Every. Single. Time.

Did they love her? Sure. But Sally’s inexplicable need to hog the camera in every picture made for some pretty monotonous photo albums.

Giving snake eyes a whole new meaning, Shelley T.



  1. Laureling says:

    What a pretty snakelet!

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Sing it with me:
    Snowsnakes that stay
    On my nose and eyelashes…

  3. this snake is cute. but the proximity to her eye is really freakin me out.

  4. Who knew that snakes could have such cute faces?

  5. Transpogue says:

    If I picture big eyelashes attached to the snakelette, and big red kissy lips on its puckered, scaly mouth, it slightly diminishes the shiver factor.

  6. The snake is going “oooooooooh”.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    …needs a snakey-face-hance, I think 🙂

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    Katie Z, I think the snake is saying, “Who loves you? MWAAAH! Kissy, kissy.”

  9. What a pretty snake!

  10. Ha ha
    Photobomb awesomeness!
    Beautiful creature

  11. too scary!! 😦

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    @KatieZ: Yeah, I totally thought that, too! Heehee… Maybe they’re showing her her new terrarium or something.
    I know I’m in the minority, but I like snakes, and would love to see more on here.

  13. sushiomelette says:

    i agree, the snake is going “aOoOoOo~!”


  15. Snake leeps??

  16. I know snakes aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but she is really gorgeous. Would give ‘er a smooch if I didn’t think she’d latch onto my snout 😛

  17. I’ve never found a snake cute before, but I have to admit, this one is!

  18. @fish eye: Minority, maybe, but not alone. I’d like to see more snakes too. They are really awesome critters. I used to have one that liked to ride around inside my hoodie. You should have seen some peoples’ faces when I had the hood up and was talking to them and he decided to poke his head out and see what was going on. 🙂

  19. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    [Mr. McSnakersons] Oooooooh, hey, is that a digital SLR? I’ve been thinking of getting one, but then I wonder if I really need all that manual control stuff, because hisstorically I just point and shoot, plus I like something small that I can take with me places without having to unhinge my jaw, but then I think that maybe I won’t get nice clear, small-scale close-ups with the kind of detail I want in clutch situations…

  20. photobomb! oooooooo (what’s so cool that you lookin at there?

  21. Oh, wait, nobody said, ew gross, humans?!

  22. Is that a Rule Of Cuteness protuding bottom lip??

  23. @Argyle Donkeypants — “small-scale,” eh? Snark!


  24. Mixed feelings here. Miss Snake is indeed lovely, and as far as I can tell she hasn’t moved at all since I brought up the page, which totally eliminates any fear I might have of her making sudden movements or sneaking into my shoes. On the other hand, I am afraid to look behind my monitor.

  25. Does anyone know what kind of snakey this is? So cute!

  26. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, no snakes please.

  27. @Penny–literally laughed out loud!

    Snakes are cool, and this one is cute… but overall snakes REALLY creep me out. Something without legs should NOT be able to move that fast!

  28. What a lovely snake! I too think snakes are beautiful. I like how they look like they’re smiling all the time. My friends have a corn snake who is gorgeous and really friendly.

  29. Yay, snakey!! I love snakes, and this one is just gorgeous (and so fashionably modern in black-and-white).

    Also this: SNAKE LEEPS!!!! *thud*

  30. Medusa has this problem EVERY TIME she tries to have her picture taken. That, and the photographer turning into stone.

    What a gorgeous snake! I second the request to know what kind it is.

  31. I don’t *like* snakes, as a general rule of thumb, but that’s a really pretty one. I’d hate to be that close to it myself, though 🙂

  32. Pretty pretty snake. (Yeah, what kind of snake comes in black and white? Clearly I’m ignorant.)

    So, for whoever said the snake looks close to the girl’s eye, I think the perspective is a little wonky and it’s not thaaat close to her eye. Plus, as someone who had pet snakes as a kid, I must point out that they like to twine up in your hair. Thus, they sometimes get close to your eye. It’s not that scary.

    In conclusion, ewwww, gross, humans!

  33. Oh wow. Thats cool, but a little weird

  34. I don’t mean to be rude, but the latest posts, for the last few days have been boring. Snakes?

    [So, you’re tired of all these motor-scootin’ snakes on this monkey-truckin’ plane? – Ed.]

  35. pipsqueek says:

    I’m really working on not freaking out, BUT I have a real phobia with snakes. When I was a kid some bullies teased me by putting snakes in my shirt and running away. I was literally paralyzed. Ever since, I can barely even look at them. A neighbour with a snake tried to “help” me with deconditioning…no go. I tripped over myself trying to get out of there as fast as possible without screaming or peeing myself. Neither entirely successully I might add. They still look at me oddly. Anyway, this snake may be a charmer, but I remain *unmoved.*

  36. I’m not sure, but did anyone say what kind of snake this was? It’s absolutely beautiful!

  37. georgina0912 says:

    I once took a pic with a boa in my FACE!

    Of course it was a baby boa, but a boa nonetheless.

    And….i think the snake is pretty cool. And the girl looks pretty too….

    Is that a King California snake, or California King Snake, or Snake King California, or …

  38. kibblenibble says:

    :O I like the little mouth O!

  39. Well now… I generally don’t find snakes very cute. But his little fella… er lady… is just adorabuhls.

    Snakes are pretty. Snakes are interesting. I don’t even mind handling them. It’s not that hate snakes… but I ABSOLUTELY DETEST THEIR EATING HABITS… you know, being a lover of rodents and other small kritters.

  40. I have the same kind of snake!!!! Mine is albino, though. He does the exact same thing! As soon as I pick her up, she climbs up through my hair and puts her little head over my ear so she can “watch what i’m doing”. yayyyy snakes!

  41. California King! California King!

    King snakes RULE. I currently own a Thayer’s King and had an Arizona Mountain King in the past. My corn snake, Popcorn, loved to crawl through my hair as well! Kings & corns are such great starter snakes – very docile, very healthy, and SO beautiful! Yay for seeing a gorgeous snake on CO!

  42. Sally is all “helllloooooooOOO!! plink, plink, who’s the sexiest armless girl here…plink”.

  43. what a beautiful king snake! I love snakes. Can’t wait to have a king.

    She’s so cute…like she’s saying, ooooo, look at that!

  44. @Kimberly: “Starter snakes” — I want a starter snake! I might just be able to handle it. And Popcorn, that’s cute!

    Luv little snake mouf

  45. *thip thip* <— sound of snakey tongue flicker

  46. 260 Oakley: Good one!

    Black-and-white slithers that coil into springs,
    These are a few of my favourite things 😀

    Pwetty snakeling!

  47. Come, thou mortal wretch,with thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate of life at once untie.
    Poor venomous fool,be angry and dispatch.

  48. I just love this picture a lot. Awesome in every way!

  49. darkshines says:

    I was totally going to say that snake needs some bodacious huge fake eyelashes, and someone already said it! Something about its cute little face wants me to called it Betsy or something cute! Love her to bits x

  50. darkshines says:

    Too many somes in that last comment, sorry.

  51. Von Zeppelin says:

    Starter snakes? Makes me think of that rope thingy you use to start the lawnmower. Except scalier.

  52. Pretty snakey!

    As an Aussie I have a well-trained aversion to snakes, because many of the ones around here can kill a cow at thirty paces. But photos on web sites are relatively safe…

  53. This is Sally, back again at the front of the house, but you can see the side of the house…

    And this is Sally even nearer the side of the house, but you can still see the front….

    This is the back of the house, with Sally coming round the side to the front….

    And this is the Spanish Inquisition hiding behind the coal shed.

  54. I’m very impressed with the overall cuteness, especially the leetle round mouf. ❤

  55. she is absolutely gorgeous. she might just be a spotlight kinda girl, like bettie davis or greta garbo… you know, the kind the camera just cannot help noticing.

  56. My anerable snake likes to crawl in my hair too! This one is very cute, but as a proud snake owner, I must say, mine’s cuter… 🙂

  57. bookmonstercats says:

    @pixy misa, love the Monty Python reference.

    Sally – what a pretty name for a pretty snake.

  58. I think snakeykins is cute, unfortunately my dad won’t let me get one! 😦

  59. No COXCU of that sweet little mouth?? C’mon, Prongs! Please?? 🙂

  60. I like the king snake’s mouf. It’s very pink. 🙂

  61. I doubt that you will ever see a comment from me when apes or monkeys are pictured. That is because I avoid them. I’m happy, the rest of the Peeps and happy and no one gets freaked out. I have a suggestion for the snake-loathers out there.

    Skip the whole thread and go n’ to something you like.

    I also have a snake ‘unliking’ problem. About desnakification-desensitization: this is perfect for it. This is a picture and it cannot hurt you.

    So, you have two perfect opportunities- 1) absent yourself (the chickens’ way out in my opinion), or work on desnakification-desensitization. Some people really like snakes, and as much as I feel for you, (I used to be in your situation), CO won’t be changing their lineup for you or me.

    So, my fellow Peep, I wish you luck getting rid of your phobia, but you will be soooooo much happier when you kick it in the pants, I know been there, done that. You will no longer be ruled by a picture or a semi-regular occurrence of a McSnakerson in real life. K.

  62. spongebrooke says:

    What a little cutie pie! Love the coloration. Is this really a King snake? I know there’s tons of variations within the pet trade, but I’ve never seen one with a single dorsal stripe like that. Gorgeous!

    I think Coral Snow Cornsnakes deserve a spot on CO. They’re PINK for crissakes!

  63. WOW! What a lovely snake!! Great shot

  64. I was thinking king or corn snake. They are bred in all kinds of colors from purple to white. I fell in love with one once that was almost solid red and about 6 feet long. It was gorgeous. This one is too. Gorgeous snake.

  65. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ corn snake too, if just because they have this distinct little smile on their faces that I find completely adorabuhls.

    This one appears to be saying “hi! Hi! Whatcha doin’? Can I play too?”

    Yes you can, McSnakerson. Yes you can.

  66. I love snakeses! Especially sweet lil colubrids like this one, though I’ve had boas and ball pythons. You can pet them, too… just under the chin, not on top of the head (they think it’s danger). They’ll let you rub their lil chins for a lonnnnnng time!

  67. I love it! It looks like she is actually batting her (non-existant) eyelashes and saying “who…moi?”

  68. Bat-Snake says:

    You guys have no idea how many times my snake does this to me…and he takes my glasses away…

  69. “Starter snake”. So… if you rub two snakes together… you get, what, fire? Or is it if you rub two sticks together, do you get a snake?

    Just a-wunderin….. (hardy,har)

  70. snakes aren’t pets, and they are never cute.

  71. Amy Ren'ee says:

    Interesting. The picture is cute and creepy at the same time. 😀

  72. Hey! That’s me! To answer your questions: her name was Grout (because her scales looked like my bathroom tile) and she was a reverse stripe California king snake. She was my first snake and she was amazingly tame and friendly. Grout-y died on the hottest day of the year here a few years ago, also Bike to Work Day. I couldn’t get home to save her because I was stuck at work, and the temperatures soared into the 100’s. I miss her very much and I have more cute photos of her if anyone wants them. She looked like a cartoon in every one.

  73. snoopysnake says:

    Beeyooteeful snake!

    I’m sorry about Grout, Shelley. My husband and I have 4 orange & white amel cornsnakes. We had another one but she died. Anyone who thinks pet snakes aren’t loveable is wrong.

    Kingsnakes are gorgeous too.

    More cute snakes on C.O., please!

  74. i like snakes but i do not think i want one right there

  75. awww! I love it! haha snakes definitely have their own little personality….they have lizards on here a lot more too so why not snakes?? she’s super adorable. If I can ever find something like that of my girl i’ll definitely send it in! she’s just the same way as this one is, all up in the camera too!