Beach Blanket Piggo

First of all, you’re blocking my sun. Second of all, that Bahama Mama ain’t gonna get itself.

Spring Break may have started early, but let’s hope she doesn’t participate in any wet t-shirt contests, Hannah R.



  1. These ‘tocks ain’t gonna tan themselves!

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    About two thirds of piggie already have George Hamilton’s lovely tan color (including the tocks)!

  3. Needs more Eric Von Zipper to be a true beach blanket experience.

  4. Heh, I was gonna say with that darker band in the middle it appears that lil’ miss piggle is going bottomless. GASP!

  5. hehe, Gidget needs her Moonpiggie

  6. I love how his hind legs are all “ehn!”

  7. Looks like someone has a farmers tan!

  8. Where’s a hot dog bun when you need one?


  10. Pig in blanket?

  11. Where’s the Big Kanuna?

  12. kittyadventures says:

    and she is rocking that tri color hairdoo!

    and so stylish with the mix and match top and botto swim suit!

  13. RoboSquirrel says:

    Piggie is preparing to take off

  14. OOOMMMGGGGG!!! slpode……life is cute 🙂

  15. michellemybelle says:

    Is there such a thing as guinea pig farm? I want to start one.

  16. Oh for the love of Moondoggie ! Look at those tocks !

  17. Does every pocket anipal do this stance?

  18. That pig needs to work on his blow out if he’s ever to expect to end up on the next Joisy Shaw!

  19. Wet t-shirt contest?? She’d look like such a boob!

  20. Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground?

  21. Hey, I just got a new picture book about guinea pigs today! Did you know that their prehistoric ancestors, who lived in the swamp in Venezuela, were as big as buffalo and weighed a ton?

  22. hi,
    Is he just awake from a nap?.. You keeping the photos as your blog name suggests. So cute. i have a goose


  23. skippymom – what is this book?!? I probably need to add that to my animal book library!

  24. ceejoe, it’s Great Big Guinea Pigs by Susan L. Roth, published 2006. It’s done with torn-paper collage, very attractive, and while it’s a picture book it’s got a lot of real information about the prehistoric guinea pigs. I think you’ll like it.

  25. Thanks, skippymom! I will add it to my list! I just started reading The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton. It’s very good so far.

  26. I didn’t know about The Daily Coyote. I just put it on hold from another library. Thanks for the tip, ceejoe!

  27. Piggy yoga?

  28. catloveschanel says:

    I saw that movie Avatar too, and I had exactly the same response.

    I thought I saw the head tilt the other way, I have a really bad flu. I’m only coming up for cute. you should do an on=click so when that event occurs his head tilts the other way.

  29. catloveschanel says:

    oops wrong place, wrong post! I meant to put this by the baby seal. Sorry peeps!

  30. gillysirl says:

    Ok that is totally adorable!

  31. shnoopydoopydoo says:

    those straitched out pink piddies!!!

  32. Wait until her parents find out she is on that Spring Break Hogs Gone Wild video…big trouble!

  33. We were at the beach….
    Everybody had matching towels!
    Somebody went under a dock,
    And there they saw a rock!
    But it wasn’t a rock …..

  34. Rectangular cuteness!

  35. Hello Annette Funicello, wherever you are!

    PS, she already looks like George Hamilton.

  36. Oh, I *wish* spring break would come early….

  37. Oh, I *wish* spring break would come early…

  38. (Sorry! Comp probs….)

  39. I like how she almost looks like Neopolitan Ice Cream!

  40. Well I won’t be using the stylist from this particular shoot.

  41. This piggie knows how to enjoy life.

  42. Oh so cute 🙂

  43. Colonel Jenna says:

    That piggie is so comfy looking, the eyes are just beginning to droop the least bit.

    And Birdcage — thank you.

  44. @melissadesa: Vanilla, chocolate, and instead of the strawberry section it’s caramel! 8D

  45. I showed my friend this and he said “looks like a monorail.” HA! It totally does.

  46. I think I’m in luff. *thud*

  47. My little peeg got a bath last night and a blow dry – I should have sent her to air dry with this cutie!

  48. Totally looks like:

  49. aww he looks like he is part of the g force

  50. awww cute guinea pig, my guinea pig does that cute little pose too, cute little animals. 🙂