The Bird Was Disturbed

Kyle was giving his oddly colorless neighbor, Lenny, a lift home after a crazy night at Go-Go-Gecko Lounge, when the sudden realization hit him. Kyle hated himself for thinking it, and he knew his cousins would be disgusted, but there was no denying it:

Lenny tasted like chicken.

kingfisher with frog

We ought to give you a medal, Marilyn T.

Photo by Vaibhav Deshmukh



  1. For a split second there, I actually believed the story. Then realization hit me. 🙂

  2. Poor little cute gecko/lizard thing! That bird is really beautiful, though.

  3. Uh-oh: will this pic generate a commentroversy?

    [The minute I go to bed, yes, it’s practically guaranteed. 😛 – Ed.]

  4. eastiegirl says:

    What a pretty bird!

    Gotta watch out for the Go-Go-Gecko Lounge. So dangerous, not even a caveman would go to it.

  5. Jess&Friends says:

    You kids play nice, ya hear!?
    Stupid circle of life. I like squares. 😛

  6. Cute but so sad 😦

  7. Oh noes, poor Lenny! 😯

    That sure is one gorgeous bird though. Anybody know what kind?

  8. Bird’s gotta do what a bird’s gotta do.. Is it wrong that I think the bird’s feet look quite cronshable? They look so rubbery, like one of those scented pencil erasers.
    No, just me then? Ok :))

  9. The bird looks related to the Kookaburra. They need to eat too.

    Lovely colors.

  10. WTF? I come here for cuteness, aka a nice little break to see something pleasant and sweet.

    Not so much to see dead things. 😦

  11. If I am correct it is related to the Kookaburra. It is a terrestrial kingfisher –an African Pygmy Kingfisher.

    Read more, if you like:

  12. Teh Qte has left the building.

  13. Hmmm… lunch!

  14. 260Oakley says:

    Geico is for the birds.

  15. Nature red in tooth and claw. Oh, Kyle could you tone down your feathers a little, I’m gonna have to wear sunglasses, next time you call.

  16. Oh no, this totally killed the beautiful bliss I was experiencing from the surfing dog video. Umm… is that frog dead?

    [If you have to ask… – Ed.]

  17. Such a beak-to-body ratio Kyle has goin’ on there!

    & hey, a dude’s gotta eat right?

  18. temperance says:

    no ‘cute or sad’ tag?

  19. Jeff, I stand corrected. Still, what colors!!!!

  20. Poor froggy!!! I’d rather see cute pics of frogs NOT getting eaten, thanks very much.

  21. MissKitty says:

    I could understand calling it interesting… majestic… natural… cycle of life…etc. Not anything I’d ever call cute. Not anything I particularly even wanna see. :-\ Kinda surprised me and made me rather sad actually. Well, at least it wasn’t a mouse. I’d probably be teary if it was. I’m such a wimp.

    Sorry to nuff. I never nuff.

  22. I wonder if those awesome bluish purple specks fluoresce under a blacklight.

  23. Apparently Kyle does not believe that fifteen minutes could save him fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

  24. I agree that it is beautiful plumage on the bird, but I’m not entirely crazy about it being captured mid-meal. I think the “Cute or Sad” tag would help this one out a bit.

  25. This isn’t cute 😦

  26. I think both animals are cute, just separately. 😦

  27. This is so not cute :’-(
    I love animals and I understand the circle of life and all, but not on this site please!

  28. shahinrani says:

    Kind of surprised that people are annoyed at seeing nature be nature. The bird is cute and very pretty, and it is being a bird.

    I am also confused as to why the frog appears to be chewing gum.

    [Probably best not to think too hard about it, then. – Ed.]

  29. Pretty sure I saw him at the Lounge last Fri . . .
    I feel my D.D. was a bit of a safer bet though.

    Gorgeous colors! Perhaps I ought to take in this pic to my stylist!
    Betting I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, tho – I’d need a bigger beak to balance it out . . .

  30. resriechan says:

    1) If the title says the BIRD was disturbed, how do we think the FROGGIEPOO felt about the “circumstances & situations”?????
    (or maybe there’s a clever pop reference, to which I’m not savvy???? That also happens to me, fairly frequently, here in COland….)

    2) I support all the votes for “Cute or Sad” Tag????? Editors??????

  31. Gorgeous colors on that bird. I’m surprised he doesn’t topple over with the weight of his head, but that just adds to the cute. The frog’s even cute post-mortem, which may or may not be weird of me to say but hey, I said it.

    And people…this is how nature works, sorry to have to break it to ya. To borrow from a much-beloved film: Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.

  32. Animals eat other animals. Your cute cat likes to kill other cute animals. They are not cuddly toys or characters in a disney movie. Nature is a rough place.

    Also, that bird makes me think of drinking a flamboyant, fruity drink in a beach bar made out of bamboo.

  33. That is so not cute for the frog. Disturbed is correct. Should not have been posted on this site.

  34. Also, nobody is debating the fact that animals eat other animals in nature. That is obvious and not the point. I come here for uplifting things, that are cute. Not cute for one animal and sad for the other…

  35. Though I’m a long-time visitor and huge fan of this site, this is my first time commenting. I was moved to do so because this is the least cute image I’ve ever seen here. Don’t have a problem with it in general, but just doesn’t seem to me to be CO material. While I’m here commenting, I just want to add that I have truly appreciated all the cuteness on every other day since I started visiting this site. Thank you.

  36. Woh there, pretty bird yes, cute image no.
    That is a very dead frog. Why did this get the “Crawlies” tag? When I see “Crawlies” think bugs. Frogs hop. Prongs, I have previously enjoyed your posts, but your dislike for the amphibious should not lead to posting pictures of dead ones.
    People are pushing for the “cute or sad” tag, but that’s silly. There is no cute here.

  37. I don’t personally feel this is cute. Don’t really wanna see a poor frog about to be eaten.

  38. Not liking it is one thing, but whining and nagging the eds and telling them which tags to use?

    There are few things more irritating than people complaining about their free entertainment. Stop being spoiled and go back through the archives to find posts that please you while hoping that the next one is up your alley.

    Good grief.

  39. Agreed, Coop.

    Which is why I worded my comment as I did.

  40. NOT cute. If I wanted to see this I would turn on National Geographic. Now I get to explain to my 3 year old why the little frog’s guts are hanging out of his mouth. Thanks CO. So, do I need to start checking for safe content before I show my kids this site? I mean, mice are cute and cats are cute, so whats stopping you from posting pics of a mouse being eaten by a cat? Way to let us down CO.

    [We do show pix from Nat Geo here too, from time to time, y’know – Ed.]

  41. Sad….
    not cute. 😦

  42. Not cute. The bird and frog by themselves are cute, and there’s no denying the circle of life, but things like the mouse eating the leopard’s food was cute. It wouldn’t have been cute if the leopard were eating the mouse. Not saying the world has to be all happiness and fluffy bunnies, but I would rather not be reminded on a site supposedly for cute things.

  43. Jeez that bird looks like it been colored by my 4 year old grand niece!

  44. Heather: the Kookaburra is indeed a member of the Kingfisher family. In fact, it’s the largest Kingfisher. Good eye.

  45. beardediris says:

    I like how the bird appears to have a “mwahaha” gleam in its eye, like: “Gotcha! You yummy, squishy little delight!”

    I agree with Coop … and I thought Prongs was female? Could someone tell me if I’m mistaken? Thanks!

  46. Hey I would like to be in a bamboo bar somewhere, with my toes in the sand and a fabulous fruity drink in my hand.

    “whenever I feel glum, I place two pancakes on my head” (pictures frog with pancakes…… mmmmm, frogs with pancakes…….)

  47. PS such a beautiful boid!

  48. LOL

    Needs a new tag. Cute, but disturbing.

  49. Farewell my friend! The Crazy Newt is saddened by your death, but your sacrifice means the rest of us loveable amphibians will live on for another day! Godspeed, young warrior!

    (Is it weird that this picture made me sad when I first saw it?)

  50. mmm…gecko guts.

  51. @Cynthia: Yes, you do, since it’s been said many times on this site that it is PG-13, not G-rated.

  52. Don’t think of it as a poor frog about to be eaten. Think of it as a lovely bird about to be sustained and fly off into the sunset full of vim and vigor! yay nature!

  53. LOL What a great capture (pun intended)…. Birds are hard to take pictures of because they flit around so quickly.

    I love the caption the picture and the hover text.

    All life consumes other life to carry on.

    and since when the picture was snapped the frog/gecko.was presumably still alive there is the off chance that he escaped before the gulp! 😉

  54. nom nom nom nom

  55. TracyFlick says:

    It’s weird, right? How can I feel sad about this picture and yet not be a vegetarian? Nature doesn’t play games, it is clear cut when might makes right. Yet there is a conflict within these postings about the injustice for the frog. What if it had been a fox eating a bunny? Would we react differently? Interesting.

  56. Tori- … To then be eaten by another, larger bird… lol

  57. I must be sick: I think the captions make the picture hilarious.

  58. Not an overload of cute in that picture. People like me come to this site to escape the ugliness, kill or be killed fact of life, not to be confronted by it.

  59. Oh for cryin’ out loud this is Cute Overload not fantasy land people get over it !

    Oh waitress, can I have some extra blu cheese dressing for my frog legs ?

  60. figgylicious says:

    God forbid your son ever *gasp* goes outside and sees this IN NATURE.

    *rolls eyes so hard they fall out of head*

  61. @ Lilly,
    I’m sorry, never did I see a PG-13 rating. I think the only thing that could possibly make it that is the cat-in-racks things. I have been visiting this site for almost as long as it has been up and never saw them post a creature dying with its guts hanging out of it’s mouth before. Call me strange but it’s just not what I consider ‘cute’. And if a site called Cute Overload isn’t kid safe, then what the heck is? If its cute to you, the guts and all, kudos. I tend to think the term ‘cute’ is usually reserved for living things. Never saw a cute carcass, sorry.

    [PG-13 we are, true enough – Ed.]

  62. Believe me if I had wanted to “rag on the eds” I would not have phrased things so gingerly as I did. I really wanted to say something as a matter of giving feedback, because it’s a thought that has occurred to me several times over a matter of weeks. In fact, I wouldn’t say anything at all if it weren’t for the fact that the eds DO obviously read user comments, which is unusual and commendable in itself. If it’s my opinion that someone needs to soften their tone a little, I only offer it in case that person actually takes what I’ve said into consideration. And I truly cannot know the various sexes of editors since they don’t post pictures of themselves generally ( a good idea imo). When I ask if anyone else has noticed this, and I get silence or a resounding “no”, then I can feel confident it’s just my perception and leave it at that…

    [You did NOT phrase yourself “gingerly”. No, no, and again no. – Ed.]

  63. Sad for froggy. 😦

  64. @ figgylicious
    but this isn’t nature, its CUTE OVERLOAD. He could witness any number of things in nature, but it doesn’t mean I need to show it to him. He has plenty of time to learn about survival, violence and nature. Pardon me for wanting to shield him from it for a while longer. He is 3 after all. You are insinuating that I am being overprotective of his innocence, and you think that is a bad thing?
    Oh, and thanks for making it personal. Nice touch. You sure told me!
    Here I thought I was posting a comment like everyone else, didn’t realize I would offend people by saying I was disappointed. And please notice I am not the only one who is unhappy with that picture.

    [Cute Overload is not Precious Moments. – Ed.]

  65. Hey all, I’ve been coming several times daily to CO for a long time now, and have never commented until now. I just want to reiterate that most of us unsettled by the picture DO understand and DO respect the cycle of life. Sometimes pictures of the cycle of life can be beautiful in both a sad and uplifting way.

    That said, a picture of a brightly colored bird doing nothing but standing there with a dead frog in its beak, with said frog’s innards pushed out of its mouth, is not cute. It can also be highly disturbing. We all have differing opinions of cute, and no one will like every picture or video posted. If we did, the world would be pretty boring. However, a picture such as this.. is just disturbing to a lot of people who came to see cute and instead found one critter slaughtering another critter in a gruesome manner.

    [Eating, yes; slaughtering, no. – Ed.]

    Animals need eat, yes. Animals eat other animals, also yes. The cycle of life is truly beautiful, yes. There is nothing cute about this particular picture to a lot of people. Its just.. unsettling.

  66. All animals poop in the wild too, but we don’t need to see pics of that on a cute site. It’s not cute JUST because it’s an animal.

    [Actually… that has been on here too. Not my doing. 😛 – Ed.]

  67. I’m really disappointed to see this picture. I appreciate nature and find it interesting but when I come to a site called Cute Overload all I want to see is cute and fuzzy escapism. Starting to really go off this website.

  68. Ed, thanks for that, I simply meant gingerly as opposed to the words that were on my lips. Whether or not my attitude relates to my having been in a car wreck mere hours before my post, who knows. I suppose it’s theraputic for me to come here and see mangled corpses now that I have sirens and broken glass in my mind. I suppose that’s really why most nuffers nuff, because they were hoping for a form of free therapy and feel let down.. That may not have to do with the CO’s ultimate point, but it is nevertheless why many come here.

  69. Cynthia, if he’s three, just tell him a bird is giving his froggy friend a ride in his beak. You don’t have to point out the GUTS actually. Little kids might even notice that unless you point it out.

    People are getting so heated! I’m heading back to look at surfer dog.

    [This isn’t bad, actually. Apparently dead frogs aren’t as controversial as live babies. 🙄 – Ed.]

  70. I find it cute to read comments of people complaining about how a picture isn’t cute. So it all balances out in the end, in a conservation of energy type of way.

  71. I have to admit, Prongs is my favorite. NTMTOM is fantastic, too, but Prongs manages to ever so slightly cross the line every now and then – hence the whining and near hysteria of mothers of traumatized youngsters. By the way Cynthia, why on earth would you allow your three-year old to access something on the internet you haven’t seen first? Frog guts should be the least of your worries!

    Keep it up Prongs – I love my humor slightly twisted!

  72. PS, while I will never stop viewing this lovely site, I will do you a favor and never post again. It was against my better judgement to do so anyway, I’m in too fragile a condition to communicate through these infernal machines anyway. Keep up the good work, and I am truly sorry for everything.

  73. am with the naysayers on this one…

    while i understand the cicle of life and all of natures wonders, i certainly didn’t aniticpate seeing a beautiful bird + wee froggeh with_his_insides_exiting_his_mouth photo combo.

    this pic = NOT cuteoverload.

  74. This is not cute at all.

  75. I do actually let him sit on my lap while I look at CO and Disapproving Rabbits. I must be a BAD parent.