The Eternal Struggle of Anteater vs. Domino

Our friends the Japanese test a new version of the domino theory:  Which animal will walk through the dominoes without knocking them over?  Will it be the turkey?  The pig?  The coconut/armadillo Transformer?  Click play for the surprising answer!


  1. DaytimeDeb says:

    OK, the Japanese once dominated the electronics industry. Now they are totally dominating the game show industry. Not sure what that says about the future of the world’s economy, but I personally can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  2. DaytimeDeb says:

    I was so excited I forgot to add… since we saw the tortoise, I would have loved to see the hare. Or would the bunny disapprove much to much to participate, much like our sleepy friend?

    Oh, and the Transformers description: Brilliant.

  3. Seriously… Japan is the weirdest country ever, but this had me cracking up!


  5. This is the best show ever.

  6. Best game show idea ever.

    Poor pig, big nose always getting in the way.

  7. temperance says:

    OMG! i was totally holding my breath the whole time mister armadillo was walking to his reward– i can’t believe how exciting that was for me…

  8. Why don’t we have shows like this? I would watch all the time!

  9. resriechan says:

    * While the arma. certainly DID obtain the prize, I believe that he/she MIGHT need a little instruction in maintaining center of the road….or perhaps a Blood Alcohol Level test…

    and IMHO, while the Jap’s (can we use that abbreviation now, if there’s nothing derogatory in the sentence?) certainly DO know how to do clever/cute/quirky …..I cannot QUITE admit to putting this as winning Game Show of All Time competition w/ perhaps Chuck Barris & the Gong Show or Match Game….good contender, this episode was fun, certainly, but on the continuously rewarding scale?…..

    IMHO, as I say.
    Peace & Quirkiness to All

  10. We’re stuck with shows like Jersey Shore and Biggest Loser but the Japanese get this!?! I know where I’m moving after college.

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG that was too much! I knew armadillos “curl up” but I didn’t realize they actually form an amazingly round ball (rather than an amorphous blob, like I do when I “curl up”). You could totally mistake him/her for a coconut. And then she was so gently and careful walking down the path, sniffing the dominoes (“no, that’s not food .. hmmm”) and so on! Armadillo FTW !!
    And who knows what kind of tortoise that was with the ruffly collar kind of things on its shell around the neck? Very interesting!!


    That’s a guinea hen, not a turkey, btw.

  13. That armadillo reminded me of the thing from Cloverfield! lol

  14. That anteater was high as a kite.

    [Um... right. Uptight and outta sight. :roll: - Ed.]

  15. “coconut/armadillo Transformer”, rofl!

  16. I was not expecting the armadillo to unroll like that! I actually shouted “Oh my god!” in the office when it happened. Good thing they know I’m a nut. :)

  17. Fantastical. I guess unlike a bull, you can take a coconut/armadillo Transformer into a china shop. What? And a Japanese game show. What, what?

    And Temperance, I too was holding my breath.

  18. The tortoise had an unfair disadvantage, but add me to the list of people holding their breath for the armadillo!

  19. Of all the bizarre Japanese inventions I’ve seen where you wonder what zoo in hell lent their animals, that was certainly one of them.

  20. peachfish says:

    That armadilla looked like it came form another planet. I mean they all look funny, but that one looked really, really funny.

  21. peachfish says:

    And I really think the tortoise would have done fine if he had had as much room on either side of him as the armadillo did, he was just too big for the maze!

  22. It actually looks to be a pangolin, not an anteater (though I’m no expert). but I love how daintily it carried itself through the course. It looks like it’s walking on tip-toes – cuuute!

  23. i agree with peachfish. the tortoise was doomed from the beginning.

  24. Well, actually, a pangolin is a type of anteater. so now I’m just being misleading.

    *exits quietly*

  25. shahinrani says:

    The sleeping anteater is one of the most hilariously anticlimactic things ever. I also love the replay of the tortoise, in case it went too fast for the viewer the first time, I guess.

  26. Johanna S. says:

    Tori – it’s a Brazilian three-banded armadillo!

    (The sleepy anteater was a tamandua.)

    And actually, though armadillos and anteaters are related (both in the Superorder Xenarthra), pangolins, though called spiny anteaters, have a Superorder all their own – they aren’t really related to anteaters & armadillos any more than we are =)

  27. Soooo many things here. First of all, the hovertext SLAYED me! LOL NTMTOM! Second, did anyone else notice that the sleepy anteater was actually drooling?! Third, the way the little armadillo tiptoed along and then bowed down before the dominoes at the very end was just plain adorable.

  28. resriechan says:

    Tori, wait !! Come Back!! — Y’know, if you didn’t *KNOW* the name of the animal was the P-name, then you *weren’t* being misleading, …!!!!

  29. This video made me officially give up on ever understanding the Japanese. From here on out, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  30. Gotta love those crazy Japanese :) How fun.

  31. AlbertaGirl says:

    What got me was the victory music at the end as they replayed the armadillo/pangolin’s triumphant progress through the dominos.

  32. I agree Mario, this would be much more entertaining than “reality TV”.

  33. Aieee! Godarmazilla!

  34. certified cutologist says:

    Yeah armadillo! Yatta!

  35. Once again, the Japanese are kicking our asses in cuteness!

    @Katiedid, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought “Cloverfield” when I saw the ‘dillo…

  36. @ Mary (the first) — the tortoise is a Sulcata tortoise. We have 7 of them and a website devoted to caring for them. The largest is 60 pounds, the smallest about 5 pounds. Eating, pooping machines, each and every one of them.

    I’m surprised the tortoise didn’t try to eat the dominoes. Our guys will closely investigate anything orange, yellow, or red in case it happens to be food.

  37. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    A few things crossed my mind while I watched this:
    1) That’s one of the coolest and zaniest game shows I’ve ever seen.
    2) Apparently Japanese animals dream in Zs, too. Sleep has officially surpassed love as the international language.
    3) Setting up all those dominoes would be the suckiest job on the planet.
    4) That armadillo should be named Ginger, since that’s how she walks.
    5) MAZAR TOV!

  38. the winner looks most like a southern three-banded armadillo, although I initially thought pangolin as well. looks like a good bit of difference between the three-banded and the nine-banded (which are like pigeons here in texas). maybe it’s some kind of japanese hybrid! at any rate, loved its dainty feet!

  39. Oh wow, I cannot get over the dainty leetle steps! That ‘dillo totally has the “tp tp tp” sound effect going on!

  40. Anyone know what the animal at 1:57 is? I must know!

  41. Oh My Goodness i was holding my breath the whole time… that was so funny and cute and adorable all rolled up into one!

  42. @ Lhyzz: Thank you! You beat me to it.
    @ Lisa, that would be a coatimundi. Native to Mexico and points south. Rarely seen in AZ an NM.
    Love the armadillo’s spock ears!!

  43. i now want an armadillo, but i fear that my cats would bat it around the house when i wasn’t home….

  44. RoseCampion says:

    that’s not a coconut armadillo transformer. It’s an all natural Bakugan.

  45. Peanut's mama says:


    That freakin killed me!!!!!

    I totally agree….we get #$*&^ reality TV and Japs get stuff like THIS?!?!?!

  46. Oh god. That was the BEST. THE BEST EVER.

  47. Mike, you identified with Calvin as a small child, didn’t you?

  48. Noconflicts says:

    I give the anteater and the armadillo the HIGHEST scores! The anteater for being cautious (“I’m not moving until I know what those things are!”), and the armadillo for agility (“I may be rotund, but I’m nimble!”).

    The Japanese are just nuts.

  49. Amazing. I, too, held my breath when the armadillo was going through the course. And the anteater drool! LOL!!!

  50. I felt sad for the anteater. I was concerned he was scared, too scared to move. Hopefully he was just sleeping.

    That armadillo was delightfully dainty.

  51. A. Non Ymous says:

    @resriechan: No, you cannot use that term without being offensive.

    [Yeah, and I'm not trying to stomp on anybody specifically, really, but... just don't. - Ed.]

  52. Japanese game shows are THE silliest, most hilarious game shows on the planet!

  53. Queen of Dork says:

    Whoa. I think I may have dreams tonight about armadillo front feets.

  54. wow. that was exciting.

    i didn’t realize armadillos were such dainty walkers!

  55. I never realized quite what an odd creature the armadillo is.

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    arbed: Yeah. I agree. The front feets…the front feets…the front feets…the perfect rolled up spherical thing. The front feets….

  57. The armadillo likes to live on the edge.

  58. you know that twinkly cartoon sound when fred flintstone would get up on his tippy toes when he was bowling? i heard that when that armadillo started walking around.

  59. That isn’t a turkey. It’s a Helmeted Guinea Fowl.

  60. YESSS ARMADILLO! He’s so adorably careful. “sniff sniff… hmm, dominoes”

    Sleeping anteater was the best.


    Epic. He was like a ninja out there… Just tiptoed through the dominos.

  62. Yes, Japan has weird things..i understand, but we can crack you guys up with awsome TV shows like this!! and our star MARU!! .Also please check

  63. The armadillo got two moments of triumph… we can’t forget when he conquered his fears enough to become a non-coconut!

    My internet decided to buffer the video when he was MILLIMETERS from the goal line, too. THE SHUSPENSH!

  64. kibblenibble says:

    Where to begin…? There is so much to love and/or be amused by:

    Anteater’s teeny eye capsules going bleenk-bleenk.

    Armadillo making such a dramatic entrance, and then eventually giving such a suspenceful “performance.”

    Hearing something that sounded like “No! No! No!” as animals came close to knocking down the dominoes, as well as something that sounded like “Congratulations” at the end. (Was this really what I heard?)

    Such fun! ☺

  65. Dudes, Japanese variety shows – not game shows. They always have these odd silly segments on, including shaming celebrities, but they’re not game shows.

    And…congrajurations, armadillo-san! Your anteater competitor is probably still sleeping in the cage.

  66. That tortoise was like Gojira stomping downtown Tokyo.

  67. omg! That was just too adorable!!! such teeny tiny feet! and I love Japanese game shows. So cool.

    @ Yuko: adorable!!! I had to save that in favorites. :D Thank you for the link!

  68. I’m disappointed that Maru didn’t get a chance to run the course…

  69. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Love the sleepy anteater!

    Love the wacky japanese, too… :)

  70. Frank–Maru would have taken a running start… and slid back into the box enclosure.

  71. Juhmberlee says:

    NOT A TURKEY. That’s a guinea hen.


  72. sleeping critter = anteater, specifically a tamandua
    domino maze grand master = three banded armadillo

    also: pangolin =/= spiny anteater AKA echidna

  73. Anteaters are so awesome, I was totally hoping it would win :/

    Though Armadillos are super-neat as well.

  74. The Anteater gets my vote “I refuse to get involved in this farago of frenetic disport”

  75. The japanese sure know how to produce quality TV shows… :-D

  76. Someone should show the Bulldog pup this armadillo getting on its feet

  77. Pedant time!
    In past time Guinea fowl were known in Europe as “Turkey fowl” because they were imported through the Ottoman Empire. When they saw N American Turkeys they thought it was a similar bird.

    So calling it a Turkey is not truly incorrect, merely anachronistic.

  78. That was AWESOME, even though the armadillo reminded me uncomfortably of a giant roach.

  79. The video was fantastic and so were the comments! What a clever, knowlegeable, observant and kindly audience!

  80. not a turkey (jeeeez) thats a guinea hen

  81. I”M-Oh, look, a squirrel-go get it boy(girl) go on, go get it!1 Run, run, run! That’s it — up the tree-go on! Good I”M.

    Each animal has a distinct personality! Love each and every one!

    Threadjack: the orchestra played for the local MLK event on Monday YAY! It went very well and we’re gaining some great publicity!! Thank you for your time and attention.

    Have a great day Peeps, I’m off to the Dentist-hey, I”M, wanna come along?

  82. I LOVE the Japanese, this one of the many reasons why. The anteater being asleep made my day.

  83. Who thinks up this stuff?????

  84. *quietly delurks for a moment*

    I enjoy and appreciate the hard work of the entire CO staff. Thank you.

    *slips back into corner*

  85. *pokes head out again*

    In case I wasn’t clear: The whole CO staff makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis.

    *Ok, no use lurking now. I guess I’ll go see if there’s coffee in the snickering lounge.*

  86. I like all the posters on this blog (though NTMTOM is my favorote), but if there were one I didn’t like, I would be fully capable of skipping over that person’s posts because, y’know, they all have bylines. Which come at the tops of the posts.

  87. Sandshrew wins c:

  88. I”H = Troll.

  89. This thread is just so full of win-I’ve learned more from this than from any three Wild Kingdom’s- my apologies to Jim and Marlin, it is just the wide range of animals and our wide-ranging area of Peepspertise. I’m thinking smelling salts in the Snickering Lounge might be a good idea.
    Now, I know of professional nuffer when I read one, so no, I won’t take the bait.
    Please don’t take it, anyone, ok? I know that is Theo’s usual job, to disenfranchise the nuffer of the hour, but well, I’m just askin’. The Dentist office was, fine, I have one cavity and I’m electing the next nuffer to stand in for me.

    BUT why are “Start” and “Goal” in English? Hmmmmmm…and he does say ‘congratulations’ at the end. “Is a puzzlement”…yes, that was fictional Siam, but it is puzzzzzling, nonetheless.

    Have a wonderful day, my fellow Peeps!

  90. Blueskies says:

    I expected the armadillo to break out in dance because it was so deliberate in its steps!

    Resriechan: Your term for the Japanese is very offensive.

  91. @ Esri Rose – the armadillo reminded me of a bug too. We called them ball worms but I’ve heard them called pill bugs too. The crazy thing seemed to be made up of left over parts that were laying around – and mostly bug parts! But little dillo was still cute and I was holding my breath too, wondering if little dillo would make it all the way to the end.

  92. I’m sure it’s already been said, but that’s not a turkey. It’s a guinea. They’re actually kind of aggressive. At least the ones my husband’s parents own.

    Anywho… gotta love this show. They sure know how to bring the cute!

  93. Katrina Start and Goal and Congradulations may not have an equivalent word in the Japanese language…
    Or because of television many words now cross all language barriers. I learned all about this in spanish class for example words like Photograph. Especially if it is newer technology live CD’s and DVD’s and Computers.

  94. That was hilarious, even though I don’t speak Japanese. My first time seeing a coconut armadillo. I wouldn’t want to see that on my pillow when I woke up in the a.m.

  95. Graceofbass says:

    Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? It would seem they have too much time on their hands. But I’m glad I get to reap the cuteness of it :)

  96. This was just so, so much better than any reality shows I’ve ever seen on US TV, up to and including Amurrican Idle. If network execs had any taste or imagination they’d do something like this for a reality show. I volunteer my cats to star in the first episode! They’ll take America by storm!

  97. This was so adorable!

    Speaking of unusual Japanese game shows, have any of you seen Library of Silence? Check it out:

  98. @Mary (the first) — smoore is right, it’s a sulcata tortoise. But there’s one more thing that has to be added. Those ruffles (and the pyramids on its shell) are shell deformations that result from malnutrition. The more pronounced the deformations, the more severe the malnutrition in question. When it gets really bad, this is the result. As pretty as those ruffles may look, they’re a signal to herp enthusiasts that the tortoise needs rehabbing pronto.

  99. Adding to my previous comment: they’re actually not very severe deformations at this time, but there’s enough there that whoever owns the tortoise should re-evaluate its diet to keep them from getting worse. Ideally, most tortoises and turtles should have smooth, round shells, so when they start to get bumpy/frilly, it’s not something to be enthused about (with the exception of a few species noted on the page I linked to).

  100. I just watched it for the third time and laughed just as hard as I did the first time.
    The Japanese can do this type of thing better than anyone. They know cute!

  101. I am a dork, I recognized Tsuji Nozomi/Sugiura Nozomi(girl with the pigtails). She was part of an adorably cute duo and before that an all girl group(but that is cuteness of a different sort than here).

    Loved the sleepy animal! I have had days like that myself.

  102. That makes me sad…….put an animal in a box and laugh at it…..nice ya thats what I want to see.

  103. DaytimeDeb says:

    Holly…seriously? You remind me of my Aunt Linda:

  104. The Japanese consider it cool to use English words. A lot of English words are transformed into Japanese using the katakana syllabary. There are T-shirts all over Tokyo with weird English words on them, just like we have T-shirts with Japanese and Chinese characters on them that probably don’t make any sense.

  105. The anteater isn’t saying “ZZZ” something more along the lines of “WTF”

  106. Mental Mouse says:

    Notice, except for the oblivious tortoise, and “too tired for this” anteater, all the animals promptly set about exploring their environment. Only the armadillo did so without poking at the dominoes.

  107. @Erin K:
    The black guy in Silent LIbrary is Ernesto Hoost. A kickboxer who’s popular in Japan. :)

  108. @kibblenibble, I definitely heard “Congradrations” in there. And I also heard something that sounded like “Not happening”. Around 0:45 when they took the anteater away for his nap.

  109. Hmmmm….can’t help but feel sorry for those poor little creatures :( I luuurve cuteoverload but this…..nope, I’d rather see these cuties in their natural habitat than in a white box surrounded by frightening noises and strange objects

    [Natural predators are probably kind of frightening. Just a guess. - Ed.]

  110. naturalady says:

    So, um, Ed……. that logic is like just ’cause a tiger scares a little critter for a reason (to catch and eat) that it’s ok for me to chase it scared for fun? I’m with carrot. I think the more natural things are the more lovely they can be. But that’s just who I am.

    [My point is my point. The way you take it is your own business. - Ed.]

    [, um, that came out a lot more double-entendresque than I meant it to. :| - Ed.]

  111. OMG This is so amazing! The Japanese are so awesome! America is so boring… Watching this is way better than something like “The Bachelor”!

  112. armadillos = not cute

  113. Wintersmith says:

    Did anyone else have a blinding moment of loveyness when you realized that the anteater was asleep?

    @27, I know, it just slayed me. The voiceover excitedly noted the drool, and even zoomed in…

    Cutest. Disqualification. Ever.


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