie Dog? What?

  16. Poor little prairie dog. These little birds are like school yard bullies.

  17. Nice Nemo reference.

  18. About to say, this should have IMPENDING DOOM tagged. You KNOW in five seconds they’re going to throw him on his back and take everything including his credit rating.

  19. Reminds me of the “mine, mine” birds from Finding Nemo!!!

  20. LOL.. I so should read the hovertext before commenting… 😀

  21. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Those starlings must be exhausted from knocking other birds out of their nests. They’re just looking for an easy score. Blasted thieves.

  22. skippymom says:

    I know everybody hates starlings, but I think their specklyness is beautiful.

  23. Looks like a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

  24. Maybe he is their surrogate momma and he is just getting it nice and soft before feeding them.

  25. “I have never known birds of different species to flock together. The very concept is unimaginable. Why, if that happened, we wouldn’t stand a chance! How could we possibly hope to fight them? ?”

  26. GAAAH! They look all poke-y! They poke yer eyes out! Run away!

  27. Looks like a scene from that 50’s Japanese horror move, Rodentilla. This is the classic shot at the end of the movie where the terrified citizens attack the monster who has been ravaging their winter seed stores, ultimately driving it deep into its underground lair to await the coming sequel.

  28. Who are you quoting Theresa?

  29. Paunchie it is a quote from the movie the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

  30. I immediately recognized this as my Zoo!
    I spend a lot of time with these guys. Every season the birds’ chicks and the prairie dogs’ pups grow up side-by-side sharing (or stealing) food. I don’t think either species is aware that there is another way to eat/ get food than this. This photo left out all the peacocks, chipmunks, and the 20 lb groundhog that have also moved in with the prairie dogs!
    That’s what happens when your zoo is inside a public park, the wild animals know where the good life is and just move in.

  31. I don’t know, that praerie dog doesn’t seem at all concerned about those birds. I get a “whatever” vibe. I think he probably goes through this everyday. Don’t hate on the Starlings…I’m sure they didn’t buy their own plane tickets to come to America.

  32. Why don’t the birds go after those cheetos laying on the ground?! I have never known a bird that didn’t love cheetos!

  33. @Paunchie, “The Birds.”

  34. I think my Schipperke is part squirrel. She curls her paws up like that. Very cute!

  35. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Birds: “Nutter.”

    Prairie dog: “Peckers.”

  36. Don’t point those peckers at me!!

  37. My sister and I frequently reenact that scene from Finding Nemo when we get together….drives our parents nuts 🙂

  38. LOL 😀 that would drive folks nutz boaks.

    Nuts! haha.

  39. Note the groundhog’s squinty, leary, annoyed-look in the second pic…classic.

  40. A Daphne Dumaurier moment.

  41. I have to laugh every time I see a gull because all I can think is “Mine! Mine! Mine!” That is SO like a gull, any kind of gull! And that’s what those starlings looked like, too. I like starlings–they’re such naughty birds. And did you know they can be taught to talk? They have way cool little robot voices.

  42. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Rachael: Your comment at #5 cracked me up!!

  44. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I don’t hate Starlings, I actually find them amusing. Remember, we’re the dummies who brought them to America..Anyways, there’s one that hangs out at our nieghbor’s house that goes through this 5 minute repitiore (sp?) of songs in the morning in the late spring when I’m getting ready for work. Makes me smile. PLUS-they can talk!

    DOn’t be hatin’ on the birdies.

  45. Hooray for prairie dogs! Most people know about Groundhog Day, but out West they don’t have any of the chubby little fellas. So you can celebrate Prairie Dog Day instead! They’re both in the same family and both pretty darn cute.

  46. DaytimeDeb says:

    Shortly after seeing Finding Nemo, I had to go to the dump (don’t ask). I was holding my breath until my friend saw all the seagulls and said “minemineminemine” at which point I laughed out loud and took a big gulp of dump air. Eww.


  48. resriechan says:

    @ Daytime Deb (I’m pinching my nose closed, so please read the following, in a high-pitched, nasal voice):

    My sympathies, ma’am!!!

  49. Serious LOLs over the capsheonnays

  50. Awww baby starlings, I remember when mine had a polka dot vest before getting his adult speckles!! They think that squirrel is their mom!!

  51. Squirrel? I mean Prairie dog! But he is holding that nut in a squirrel like fashion.

  52. catloveschanel says:

    Rachael, I was seeing Mick Jagger singing. . . .
    I could not forsee this thing happening to me – e.
    I see the girls walk by in their Sunday clothes
    I see a red door and I wanted painted black . .

  53. 2600Oakley, your comments are absolutely priceless. Every day I get a laugh.

    So what’s worse, a starling or a Blue Jay? Those Jays are pretty aggressive too. I don’t know much about starlings or birds in general, though.

    Poor little hog. I hope they didn’t peck his eyes out…

  54. That’s just an awesome picture. Kudos to the sender-inner.

  55. MonsterOfTheLake says:

    Bitches be all over his nuts

  56. resriechan says:

    @ catloveschanel: NICE earworm, there! I like the old-skool Stones

    (but then again, I’m a charter member of the Pleistocene Era Club…..)

    (stumbles away, leaning on cane & depending on the few Boy Scouts who are still not too cynical to help a lil’ ol — hippie — lady — across the street….)

  57. it goes “I have to turn away in case my darkness shows”

    eep ~ Mik yer skeerin me

  58. Starlinguk says:

    Behbeh starleenks! I like starlings, can you tell?

  59. The prairie dog is all like “Betch, pleez”

  60. cute ><

  61. hevelyn~~ says:

    almost die *-*

  62. Possumqueen says:

    I had two starlings for over thirteen years as pets, and I LOVED them very much. They are NOT mean, just very intelligent and inquisitive. They can really talk! Thanks for standing up for them

  63. I think the praire dog shoves the piece in his mouth and makes a fast break.

  64. TG-I’d vote for Barn Swallows to be the outright meanest- they terrorized my poor kitty Willie-a BIG white and black-spotted indoor/outdoor cat, every nesting season. The Blue Jays didn’t dive-bomb like the swallows did! He’d run like the wind to get out of their territory.

  65. Oh no, Katrina. Blue Jays do dive-bomb… if you put a folding chair over their hidden behbehs. My sister was mauled by a momma Blue Jay who for some reason was hiding her little ones on the ground. Since she has a fear of flappy things anyway, she was very much not amused. 😦