Bunny Lands on Moon, Disapproves

Today NASA released the first image of Commander Snuffles’ inaugural space walk. When asked to comment via live feed, the Commander said:

“That’s one small step for bunnies, and good thing, too, because I can’t believe I traveled 238,857 miles to land on purple.”

Those weren’t “moon rocks” the Commander gave you, Janaki P.



  1. Pat Trenner says:

    “Okay, then, Moon RAISINS,” Commander sez.

    [Wiiiiider than a miiiiile… – Ed.]

  2. I wish there was footage of this bunny floating around in mid air.

  3. ogeminijune says:


  4. commander snuffles hee! Lookit all those wisk-hairs!

  5. Hmmmm; looks like a baby Cadbury Rabbit;
    (I knew they were thinking of early Easter candy ads);
    Ooooooh, Noooooo……I feel a chocolate bunny attack coming on…..!!! 😯

  6. kittyadventures says:

    one small step for bunny, one giant Hop for bunnykind.

    this hoppernaut has boldly hopped where no bun has hopped before.

  7. kittyadventures says:

    opps that was supposed to say one small hop.


  9. One small step is right. Those are some tiny bunny paws.

  10. My god, it’s full of whiskers.

  11. So…. round….

  12. catloveschanel says:

    @kittyadventures: hoppernaut – lol

    Ok, bunny breathe, cuz yer eye is missing on the moon.

    However, your white looks wonderful contrasted with purple.

  13. is that a martian? more like a martianmellow!

    so round and poofy!

  14. Heather in Oregon says:

    The whiskers! I can’t see the disapproval because of the whiskers! What is it with this site today? You trying to kill me ded with the whiskers? lol jk, I lovez them!!

  15. Von Zeppelin says:

    bomabombabombombombabombomdingagon dangadingadongdingpurplemoonmoonMoonmoonmoon. . .
    Purple moooooon, you saw me standing alone
    Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own. . .

    [I saw Bun flying in the chapel… – Ed.]

  16. Can bunnies eat the moon’s cheese? Zoze aren’t whisk-airs zey are antennae.

  17. Roundness with tiny feet!

    Whiskers! So many…whiskers…O.O….


  18. Emmberrann says:

    @VonZ: ROFLMAO! Purple moon, hmm…. @Jen: Hoo-ee…”Martianmellow,” indeed!

  19. Bun is accepted into the space program because he has The White Stuff.

    [Ba dum tish – Ed.]

  20. I’ve never been fond of Peeps, but this new live version looks mighty tasty.

    On a side note, did anybody realize that the company that makes Peeps is called “Just Born”?

  21. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Disapproving StormBunnyTrooper: “Let me see your identification”

  22. The White Stuff <—- groan!! I thought that's what's inside Peeps!

  23. I had a bad day today…this post gave me a happy.

    Not that kind of happy.

  24. Why do recent entries all remind me of children’s books? Wasn’t there a Japanese story about a visible rabbit living on the moon rather than some strange dewd?

  25. I knew it! The moon is made of fluffy white bunnies!

  26. I knew it, the Rabbit in the Moon is real !

  27. OMG is crule to send animal into space what u thinking rabbot doesn’t even have space helmet. shirley head would explode like in total recall i am going to go to complaints desk u will hear from my lawyer.

    [How is babby formed, someone set us up the bomb, leave Britney alone – My.Ed.A.Splode]

  28. Let’s play Twister.
    Let’s play Risk.

    [Yeah yeah yeah yeah… ♥ REM ♥ – Ed.]

  29. My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit, I find the supposed characteristics more accurate than the European Zodiac.Being the Rabbit sign, I therefore disapprove of this post and all attendant comments. :0}

  30. Gabrielle Smith says:

    *falls down dead of cute*

  31. Bunny looks like a dollop of whipped cream!

  32. Mahahaha. What kind of bun is this!? The ears are so adorably tiny!

  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    “Not even Wallace or Gromit for a spot of cheeeese!”



  34. Martha in Washington says:

    J.J.-Don’t forget the crackers!

  35. Not even Wensleydale? 😦

  36. AuntieMame says:

    Pippo Crème? Danish Fynbo? Czechoslovakian Sheep’s Milk Cheese? Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?

  37. lexipuppymommy says:

    He has whisker static!

  38. EEEEEE! The whiskers!!

  39. What do you mean he landed on the moon? He IS the moon! Can’t you see how round and orb-like he his!!!!

    The moon is a lot more cuddly than I thought.

  40. Years of submissions and finally you guys posted a Janaki submission and on my birthday EEEEEE. THANKIES!!! HI BUNNEH!!!

  41. 260Oakley says:

    …and this bunstronaut’s name is Fuzz Aldrin.
    G’nite folks.

  42. he looks like a snow bunny ❤

  43. Er… mer… ger… that bunny is sooooo cute! The paws! The whiskers! The ears!

    [Whew; for a moment there I thought your Rs were stuck, and I’m not up-to-date on my Hermlerk Mernerver certification 😐 – Ed.]

  44. It appears that the sacrifices made by the Bunnies In Space have not been in vain

  45. Proof the moon landing was not staged: 1/6th earth-gravity wheeskars!

  46. Redonk. There is just nothing cuter than a little puffy Netherland Dwarf baby with wonky whisk-airs. Those whisk-airs are just plain running amok. I’m in love.

  47. Ohmygod, the roundness, the fuzziness. 🙂

  48. Fuzz Aldrin! Love it! Such a cute bunbun!

  49. I believe bunny looks stoic. Hopeful even.

  50. Ground control to Major Bun……

  51. lapin de lune
    observe le monde
    et désapprouve
    non plus du joie
    que nous luttons

    (thank you. this ain’t my first rodéo)

  52. Killer Klown says:

    I’m thinking, to the person who asked, that this is a baby American Dwarf. We have one we named Tribble because he looked much like a black version of moonbunny up there – complete with the roundness and the whiskeries and the oi.

  53. Big smile @ comment #10

    Such a cute little round bunny!

  54. @Theo re cheese: Or Stinking Bishop? (wasn’t that the cheese in “Curse of the WereRabbit”?)

  55. “Oh, no, Grommit, we’ve forgotten the crackers!”

  56. I agree with doxnsox. The bunneh definitely has hopeful, somewhat noble overtones. Almost an aristocratic air about him, as if he is saying, “Why yes, I am Bunneh, and I claim this purple moon. Now buzz off Buzz.”

  57. *stuffs in mouf and runs*

  58. Astronaut bunny disapproves of this mess……whats wrong with these people? Have they never heard of a vacuum? Swiffer? Nothing? Well…..I won’t be comming here again and you can bet I am telling my associates back on earth. O my carrot….is that a rock stuck in between my toes? Awful place this is awful!

  59. resriechan says:

    @ chanpon: Just how long, do you expect to be able to continue in your life of Cute Crimes?? It’s just a matter of time, you know, until our Undercover Cuteness Cops catches you in the Act!!!!

    (Mumbles indignantly and incoherently to self: “stuffing cute critters in your mouf daily?? The OUTRAGE!!!…………..whyinmydaywewouldda…….”.–etc.–)

  60. Von Zeppelin says:

    Holly, would that be the vacuum of outer space you are referring to?