You’re Trembling Now, Aren’t You?

“Ooh, I’m scary!  Better not mess with me, because I’m baaaad! See how tall I am?  That’s not hair sticking up, that’s 100 percent pure pulverizing kitty muscle that you do not want to tangle with!  You’re scared now, aren’t you?  Right?  Aren’t you?”

Phyllis P. says: “I got Buckley from an in-home rescue service.  He was one of 15 kittens and their mother was run over by a car when they were all just babies.  They were all bottle fed.  I got him at 6 weeks old and he’s doing great.  He’s meeting his first non-family cat in this picture.”



  1. Bluemenro says:

    Scary levels of cuteness!

  2. family of fifteen?? whut??

    he scares me with his static-y-ness. zap!

  3. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *runs away in fear*

    super cute! I hope Buckley and his new brother/sister kitty learned to get along.


  5. I’d love to see an C.O.X.C.U. on Buckley’s eyes to see if we could see the other kitteh in the shine.

    [Unfortunately, the original image isn’t much larger than what you see here, and doesn’t have enough detail to see what’s reflected in the eyes. — Mike]

  6. good old whatshername says:

    I for one welcome our new feline overlord and protector.

  7. 15 kittens holy crap! Best of luck to Buckley and his sibs! SO scary 🙂 I love how his head looks slightly disconnected from the rest of him.

  8. oh my goooodnesss, he is soo kayoot!, hope his siblings love him!

  9. yay buckley! happy days for you! settle down, now, settle down!

  10. ScoutsMom says:

    I love how kitties can run sideways while in this pose.

  11. Sorry I ain’t scay- yered.
    I’m in luff, I’m in luff, I’m in luff, I’m in luff, I’m in luff with a won der full Caaaat .

  12. Aaawww, I luvs him. I want to scoop him up and eat him with a spoon!

  13. I would gladly risk life and limb to snorgle this baby. ❤

  14. Even his toe hair is standing on end!!! Eeek! Too cute!

  15. skippymom says:

    15 kittens?! Oh wow. My Chloe, who is just plain fat, insists that she has babies in her tummy and that I should give her extra food because she is “eating for 13”. I hope she doesn’t see this post and become even more demanding.

  16. And if that isn’t enough to frighten you, I will begin to jump and walk sideways like a crab in 5 minutes.

  17. 15 kittens? No way. Is that even possible? Maybe the foster mom was fostering more than one litter. Either way, cute!!! There’s not much cuter than a hissing leetle keeten. Oh wait… I’ve said that before about guinea pig moufs… now I can’t decide… hmmm…

  18. Awww.. Kitties are sooooo cute when they are little.. then they grow up..

  19. lexipuppymommy says:

    I love kitties too Katiedid. And then, yes, sadly, they become cats that ignore you and tell you that you aren’t good enough. Our kitty left us for someone more to her status, but I still miss her.

  20. If this was an 80’s Chinese movie the subtitle would read:
    You are scaring, yes? I give me face!

    For those not used to Chinese movies subtitled in China, here is the translation:
    You’re afraid right? Show me respect!

  21. I’m shivering in my boots! That’s one scary puddytat!

  22. skippymom says:

    Gigi, if I want to tell Eddy to show more respect toward Skippy, would I say “You give him face!”?

  23. MichaelJackson says:

    Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad
    Come On
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad
    You Know It

  24. MichaelJackson says:

    twist around on toes

  25. metsakins says:

    run away. run away.

    [One of us, one of us – Ed.]

  26. Our Russian Blue used to do this when he was rlly, rlly ANGREE…and this would be accompanied by Halloween Cat-type meeeoowing intimidation…guaranteed to back our petite Tuxie-girl into a corner every time….. Wutta cat! How I miss him…..!

  27. Gigi, LOL @ Engrish subtiters.

    15 kittehs, poor li’l mom. That’s at least 2 litters so she must have been fostering (and needing help, hence the bottle-feeding). Glad all the bebbehs were res-qted.

    Yes, I’m very scairted, and hope the non-family cat is suitably impressed.

  28. Hmm… half kitteh, half hedgie. What would you call that?

    Btw, not only are cats adorable, they also have their practical uses, like helping you out when your dishwasher isn’t working… 😉

  29. Am I the ONLY one who read those first few lines in Dori’s voice? Finding Nemo? Anybody? Anybody? Beuler?

  30. My dog’s name is Buckley! (We named her after Jeff, but were thrilled to find out the dog from the Royal Tenenbaums was Buckley after Jeff as well).

  31. I work with the woman who is this cat’s human!!!! I have cyber-met Buckley.. she has many pics of him on her blog. Anyway, I wanted to feel important by posting that I am in the general vicinity of where this floof ball of awesomeness lives, so there!

  32. Hey, it’s Buckley! I forgot I even sent this in! He’s pretty big now. I named him partially after the town where I got him, but mostly after Jeff Buckley, too.

    If you want to see his progress and how much he’s grown, you can see him here:

    Thanks for posting him! He’s pretty special. 🙂

  33. MANY hearts @ Phyllis for taking Buckley into her home. You rule!!!

    Looks like he is saying “Respect my authoritah!”

  34. Phyllis, he grew up from an adorable ball of kittayn to a very pretty Mister Kitty. His eyes are gorgeous! 🙂

  35. BenPanced says:

    skeery kitteh iz skeery

  36. Shadowtiger says:

    Everyone knows that Cat-Eating Monsters ™ would never, EVER eat a cat with a huge, fuzzed-up tail.

  37. Buckley has very long legs.

  38. catloveschanel says:

    Although Buckley initially scared me to death (: I see now he has been domesticated and even cooks dinner! From street-cat to puddy-tat.

  39. @ skippymom Yes that’s it, giving face means giving respect, in my misspent youth I used to spend my evening watching 2 or 3 Chinese movies in a row at Fantasia in Montreal eating popcorn for diner.

    Also if you want to show respect to an older person who ever it is you call them uncle. It took me at least half the movie the first time to figure out that it was a mark of respect an not every one in the movie was related to each other. LOL!

  40. Squid Girl says:

    phft! phft! very scwary indeed.

    reminds me of a 1.5 lb. kitteh I yanked from inside the engine of a BMW many years ago. The driver saw him at the intersection and tried to stop in time. When he didn’t see it run away, he feared the worse – it pinned under his tire. But instead the wrascly kitteh just climbed up into the wheel well. By the time I came along and grabbed hold of him, he was angry, greasy, all his whiskers burned off and hissing mad. He was so tiny that it was laughable but I took him home. 7 years later, my beautiful black Beamer is a wonderful semi-feral cat who still hisses at me but has never bit or scratched me. He always come when called. Purrs loud like an engine and so darn cuddly. I’m sure Buckley will put his guard down soon and be the best kitteh ever!

  41. Buckley is a sweet looking cat, whether he’s a baby or a grown up. Bless you for taking him in, Phyllis.

    And Golden, I’m jealous. Buckley is an awesome cat (beautiful eyes), and his human is awesome too, so you’re awesome by association!

  42. Kitty haka!!!

  43. resriechan says:

    Hello Miss Phyllis —

    1: I join the CO Rank n’ File, in offering you congratulations, regarding
    the multitudes of furry people who allow you to share their dwelling!!!

    –(Note to self: Consider whether Phyllis might be the person who has the wisdom and skillset, to teach ALL of us who have always wondered the following:
    “IS IT possible to herd cats?” & “what is the most-effective technique?” 😉 ) —

    2: Might I suggest that you consider providing Zen counselling in coping skills,
    or perhaps Post-Traumatic Stress Counseling, to the youngest Furry Person, at the time of first introducing an Unknown New Furry Person.

    Either strategy could prevent unknown devastation to the residents of the burbs in the Seattle vicinity.

    Yours in admiration of your ResQte Skillz.

  44. I’m so skeeeerd!

    Love the tiny tail poof action and the line of hair on the back. It’s even funnier with a full-grown cat, (where the tail floomfs to 5 times its normal size) but this is more cute/sad. Where’s the “cute but sad” tag?

  45. To cute! Looks like a black cat on Halloween, just, not black lol

  46. Looks like you need to keep this one away from water….

  47. Kittens are the cutest form of life on earth. It’s scientifically proven.

    Thanks for rescuing this little dumpling and giving him a good life!

  48. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Reminds me of my little Finney whose one sibling and (feral) mother were killed by a coyote. I bottle-fed him and his brother from 2 weeks of age and–sucker that I am–kept him in the end. (His brother was also adopted.) I love my Finn to pieces. He sleeps under the blankets with me every night. Give your little munchkin a hug and kiss from me and The Finnster.

  49. PS: Ahem. Ahem!!!!!

    I’M BACK!!!! (Hi!)

  50. You were gone?

  51. 😉 😛

  52. 😛

  53. :mrgreen:

  54. Yes, and now I am back, and giving a PAR-TEH!

  55. And not just any dog party … a sponge Bob dog party!

  56. Well hello again, Theresa. Did not realize you were gone! Reminds me of a country song–“How can I miss you if you won’t go away…” 🙂 Love the Lhaso with the spongebob hat at a jaunty angle.

    @Phyllis, you are soooo brave! Buckley is vewwy skewwy!! LOL. Your blog is cute too. Clearly you love this adorable kitty. And Buckley is beautiful

  57. 15 KITTENS?!?!?!?! WOW!!!!

  58. fifthsonata says:

    I can only imagine his glorious crabwalks. It would probably go something like this…

  59. OMG LOVE! and fear. yes you is scaree

  60. kibblenibble says:

    Paunchie, (comment #2) you described this look as “static-y-ness.” That is purr-fect. It also reminds me of my George for two reasons:

    One: George sometimes puffs up like this to scare Isabella (pictured at right.) This is amusing because George weighs 19 1/2 pounds while Isabella weighs 5 pounds. (Why does he need to make himself look bigger? He obviously has no idea how huge he is.)

    Two: George has a lot of real static electricity in his fur, probably due to it being winter and my central heating. At night, when he is standing on the bed and his tail brushes up against the energy-saver flourescent bulb in my bedside lamp, it actually lights up a little bit. Wierd.

    So…static-y! 🙂

  61. resriechan says:

    @ Fifthsonata:

    I can haz Conan???? Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzeee???

    (whimper) (pouting adorably)

  62. While Buckley might have been a scary kitten he sure is a pretty boy now. Wowzer! Please bestow upon him many kisses.


    [Um wut. 😐 – Ed.]

  64. catloveschanel says:

    fifthsonata: what is the music on that? sorta Scott Joplin like.

  65. It keeeels me when they do that little sideways kitten-scuttle. Buckley is quite the handsome gentleman!

  66. GIGGLE 😆 Ooooh 😆 Buckley is one scarey looking kitty 😆 One that I would grab and snorgle 😈

  67. @Phyllis P 😀 I am so glad to hear that you were able to adopt Buckley and give him a forever home full of love 😀

  68. resriechan says:

    Noelegy: did you check out the conan the cat video, in the link provided by fifthsonata? or were you referring to Buckley ‘s sideways scuttle?

    ‘cuz the Conan video clip shows
    some (please excuse, Theresa 🙂 ) STANKIN’ cute sideways- scuttling !!!!!

  69. resriechan says:

    @ catloveschanel — re Conan the Silly & piano music:

    I clicked through to the source of the conan video, looking for further detail (on the music). I saw there, that the person associated with videos of the lil’ guy…has attached the following note, on ONE OF the (several available) Conan vid’s….:

    “The music came from The name of
    the song is “Mister Exposition” .

    (I did NOT take the time, to determine whether this description is attached to the specific video clip of conan used in comment # 58 above).

    But his music note IS attached to a Youtube video about Conan; so you might wanna check it out as possibly being the background music in #58.

    Have a silly, side-hopping kinda day!!

  70. Just went back and watched the Conan video. I’ve seen that somewhere before, maybe on the Cheezburger site. Anyway: AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Why do they have to grow out of that?

  71. Faux-German word for the day: Katzenskuttle.

  72. I’m even more smitten with Buckley after checking out his photo album. ❤

    I adopted my little chi girl, Lily, because I thought she was so homely nobody else would ever want her. Now I think she's most beautiful creature ever born. Funny how love changes your whole perspective.

  73. fifthsonata says:

    resriechan, catloveschanel –
    Someone already answered the music question, but here’s the home youtube page for conan –

  74. I wanted to watch the Conan the cat video but it was replaced by a Leno the cat video.
    Topical humor!

    oh dear.
    Sorry about that.

  75. Such a darling pose, scared eyes but brave back and stance. I like the story that goes with this photo. Those little kittens were fortunate to be cared for when they lost their mother.

  76. LOL Saffron. 😀

  77. Theresa, those are awesome patient goggies!!! And a boatload of presents!!!! Whose B-day was it, the lean black one with the yellow dress?

  78. Saffron– you rock!

    So do Buckley and Conan, of course.

  79. Von Zeppelin says:

    Conan has obviously had commando infiltration training–never move in a straight line and give ’em an easy target.

  80. Uuh, you’re so scary, I want to KIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you 🙂

  81. resriechan says:

    @ Fifthsonata — oh & oops!!! — I must have had an Invasion of a Bodysnatcher, when I read through — or THOUGHT I read through — the comments stream, not to have seen that someone else had answered the music question — thx for the heads-up.

    Saffron: I know we here/ CO give you kudos (and dik-diks) on perhaps a
    daily basis. But has anyone ever told you, specifically, that you have a Sparkling Wit??? All sprinkled with glitter, rhinestones & stuff!!!

    Followup Question:
    Have you ever considered doin’ the whole standup thing or writing for the stage or screen or even (Heaven forbid!!!)
    those dusty, old-fashioned things they used to call……BOOKS???????

    Or are we here @ CO just lucky ducks, that you prefer only to use that wit in your leisure activities, rather than worrying about bills gettin’ paid, by the joke?

    Either way — keep ’em comin’ ; keep em’ comin’!!!!


  82. resriechan says:

    (oops — I meant to say we give Saffron “kuDUS & dik-diks”, not kuDOS!!!)

    Which End is Up????

  83. Re: Conan: “Serpentine Shel, serpentine!”

  84. Aw thats what happens when you grow up tough! He is freakin cute. Poor mama but hes adorable.

  85. Buckley’s grown up to be a handsome young man. Kittens are cute but grown cats have personality. Those green eyes are unbelievable.

  86. *hearts* @ (dik dik) res (dik dik) kittykye and Theresa (dik dik)!

    (dik dik)

    Buckley is so awesome and so is his human! The blog of his pics is terrific…it is always so wonderful to see kittehs so well taken care of and loved.
    And how did she score that set of pots for only $15???
    Amazing 🙂

  87. Ha! Thanks, Saffron. I got them at an estate sale. I couldn’t believe it. They were brand new, still in the box! Here’s another shot of them, with the Buckleberry of course:

    I got Buckley a month after my 19 year old cat Indy died. I was sure I’d made a mistake that first night, getting another cat so soon, but the minute he stuck his nose in my ear and started purring, I just fell in love. I didn’t think I’d be able to love another pet as much as Indy, but I was very wrong.

    Thanks for all the great comments! I can tell there are a lot of cat experts here. 😉

  88. He’s grown into such a gorgeous kitteh.

  89. fifthsonata says:

    resriechan –
    Oops for me! I meant to say that *you* answered the music question for catloveschanel.

    I love Buckley’s all-growed-up pictures – his head seems so adorably symmetrical I want to smoosh his cheeks like that aunt you want to avoid at family reunions.

  90. @Katrina, “The In-Laws,” FTW!!!

  91. My cat loves to puff up and jump around all crazy with his back arched when he’s playing. My husband and I both put on a big act pretending to be terrified and telling him how scary he is – sometimes we even run from him and he chases us. We like to boost his ego 😉 hahaha!

  92. @ Noelegy:

    Katzenskuttle = perfect companion to Lurkensproingen.

  93. resriechan says:


    I hope it won’t cause you any undue trauma, if I reveal that reading about you and S. Other indulging THE BIG SCARY KITTEN……made me (*snerk*). Thanks for that moment in my day!!!

  94. mary78: that’s the way to go! Your cat is soooooooooo lucky 🙂