Is Your Computer Safe?

It is, if you’re using the Disapprov-O-Tron™ Computer Security System!  Just one withering glare sends hackers away whimpering about their pathetic life choices!

In lieu of a snarky signoff, Megan K., I want to say that Gallifrey is an awesome name.


  1. that is one imperious looking bun and no mistake

  2. Jeff Mason says:

    Ha finally, I made the bliggity bleen dog doodly honk honk shpreeeeeeowwww jiggly juicy Jones. here it is:

    Added benefits include nibbling and biting to prevent keyboard use, but use with caution as some hackers might be killed from the cuteness.

  3. 260Oakley says:

    To re-cute your computer, hit CTRL+ALT+DA FEET

  4. earlybird1 says:

    So THAT’S how you clean the dust out of a keyboard! (runs off to find bunny swiffer)

  5. I’ll take three!

    Now I just need two more computers…

  6. earlybird1 says:

    Oh, and 260Oakley… you rock my day! LOL! XD

  7. O.o Love the Doctor Who reference!

  8. snorglepup says:

    Gallifrey takes his job quite seriously. I must say, he is the perfect accessary to the room. Not only functional, but his fur beautifully picks up the colors of the woodgrain, the monitor and the wall while adding an element of warmth and soft texture.

  9. As long as it is not Rassilon, everything should be fine.

  10. Oh man, does that sting. I don’t know what I did but I’m sorry (whimpers)

  11. Stunbunny says:

    Clearly all the talk of an Apple tablet was merely a smoke screen and this is the new iBun.

  12. I agree with snorglepup and *hug* to 260Oakley, well done as always! 🙂

  13. 260Oakley-The thrill of victory and de agony of de feet?
    Stunbunny-I certainly hope that all that R&D went into bunnies!

  14. What an adorable bun! And look, he left me some raisens on my keyboard! That’s so sweet. (bun thinks, “Those aren’t raisens, mofo.”)

  15. Also serves as tv-tuner — just adjust the bunny ears.

  16. Ahhhhh….nothing like a disapproving bun first thing in the morning. Although I’m off sick from work today, and I feel like this bunny is judging me. I promise Gallifrey that I will be better by tomorrow.

  17. Lordy, that monitor is huge!

  18. Ha ha, fat bunny face!

  19. he looks like a dilute calico bunny – is there such a thing in the bunneh world?

  20. I don’t know, this could be a reincarnation of Rassilon. That degree of disapproval seems too great for any Earth rabbit…

  21. Hey everyone, this is Gallifrey’s mommy. Gallifrey’s a tortoise shell Holland Lop.

    The monitor is huge because it’s our TV 😉 We have a laptop hooked up to it and use the wireless keyboard he’s standing on with Hulu and other online media. Gallifrey is actually a big fan of the Colbert Report, which he might have been not-so-subtly demanding we watch the day I caught him sitting on the keyboard. He’s a bunny who know what he likes!

  22. @ Saffron and zer05um I must say there is an Otherness to that bunny’s disapproval, I think we need a Repairman….

  23. I bought one yesterday and, believe me, it works! No hackers. No spam. No glitches. Get one for each of your computers NOW!!!!

  24. But where can I order my very own Disapprov-O-Tron™? I needz heem!

  25. Well, that’s the last time you watch pron. That’d be worse than your grandmother watching over your shoulder.

    Ii’m imagining.

  26. Resriechan says:

    OK, CO — how ‘re ya gonna cope with everyone who WANTS TO BUY ONE now that you’ve developed such effective marketing?? hmmmm?

    Everyone who is ready to register & pay a down payment TODAY — raise your (cyber) hands and CO will provide us with application forms.

    (Raises hand expectantly)

  27. And the bunny, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
    On the keyboard just above my desktop drawer;
    And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
    And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
    And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
    Shall be lifted – nevermore!

    — sweet dreams, y’all

  28. Resriechan says:

    PS: I was so dismayed by the Disapproval that I was too nervous to remember to read the Hovertext and that’s just about as phenomenal as the caption/ storyline itself!!!!

    Junk food adherents, let’s start a wave in the bleachers, ‘k?

    (begins swaying gently *to* and *fro*)

    (aka “back and forth”; no reference to a Classic American African-American hairstyle, should be taken. Thank you for your patience. I’m white and sometimes I miss a few beats, before I catch all the subplots…..)


  29. @ Gigi and zer05um, if bunnular diapproval wrecks the keyboard, I think they need a Master of repairs….

  30. *disapproval
    not diapproval which is when the diodes of the sonic screwdriver are on the fritz due to too much rabbit fur getting into the filter.

  31. WARNING!!! Disapprov-O-Tron Wabbit is a direct decendant of……..

    The killer rabbit of Caerbannog

    Cue – dan dan der music

  32. Keyboard warmer?

  33. Hon Glad- yes, and now we are safe from The killer rabbit of Caerbannog, as WE are onto it and its wily, wily ways! Pointy Teethe~! (I thought the extra “e” looked more olde fashionede.)

  34. Katrina – Yes very ‘Ye OldeTea Shoppe’…….Established 2009

  35. As you can see the rabbit not only sends away hackers but those who would dare to post FIRST on the first post… Bwahahahahahaha Disapproving Rabbits at your service!

    [a-HEM and har-RUMPH 😡 – Ed.]

  36. @ gizmo Bravo Sir or Madam, I usually do not approve of messing with the classics but your oeuvre retained the heart of the original poem wile injecting a note of levity. Again, Bravo!

  37. StormCat42 says:

    I feel cheated… I came in to work this morning there was no Disapprov-O-Tron on MY keyboard?? Do I have a defective one? Do I need to return this one to the store? *sigh*

    On a brighter note, I’d be willing to bet that the keyboard is nice and warm to the touch!!!!

  38. This actually made me squee out loud. What a cute bun!

  39. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Bun looks like he’s in a time-lock…

  40. HAHAHHA!

    I love the references to monty python and Poe! You guys crack me up! XD

    I need two of these…so cute…

    Wait…can I count my toddler’s toy laptop as a computer and get one for it too?!

  41. This Disapproving Bunneh used to serve as a hall monitor at the local high school;
    When the monitors unionized, this put Bunneh out of a job……so the folks have been kind enuff to allow him to stand in as a T.V. monitor for a family with five kids, as the working parents don’t have time to check the kids’ favorite programs…. 😉

  42. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Now, don’t you realize that they are just ripping you off with their ‘security’ systems!!! You’ll be eternally safe with the free Disapbunty Bunnix operating system!!!

  43. That should work wonderfully, seeing that any intruder would be too overwhelmed with cute to start haxoring!

  44. This new Security works well however the Disapprov-O-Tron might chew your computer wires : (

  45. Gallifrey? Is that in Ireland?

    [Sometimes. Ask the BBC. – Ed.]

  46. He puts a deadlock seal on your computer. That’s why no hackers can get through.

  47. So cute!! That bunny needs smooches.


  48. I feel like I’ve just been given one last warning to “straighten up and fly right” and I am fearful of the consequences should I fail.

    [Cool down daddy, don’chu blow your top – Ed.]

  49. a fan of the Colbert Report? I’d love to see Stephen and Gallifrey have dueling dissaprovals…

  50. @Gigi & Saffron
    I can just see this Bunny taking Time out away from the Schism and running through the red grass fields at the foot of Mt. Perdition.
    The sound of four little feet pattering, an endless rhythm…. duduhduduh… duduhduduh… duduhduduh… duduhduduh…

  51. Oh, my gecko’s name is Gallifrey!!! Doctor Who rocks my brightly colored socks. =D

  52. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    I don’t know what I love most about this post. The furry feet, the fact that there is a rabbit called Gallifrey, or the bleening. 😀

  53. Don’t do that! I thought I was losing my mind until I realized this had just had a run on Disapproving Rabbits. Sheesh!

  54. I don’t know whose rabbit this is, but i will seriously pay you 1million dollars it is so cute!

  55. Didn’t Romana like the appearance of Earth-rabbits so much she decided to regenerate as one?

    [The blonde Romana? 🙄 …would not surprise me. – Ed.]

  56. At least it can find the keyboard…..but does it know how to switch it on??

  57. Looks like he would win in a stare down!

    Keyboard protector.

    LOL can he type with his butt? sorry

    [What, you mean you can’t?? 😦 – Ed.]

  58. Wait, what?? Romana was a time lord??? Man, maybe I should have watched the episodes of that Doctor from the beginning…. I just assumed she was wicked smaaht. Crap, I’m totally slacking in my efforts as A Big Doctor Who fan!

    [She was wicked smaat before she regenerated into the bippity schoolgirl that Tom Baker got all gooey about, anyway. 😛 – Ed.]

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Which one was Romana? The slinky cave-girl in the fur bikini?

  60. I guess playing games on that Monitor is strictly out of the question.
    I suppose Gallifrey would disprove of them all, especially Ravin’ Rabids.

  61. Hello, Gallifrey PC, My name is Pia, the Mac.
    PIA, the MAC

  62. my {exact same} rabbit i used to have, sat like that while urinating.


    [I bet he sometimes sat like that while not urinating, too – Ed.]

  63. Looks like he wants you to come closer- to recieve more dissaprovingness.

    This post needs a ‘dissaproving’ tag. Maybe that should be a given- if its a bunneh?

  64. SBMShaneomaniac says:

    Personally, I want Bun named Koschei that will disapprove of everything and… um… help me take over the galaxy.

  65. I have one too, only it’s the feline model….

  66. SunshineReaper says:

    A bunn named after the planet of the Time Lords? <33 win<33