Finding the Perfect Box

The box is the most important choice a cat can make.  It is more than a place of rest; it is a spiritual center tailored to each cat’s unique karmic needs:

Does the length create the optimal head-to-torso folding ratio?  Can the feet rest horizontally across the width?  Is there proper chi flow?  And what about chafing?

So … do you have anything smaller?  This one’s a bit large for me.

Writes Caleb B.:  “My cat Boo likes to sleep in this box in our kitchen that is smaller than he is.  If he curls up in a ball, he can kind of fit in it.  It may not be practical, but it sure is cute.”



  1. So from cat-hab, to kitty spiritual retreats. What PR person did boxes hire for this sudden turnaround? And OMG kitty!1!

  2. resriechan says:

    “Au contraire”, Caleb. cute IS practical!!! How d’ye think they get us to schlep their stinky-stank out of the house/ apt regularly, and give them 3 squares each day, and then add “kitty crack” for dessert, to the day’s menu?????

    And now you’re gonna be world-famous, too!!
    His Human Resources/ Management Skillset seems to be pretty effective !!!

    To Editors: Has the “BoxHab” Tag expired????

  3. My Joey Boy has a bad box addiction. I first noticed this when I was getting ready to move. I’d get a box ready to pack and he’d get in it. I had to double check them before I taped them closed to make sure he wasn’t in them. The addiction has continued. He will even pull the flaps closed when he gets in.

  4. We are planning an intervention soon, I just hope he agrees to go to rehab

  5. Boo? BOO?!? I love it! (Is his middle name Radley?) What a handsome boy, all happy and…compact!

  6. Biscuit Tin says:

    I lurve those big bunny feet!!

  7. Biscuit Tin says:

    I’d like to see a nature show experiment with putting boxes out in the wild. Would lions get in? I think they would. =)

  8. awwww, Boo! my kitty is a tuxedo too!

    enjoy your cardboard heaven.

  9. Loovvve black and white kitties! Lov them all but they are my favorite. I give my kitty taxi rides in his box. Super funny!

  10. So fluffy! I wish my bed looked as comfy as that box.

  11. metsakins says:

    Dear Boo –

    Your box addiction has impacted me in the following ways –

    1. I am forced to leave garbage all over the house.
    2. You no longer like to watch tv on my lap.
    3. Your feet sticking up like that make me melt into a pile of goo.

    Will you take this gift of recovery we are offering you today?

    If you do not take this gift

    I will no longer bring home boxes from the office that I think you will like.

    I will put out the recyclables on Tuesday whether you like it or not.

    Please take this gift and go to recovery right now.

  12. i had a hefty kitty once who would cram herself into a shoebox. she seemed unaware that she was overflowing the sides of the box, which were straining to simply retain their box-shape. *sigh* if only i could’ve found an eyedropper box for her…..

  13. I, too, have a special box for the kitties. Much used, much loved, reinforced with duct tape, and more a circle shape now than a square. I have noticed, however, that pets and scritches are much, much better when received in the box. Perhaps a resonance is created that amplifies the good feelings….

  14. 260Oakley says:

    I think someone should make a series of brief films showing cats squeezing themselves into cardboard containers. Series title: Boxer Shorts

  15. Charlie Chaplin Kitty!!

  16. Awwww! I wanna snorgle that belleh and beep that nose like nobody’s business!
    (does stage dive headfirst into box w/kitteh)
    Beats hanging out at a desk all day.

  17. Biscuit Tin said:
    I’d like to see a nature show experiment with putting boxes out in the wild. Would lions get in? I think they would. =)

    ROFL! I love it. I bet they would…

  18. Old Millie would sit in her box – no matter the size – like a captain on a proud ship. Tail wrapped round her, erect and composed, she would calmly watch the world over the rim of the box.

  19. How would one go about dropping cardboard boxes with webcams in them over the Serengeti ? I too would like to see what happens with the lions. Or tigers.

  20. My cat says it’s okay because he has a prescription for box.

  21. Ha, Boo’s a bit of a kitler.

  22. I’ve never been able to figure out how they can flod their spines and tails into right angles in order to comletely fill the corners of the boxes, but they manage somehow.

    Here’s Mississippi in one of her favorites.

  23. Well Metaskins its nice to see another “Intervention” addict around here.

    And I love the “do you mind?” expression in the last photo. Let him enjoy his box nirvana in peace!

  24. I nominate Jeff Corwin to go to some remote place with 1) lions and 2) three or four refrigerator boxes. Leave the boxes out for a few days and film what happens. Then report back. I’ll bet you the kitties, big and small investigate. Or are refrigerator boxes too big?

  25. My Tux Sid likes sleeping on my clothes, in the ‘to be washed basket’ in the ‘to be hung on the line’ basket, on my clothes as I try to get dressed. I really should find someone to weave me some cat hair clothes .

  26. A kitchen smaller than a cat? Now THAT’S tiny!!!

    Good-natured grammatical nit-picking aside, that is one beautiful kitteh!!! And, as the human who shares the house of two cats (yes, of – I pay the mortgage and buy the food, etc., but we all know who really owns it…), my clothes, too, bear witness that Suki and Shira are masters (mistresses?) of all they survey… including clothes.

  27. @Katrina and 260Oakley: Genius!!

  28. boo in the box!
    boo in the box!
    you look all cute when you is
    boo in the box!

  29. Like a gas, a sleeping cat is able to flow and take the shape of a container, but, like a solid, it resists compression. Unlike a gas, a sleeping cat does not disperse to fill every space of a container, and maintains a fairly constant density. Further proof that sleeping cats fit the classical definition of liquid. QED.

  30. @260 Oakley: Boxer Shorts!!! Love it!!! I want to be gaffer on that production, please.

  31. I’m wondering, is an addiction to shopping bags a gateway to boxes? My little furry buddy loves crawling into shopping bags. Is an ‘intervention’ warranted?

  32. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    No box is complete for a cat unless there is tissue paper in it, the constant crackle as they rearrange themselves is a heavenly noise to them (of course maybe that is just my cat). Boo is a great name, btw!! Picture proves that cats have no spines or bones.

    When I was growing up my oldest sister worked at KFC and would bring home an empty ‘bucket’ that chicken would be sold in, our cat would precede to stuff his fluffy self in it. Of course he would also stuff himself in a tissue box too and would be none too happy after the box would burst after several onslaughts of his girth.

  33. metsakins says:

    No Lillith, no addiction problems here at. I am functioning fine. *shifty eyes* I do not get excited when I realize that a new Intervention followed by a new Hoarders is on. I could stop anytime. I just don’t want to.

  34. Well, sometimes it is hard to judge the need for boxhab as we see in the classic film The Boxed Weekend, directed by Billy Wildcat. “I’m not a napping machine–I’m a cat. Oh wait, that does mean I am a napping machine” These words, and the serious message behind them, were still shocking in 1945 as the Boxed Weekend premiered in a gala attended by such luminaries as Barrfe Davis, Fred MacFurry, and Vivien Fleigh. The speaker in the movie is Don Furnom (Ray Millclawsmyhand), a handsome, talented, fluffy, qte, articulate boxoholic. Furnom goes on a massive weekend bender of cardboard, recycled soda boxes, and those awesome boxes that the reams of paper come in and are good for storing/moving your books in and everyone at the office really wants so they are pretty hard to come by but when you do, then, SCORE! It is a tailspin that makes his tail spin that finds him reeling from his favorite Staples to Bellemew Hospital. Furnom, a budding professional napper, tries to hock his favorite cat toy for box money. He desperately staggers downtown because he heard from Petula Clark that this is where you should go when all the lights are low. But all the pawnshops are closed. He wails and coughs up a hairball. Millclawsmyhand, burrows convincingly under the skin of the character and pretty much everything else because he has sharp claws, whether he is waxing poetic about the joy of hopping into a glorious fresh new box or yowling his lungs out (usually at 2 am) in the delerium tremens sequence where he imagines boxes coming to life and taunting him with closed flaps. The Boxed Weekend became a substantial hit, and won four Oscars: for picture, director, screenplay, and cat.

  35. Katrina – we were on the same wavelength! I first thought refrigerator boxes…but then considered that a dishwasher box might be more to a lion or tiger’s liking…they’d have to cram themselves in.

  36. P.S. Anything that Jeff Corwin wanted to do would be fine with me. 😈

  37. *Standing ovation for Saffron’s review of The Boxed Weekend*
    When does it hit the revival circuit? Can you get it on Netflix?

  38. Von Zeppelin says:

    Cat creativity: thinking inside the box.

  39. Metz, you can get it on Petflix

  40. Saffron wins the Internets!

  41. Kristabelle- yes, I can see that. But maybe two lions might hop in a refrigerator box….? It would be fun to watch!
    Saffron- do “concert notes” ever wins Oscar-y<Grammy-y, Globey- things? Well your just did! I'm waiting for the opera! Fabulous, dahlink!

  42. Petflix? Oh, don’t dare anyone to do that, you know they will…….

  43. Saffron – you crack me up.
    I’d also like to add that your name gives me fond memories of a sweet foster kitten that we had to put to sleep be/c of FIP. Her name was also Saffron, so named for her golden eyes.
    So… thank you many times over. 🙂

  44. @Biscuit Tin – I used to work at a zoo with lions. One of their favorite toys was the large boxes their food came in. We’d give them the food still in the boxes. Occasionally, the box would end up on their heads.

  45. This looks a lot like my Francesco. He’s a tuxie, but with stripes on the sides, and his feets are ENORMOUS. When he’s lying down with all his big feet piled up in a pile, I often say to him, “Franny, just how many feet do you have? There seems to be an awful lot of them, and they’re so big, I’m too overwhelmed to be able to count them!”
    Hooray for kitty feet!

  46. kittyadventures says:

    IT is a true test of a kitty to combine thinking inside the box with the kitties synergistic ability to transfor time and space into one orgasmic boxsperience.

  47. I’ve given homegrown catnip to a tiger & Florida cougar cubs (with the owners permission of course) They enjoyed that so I have no doubt what so ever lions in the wild would luuuuuuuuuuuv boxes ! However I think a refrigerator box may be too big
    for them to truly enjoy. I have a feeling a washer & dryer box would be “just right”.

  48. I love the look he is giving you, like “You mind? I’m trying to sleep here!”

  49. kittyadventures says:

    hmmm I think they need hot water heater boxes for lions and tigers that would be the right size for squishing into. although knowing cats i bet a lion could fit into a shoe box.!

  50. Love Boo. Great looking cat. 🙂

    Funny. Our cat, Felix, does THE EXACT SAME THING. In the fall, we bought our daughter a pair of Merrells, and the second we removed the shoes, Felix plunked himself in the box — and he made that Merrell box his own, even though, like Boo, he is really too big for it (though try telling him that).

  51. Oh Sabrina – SOMEBODY must have a photo of that SOMEWHERE! A lion with a box on his head!!?? I NEED to see that!!

  52. Hmmm… Reminds me of something Zoey does.
    Except my Zoey does it without the box.


  53. hearts @ ceejoe

  54. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Boo, you are Bootiful (sorry guys, couldn’t resist).
    Ray – Yitzy is also a Holstein cat, and he has a serious Barnes & Noble bag fixation. No other bags will do but B&N plastic bags. He folds himself into the smaller ones and disappears into the big ones (at 15 pounds it’s hard to be a disappearing puddy tat). But weirdest of all, he loves their taste. He will lick B&N bags for an hour with a look of sheer bliss…..

  55. Fran in L.A. says:

    I think by now we can all agree that cats only love boxes that are too small for them. Reminds me of my Aunt Geneva and her passion for extremely high heels, (she’s almost 5’4″, the runt of the litter.) For some reason, the perfect pair of shoes was always too tight but she crammed her feet into them anyway.

    Is it just cozier for cats that way? Do they recall being in the womb, or is it being cuddled by Mom and sibs that makes small boxes a must??? Anybody got a theory?

  56. catloveschanel says:

    Somehow, Somewhere, there was always a box when needed. . .

    To all the boxes I loved before
    that wander in and out my door
    I’m glad they came along
    to all the boxes I’ve loved before

    Julio Ingleses version, NOT Willie Nelson

    Hey Saffron, is Vivien Fleigh pronounced Fluff? Such a dark movie . . .

  57. fifthsonata says:

    If I could bend that way, I could better fit into my tiny apartment…

  58. Fran in L.A. – It’s probably something lower land mammals-specific. After all, we come from wombs too, and we don’t seek that boxed in feeling. I imagine out in the wild a den, like the type that is formed naturally on the side of a mountain, is a very safe and comforting place to be in during bad weather, as well as a good place to hide the young ones when the mother is out hunting. In these cases then, probably the smaller the den (at least for the opening) the better, so that it’s more hidden, hard for other large predators to get in, and more easily defended.

  59. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the little pink spot on Boo’s adorable nosie!

    Little pink spot ❤
    Little pink spot ❤
    How I love his little pink spot!!

  60. resriechan says:

    …….aaaaaaand, fifthsonata is AGAIN profound in her (?) observations.
    It is possible that my apt is EVEN smaller than yours; it is this big: “.”

    (NO clothes closet???!!! And I’m NOT in NYC)

    I Feel Yer Pain.

  61. the last pic is my favorite, too. sadly, my kitties have no attraction whatsoever towards boxes of any kind.

  62. oh, but one of them really likes the tissue papers that come with some boxes.

  63. metsakins says:

    NT Mel – I can’t believe I missed the nose spot. I think the bunny feet melted my brain too much.

  64. My cat Boots does the same thing. She even crawls into paper bags. She also looks alot like Boo. Gotta love kitties!!!

  65. Boo looks like he’s doing his best impersonation of Jarvis Cocker in the “Further Complications” video.

  66. omg what
    I sent this in forever ago, I totally did NOT expect this! Best surprise ever!

    I am going to go tell Boo he and his box are famous now.

    [With a name like “BOO!” aren’t surprises par for the course? – Ed.]

  67. boo in the box!

    (can’t get it out of my head for some reason)

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    My current cat isn’t really into boxes unfortunately because it looks funny. But the cats I see on here make boxes look so comfortable that I’m tempted to give it a go….

    I did, years and years ago, have a cat who adored boxes but her really serious addiction was for paper. She LOVED paper. So one day, I made her a bed out of a box filled with paper. I think I was a pusher because she had a need for that paper-box-bed forevermore. When she climbed into that thing, I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear her purring.

  69. Caleb, being a cat, Boo’s answer would be, “Yes, I’m marvelous. And?”
    My Mister Kitty sleeps like that against my legs. I’d get a picture, but any movement causes him to uncurl.

  70. Caleb is ADORABLE! He looks like a twin brother to my Truman! They even have the same little black mark on the nose! 🙂,

  71. kibblenibble says:

    Boo is a darling and gorgeous kitty! Makes me miss my most beautiful tuxie girl, Witchie. *sniff*

  72. Dang! Maru The Cat has got to up his game!!!

  73. @Caleb B 😆 Your kitty Boo reminds me of my kitty Badger 😆 A dark tortie who will dive into an open box and does not mind if I close the box lids on her and pack her around 😆 Purr purr purr 😆 Is what she will do 😆

  74. Nikki – Truman is a very handsome boy but a word of warning my previous cat, the Honourable Gladys Anstruther, had exactly the same pink nose with the black mark. Being in the sun gave her cancer of the nose and killed her at only the age of 12, and we are talking of London UK not exactly the sunshine capital of the world.

  75. fifthsonata says:

    @resriechan –
    wanna share an apartment with me? maybe together we can split one normal-sized place! You’ll just have to deal with my crooked-tailed tabby and lipstick-wearing tortie. The tortie will try to suck on your ear at some point.

  76. resriechan says:

    @ fifthsonata: can you negotiate w/ the critters? How ’bout, if the tabby sucks on my ear? I’d be ok w/ that!!!


  77. @QoD, my late darling Stinky thought a box full of crumpled paper was the greatest invention of all time. The Stink would rummage around in the paper for awhile, then sit on it, and flatten it. Then he would get out of the box, pull all the paper out, push it all back in, rummage around some more, and smash it all again. And again. And again. 😀

  78. Must be a comfort thing like when they were kittens.

  79. fifthsonata says:


    You mean you don’t want this beautiful long-haired tortie on your face? LOL

    I adopted her from a shelter, who had found her on a farm with severe ringworm. Her hair hasn’t grown back fully in places, like around her eyes, mouth, and belly, so she looks like she’s wearing makeup. When she wants lovin’, though, she’ll get it – because if she doesn’t, you will end up bleeding.

  80. fifthsonata says:

    sorry, thought I posted the link –

    This is Boots!

  81. resriechan says:

    @ fifthsonata: Evidently I made a hasty assumption. When you said “tortie” I thought you meant “tortoise”, NOT “feline-tortoiseshell fur”. And no, the tortoise eatin’ on my ear might be a dealbreaker. A cat? THAT I can allow to monsche away upon me ear.

    Thanks for the clarification! Grooviness to all. Meow.

  82. Emmberrann says:

    Boxhab is definitely in order here!
    @260Oakley: FTW! Made me LOL! *Mr. Picky looking at me like I’m nutz*
    [Old Story Here, *Picky looking at me to replenish his crunchies*]
    My former cat, known as “Cool Paw Luke,” thought that shoeboxes were the ideal size for his bulk. Of course, he could not quite cram his tailio in too, so it sort-of draped over the side in a graceful arc. He also crammed himself into my bathroom sink in much the same way, particularly in summer (must’ve been because the porcelaine was cooler in temp than the shoebox).

  83. looks just like my kitty cept for the black nose!, SO cute, my Kicius will MAKE himself fit into a small shoebox and happily sit there all smushed in haha. boxes and suitcases.. they love it.

  84. how cute and i have a cat but he is gray and white

  85. =)