It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Did you know today is Squirrel Appreciation Day?  Thank goodness we have the Los Angeles Times to tell us about these things!  Anyway, here’s a squirrel you’re sure to appreciate:



  1. Sure. When a SQUIRREL does it, it’s CUTE! But when *I* do it, it’s “weird”.

    It ain’t fair, I tells ya!

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Mr. Grey takes a break from working the swing shift to enjoy a cob salad. And yes, I know these puns are corny.

  3. Redonkulous!!

    260Oakly… groan…. snicker….groan.

  4. MoonCatty says:

    Sqwerlios are the craziest peoples! Hang on little dude… ride the cob! Woooohoooo!

    Every day is Squirrel Appreciation day at my studio window. Those wacky critters race across my roof and hang upside down on the window screens looking in at me with visions of walnuts dancing in their eyes. They know I”m a soft touch for the adorable rodentia… bag of walnuts at the ready… they’ve learned to take ’em from my hand.


  5. Queen of Dork says:

    CrazyNewt: Hmmmmmm. I think I’ll start serving meals to my daughter and myself like that. It looks like a lot more fun that just sitting down to a boring table with boring plates and flatware. I think I’d rather bungy-eat.

  6. Haha such a cute little bungee jumper! I wonder if the corn was set out for squirrels in general or if he’s their pet. If my neighbors had a squirrel pet, I would just die. Unfortunately, all they do have is a cat who likes to harass our dog and poop in our sandbox.

  7. I gotta make me one of those for the yard….

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    YAY SQUIRRELLS!!! I love watching the little reds here. They are so cheeky!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    I got a bit dizzy watching that. The wine didn’t help. 😛

  10. harlemgrrl says:

    working out, ur doin it wrong :: burp ::

  11. Stressfactor says:

    [Yakko, Wakko, and Dot voices]”Boingy-boingy-boingy…”[/Yakko, Wakko and Dot voices]

  12. My friend has one of those and the resulting antics provide hours of kitty entertainment!

  13. that almost makes me wish that I had squirrels running around outside my window…almost. I like my birdfeeder to feed birds, thank you.

  14. kiki willow says:

    I love squirrels. I always say hello to them – they always look like they would say “hi howareya” back if they could. Nutty little squeeballs.

  15. You’ll get no appreciation from me. They’re evil I tells ye evil. Especially when they dig up my flower bulbs or dig through my planters, even though there are no bulbs there.

  16. The neighborhood squirrels mock my cats. It’s deserved, because my cats are pathetic hunters and I have to point out potential prey to them, but it’s still rude.

  17. Bungeeeee Squirrell! 😀

  18. I love squirrels! I had one eat a nut which he took from my hand, while holding my finger. He was so gentle about it, had I not been looking I wouldn’t have known he had wrapped his little paw around my finger. I know, rabies! But really, it was worth the risk.

  19. NINJA WARRIOR (squirrel edition)

  20. resriechan says:

    Why, Robyn T:

    (Note: the following is ENTIRELY meant affectionately NOT mockingly)

    Don’t you know, here @ CO, we don’t rightly cotton, to folk who belittle their felines’ huntin’ abilities ? We know how to contact the Animal Indulgence Society & we ought to report your insensitive description…..

    (But acshually it were right funny-like! I nevah heard no cat person tell that their cat was a pathetic hunter…..never mind, describing squirrels as “rude” !!)

    Best laugh I’ve had in DAYS !!! Thanks for that!!!

    (tee. and also hee.)

  21. I like squirrels. I really like watching them bungee jump. I need to get out more….

    “Chicken Run” – “The bounce has gone out of his bungee”

  22. SO FLUFFY!

  23. @Des
    Forget about the rabies. I have been bitten whilst hand feeding squirrels twice. The first time I called my doctor who sent me to the emergency room (150.00 out to pocket) where they gave me a tetanus shot, but refused to give me a rabies shot because the CDC no longer recommends it for squirrel bites. Apparently the likelihood is phenomenally low. This past summer my husband and I had to go for the rabies series after a bat incident in our bedroom anyway. Canada now refuses to give the shots even for Bat/Bedroom encounters. Give your local emergency room a call just to put yourself at ease. BTW, Doctors around here don’t carry the shots only the hospitals. Or wear gloves when feeding the squirrels.

  24. I have a walnut budget of about 60.00/mo. My neighbors complain to me that the squirrels are digging up their bulbs. I just smile and say nothing because all my bulbs are still in the ground because I am willing to pay the extortion nuts to the local squirrels in exchange to have them “protect” my flower garden. 🙂

  25. AWE! Thats so cute!

  26. squirrelio extortion! ha! love it!

  27. he lobs his corm

  28. Squirrels are vicious!! They ate the face off of my Decepticon jack-o-latern this year 😦

  29. Ah ha ha ha. Still laughing hysterically about Squirrel Fishing. Where would we be without Engineer humor?!! No where, I tell you.

  30. I can’t believe I missed this.

  31. Squirrels are intelligent, acrobatic, fast, and cute. Instead of trying to outsmart us, you should embrace us in all our wonderfulness — not literally that is, as some of us are rather shy and may bite you in surprise. That’s probably what happened to @Violet. Every day should be Squirrel Appreciation Day.

  32. The first time I was bitten by my pet Squirrel, which I raised from a baby, because I wasn’t getting the walnut out of my pocket fast enough and the squirrel was trying to get into my pocket with my hand at the same time. The second time I dropped the nut at the same time as the squirrel was going for it, hence the finger instead of the nut bite. I was the one who was surprised. I am now forbidden to hand feed the squirrels. That doesn’t stop me too much.

  33. You know why I love this site? Because I can come here and find out I’m NOT the only one who talks to squirrels. I LOVE em and keep track of the squirrel soap opera that goes on outside my apartment. Love and war in the animal kingdom if you take the time to notice it.

  34. I want a boingy squirrel in my backyard!

  35. @Violet
    This incident happened probably 17 yrs ago, wasn’t recent. I was just getting in before the OMG, RABIES! crowd. I wasn’t worried – I feed him, I had a good time, I went back to work. Well, going back to work sucked, but…

  36. LOL we sell squngees at the store I work at and people buy these all the time!

  37. It’s nice to know that most people don’t hold it against squirrels when we take a little love nip. We love nuts. We love people. We get excited sometimes and confuse the two and before you know it someone’s screaming “Rabies!”

    I wish someone would buy me a Squngee. It would be good to get a workout while eating. Zero calorie intake that way.

  38. Squirrel Appreciation Day? I guess there is something for every day on the calendar now. When I was growing up, I had an uncle who had semi-tame squirrel on his acreage. They loved peanut butter.

    PS, you missed Penguin Appreciation Day on January 20th.

  39. *Sings* So I’m / A squirrel / And you’re not / How pathetic you are…

    …oh, come on, the guitar part matches the boyoyoinging! THE BOYOYOING!

  40. Boy a cat would go bonkers at that sight.

  41. Shadowtiger says:

    I used to work on campus at the local state university, where we have a massive population of generally-not-worried-about-humans gray squirrels. Several of the ladies who work in our building feed them peanuts and such, and so now they assume anyone coming out of the building with something in their hand, even cellular phones or tools, must be here to feed them. I’ve had one climb onto my foot and peer searchingly into my face while I sat on a bench talking reading a book, cheeky little fellow that he was. Some have even entered the building through the automatic doors and entered the tech labs or offices in search of something munchable, although their standing turf-war with the rats means they’re committing a mafia-style act of defiance.

    As for their disease-carrying-vermin rep, they don’t usually carry rabies anymore, although the odds of a hantavirus are high. Here, we have to worry more about their fleas–a couple of years back, someone actually died from misdiagnosed bubonic plague because of a flea bite from a squirrel.

  42. Shadow tiger at Sacramento State University in California they will wrestle you for your Oreo cookies.

  43. Skwirls are amazingly qte and clean like kittehs!!! I’ve had several orphans I’ve raised and they are amazingly sweet, lovable, playful, intelligent and adorable. I miss my Filbert T. Squirrel… he was the sweetest gentlest sqwirl you’d ever want to meet. I would give him some fruit and he would wait to see if my fingers were out of reach of his wittle mouf before he ate. One time I gave him a peanut, then tried to snatch it back…. he grabbed my finger and held it between his front teefs, as if to say, “You know, I could REAAAAALY hurt you”… so I apologized and never did that again. I still miss my lil Filbert.

  44. Oh, and I forgot to say: A veterinarian once told me that the incidence of rabies among squirrels is practically nil; a bite bad enough to inflict rabies would outright kill the lil guy.

  45. cattiekit says:

    We got no sqwerls around here. Me thinks the local yokelry has eated them all. :>{

  46. Weeeeee!

  47. @Debbe — I completely understand about missing ones squirrel. I was just wondering if you or anyone else here has managed to house break a squirrel? I have seen Youtube vids in which a house squirrel is running around with cats on a gray shag rug. In my head I am thinking, ‘whew either they are shampooing their rug every day, or not.’

  48. @violet: Actually, squirrels in my experience are like cats, in that they have a preferred corner of the cage to do their business in. In all the times I had Filbert and his cousins out and running around I don’t remember them pooping randomly. Anyway, they make little pellets like rabbits, so it’s not a big deal. (At least not for me, as I don’t squeam easily.) I never had one squat and pee while out; I really think they wait till they get to their fave spot.

  49. I had a pet squirel years ago. He was paralyzed from the waist down after falling out of tree, so I made him an teeny-tiny wheelchair. As far as housebreaking, we kept a shoe box full of papertowels on the floor, and he would always use that. I don’t think he ever pooped on the floor? I miss the little fella.

  50. Thanks for the housebreaking advice, Debbe and Valerie. I was more worried about the peeing as I had been peed on a couple of times when my squirrel was already weaned. It however never happened to me when she lived outside. Now that I put a bowl of walnuts out every morning, the squirrels sit on the grill for a better vantage point when eating and they are peeing on the grill and the astro turf on the porch, but they don’t poop there. Last year they were peeing in a towel that lined a basket were I was leaving some peanuts for them, which really surprised me. The back porch smells like a barn right now. I know, some of you think I am crazy.

  51. resriechan says:

    Valerie: Have you rec’d your Nobel Prize for wonderfulness yet, for

    OMG I’ve NEVER done anything that would even approach your awesomeness.
    All Hail Valerie.


  52. Apparently, no one listens to me. Squirrels are evil– EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  53. Squirrel appreciation day? Then, here’s a photo of a very fat Squirrel for you

    Fat Squirrel in Battersea Park

  54. Darren- niiiiiiiiiice.

    J.Bo – only some are evil-most are decent critters just doing their jobs, like everyone else.

    All Hail Valerie.