A Quick Fire Challenge Has Never Been So Adorable

She was an unlikely candidate, but they couldn’t deny that she knew her stuff. Before you could blink, she’d find a perfectly ripe tomato and combine it with the freshest mushrooms to create the most delicious dish you’ve ever tasted.

Yes, Colicchio was impressed; little Marinhare-a was a true Top Chef.

I bet she makes a great cannoli, Carolina H.



  1. metsakins says:


  2. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Oh, the bright, beady eye in the second photo!! We need a “bunhance”, plz?

  3. ZOMG, how many rules of cuteness is this? Tiny body, big head! Animal+food! Everyday item makes you look tiny!

  4. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    That’s the biggest, furriest picnic-crashing ant I’ve ever seen!

  5. Pat Trenner says:

    “You gonna eat that? Gonna eat that? I’ll eat that.” [soft kronsche]

  6. Awww!

  7. Itty bitty baby bun bun!! He/she is welcome at my table any time. Squeeeee!

  8. 260Oakely says:

    Every party has a pooper.

  9. I’d like to find one of those in my pic-a-nic basket.

  10. That is my favorite kind of bunny! Too cute!!

  11. oh, great … now i’m diabetic

  12. 260Oakely says:

    I hate it when Bugs gets in my food.

  13. Picnic party crasher… LOL

    so a pet or a wild bunny? must be a pet wild bunnies are not so bold!

  14. I was wondering that too! Looks like wild bun, but who knows! Any back story on this?

  15. Leave the bun, take the cannoli.

  16. gurgle…gurgle….*drowned in the cute bunny’s picture*

  17. I too wondered was it a wild’un, it looks like the wabbit on the cover of Watership Down.
    The fusilli looks nice, but the jar of Nutella in the background of the first picture, made me gag.

  18. Wabbit eating tomatoes and pasta… cutey yumminess

  19. baby bunnies, doing anything, are TOOCUTE!

  20. I want to squeal because he so cute.

    Looks like a fun bunny picnic. Love how hes going for the pasta over the mushrooms. I want one. 🙂

  21. Hover text wins again!

  22. Omg… this was the loudest squee in a while. Thank you, Prongs!

  23. Love it! Love it! *squee* 😀

  24. WHAT is that furry swine doing?

    I bet it pooze everywhere too!

  25. Sorcha the cat says:

    I need to share…the frogs are back!

    Here in Central Florida, the days of freezing weather silenced the frogs in my garden. I was afraid it was forever! But last night there were a couple singing! Makes me happy!

    We have the usual bumpy brown frogs, but also green tree froggies that cling to the side fo the house. They are smooth and BRIGHT green with really cool white racing stripes. When they come back, I”ll be even happier.

    Think warm thoughts.

  26. * hyperventilates and passes out from the extreme cuteness *

  27. Is it possible that this is a rescued wild bunny babie?

  28. adorable.

    see in the background – she even brought the nutella for later! yumyum

  29. Nutella rules. I love it on toast. Plus, it inspired the world-changing plumpynut.

    However, what are you doing with that mound of mushrooms? Having hobbits over or something?

  30. That bunny is adorable! I too wonder if it is wild or a pet. Any backstory?

    And Nutella is manna of the gods, period. I could live on it.

  31. Okay… THAT’s cute. 🙂

  32. This is definitely high on my squee list! 🙂 🙂

    However, I must be a bunny party pooper and mention one thing: Tomatoes are poisonous to rabbits (and cats and dogs too)! Please harm no more bunnies with tomatoes. 😦

  33. Yer Killin’ me Lillith !!!

    @Sorcha : I’m sending all the warm thoughts I can come up with ! I LOVE those little frogs ! Especially in the morning after a hurricane when you find them between the window & the storm shutters looking back at you like “WOHA! did you feel that ?”
    Hope they share the warmth with the little Anoles !

  34. That is probably the largest plate of mushrooms and the smallest bunny I’ve ever seen!

    And tomatoes aren’t really poisonous for rabbits (cats and dogs is a different story). They just can’t consume more than 2 ounces at a time due to the high fiber content. The leaves, on the other hand, are HIGHLY toxic to bunnies. The more you know.

  35. OMG these people were attacked by a random adorable baby bun while on a picnic? Where oh where do these things happen?

  36. I’m pretty sure that I posted the wrong link that says up to 2 ounces of the tomato is okay.
    Oh well. Google isn’t hard to use. LOL

  37. another learning experience for me. i just wiki’d nutella.
    last week rasputin, this week nutella…
    i love this site.

  38. BabyOpossum says:

    All those mushrooms can only mean there is a huge pack of badgers just out of the frame.

  39. StormCat42 says:

    Ok, I’m hurt… I just went and checked in my Transformer lunchbox and there was NO Bunneh in there… I want my money back! I bought a perfectly good lunchbox, but it didn’t come with the Bunneh!! *sniffle*

  40. I think that I’m going to explode from all the cuteness of this post!!!!!

  41. tomato leaves are highly toxic to everyone I think. I remember stories of assassins slipping them into salads to cause heart attacks.

  42. wow ceejoe, a life without nutella…!

  43. You gonna eat all that?

  44. Tomato *leaves* are poisonous to rabbits. And pretty much everyone. They’re part of the “nightshade” family, after all. Tomatoes themselves are safe, although they’re not really part of a nutritious bunny diet.

  45. hi everybody!!!
    in fact, Pelusa it is a rescued wild bunny babie, and his favorite meal it’s “saute mushrooms”…..and he is from Chile!
    Thanks for all the post!!!
    Carolina H.-

  46. I thnk that’s a wild bun. I’ve had bitty babies like that appoach me if I’ve sat very, very still. I even had an adult one walk right up to me in apark once and sniff my shoe! I always tell them that although I am the Bunny Mom, not all humans are like me, and it’s best to stay away from strangers. I hope they take that message to heart 🙂

    Tiberia, mother of the long-eared ones

  47. A little tomato at a time is ok – it’s the leaves that are bad. They are a bit sugary for buns though – but an adult one can have the occasional cherry tomato. My bun loves them.

  48. Ah, well, never mind – Carolina explained it all 🙂

  49. Kar, that’s what I wondered. Who brings a pound of raw mushrooms on a picnic? Oh well, to each their own.

  50. The leaves are the worst, but most rabbits cannot digest the skin of tomato fruits. They could choke or their intestines could clog. Tomatoes are also not nutritious for the rabbit, so it is best to avoid them altogether. Any part of a tomato is poisonous to dogs and cats. It is from the nightshade family, and nightshade is a particularly powerful poison! I would rather err on the safe side with my bunneh girl. Besides, there are so many other tasty tidbits she can have. 🙂

  51. Hurrah for Top Chef ref. I’m in the throes of withdrawal at the moment.
    (Marinhare-a. Har!)

  52. Colonel Jenna says:

    Please give documentation of ordinary tomatoes being poisonous to dogs and cats. [Oh please let’s not. 🙄 – Ed.] I have never heard that, and our dogs happily eat tomato products (pizza, spagetti, ketchup, chili) as well as delicately plucking cherry tomatoes off the vine when I wasn’t supposed to be looking. Not to mention using green tomatoes as balls.

  53. If the size of the picture allows, I would LOVE a bun-hance of the last picture!!!

  54. Melissa- This past summer my mom’s german shepard got loose in her garden and ate and destoyed almost all of her tomatoes.. Probably about 50 or more even more.. He is perfectly fine…. So I don’t think you are correct in stating they are poisionous to dogs…

    [It is true that they’re in the nightshade family, even though they’re not exactly deadly. – Ed.]

  55. “the jar of Nutella in the background of the first picture, made me gag.”
    Them’s fightin’ words!
    Chocolate + hazelnut = awesome sauce!

    [Especially over vanilla-bean ice cream. – Ed.]

  56. One Google search and it’s found: http://lacetoleather.com/fataltodogs.html 🙂
    I try to approach things like this with caution is all.

    […”Lace to Leather”? 😕 – Ed.]

  57. I love the last pic! But should a bunny be eating pasta? 😀

  58. You can’t beat a lunch date with a cute little rabbit.

  59. Eating overly watery or starchy food leads to stasis in rabbits and can shut down their rudimentary digestive system in a matter of hours. Do not ever give rabbits complex carbohydrates such as bread or noodles.
    Here is documentation found on the House Rabbit Society’s website. Cute animals are healthy animals.

  60. DaChickenLady says:



    Someone may also need to contact Iams, then, to tell them to stop using tomatoes in some of their dog food.


  61. I think everything is fine in moderation. I don’t believe the bun is going to be eating the whole plate of tomatoes/pasta. A little nibble here, a little nibble there… happy bun!

  62. Bunnies like tamaters? Badgers like mushrooms?

    I miss Top Chef. Stupid Comcast pulled Bravo right before the finals last time!! Grr.

  63. Give to me your leather, take from me my lace.

  64. *runs off with the plate of mushrooms*
    *turns back*
    *grabs bun*
    *dashes into sunset*

  65. Who in their right mind doesn’t love a cute, fluffy little bunny like this?!

  66. AuntieMame says:

    A cute bunneh and home grown tomaters. Om nom nom nom! (And the mushrooms, too. Mmmm….) (Not sure about the nutella, tho.)

  67. Today I saw a video of a bunny eating an instruction manual from Ikea. Do they eat anything?

  68. This may be the cutest set of pictures in the history of the world. [sigh]

  69. Beth (in NC) says:

    I. LOVE. THIS. PICTURE!!!!!!!! I melted. And he’s a Chilean bunneh!

    My rabbit Mr. Tawny McCalastair and I share cilantro sometimes. Otherwise, he is not interested in what I am eating. Weirdly, he picks up catnip toys and runs through the room with them like they are gold. I have to grab em up before he tries to eat the fabric!

  70. I had never heard of this “Plumpynut.” Should we send some to Haiti??

  71. oh crud. bad HTML Amy, but the link still works.

    [Fixed it. Remember to close your tags, and the “title” attribute is for hovertext. – Ed.]

  72. Ah, thanks. I really thought I closed my tag 🙂 And I never knew how to do hover text before. Perhaps I shall call you Code Overload 🙂

  73. Oh, IKEA instruction manuals are gourmet for bunnnies! I don’t know why, but Pepper simply adores mine.

    Of course at the moment she is even more disapproving than usual – she’s going through a big moult and she always gets moody then. (Pre-Moulting Syndrome?)

    Not sure if it’s itchy, if it’s the hormones that cause the shed, or if she just knows she looks pretty doofy at the moment.

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    Adorable bunny but I have a question: What the heck is Nutella? I’ve never had it. Is it a form of peanut butter? Okay. That was two questions. oops. 🙂

  75. That bunny must be a lover of Italian cuisine……pasta…tomatoes…all he needs now is a glass of fine red wine and he will be calling himself Flavio in no time!

  76. AuntieMame says:

    It’s like peanut butter, QoD, but it’s made with hazelnuts, instead of peanuts.

    I’ve never actually tried it, but I’m not a big hazelnut fan to start with.

  77. Nutella is like hazelnut paste mixed with a smooth chocolate. Some people can’t even tell that it’s hazelnut, they can taste the chocolate which is the stronger flavor.

  78. Queen of Dork says:

    AuntieMame: Hmmmmmmm. Not sure about that. Maybe it would taste good spread on the bun’s ear for kronching, though.

    (kidding. I would not eat the bun’s Nutella spread ear. Maybe spread with hummus though…)

  79. @ Carolina H.- Thank you so much for rescuing that little baby bun and giving him his most favorite of all meals!!! =)

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    Kar: Yech. That sounds even worse. But then again I’m a bit weird. People at work teased me one time because I said that the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory caused me to crave not chocolate, but cabbage. I like chocolate but mixed with hazelnuts in a spread? To spread on what?

  81. QoD: I know people who eat Nutella out of the jar, so I’m no help about what to spread it on. One of my friends said it was like one of those Ferrero Rocher chocolates without the crunch (chocolate-covered hazelnuts in a chocolate-and-hazelnut-covered shell)

  82. Queen of Dork says:

    Tindi: Oh. Well, I guess that might taste good spread on Lorna Doone cookies. 🙂

  83. QofD, Nutella was created in Italy (where hazelnuts are abundant) during WWII and because cocoa was so limited, they added hazelnuts to extend the chocolate. It’s actually way more popular in Europe than peanut butter is here in the States. It is seriously delicious with bananas and ice cream, or put a dollop of it inside a crepe…it is really yummy.

  84. i could just eat nutella spread on a bread for the whole day and be happy. 🙂
    it’s the hazelnut paste that makes it really yummy. seriously. my bunny will always join me when i’m having my cereals. she’ll always go ga-ga upon hearing the sound of the cereals being poured into the empty bowl.

  85. I have to wonder about my way of thinking when the first thought that occurred to me upon seeing these pictures was, “I wonder how many people have pet rabbits named ‘Hasenpfeffer’?”

  86. “I bet she makes a great cannoli, Carolina H.”

    I find it grossly offensive that you would suggest this cute little bunny should be made into a cannoli!

    [Om nom nom. 😛 – Ed.]

  87. bookmonstercats says:

    Bun has cool black eyeliner and silver eyeshadow round it in the top picture. I’m jealous. Whenever I try to do fancy eye make up, I end up looking like a cross between a clown and a zombie.

  88. My bunny Wednesday LOVES tomatoes and pasta! I’m glad to know tomato-lovin’ is more common amongst Bun Nation!

  89. Holy crap is that a wild Bun?! Kudos for that magic trick, to get her that close!

  90. Bun-atouille! Although I don’t think pasta is in Ratatouille. But maybe in Bunatouille.

  91. Pasta is obviously a no-no for food for rabbits. Hope that folks don’t think what they are allowing this baby rabbit to eat is the proper food to feed a rabbit.

  92. I thought rabbits were not supposed to eat acidic things because it destroys the enzymes in their stomachs needed for digesting their proper foods.

  93. Rabbits tend not to like most acidic foods regardless. Try offering a bun a lemon- EUGH, they say.

    My buns have happily eaten tomatoes before (all three of them), since they were quite small in fact. So I can attest that tomatoes (in small doses) are quite safe for bunbuns. 🙂

    And I’m positive that a tiny nibble of pasta will not harm a bun. My buns have been known to steal a nibble of Twizzler occasionally (which is a type of strawberry licorice) or a nibble of candy cane with no harm or foul done to them. 😉