Your Thought For Today:

A bat on the hand is worth two in the belfry.  (Hmm, I dunno, it just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.)

Quick, Robin!  Tell Alfred to activate the Bat-Hance-O-Tron-O-Meter!

Photographed by Megan C.



  1. cute!!!

  2. Bats are just wonderful. Every bat charity I come across promotes the opening of my wallet…

  3. Mamamclain says:

    Looks like a little bat marshmallow, adorable!

  4. Bat Masterson knuckles down

  5. BATTY!!!

  6. Batty is saying “Ooh, look there goes Robert Pattinson! My friend V. Bat thinks he is dreamy!”

  7. cyberpunkrocker says:

    So small (squee!)… a presentable member of Itty Bitty Batty Committee!

  8. beardediris says:

    Hi widdle bat! So cute! Reminds me of the summer I volunteered at a zoo and got to hold animals for kids to pet. A small brown bat was the first animal I ‘worked’ with. Thanks for reminding me of that summer and allowing me to escape my stressful day. I was recently promoted to supervisor and today was a hectic day. I haven’t yet found it to be lonely at the top, but it does occasionally suck a$$!

  9. WendyPinNJ says:

    I LOVE BATS! So key-ute!

    @scigirl, tell me more about these bat charities. Haven’t heard of them.

  10. Lol.
    I’m one of those rare folks that just ADORES bats. All forms and species! They are quite the amazing animals.

  11. kittyadventures says:

    ♪♫♪Nah Nah Nah Nah nah nah nah nah♪♫♪
    Nah NAh Nah Nah nah nah nah nah Batman!♪♫♪
    Biff Bop Bam!

  12. What’s a “belfry”?
    With best regards,
    “English is my second language and I can’t be arsed to look it up in a dictionary

    [Relevant linkage added. Twice! 😉 – Ed.]

  13. The belfry is the part of a tower on a church where the bells are.

  14. beardediris says:

    Doomchild– a belfry is the part of a tower that holds the bells–like in a church.

  15. beardediris says:

    Malinki beat me to it!

  16. eeeep!! leetle bat feet!!!!

    what a fuzzball!

  17. So it’s an Eastern Pipistrelle, Perimyotis subflavus, for those of you wondering. I’m glad so many people think bats are adorable, too.

  18. beardediris says:

    LOL kittyadventures! I remember watching Batman on Nick at Nite and having to ask my dad why they had “Biff, Boom, Sock!” whenever they’d hit the bad guy. So when my brother and I would sing the theme song, (and we did, ad infinitem on long car trips) we’d always throw in some comic book style “punches”.

  19. It is so ROUND. Like a tater tot.

  20. What a sweet face!

  21. Its like a furry little chicken nugget! >_<

  22. Cute lil fuzzball!

  23. skippymom says:

    I would like to kees those leeps. Seriously.

  24. DaytimeDeb says:

    OK, at first I thought to myself, “eh, not really cute,” but THEN I saw the COXCU… Oh what a cutie-pie!!! Such a sweet face.

  25. In the words of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground

    “If I could be anything in the world that flew
    I would be a bat and come swooping after you
    And if the last time you were here things were a bit askew
    [big snip]
    And bats that with a kiss turn prince for you
    Swoop, Swoop
    oh baby,
    Rock Rock
    Swoop, Swoop, Rock, Rock”

  26. I love bats! Thank you for brightening my day.

  27. It’s like an adorable little brown hamster! … and then you see the creepy bony finger! Ack! But then you see the soft fur and beady eyes and it’s okay! And then you see the crypt keeper finger again!! Gah!

  28. kokobutterbuns says:

    Bats are so very cool.

  29. skippymom says:

    Do you guys remember the tiny little bat from a year or two ago that looked as though it was made of a white pompom and some scraps of banana peel? I think it was South American. Anybody remember what that one was called?

  30. Does any one else notice how small that little creature really is?! Look closely at the knuckles in relation to the bat’s body! Yay!

  31. Awwww….it’s like a furry egg with wings….or a mutated hedgehog, imagine if hogs could fly, look out world! Revenge of the nosicles…

  32. I love me some bats, what a cutie!!!

    @Dash – LMAO at your comment…

  33. What a sweet and lovely picture – thank you so much for sharing it! I’m a bit of a bat fanatic/advocate myself (hence the website) so I truly appreciate it.

    wllw <– This is a smiley bat!

  34. IT’S IN MY HAIR! IT’S IN MY HAAAAAIRRRRRRR *runs around flailing arms*

  35. Reddragon says:

    Bats get a bad rap sometimes. They eat bugs and are pretty neat overall. They remind me of a dog, with thier big ears, furry backs and they even shake water off like a dog. I volunteer at a Wildlife Rehab Center in MN and i get to feed mealworms to them before we release them back into the wild. They usually come in because they are frequently disturbed during hibernation by home owners. LOVE THEM!

  36. Here ya go, skippymom:
    don’t ask how much time I spent looking for that… 0.o

  37. Friend bat! ^_^

    I dated a guy in college whose apartment complex was host to a small colony of leetle brown fuzzulent bats. They kept the summer mosquito population in check, which was awesome for us, until the management decided they were not interested in housing our tiny friends and exterminated them by pouring bleach into their roost. Sadness.

  38. skippymom says:

    Thanks, ceejoe! Honduran White Bat, yeah! Love those little guys. I am deeply honored that you took the time to find them for me. I owe you one.

  39. A little bat bat nugget! So wee! I want heem!!!! I wonder if he’s soft. He looks soft.

  40. Very very soft!

  41. I LOVE bats. We had a hilarious episode where a small bat had flown into our house this summer. One of the cats sat and stared at a curtain all day (where bat was hiding) and we didn’t know what the heck was up. In the evening, he’d moved to stare at a cupboard instead, and at long last, we moved the cupboard and found, and saved, the bat. While we were trying to capture the bat, the cats ran around like wild beasts and my mother hid under a blanket and screamed. Total circus.

  42. Well, Beff, they are going to Hell, no doubt in my mind.
    Oh, to see those little forest Q tips again -thank you for taking the time.

  43. no problem, skippymom. let’s just say i’m supposed to be reading this reeeeeally boring legal document, and my mind was wandering…

  44. skippymom says:

    We had a bat who lived on the underside of our front porch roof at our summer house. His perch was directly above the wicker chair where my father sat. Every so often, Bela (yes, that was his name) would apparently lose his grip while sleeping up there and drop down into my father’s chair, sometimes while he was sitting in it. I don’t remember what happened next, but I would like to think that we gently picked him up and lifted him and helped him grab on to the rafter again.

  45. skippymom says:

    Ha, ha, ceejoe, it did actually pass through my mind that there might be something, um, less fun that you were supposed to be doing….

  46. I would love to see a pan out to see how small the lil’ guy really is.

    As always CO, thanks for reppin’ animals some people think aren’t the least bit cute. You guys know what’s really up.

  47. OHHH, its like a powder puff with legs!

  48. @Beff: Flatulent bats????!!!!! (mind reels)

    [Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BAT FARTS – Ed.]

  49. Beff

    poor things! in sweden it’s illegal to kill bats, you should move here!

  50. sabrina rose says:

    Prosh little thing! We used to have a tiny colony of bats that would come out at dusk and wheel through the sky looking for insects – entrancing to view and so useful at keeping the mosquito population down. Very sad when this little colony disappeared because of deliberate extermination. Most every species should be left alone to take its place in the world.

  51. Little bat leeps! I love bats- they’re adorable AND cool! (You know, sonar and flying and all… plus they eat mosquitos!)

  52. Add me to the chorus of people who think batsies are adorable. Look at his alert little earses! The slightly creepy Crypt-keeper finger is more than balanced out by the little puffball effect.

  53. Oh the pipsqueak!! Eastern pips top out at a whopping 6 grams. Pups are under 1 gram at birth!

    I am overwintering two right now (raised one from a pup) and I’m glad to see it’s normal for them to look like fuzzy tater tots in winter. And I am soooooo jealous of that amazing shot. Bats are hard to photograph because they rarely sit still long enough for the camera to focus and you need macro to get all the cuteness.

    And if I’m allowed, bat charities you ask??,,, for starters.

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    You can play fetch with bats by throwing rocks in their vicinity (NOTE: NOT AT THEM) when they are flying and they will chase them. They aren’t very good at returning the rocks to you though. We did this alot when I was little. We didn’t have toys-just sticks and rocks and bats.

  55. Whenever I look at bats, I always have a split-second of, “Ack!” Then I look closer and start cooing. Not sure why, but it happens every single time. This one’s adorable. Look at that fluff!

  56. iwannamakeoutwithit says:

    No offense guys, but that little dude is UG-LEE!

    [Screen name fail. 😆 – Ed.]

  57. We live very close to a church. During summer in the evening, the bats would leave the belfry and fly around, catching insects……as I remember, they also made little squeaking sounds….however, I haven’t seen them for quite a long time…. 😥

  58. Donsie_Lass says:

    I must know that the heck sort of bat this is. I need to know whose fandom I’ve joined!

  59. skippymom says:

    Ahem. Theresa, I have read Beff’s comment several times and I cannot for the life of me find any reference to bat, er, digestive issues. ??

  60. Could be cropped in a heart shape so the space between the fingers becomes an ambiguous flesh-fold. And then… finally… Bats ‘n’ Cracks ©.

  61. @Donsie_Lass: It’s an eastern pipistrelle. They are tiny, and the smallest bats (mostly) where I live in Indiana. (The fact that they found 3 Eastern Small-Footed bats hibernating in Wyandotte last winter does not count.)

    They are so tiny that their little bite does not even hurt. They can barely get their little mouth around a finger, and they don’t have the muscle strength to bite down.

  62. Proshee lippees!! Bat lips kiss my blues away…

  63. fish eye no miko says:

    @Beff: Wow.. did they get into any trouble for that? Cuz pouring bleach on a bat’s next (with them in it, I’m guessing?) sounds like animal abuse. Damn… Poor little batties.

  64. WendyPinNJ – Leslie nailed my faves! All are hardworking groups who care for orphaned, injured or abused/neglected “pet” bats. Love and attention for a crazy cute, yet often overlooked, animal.

  65. *snort!* @ Ed. in comment 57. Sweet. Totally sweet.

    So… Batty McBattersons the Mini:
    This lil’ guy reminds me of those “warm fuzzies” we used to get in grade school… ya know… the pompom, with googley eyes, and antennae, and one big ol’ foot that was sticky on the bottom so that you could put it on your shoulder… What? You don’t remember that? You missed out! 😀 Erm… or he looks like a tater tot. Sorta. =)

    The white bats in the link –> look like they have banana slices for noses! So cute! And appropriate for battiness in the tropics. 🙂

  66. skippymom says:

    @Megan C., oooh, I’m going to spend the rest of the night wishing I could experience the wee little bite of one of these little guys!

  67. This is not a bat. This is a Bat Molecule.

  68. loves2sneeze says:

    for all that the little guy is a strange-looking creature, he is still cute 🙂

    however i would like to take a moment to remind readers to be careful in their encounters with bats. they are a common carrier of rabies.

  69. @loves2sneeze Actually, the cases of rabies in bats is no higher than in any other mammal. In fact, of the bats turned into the rabies lab here, only 1% actually have rabies. The incidence of cases of rabies from bats is higher because their bite is not very painful and can create puncture wounds so small that people don’t realize that the skin has been broken. So they don’t get medical attention.

    Be that as it may, they still do carry rabies and I have my rabies vaccination. Just don’t handle wild mammals. 🙂

  70. ACK!

  71. An eastern pipestrelle? It looks a little like a pallid bat (although pallid bats have much larger ears, and are real kick-butts — they’ll go after scorpions and centipedes, and win!).
    Bats rock!

  72. Tesser Kahn says:

    Holy Cuteness, Batman!

  73. AWW 😀 What a cute little bat 😀 Some people need a swift kick in the PANTS (or change it to whatever you want) for hurting bats or cats or any other animal 😦

  74. kibblenibble says:

    I’m with you. Fuzzy little body = oooh squeee!
    Bony leathery wings and pointy finger/thumb things= kinda spooky
    But overall, CO worthy for sure! ☺

  75. iwannamakeoutwithit says:

    What makes you think it was a fail, Ed.? Making out with UG-LEE little things is my special-tay!

    Too far?

    [Well, OK. I’ll allow as this is the internet and therefore I can’t know for sure that you’re not also a bat. – Ed.]




  77. This little pip is indeed very cute, but folks need to know that NO BATS should ever be handled with bare hands. Megan, it sounds like you’re vaccinated for rabies but no bats, no matter how cute and fluffy and adorable (which they all are, of course!), should be picked up without leather gloves and/or a towel. This protects the rescuer, and protects the bat, too. And I should point out that our Western Pipistrelles in California are even tinier and cuter! ^..^

  78. I remember Warm Fuzzies! Though I remember them more as a promotional giveaway item, with a little banner attached. Bats truly are awesome and interesting creatures. You are all familiar with the famous bats of Austin, Texas, right? Not only is Austin the niftiest city in Texas, in my humble opinion (I’d far rather live near Austin than near Dallas as I do, although Denton in many ways has an Austin vibe), but they’re famous for their bat bridge. And their hockey team is the Ice Bats!

  79. I also remember Warm Fuzzies. I still have one my mom gave me. Googly eyes! Felt one-piece feet! Antennae!

  80. @Theresa – No no, fuzzulent. As in, velvety soft and inviting a (careful) snorgle. 🙂

    @fish eye no miko – As far as I know, they did not get in any trouble, but this was in a certain rural southwestern locale where law enforcement spends most of its time squatting on speed traps and breaking up rowdy frat parties, so it came as no surprise when the dispatcher told me there was nothing they could do. I installed a bat house on the balcony where it was mostly hidden by beams and hoped they’d come back eventually.

  81. Somthing with cute in it that isn’t cute.

    Intellectual Pigmy

  82. Sorry I haven’t had much sleep and I’m blanking out as I type.
    Something with Pygmy in it that isn’t cute :- Intellectual Pygmy

  83. Gulp, I am in a bad way, my comments were intended for the pgymy Bun.
    Bats all folks.

  84. martha in mobile says:

    There are bats that flit through the clearing in our yard in the summer twilight. We settle in to see the sunset and watch the bats. Sometimes we hear them squeaking. It’s very peaceful.

  85. @Martha in DC: When I was a kid, we had a yard with loads of trees. So, we used to shoot clothespins off the (free-standing type) clothesline into the air so we could get them to come into a more open area so we could see them better.

    in other news, SQUEE! Bats kill me dead with the adorableness.

  86. Ooops. That was @Martha in Washington. Not DC. Those are not the same.

  87. We had our roof redone this past summer and this seemed to greatly disturb our bats. We had no idea we had so many living in our chimney. We ended up rescuing 7 of them from our fireplace (good thing there was no fire lit!). Unfortunately, two didn’t make it… 😦 We were terribly sad about this. The problem was that we didn’t know they were trapped in there until a few days after they got trapped. It was quite tricky getting them out, too. They were really adorable (they looked exactly like the little guy pictured in this post, same color and everything), but there was no way I was picking them up with my hands. We used gloves and a Tupperware container. Also, they may be cute, but that sound they make FREAKS ME OUT!! Eek!

  88. I hope that’s a first and a last for the bats, no offense.

  89. StormCat42 says:

    Here in South Carolina, I’ve been lucky enough to have little Battysons at every location I’ve lived in… I love sitting out in the early evening and hearing them make their little sonar noises… They get kind of close to where I’ll sit, but (of course) they never touch me… Not sure I’d want to kiss one, persay, but I do think Battys are totally kewl!!!!

  90. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I don’t mind watching bats…I prefer the fruit bats & lesser long nosed bats as far as appearances go….the ones that look more like little doggies or mousies. I have stood outside & watched them munching big moths-The only time I let out an involuntary yelp is when the surprise me by swooping by justthisclose to snag a bug that’s by me…I just get startled!

  91. ummm, just not cute to me.

  92. I like his little roundness! Also, Pipistrelle is a wonderful word.

  93. doomchild says:

    Thanks to all who answered!

  94. Colonel Jenna says:

    SQUEEEEE! I want a bat! I want a whole colony of these guys! That does it come spring I’m saving up for a bat box.

    Could you ‘play catch’ using mealy worms instead of rocks? Lots more fun for the bats I would think.

  95. Last night at dusk, a bat nearly clipped my right ear off, runnning (flying) after something). Hmpfh!

  96. Perfection! I love bats!!

  97. Donsie_Lass says:

    @Megan C. Thanks for the info. I imagine we must have them in Connecticut, too, but I’ve only ever seen bats in flight, not in Popple mode.

  98. Balt Moron says:

    Argh, my first comment and it’s a nuff. I know, it’s not cool.

    But this little guy gives me the wiggins.

  99. @Donsie_Lass: You do! Eastern Pipistrelles are notoriously eastern, so they do occur in CN. 🙂

    @Colonel Jenna: The rock thing does work (I have done it myself) but I do tend to feel like I may have cracked a few teeth doing that– they’re chasing after the rocks because they think they might be insects. So I’m thinking, try it with mealworms! The bats will love you for the free meals.

  100. I once had a bat caught between my window and screen. While it was sleeping (during the day), it looked exactly like a tiny. adorable teddy bear–WAY cuter than the one above. Then, each night, around 11pm, it would wake up, stretch out it’s ghastly wings, start making it’s scary, high-pitched clicking sounds and pace restlessly back and forth, back and forth, for several hours. I had put a little dish of water in there and cut a slit in the screen, but he couldn’t get out still apparently. After a few days, I then cut an “L” shape and bent the screen out. That did the trick.

  101. **shudder**

    At dusk, these little guys are all over the place here in Alabama (lots of skeeters). Unreasonable though it may be, you’ll never convince they’re not going to divebomb my head and get all tangled up in my hair, resulting in my immediate death.

  102. A toasted marshmallow of cuteness!

    My “fear” of bats lasted until we actually had one roost under our eaves in the house I grew up in. Then I just wanted to get closer so I could “observe” it. My Mom would not let me climb up the ladder though, and make my Dad chase it away. Ever since i have waited for a chance to get up close and personal with these little flying sweeties.

    Hair, schmair… they don’t tangle in horses manes or tails, so why should my hair be in danger?

  103. I’m not even sure where that ‘getting tangled in hair’ myth even came from. Hollywood? They don’t make nests, they don’t want your head, I don’t even know why they would be interested in hair any more than any other creature. It’s just as ridiculous as the myth that some snakes bite their tails and roll down hills.

  104. Colonel Jenna: you can indeed play catch with bats and mealworms. Some bat photographers have done just that, setting up a photoshoot with a “gun” that will automatically shoot a mealworm a certain height into the air and then have their camera(s) aimed near the top of the arc. Evidently the bats will learn very quickly that mealworms are the reward for not being camera-shy.

  105. Martha in Washington says:

    Wish we’d thought of the mealworm (or other bug) option. But our bats had plenty of bugs to catch.
    And I seem to remember one time that a bat did indeed fly into my sister’s hair. Don’t know why. I just remember the screaming and my hysterical laughter. Maybe it was payback for the rocks.

    Anna von Beaverpuppet-Yes, I am in the other Washington-the beautiful one, way out west.

  106. I have had a bat land on my head, but it was a young bat trying its wings for the very first time, and I too am fully vaccinated. It grabbed the first thing that looked like a safe landing spot. Sometimes, bats ‘turn off’ echolocation if they know where they’re going, so a sudden obstacle may catch them off guard. If that obstacle starts screaming and flailing, the bat will go into ‘avoidance mode’ but it can’t predict what a screaming ninny will do next. However, the hair myth, is as Megan C says, just that, a myth.

    To a small animal, there is nothing remotely attractive about contacting the noggin of a giant predator, and bats’ echolocation calls can pick up on something as fine as a single human hair so they are definitely not trying to land in anyone’s hair. They do come pretty close because our scalps and breath give off chemical cues that attract insects, so the bats are likely feeding on your own personal clouds of insects.

    They are also remarkably smart, so when something new appears in their landscape, they will check it out. I was observing a night emergence at a large colony that gets very few visitors. A lot of the bats circled us to see what we were doing before taking off. As long as you stay quiet and calm, a bat can navigate around you and go on its merry way.

  107. I have had large moths land in my hair and/or fly at me when I had a flashlight or headlamp on.

    Unless there is very good proof that the animal was a bat, I tend to believe most ‘bat-in-hair’ stories are just that of large moths being especially annoying. Large moths are almost the size of that Pipistrelle, if not THE size.

    The few times I have had bats land on me, it is because I am standing in front of a cave opening where millions of bats fly in and out every night. Even they can’t avoid everything! And even then, they rarely actually come in contact with you more than a wing-brush.

  108. Cali Bat Love says:

    SO ADORABLE! Yes, their wings and “fingers” are not fuzzy cute but they’re such amazing, cool animals. We have tons of bats around here and they’re awesome to watch. It’s terrible to think that people are purposefully exterminating them – bats are an essential part of the ecosystem, especially in rural areas! They do not attack people, do not want to nest in your hair, any are very unlikely to have rabies.

    If you live somewhere with a large bat colony, try this for an awesome bat-watching experience: find out what time sunset is scheduled for (available as part of any weather report). Arrive at the colony about 10 minutes before sunset; you can watch a huge number of bats take flight for the evening. (I’d advise not standing directly UNDER the entrance to their home.)

  109. sorry, nope. not cute. horrifying, disease infested. i hate rodents. rats are like flying ratmice. and rodents just make me think of lice. YUK.. kitties please. 🙂

  110. Lill, I’m happy to inform you that bats aren’t rodents! They do look similar to mice but they’re totally different: most bats only have one baby per year, and they can live for up to 40 years. They’re very intelligent, and are more closely related to people than they are to rodents. 🙂

  111. Am I the only one who thinks of the song by dispatch when I hear “Bats in the belfry”?