Undercover Peeg!

Undercover Peeg craves danger. Undercover Peeg wants answers. Undercover Peeg is the silent watcher in the dark.  Undercover Peeg gets the job done and disappears without a trace. You do not see Undercover Peeg—she sees you.

Undercover Peeg is a Nadia K. production.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Blinding white nose! LOL. I can almost see it twitching.

  2. You may say she craves danger, but it appears to me Ms. Peeg is quite comfy in her peeg chute. I’ll bet she likes long rides…

  3. That blinding white nose is merely a clever disguise. For, ummm, a blinding white nose. Works for me! 😀

  4. she sees everything.

  5. (ahem)

    I’M BACK!!!!

  6. PS Barely, since you KILLED me with that dik-dik. 😛

  7. and now I’m singing “Secret Agent Peeg.”

  8. Neenja Peeg!

  9. Mata Hairy

    [ 😆 …it’s instinct for you, isn’t it? I bet you DREAM in pun – Ed.]

  10. resriechan says:

    *raises hand to be called upon *

    Followup Q., if you please, NTM??

    Have Undercover Peeg and Benson Hedgehog, PI, ever worked together,
    to solve any particularly nefarious cases ??

  11. resriechan says:

    ……and of course, the ever-popular but slightly PG-13 rated:

    “Is that a Peeg in yer pocket, ‘r are ya jist glad tuh see me?”


    Wink-wink; nudge-nudge; know whatAhmeen??

  12. snuggling in a pocket! the best ever!

  13. It’s a Pocket Peeg! Collect all six!

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    I think they also come in Happy Meals!

  15. I want one. Like, now…..

  16. There’s a Peeg who leads a life of danger
    To everyone she meets she stays a stranger
    With every move she makes another chance she takes
    Odds are she won’t live to see tomorrow

    Secret agent peeg, secret agent peeg
    They’ve given you a number and a peegie spying gig.

    Beware of tempting vegetables you find
    they’re a trap planted by an evil mind
    Ah, be careful what you say
    Or you’ll give yourself away
    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

    Secret agent peeg, secret agent peeg
    They’ve given you a number and a peegie spying gig.

    Swingin’ on the Riviera one day
    Then sleeping in a sweatshirt pocket next day
    Oh no, you let the wrong word slip
    While eating asparagus tips
    The odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

    Secret agent peeg, secret agent peeg
    They’ve given you a number and a peegie spying gig.

  17. Adorabhul Peeg is kyoot!
    Also: In need of carrot stix

  18. snorglepup says:

    Most excellent theme song.

  19. picnictrick says:

    Do you see the tiniest of smiles from under that schnozzle?! Not only is this peeeglet Undercover, but she’s all “I loooove danger! Bring it on!”

  20. resriechan says:

    KittyAdventures: You’re hovering *dangerously close* to the Ultimate Breeeellllliance of Her Honor (I think she’s a she…..maybe?) 260Oakley.

    Meantime: Ye’re pretty outrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrageously clevver w/ song & lyric adaptations !!!

    Profoundly Impressed.

  21. kittyfluff says:

    I love it! Where could I buy a sweatshirt w/ built in peeg?

  22. beep beep! twitch twitch!

  23. Aww, that’s cute! 😀

  24. @ QoD They ARE happy meals ! nom nom nom !

    Why do I keep hearing the theme music to Mission Im”pig”able ?
    Good Morning Mr. Phelps………..

  25. undercover peeg! lol. too cute

  26. “Oh wait, this is not my best side!” *turns around and peeps out other end*

  27. KittyAdventures- that was some seriously funny song-writing there. I loved the Secret Agent show in the what 60’s? I thought I was the only person in the world able to still sing that song…..ah, the sweet realities of Peephoood, truly, my Peeps.

  28. You Peeps qwack me up, speshully Her Majesty 260Oakley. But all of you, rilly, are too fonny. And I thank you for that.

  29. CoconutCheez says:

    PEEEEG!! it looks happy and snug 😀

  30. I just put “G-Force” at the top of my Netflix queue. Is this lovely peeg the inspiration for the current female member of the force? Or will she be the villainess of the inevitable (I hope!) sequel? I’ll have to wait for the DVD to find out.

  31. Loff. Da. Peeg!

  32. Obviously the other pocket from http://cuteoverload.com/2010/01/14/tweed-now-with-more-prickly/

    [I may just need to do a morph of these. Hmm. – Ed.]

  33. Great capsheeonneys!

  34. catloveschanel says:

    Well, done Kitty Adventures! And I was wondering the same thing about the detective crossover resriechen.

    What about SHAFT?
    Who’s the peeg that won’t cop out
    When there’s danger all about?
    Right On!
    You can dig it!
    No one understands him but his wooo an

  35. resriechan says:

    @ catloveschanel:

    INDEED I CAN dig it !!!!!

    Peace & grooviness, man.
    Peace & grooviness.

  36. Best :3 face EVER!

  37. Defender of the Furry says:

    Although I admit that is a wonderfully adorable scene, I find I must complain. Most guinea pigs do not enjoy such small quarters. (They also have been known to tinkle.) Nonetheless, far be it from me to tell you how to raise your pig; perhaps he/she enjoys the safety of a pocket. Defender of the Furry, away!

  38. Undercover Peeg! I just love secret agent guineas (ya know, they are so good at peeping out, learning what’s going on, and scampering away…. in search of hay, no doubt)!

  39. Meeting you with a view to a pig
    Face to face in secret places — feel the chill!
    Rayon covers me …
    But you know, the plans I’m making
    Still oversee …
    Could it be the hoodie’s opening wide?

    Ham! into the fire
    That fatal kiss is all we need!
    Ham! into the fire
    To crunchy sounds of melon rinds!
    Ham! into the fire
    Where all we see … is the view to a pig!

  40. Spider Peeg spider peeg
    Sadly she has lost her wig
    She won’t be ready for her spying gig
    With out disguise
    She won’t catch the bad guys
    No she won’t catch the bad guys…….(repeat as we fade out)

  41. That peeg is gonna pee. Sneaky that way.

  42. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    My piggie (we called him pigpig) was so good with kids, they would BEG for me to bring him out. He would happily sit on their laps & enjoy being petted and stroked. The ALWAYS had a towel underneath them tho. It took me ONE time to learn about the whole whoopsie tinkle thing…

  43. Resriechan says:

    *SNERK* (did it OUT LOUD)

    @ L’s Mommeh: “the whole whoopsie tinkle thing”

    Is that phrase copywritten or might I abscond with it, if you don’t need it?

    “WOW !! Now that’s a GREAT turn o’ phrase !!!”

  44. Yes, I too fell under the spell of @ L’s Mommeh: “the whole whoopsie tinkle thing”, just master wordsmithing there. I will use it right after I get back from the ladies’ room!

    @ L’s Mommeh: “the whole whoopsie tinkle thing”

    By the way, it is raining cats and dogs here on the Steppes of Central Connecticut. We are in for 2-3 inches of rain- doesn’t somebody else want/need this more than we do? Arizona or somewhere-come and get it, ok? Although, perhaps we will have bumper crop of maple syrup…hmmmmm… a stickier world in just two months…hmmmm… this could be Connecticut’s big chance to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!! But I doubt it.

    Damp/wet Corgis do not smell good.

  45. Katrina – How is Connecticut pronounced? I’ve heard mostly Con netty cut but it looks to me that it should be Connect ti cut.

  46. Ms. Unnercover Peeg remains holed up in the recesses of her deep, dark hiding place; but she realizes her cover has been blown by the nearby goggie, who has barked incessantly at her for at least half an hour; She realizes she has to make a token comment to the media, who remain anxiously awaiting her impending statement…. Ms. UP pauses, nervously clears her throat and we hear:
    “Weeeeeeek, weeeeeeek, WEEEEEEEEK…………!”

  47. First, my apologies to Arizona, who, I just heard has gotten 5 feet of snow and really doesn’t need my rain. The worst storm they have had in recorded history (I guess that is redundant, isn’t it?)

    Hon Glad- to say it like a true “Nutmegger” (yeah,) is it Conne ticut. with the stress over the soft “e”. We blithely ignore the second “C”. We can do that, it is our “C”. The “i” is very quick and the “cut” is slightly louder with the “t” a quick cut off, before you say the “ta” in a “t”.

    So, Killer did go outside into the Monsoon and waded chest high into a rain-made lake. I couldn’t see her knees and she is looking around like nothing is wrong and then poos and goes deeper into the temporary lake. ACK! She would not listen as I called her in, I went out went into the same *(&*& lake and now she is laying down near me as I drip, drip, drip. Sure the rug is soaking up her rain adventure and my toes are cold! STUBBORN DOGGIES these Corgulas!

    P.S. Don’t walk or wade in my back yard, you won’t like it.

    Cute peeegeeeee!

  48. Whisperpig says:

    Love all the songs.

    Very cute peeg.
    Mine enjoy the smaller spaces for being carried around. I had one decide my sleeve was very comfortable once.