People, if you’ve ever been to Africa, you’ve seen Dik-Diks running around, exuding cuteness of dangerous, deadleh levels. They’re part mini-deer, part partridge, all prosh. THEY GET THEIR NAME FROM THE SOUND THEY MAKE RUNNING FOR COVER OMG!

This lil’ Dude was born at the Chester Zoo recently:

Check this, he’s all: “le snorf”

MORE photos over at Sky News. Thank you for sender-innering, Nick W.



  1. earlybird1 says:

    I used to live in Tanzania! When we went camping we would see Dik-Dik hoofprints around our tents in the morning. The prints were seriously the size of a nickel! squeeeee!

  2. I’ve seen these at zoos! I wonder if African witchdoctors are secretly trying to catch up with the Japanese? HMMMMM. It’s like a pocket-sized deer that makes a silly noise! I LOVE THAT IDEA. :3

  3. Charlotte says:

    She’s so adooorable! DikDikDikDik….. Cuuuute :3 And her fur looks like a bunny’s fur… ❤

  4. OMG, How teeny tiny is that thing??? *gasp* So cute!

  5. So cute it doesn’t even look real, it looks like a cousin of the Jackalope!
    Even my smallest cat is bigger! Cutiest thing evar 🙂

  6. *SPLODE*
    That is the cutest thing EVAR!

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    HOLY CRAP!! Cute!

  8. Thanks, Meg: I didn’t know Dik-Dik’s behind was partridge-like, nor that its name is onomatopoeia!
    Now up there with ehn/plink/dik-dik!
    Love the Dik-Dik’s attempt at hipponotizing its keeper: ‘You are under my power . . . you will give me the turtle’s strawberries . . . and make it snappy, Chester . . .’

  9. PS would love to hear the results of a G-rated British name contest:
    For CO’ers: Redonkulous? Tricky?

  10. Most days I like to think that I’ve seen all the cute animals of the world.
    I am often proved wrong.
    *explodes into cloud of glitter*

  11. bubbyscranky says:

    Had to stifle a squee when I saw this one. Would give anything to hear the dik dik sound.

  12. She was only the vicars daughter but she certainly loved her Dik…… erm Dik.

  13. OMG…. sooooooooooooooo adorable. 🙂


  14. kibblenibble says:

    Hon Glad ♥ You’re funny!

    I also love this dik dik. ☺

  15. That lil’ guy is rockin’ the faux-hawk look!

  16. Andi from NC says:

    The cute….it burns!!!

  17. bookmonstercats says:

    EEEEEK!! I was raised not too far from Chester Zoo, so must hie me ovah thayer to see me some of this cutie.

  18. I actually saw one up close and personal in Tanzania, it’s the Chihuahua of the deer world, beyond cute, as fast as he is cute.

  19. I want one!!!

  20. What the…? How is this level of cuteness even possible?

  21. Heeeere, dikdikdik….come to momma.

    I agree,
    She’s worth a Squee!

  22. This post’s title made me think of the Dink Dink song from Spaceballs.

  23. That thing is Ree-dik-ulous.

    I want a herd for my apartment.

  24. Is the Dik-Dik the one that has fangs? Or is that another tiny, cute little deer? Because I remember at the natural history museum, they had a little deer that had fangs…

  25. I just came here to say dik-dik.

  26. Would you like to see my Dik-Dik?

  27. Brittany F says:

    @Alice I basically love you for the following:: “*explodes into cloud of glitter*”
    That is all.
    All my comments from here on out shall start with Dear Internet, whether they are full of disapproval or not. Mwuahaha. ❤

  28. What we have here is a platypus:

    head of a giraffe
    ears of a rabbit
    fauxhawk of a baby orangutan
    eyeplinks of a lorus
    forelegs from a Barbie doll
    hindlegs of a deer but
    butt of a partridge


    Ergo, elk.

  29. Having frequently seen dik-diks at the San Diego Wild Animal Park when I lived near there, I ended up in the habit of singing (ahem),

    “Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah

    It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough, you know you’re

    Gonna have to face it, you’re a dik-dik in love

    Might as well face it, you’re a dik-dik in love
    Might as well face it, you’re a dik-dik in love
    Might as well face it, you’re a dik-dik in love!”

    [Oh jeez. 😆 – Ed.]

  30. pinkmariposas says:

    ahhhhh, what a lil teenietiny OT-ie pie.
    how adorables is he? Oh who doesn’t want
    a lil DikDik? count me in….LOL

  31. Okay the best video of the Dik Dik I found so far.

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Alice: I too loved the “explodes into a cloud of glitter.” I’ll bet that was really pretty and I hope there were little dik diks running around kicking up little sprays of sunshiny glitter. (under a rainbow in your living room). I also hope you’re okay! 🙂

    dub1: Wow! Cool!

    Also, I wish I had a bunch of these dik diks dik dikking around my backyard. (dik, dik, dik, dik, dik-dik-dikkety-dik-dak).

  33. @ Sara no these are not the fanged deer fangeed deers are called munjac’s

    here is the wikipedia entry for them


  34. goodness, nature DOES provide predators with snack-size treats.
    (But I’ll bet this one’s wicked-fast and hard to catch)

  35. Can I please please please have one?! Please?

  36. Anonymous Coward says:

    wow. just wow.

  37. Folks, these guys even RUN cute! I was hoping the video would show them doing what they do cutest: bouncing across the plains on all four hooves. Sort of boing-boing more than dik-dik…

    I was immensely fortunate to have witnessed this activity firsthand. It was also my first conscious experience of Cute Overload.

  38. Ah yes, a finger. I will sniff it.

  39. Is that a dik-dik in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    skippymom: It’s a dik dik in my pocket. (I stole the one shown here and ran like hell)

  41. Baby and mom dik-dik video here:

  42. Dik-Diks are native to South Africa too! Very cute!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Maryland Zoo?! Huh? whaaaa?! I sometimes go home to Maryland to visit my family. Looks like next time I go, my Aunt will be taking me to the Maryland Zoo…(note to self…bring big purse).

  44. OMG, body of a deer with bunny-like fur! eee, so cute! 🙂

  45. earlybird1 says:

    In reference to essacee’s video link: it says the zoo had to wait to put the baby dik-dik out until it was big enough NOT to fit through the holes in the enclosure and get away! OMG!!

  46. earlybird1 says:

    a behbeh deer that can fit through chain link is DEFINITELY cute!

  47. I wish these were pets. 😦
    They are like a cross between a bunny and a chihuahua.

    You could put it in a holdster or a fancy purse and feed it gourmet strawberries and posh grasses.

    And let is prance around your living room and garden… *imaginiation goes wild*

  48. My cats have been begging me to get them a pet, and I think a dik-dik would do very nicely. They could have great fun chasing it around the house.

  49. @ skippymom sounds like fun!! 🙂

    but I am afraid you will get some nuffers to that post.. >.>

  50. Well, essacee, if anyone thinks I am planning to ACTUALLY acquire a dik-dik, bring it to live in my house, and allow my cats to chase it, all I can say is “Sigh….”

  51. Mouse d'Anon says:

    I did a study abroad Wildlife Education program in Kenya. Saw dik-dik everywhere!

  52. Looks like he’s about to beep her nose. BEEP.

  53. Favoritest. (Wild) Animal. Ever.

  54. To all CO’ers:
    Studies [puts on labcoat and looks over glasses at clipboard] have proven when our brains aren’t puddlified by the Qte, CO’ers are the best and brightest on the Net.
    PLEASE can someone find a sound file with a dik-dik saying ‘dik-dik’? puhlease?
    Couldn’t find it on my Brit-search engine, and even tried [shudder] google, but nary sound files to sound or wav. file to wave. Genus Madoqua if any help.
    Throws down gauntlet, pauses to skritch slow lorus into bliss, awaits proof of posit #1, warms up squeeing muscles, assured of enlightenment.

    [I don’t think they SAY it as much as TAP it. – Ed.]

  55. @nismo I love the faint smile in that pic… Like the dik-dik is thinking: “I know you wanna beep it… i KNOW it… :)”

  56. omgomgOMG! dikdikdikdikDIKDIK! Luff them!
    Luff the uniquely aerodynamical ‘tocks for speeeed and agility too.

  57. That man has willpower made of iron. I would nom nom nom that little face if it came that close to my mouf.

  58. squeeee omigosh, look at that little ‘tock flooff!

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: With tap shoes?! Please say with patten leather, glossy tap shoes? With big pink ribbons tied in bows instead of shoelaces?!

    [Naw. Postal hats, brass buttons, and of course telegraph keys. 😉 – Ed.]

  60. Meg, you’re trying to kill us.

  61. Ha ha, they run around yelling “Dik-dik! Dik-dik!” That’s what’s so special about them. Well, that and being the size of a squirrel.

  62. NO way.
    Want one.

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: *sigh* Sounds good. *buttons brass buttons and puts on hat*

  64. bishkismom says:


  65. Queen of Dork says:

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
    Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
    Silver white winters that melt into springs
    These are a few of my favorite things

    When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When I’m feeling sad
    I simply remember my favorite things
    And then I don’t feel so bad

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    Also: and, here you go. flowers for all!

  67. QofD, thank you for singing us a nice song *applauds*–but I kept waiting for you to insert “dik-dik” into the lyrics. *puzzled look* *wanders off to look at pretty flowers*

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh. sikppymom, I had no dik dik thing to insert. It’s just that the dik dik caused me to feel so happy that I just began to sing. And that song is the one the dik dik inspired in me. 🙂

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. How is Skippy? SamKitty is good. He’s taken over my bed. I hope Skippy isn’t as much of a Lord as my Sam.

  70. OMG I-I CANT EVEN—SO TEENY *splort*

  71. Bexinator says:

    I find it so adorable. =D

    I wonder what it tastes like…

  72. I want this guy’s job!!!!

  73. skippymom says:

    QofD, Skippy is just grand, thank you. He turned 13 last Friday and he is truly in his prime. As far as being “a Lord”, he does an excellent job of making sure the young’uns understand who is number one cat in the house. Anybody who steps out of line gets a swift whack to the nose. (And that includes me.) Skippy sleeps at the top of the bed, next to my head. The others have to stay down at the bottom. If one of them comes up to the top: whack to the nose.
    Hello to SamKitty!

  74. dik dik dik dik!

    quit yer deekin around! ha.

    Adorables. How teeny is his muzzle!

  75. Oh so cute.

  76. It has been said before: Also, I wish I had a bunch of these dik diks dik dikking around my backyard. (dik, dik, dik, dik, dik-dik-dikkety-dik-dak).
    Also, I wish I had a bunch of these dik diks dik dikking around my backyard. (dik, dik, dik, dik, dik-dik-dikkety-dik-dak).Also, I wish I had a bunch of these dik diks dik dikking around my backyard. (dik, dik, dik, dik, dik-dik-dikkety-dik-dak).Also, I wish I had a bunch of these dik diks dik dikking around my backyard. (dik, dik, dik, dik, dik-dik-dikkety-dik-dak).Also, I wish I had a bunch of these dik diks dik dikking around my backyard. (dik, dik, dik, dik, dik-dik-dikkety-dik-dak).

  77. Dearest Queen of Dork,
    Thank you ever so much for the flowers; I especially love Shirley poppies. I save all the flowers from you. Now I have 3 bouquets from you in my QofDFlowers file, to look at when I am feeling low. Here in the San Juan Islands, I have a rather large flower garden, and I love to give bouquets to my neighbors, but you are the only one who has given flowers to me!
    Dik dik,

  78. I have been to Africa, and I have a great picture of the dik-diks. The native tribes of the region call them dik-diks because you only see them in pairs: dik dik. They are the second smallest antelope of the world, and I recommend everyone take a trip to East Africa to see them.
    <a href="http://www.inlovewithcolors.com/2008/03/dik-dik-dik-dik.html&quot; Dik-Dik
    Please visit and remember to donate to preserve our African heritage of the natural world.

  79. God help us all, I never knew such a diminutive deer existed. Fuzzy little partridge butt with mohawk tuft. Of course it would have a qte name! I am truly ded. *thud*

  80. Thought I would fix Bright Skyes link

    here it is


  81. Queen of Dork says:

    slippymom: Thanks! SamKitty is well and sleeping on my bed. I will tell him hi to Skippy.

    Katrina: :)!

    juniper: The San Juan Islands!!!?? Off the coast of Washington?! I know that area and how lovely that you live in such a gorgeous corner of the planet! Orca Whales!!

  82. Queen of Dork says:

    Oops! Skippymom: I didn’t mean to call you slippymom. (he-he) typo.

  83. skippymom says:

    QofD, I don’t mind you calling me slippymom, as long as you don’t call Skippy Slippy!

  84. I saw some of these li’l guys at a zoo in NC- too bad none of the pics came out well enough to send in. So dainty!

  85. fifthsonata says:

    Sky News has a video of it, knobby knees and all – Sky even does a ZOOM of the knobbage!


    Anyone find a video of it making the “dik-dik” sound it’s known for?

  86. Biscuit Tin says:

    *music soars*
    *camera zooms in on me twirling around in my dirndl*

    The plains are alive
    With the sound of “dik-dik”
    “Dik-dik,” he taps out
    With his teensy feet
    My heart wants to sing to the little Dik-Dik
    I’ll grab one and run if ere’ we meet.

  87. I can’t get over those spindly little legs

  88. Queen of Dork says:

    Skippymom: Okay. I won’t call you Slippy Skippy. That’s actually really hard to type.

    Biscuit Tin:

    D: A dik. A female dik.
    I: A thing it calls itself.
    K: For k”ick”, the hooves fly up
    Dik: Can run across my shelf!

    Crap. I don’t know.

  89. well I was looking for more dik dik pics (heh) and I came across their western african cousins apparently. Also very cute, and with stripes! boing boing boing


    hope that worked


  90. resriechan says:

    (@ biscuit tin)

    “Wolf Whistle, very sleeeeeeeeeeeeeazy”

    “Heh bebbe, nice dirndls ya got there!” (winky winky)

    And @ QoD: quite nice little syllibication, chiquita!!!

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh for goodness sake. Now that it’s stuck in everybody’s head…Let’s sing along!!

    Ready? (I’ll start) *plays guitar wearing white apron in the grassy, sun-shiny mountain field*

    Do: a deer, a female deer,
    Re: a drop of golden sun….

  92. resriechan says:

    a name I call myself;

    Fahhr (vergnugen) a long long way to
    gooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo”……

    (hands the baton to the next little blond/ blonde-haired Von Trapp kid)

  93. What. The. Prosh.

  94. QofD
    Thanks for the flowers. I put them on my desktop. I’ll meet you at the zoo and we’ll squee at the dik-diks together.

  95. What other cute animals don’t I know about?! Squeeee~~

  96. Sew…♪♫♪ a needle pulling thread!….♪♫♪

  97. Queen of Dork says:

    So: A needle pulling thread…..

    (Fluffy: You’re more than welcome, dear. *squee*). 🙂

  98. Queen of Dork says:

    Oops! Sorry kittyAdventures. Didn’t see that at first.

    La: A note to follow so…….

  99. Jinx Qof D you owe me a Coke

  100. Tea…♪☺♪ a drink with jam and bread♪♫♪

  101. Queen of Dork says:

    I can’t help myself:

    Ti: a drink with jam and breeeeaaaadddd…..

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap KittyAdventures: (here’s your coke).

    Bring it home:


    Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    Once more… 🙂

    Love you, peeps!

  104. Hey peeps, I think I found a video with the sound of the dik-dik! Check out this Danish(?) clip, and listen carefully (probably best to use headphones). The sound is best heard around 1:08-1:11, and what’s great about it is that it is accompanied by the sweetest nose-twitch evah!!

  105. platedlizard says:


    When I google imaged searched dik-dik I actually found a breeder online offering mother-raised or bottle raised dik-diks! My jaw dropped! (and then I had to remind myself that I didn’t want to get one, my cat would probably beat it up!)

    So yes, you can get them as a pet.

  106. Queen of Dork says:

    I hope this worked.

  107. Peanut's mama says:


    How many other anerable cutie pies are out there that I don’t even know exist?!?!?!

  108. Queen of Dork says:

    Mie: Its nose moves independently from the rest of its body. It’s eyes are plinkable. It eats a leaf as though savoring the most delish of Ceasar salads. It blinks and plinks. It’s small and cute. It comes out of a small door. It’s spindly, delicate and has prosh things growing out of the top of its head. awwwwwwww…Even I am mush in the presence of this cute. *smooshed* *help me* (gasp).

  109. LA LALAL Feeeling Groooooooovy!

    Mwah Qof D Thank you very much the perfect Saturday afternoon song!

  110. Peanut's mama says:

    QofD….whats up w the Simon and Garfunkel link????

  111. Queen of Dork says:

    I just thought it was a nice song for today is all.

  112. Ooops theat was the wrong link

    here is the right one!

  113. Von Zeppelin says:

    Are the musical offerings limited to dik-dik-themed selections from “The Sound of Music?” If not, I was thinking of that ancient Dr. Pepper jingle, ca. 1977:
    I’m a dik-dik, he’s a dik-dik she’s a dik-dik we’re a dik-dik wouldn’t you like to be a dik-dik too?
    Be a dik-dik drink Dr. dik-dik! come on! (x4)

  114. @mie: Mange tak!
    Prehensile nose?!?!??! And shouldn’t every zoo be a ‘Loveparken?’ [insert Barry White music here]. Bow dikdik wow wow.

  115. Queen of Dork says:

    Von Zep: Be a dik-dik, drink Dr. dik-dik!

    By the way, I just picked up my cat (because he told me to) and smelled him. He smells like vanilla?!! WTF??!!

  116. Von Zeppelin says:

    QoD, my semi-greyhound Max frequently smells like Fritos. I am told it is because of corn in the dog food he eats.
    Has your cat, perhaps, been in the kitchen nipping at the vanilla extract? I believe it’s about 35% alcohol. At least he hasn’t been at the Dr. Pepper.

  117. Queen of Dork says:

    kittyadventures: HOLY CRAP! Spindly legs, long necks, nom nom, hooves and things, beautiful little hooves. Are you trying on purpose to keel me?!!

  118. Queen of Dork says:

    Von Zep: There’s absolutely no telling what the heck my SamKitty does when I’m not watching. He probably smokes crack for all I know.

  119. I love that he has Dr Who hair (Dr #10 of course)

  120. I actually believed that this was a deer-partridge cross at first, until I looked it up amongst other sources. What’s with the misinformation? If it were a joke, it wasn’t clear.

  121. OMG! i want!

  122. … 🙂 oohhh… sooooo sweet…!!! Never saw one like that. Thanks!

  123. resriechan says:

    @ Mie (#104):


    #2: How do I obtain zoo membership there and LIVE UNDER THAT WEEPING
    WILLOW TREE!!!???

    Thank you.

  124. Kinda reminds me of that tiny baby fawn that made an appearance a year+ or so ago on CO. Hope this one fares better. :/

  125. Fair amount of disaproval going on in the first picture. a little bit of “oh yeah? Think you can take me down? Bring it, Beatch!”

  126. Queen of Dork says:

    Patito: As usual, your avatar causes me for some reason, to breathe a sigh of happiness and relief. I don’t know why. Something about the duck I guess.

  127. DaytimeDeb says:

    #30 pinkmariposas asks: Oh who doesn’t want a lil DikDik?

    Such a loaded question! I do want a DikDik, and by nature they are little, but I don’t know anybody who really wants a little DikDik. Then again, if all little DikDiks are this cute, then I guess I would say sign me up!

  128. I want to know what makes the Munich Sealion so awesome, SoCal-style (as per the whiteboard behind the dik dik)

  129. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo! Help us! What do you have to say about this all?!

    [What, I’m some kind of Dik Dik authority now? – Ed.]

  130. Jo appears to be observant to the max.

  131. @jo: thanks! Makes much more sense than ‘flella’
    Now I want to know who Loppy and Cruella are . . . and S to the H Oryx?

  132. I want two for my house! They would make fabulous additions to the Christmas arrangements in the front entrance. 😉

    *puts in pocket* TOO CUTE.

  133. OMG I can haz dik-dik??? Offishally ded of qte *klunk*

  134. Lethally cute.

  135. CUTE!!!!!!

  136. Love the notes behind her on the white board: “Munich Sealion – Hella.”
    She’s Hella-cute.

  137. Thanks SO much for posting! I used to live in Kenya and would hear those little creatures when I would go camping! Never got to see one up close, but this little guy is adorable!

  138. I love heem.

  139. Yeah there’s definitely some bunny in there too.

  140. O

    My eyes are blonded by the cuteness

    [I don’t care if that typo was accidentally-on-purpose, it’s still pretty awesome 😆 – Ed.]

  141. OMG!!!
    It’s too adorable isn’t it?? XDD

  142. “explodes in a cloud of glitter”
    my vote for best comment

  143. The eye-to-schnozzle ratio on these things is KILLER! And the flexi grip-tite nose unit is unreal. Must make it easy to find and root out strawberries in the bush…

  144. Here’s another picture from the same story:

    And here’s a picture of the world’s smallest antelope – a Royal Antelope
    [link removed – Ed.]

  145. Um, Johanna, I don’t mean this to be harsh, but that’s a deceased little Royal Antelope. That’s a hunting site and that guy is smiling because he just, um, well — he just killed it. No gentle way to say that. Sorry folks … Best not to look.

    [Got it – Ed.]

  146. OH MY, cutest animal EVER!

  147. You guys are singing the wrong song. You need to sing.
    Where can you see Dik-diks?
    Only in Kenya,
    come to Kenya we’ve got Dik-diks.

    and then it would be the Holy Crap. Dik-Diks! tour.

  148. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww – I will never recover!!!

  149. Queen of Dork says:

    Eliza: Me too. I think I have permanent brain damage from my head exploding. (ouch. that really hurts)

  150. That miniscule nosicle … those wee hooflets …

  151. darkshines says:

    I’m amazed at the lack of dik dik dirty comments, well done folks! I think this is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I have always have always had a soft spot for all thins deer-y, but this guy makes Bambi look like a pile of puke!

    [Wrong post, silly. The puke is elsewhere. 😛 – Ed.]

  152. resriechan says:

    And @ Dash: the part that really slayed me, wuz when that odd little proboscis nosy-thing wiggled like an antennae.
    THAT isn’t sum’in that I standardly associate, with critters who look like Bambi?????
    ——–aka “WT *******”???

    [OK, so I’ve been counting asterisks again, and all I come up with is WTFrances or WTFrogger. 😕 Or maybe WTFinesse? 😉 – Ed.]

  153. I suppose (dik-dik) that if the are native to (dik-dik) Kenya and environs (dik-dik) they wouldn’t (dik-dik) like the (dik-dik) Steppes of Central (dik-dik) Connecticut much dik-dik). So, I will leave them (dik-dik) where they can (dik-dik) flourish and (dik-dik) thrive. So much the (dik-dik) pity.
    But, (dik-dik) if had, say, a house (dik-dik) in some warmer (dik-dik) clime, then, I think (dik-dik) I would raise giant rabbits (dik-dik) and Dik-Diks (dik-dik). About the same size-no the rabbits would (dik-dik) be bigger, oh, I (dik-dik) long to hear those littel (dik-dik) feet (hooveses).

  154. maki มากิ Thailand says:

    so cute>>> (‘.’)/


  155. resriechan says:

    @ Katrina:

    I feel yer pain. REALLY, I DO !!!

    Compassionate with your Dik-Dik Yearning

  156. OH. MY. DOG. This is pure torture. How are we supposed to survive without one of our very own now?!? *keels over*

  157. sunglass girl says:

    OMG THAT LOOKS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT 2 TOUCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  158. resriechan says:

    @ Ed:

    “At this particular juncture in time & space”….actually, your profound analysis skillz…have led ye astray. Your suggested word choices would be lovely.

    However, I’m so befuddled by the Quirky Qteness of the aforesaid Dik-Dik in all its teensy-weensiness, delicacy, & knobby-kneedness….

    that ackshually, I just wanted to avoid the socially imperfect word which is generally contained in the abbrev. “WTF”……and I had (unfortunately) no clever substituted “F” word there.


    I remain, Sir,
    Entirely Impressed by your Dedication to Vocabulary

  159. WTFiddles?

  160. resriechan says:

    (HEY !!! — Light Bulb goes on–)

    Would Fiddlesticks (or Fiddlestix) fit there?

    or WTFiddles works for me, also.

    “Your cherce”, Sir!!!

    (As in the 1952 film “Pat and Mike”, when Spencer Tracy’s character commented, regarding the character played by Katharine Hepburn:

    “There ain’t MUCH meat on ‘er; but what there is, is Cherce!!” )

    (slightly mischevious grin)

  161. Queen of Dork says:

    Say in Beevus and Butthead voice: Hee-hee. Ed said, “puke.” He-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he.

  162. OH MY GAWD!!!!!1


  163. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I was wondering where you were.
    *applies smelling salts to Theresa. Lifts her on to bed, tucks hamster under her chin, hands her a teddy bear and feeds her soup*

  164. Its back half is kind of insect like…

  165. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OMG THATS CUUUTE… would it get along with 4 cats?

  166. Dash, Ed., So very sorry. I was not feeling all that alert after the cute megadose of the dik-dik.

    My apologies to anyone who clicked on that link.

    [Is OK now. – Ed.]

  167. And now I have a New Year’s Resolution!

    It’s to insert the phrase “Munich Sealion Hella” in every conversation I can.

    As in: That’s not just cute! That’s Munich Sealion Hellacute!

    (Seriously! What’s the backstory?)

  168. GothmogDave says:

    Here is a photo of a living Royal Antelope, mentioned above as the world’s smallest antelope, and it really IS adorable!

  169. Queen of Dork says:


  170. *peeks in after DAYS of homework* (I started college @ 38, 2 weeks ago LOL)



  171. darkshines says:

    Ed, you are a cheeky one!

  172. I was reading that the reason for that schnozzle is that they can they can cool themselves off bettah by sorta panting through it. It gets hella hot where they live.

    Those gigantic liquid brown eyes with the long eyelashes!!! *swooooon*

  173. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: How cool for you!!!! I have been missing you and wondering where in the heck you were! I’m so happy for you that you’re enrolled in college and I’m so glad you’re back and to hear from you again! YAY!!! Yay for BRC!!! 🙂

  174. DAVE you’ve got to be kiddingmeeeee!

    PS *snerk* at the person who actually believed that a deer and a partridge got together and made a dik dik 🙂

  175. Good on ya Butta!

  176. Oh, so now I know (dik dik) what was inside of the Ark of the Covenant when that guy (dik dik) in the movie opened it…it was a dik dik (dik dik) and it’s powers of qte made the bad guy asplode.

    Seriously, when I looked at the first pic quick, I thought it was some sort of a Disney animatronic little deer, engineered for maximum qteness.

  177. I met one of these at a kangaroo farm and when you try and pet it blows black goo out of it’s nose on to you..I guess it’s a defense mechinisim.. Careful!

  178. kt- it had to be something-otherwise these things couldn’t make baby Dik-Diks because they would be in peoples’ laps and wouldn’t be able to be free to make little baby Dik-Diks- do they just have one at a time, I wonder? Does it come out of the nose or those huge glands right near the eyesies? They’re entitled, I’m sure you agree.

    Dik-Dik sing along n the forest: I GOTTA BE FREE< I GOTTA BE ME< daring to try, to do it or die– (Big Finish, no, not Big Finnish, he's with the charming house moose) drummmm rolllll I GOT to be MEE——
    Your Friend, K. OOh, here come Killer, I wonder what she wants….

  179. Kristina Noir says:

    Will my ferrets like one as a pet? I should think so1

  180. cassandra says:

    I definitely squeed when I saw this darling little dik dik. on a second note, I wonder what is “hella” about a munich seal?

  181. I have given my request to my husband that I want a Dik-dik.

    OMG TOO CUTE !@#$@#%^#%$&$%T^@#$@#


  182. Von Zeppelin says:

    For your listening pleasure: not quite “dik-dik,” but close:

  183. @ QoD & Paunchie & everybody LOL: Thanks so much *hugs*. I’m going full-time (unemployment has been approved YAY LOL) so I should have my Associates in Social Science in about 18mos – 2 years.
    I’m trying to keep up with these snarky 18-year olds in my classes (bless’em anyway, Lord), so I won’t be on much…I’ll try to peek in with a *squee* or two.

    I MISS CO!!!!! *HUGS*LOVE*

  184. Can we please get a close up of the leetle hooves?!

  185. I think these guys may just be the official deer of CuteOverload. All in favor?

  186. OMG sososososo cute, and read that they mate for life, and will kill themselves if they lose their mate so sad but that just makes them so much cuter…………………

  187. @ Cassandra; I’m pretty sure Hella is a girl’s name, so am guessing they are currently borrowing a female seal from Munich Zoo called Hella.
    Love that nose, it looks a little mousey/elephantine.

  188. I have found my niche-I will take in mourning Dik-Diks, so they will have a reason to live.

  189. Sixth time I return to stare at this. Doesn’t even look like a real animal. It’s like something someone photoshopped to mock my dreams of a perfect little creature – except it’s not. I want to know what that wee little nose feels like when sniffling and snuffling at your cheek, and… and… I really want to pet that tiny mohikan super-cool hairstyle with just the tips of my fingers… and… and, I want tiny little tinywhee kisses from that miniscule little mouthikle… plex?


  190. He is the dearest little deer that ever deared!

  191. Holy shizelle. I am with others in believing this just can’t be real. So this thing is from Africa…..that’s the same place with the lions and hyenas and leopards and cheetahs..and well ,you get the picture. NO ONE BELIEVES THIS MORSEL ON THE HOOF CAN ACTUALLY EXIST!! (I am kidding-good work once more C.O.)

  192. Resriechan says:

    Dash: I second the motion.

    Or are you ready for the actual vote? If so, please register my name.

    Thank you everyone, for playing along today.

  193. Dragonflye says:

    I’m naming my next chihuahua Dik-Dik. It reminds me of my dog.


  194. ButtaRumCake- going back to college, when you look back on it, will be one of the best decisions of your life- congratulations and I am am here for you! YAY!!!!!

    The books are overpriced-look on Amazon or some other discounter for better prices, and, don’t get too exasperated at the 18 year olds when they ask if you are the teacher! I got that all the time, we learned to laugh at it (after I made a couple of friends!) Go BRC! Swat those (overpriced) books you can do eet!

  195. what is a Munich sea lion anyway? aren’t they land locked?

    [It’s like the EU’s version of Rocky Mountain Oysters. Didn’t you know? – Ed.]

  196. Von Zeppelin says:

    Paunchie, you can recognize the Munich sea lions by their Bavarian accents and the large beer steins they hold in their flippers. Prost!

  197. Von Zeppelin- not to mention the handlebar mustaches, of which they are inordinately proud!

  198. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2009-07/03/content_8377085.htm

    why, look what I found! Munich sea lions. From China daily? Go figure.

  199. mie: Why can’t those Danish people be quiet for 2 minutes??? MAHH!

  200. Wow! I remember submitting a Dik-Dik way back in at the dawn of time http://cuteoverload.com/2006/09/08/teacher_voice_s/
    [Ah yes, good point. Tags updated. 🙂 – Ed.]

    So much Dik-Dik research has been going on in the meantime, it’s amazing 🙂 All these videos of nose-schnorfling! That wasn’t available back then, remember how we tried to find those BBC documentaries that have Dik-Diks in them and.. err.. didn’t?


  201. *peeks back in*

    OK – so I totally misread “Munich Sealion Hella” ….. I pronouned it “Myoo-nick (correct) See-leeyon (SOOOOO very wrong!) Hella (correct)”

    It took a whole day for me to realize it said “SEA LION” (two words LOLOL)

    If I can’t read that – how in the name of all that floofy and qte am I gonna pass English Comp?!??! HAHAHAHAHAHA


  202. Coolest. Animal. Ever.

  203. Von Zeppelin says:

    ButtaRumCake, you’ll do great in English Comp. Show those kids how it’s done! Take ’em to school!

  204. I LOVE IT!!! I want to kiss it’s tiny little head.

  205. I would like to take a moment of your time and share this picture I took of a dik-dik in tanzania and I kindly ask you to pay attention to those tiny, tiny antlers. When what is supposed to be a weapon is so tiny, can it become an accessory to cuteness ?

  206. Teri DiBiasi says:

    Where can I get one (or more)??????

  207. Gee, and I thought the adults were cute, but that little baby is just precious!

  208. SO adorable.
    wish my BF looked like that

  209. darkshines says:

    Oh my god, I can’t believe its taken me so long to realise the Reservoir Dogs quote in the photo title. Awesome…

    “I got Toby Chung’s overweight chow in one ear, and Madonna’s tiny dik dik in the other!”………… 😉

  210. oh,
    That’s a rare scene, haven’t met deers like this, other than the spotted deers in the zoos around here in kerala.

    kerala photos

  211. what a cuuuuuuuuuutie!!

  212. he’s so small and fluffy

  213. I feel bad because I saw one of these in the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and I started laughing because it’s butt was all tucked down like it was itchy and he was trying to decide whether or not he wanted to scoot the itch in front of everyone. Then my friend was upset because she thought it was crippled…..oh jeez, they are just naturally itchy-butt-crippled looking though! lol

    [If you were at the Doorly, I think what you saw were Klipspringers. 😉 – Ed.]

  214. hevelyn~~ says:

    i want one *-*

  215. resriechan says:

    Aw jiminy —

    Meg, maybe we should just transform the website. I’m sure that MANY MANY COers will shift from worshipping general Qte Overload, to following a religion of Dik-Dikdom….

  216. so cute! i saw dik diks at the san diego zoo this summer ^-^

  217. I want one to hang out on my desk while I work too!

  218. Thats sooo adorable.. really amazing lil animal!

  219. I’ve been to Ethiopia, and I had a lay over in Kenya, but I didn’t see these adorable little babies!!!! They’re so cute!!! I would let them sit on my chest…. but anyways… maybe next time… I don’t think they have them in Ethiopia, or not that many cuz I was there for 2 weeks and didn’t see any