I have a question for you

Do I make you proud?

Yes Jorden C., you do.



  1. Beth (in NC) says:

    Yes. Yes you do.

  2. Aw, man. Now I’m crying at my desk. I’m a total sucker for that kind of thing.

  3. Sniff!
    What lessons we learn from our friends, and they from us.
    Awesome video!
    Thank YOU so much for sharing.

  4. Oh man, I am bawling here. Yes, you makes us all proud! Any links to where we can donate to Ricochet’s programs?

  5. Great now i’m filling up too. What a great dog. Nice work.

  6. ok, bawling first thing in the morning at work…
    yes, yes…

  7. You just HAD to make me cry first thing in the morning didn’t you!!

  8. Count me among the teary-eyed, too. Ricochet is amazing, and so is her human. God must certainly have a special place in His heart for those who devote their lives to helping others!!!

  9. Im sitting here crying into my coffee! Ahh but its not sad tears so its alright. Beautiful dog with a beautiful heart and spirit!

  10. Wonderfull, got tears in my eyes.

    Patrick from Sweden.

  11. Pass the tissues!

  12. Count me in with those with tears. What a great pup. ❤

  13. superbunny says:

    I’m a tough old broad; I’m not supposed to cry over stuff like this. But I did.

  14. The best CO post ever. Very touching.

  15. Ricochet, bring me one of those tissues please.

  16. ysubassoon says:

    Margie, the video includes an updated link to Richochet’s new website, http://www.surfdogricochet.com, where you can find information about fundraisers she and her person are part of.

  17. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Good girl, Ricochet!! Good girl!

  18. I have melted into a puddle of cells.
    Ricochet and Patrick are beyond AWESOME.

  19. O my god.. Thank you so muc for showing us this wundervoll video.. I m sooo crying now.. And wanna watch ur video again and again… 🙂
    Rachel and Damjan

  20. Excuse me a moment – I have something in my eye.

  21. Meg, seriously, this is the BEST post ever! I love how doggies can make such a huge difference in anybody’s life! And the human who took the time to see past the disappointment and turn that into something wonderful is someone i want to be like.

    *passing tissues to the next*

  22. Bakingsue says:

    Sniff, sniff – honestly I have a cold – dabbing eyes….oh snap, yes I’m crying! Awesome dog, awesome humans – makes me think the world isn’t such a bad place!

  23. This just totally made my day! ☼

  24. Crying has now commenced in the snickering lounge!
    Great post; great everything. Thanks, CO

  25. Oh man, if that doesn’t make you cry you may already be clinically dead. Let me just grab a few more tissues before passing them along.

  26. Purplelurcher says:

    Flip – I can’t stop crying. The best thing you have ever posted

  27. She might have flunked the service dog class, but she sure aced the surf dog one!

    And she is probably doing more good for more people this way. Well done, Ricochet and human!!

  28. Crying bigtime over this amazing dog and the spirit of the people AND the dog….

  29. Wonderful, wonderful story. But really cheesy music.

  30. Nice!

  31. Under any other circumstances, I would say that is a god-awful song…but for this dog and this story, it was freakin’ perfect (and I mean that sincerely). Doggies RULE.

  32. ysubassoon says:

    Here is a video of Ian, a six-year-old boy that Ricochet is fundraising for. Ian suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury resulting from a car accident that killed both of his parents and injured his two siblings. Ian used to surf with his dad and now surfs with Ricochet. Proceeds of this fundraiser will go toward the costs of Ian’s physical therapy and the replacement of his equipment (leg braces, etc.) as he grows.

  33. Thanks for bringing some perspective to my day. I’m a cynic by nature, but this video reminded me of the good that people can do. Let’s try to focus on that today, and do what we can to make this world compassionate and giving. (Dismounts from soapbox)

  34. Sniff, sniff. YES!!!!

  35. Glad I’m not the only one crying my eyes out!!!!! What a great video. Thanks for making me more proud than I have a right to be.

  36. Heartwarming! Thanks for the story, (but the music made me think something sad was going to happen).

  37. falnfenix says:

    aw hell, i didn’t want to cry this morning.

  38. sniff, sniff… I think there’s something in my eye…

  39. *sniffles* What a beautiful video.

  40. Oh my god it’s so cute!! I couldn’t help but cry over this video!!!!
    Glad I was alone behind my desk ^^ And glad to see that I’m not the only one ^^

  41. @Meg – I am SO glad you decided to post this vid here. I saw it online @ a month ago for the first time. It’s incredibly moving and makes me appreciate everything, and everyone, I have in my life.

  42. As with everybody else… I’m in tears and have goose bumps.
    I’m gonna share this on my blog.
    Thank you!!

  43. I wanted to take a break from work and CO was the best bet, but I ended up crying…

    That was so incredibly touching!

  44. Desdemona says:

    You guys should post a “Mascara alert” before that one — now I look like a raccoon, I’m sure!

    [Hmm, yes. I like. – Ed.]

  45. This needs to come with a tissue warning! Dogs are the best I know my Buffy dog always knows how to make me smile.

  46. A friend just told me about how when he quit trying to have ALL the answers before he began a project, he found that things worked out for the best in ways he couldn’t have imagined. Almost as if Someone had the whole thing planned out…. And yes, I got teary too!

  47. *blubs* What an amazing dog. And what an amazing human.

  48. MissKitty says:

    Excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye

  49. Speaking of crying- an intellectually disabled woman and I were working together for a school year. When she presented me a hand painted paint-by-numbers picture. I started to cry. She looked at me very quizzically and asked why I was crying. Stumped for a suitable answer, I took a few seconds, smiling at her and then said-“I am crying because I don’t know where to put all my happy.” She smiled and agreed that she felt that way sometimes too.
    I think that is why we cry at sweet things and can keep our composure when we see horrible things. At least that happens to me. We get so happy at something,that we just don’t know where else to put it.
    Its raining on my sleeve.
    Great job, CO.

  50. This is the most lovely story. Thank you so much for posting this. It is so moving. Just amazing.

  51. *SOB!*

    Just beautiful. 🙂

  52. snorglepup says:

    Please pass the tissues.

  53. ok, now that i’m under control, I just have to say those puppy pictures and clips are *freaking* adorable!

  54. nothign says goodmorning! like a crying moment at the desk. ahaha

  55. Mamamclain says:

    I don’t want to ruin this beautiful moment, but Weird Al Yankovich made a remake of this song, called ” Do I Freak You Out”, it is amazingly funny.

    Knowing the remade song, kind of made me laugh and sob at the same time, sob for the dog and the beauty there, and laugh thinking that the video would take on a whole new persona if the words were changed.


  56. Andi from NC says:

    3 words – puddle of goo

  57. Holy cow, I really didn’t expect to be crying like this first thing in the morning. Ricochet, you’ve reminded me about what really matters! Thanks!

  58. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Katrina – what a lovely way of putting it!

    I second the mascara alert requirement. I know on Fridays I can’t put my mascara on until I get to the office because of the program NPR runs – StoryCorps. Too many posts like Surfice Dog and I may never wear the stuff again.

    Thank you so much – this is wonderful.

  59. That would make an excellent Ted talk.

  60. Thank you thank you thank you! I work with amazing dogs every day, and I only wish that half of my parents would see the daily amazing wonders they do, rather than focusing on the bad aspects. This movie puts that thought into deep perspective, that when you are focusing, you lose focus of the whole picture.

    *snuggles her kooshy puppy and sniffs her fur*

    Thank you.

  61. Awwwwww. Good doggie.

    *pats head*

  62. Awww I watched it at work and now I can’t stop crying!

  63. I am crying at my desk at work. Bawling, actually. That was so beautiful and special, and I want to congratulate Ricochet (and hug her and cry into her fur)!

  64. This made me tear up a bit! *sniff sniff*

  65. the ONLY reason I’m not bawling (fulla happy) is that I’m laughing at my cat, who watched this video FROM MY LAP, all the way through and he purrrrrrred all the way through it.

    (Does anyone else think Seimei kitty can READ the intertitles?)

  66. I was honored to be owned by a service dog once upon a time and witnessed miracles. “mascara alert” would have certainly been appropriate – I started crying when I saw the puppy pictures!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting this!

  67. sniff, that turned my whole day around 🙂 thank you

  68. My mom was a quad the last 7 years of her life… this video definitely made me bawl. 🙂 That’s why dogs are so amazing… their abilities to help us heal.

  69. The first day in a long time that I’ve put make-up on…hurumph.

    Nature and animals are the two joys in my son’s life (he is profoundly autistic). Rick is a precious and wonderful gift!

  70. Nicky Anspach says:

    In this world of catastrophes, disasters, disappointments, what an inspiring story! My dogs are awesome to me in the same way!

  71. Wow! I came across your post, and I’m filled with emotion over your comments! I’m Ricochet’s owner/trainer/mom, and wanted to thank you for your heart felt words. I encourage you to share the URL link with all your email contacts so we can pay it forward, and touch anyone/everyone who could use a little inspiration.

    Ricochet’s website is http://www.surfdogricochet.com/, and she has a facebook page that I update daily. You can view a video at

    Hope you can join us! Thanks again. Judy

  72. Thanks for the tissues, guys. I’m doing the ugly cry over here. Hurray Richochet! Patrick you are so strong and amazing! I can only imagine how much physical strength and mental focus it takes to walk (and everything else) in your physical therapy. (Thinking I should get up and exercise…)

  73. This video was so touching I immediately went to Surf Dog Ricochet’s website. What an amazing dog she is & what an incredible spirit & gift. She truly is making dreams come true & enhancing people’s lives every day. Yay for Ricochet!!! 🙂

  74. It’s awesome to see you comment here, Judy! Give Ricochet a hug and a smooch on the nose for all of us!

  75. Thanks Zeki! What a joyful board you have here. It’s such a warm place… who wouldn’t want to post! Ricochet is laying under my desk as I type, so I’ll give her a hug, and smooch! She loves cuddling. If you go to her facebook page, there are a bunch of pictures of her there. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Surf-Dog-Ricochet/178108649370?ref=ts, including her favorite activity, lure coursing!

    [YAY! 😀 – Ed.]

  76. *bawls*

  77. Ricochet found his true calling! Yay for everyone!

  78. Mouse D'Anon says:

    Ugh – I am hunkered down in my office, door closed – bawling my eyes out! Such a wonderful example of how humans and puppehs can bring out the best in everybody!

    I know from my own wonderful pups, even in my darkest hours, somehow, they manage to bring a little bit of light into my life.

    GOOD GIRL, Ricochet! Yes! I AM proud of you!

  79. Ack, HER true calling. Eesh.

    Please give her some extra pats and rubs from me!

  80. Judy, what an amazing and healing pair you and Ricochet are. I just love this story.

  81. *sniffle*
    Judy thank you and Ricochet for all of the good works you do! You’re BOTH an inspiration.


  82. Wow, First I sobbed, then I clapped then I sobbed some more. Beautiful story, thanks for sharing, pass the tissues.

  83. You always make me laugh, but now you made me cry, too. Best CO post ever!

  84. lexipuppymommy says:

    I won’t lie. This one made me cry. How sweet and precious animals are! People without animals can not possible understand how their personalities are just as intricate as that of a human. I never knew I could love my dogs as much as I do until I had them. I can’t imagine loving anything more – except my husband 🙂

  85. I’ve teared up over CO posts before, but this is the first one where I’ve actually cried. Great post, and great new category!

  86. Amber- isn’t it just the way life goes? I know, I seldom wear it, and dread wearing it at weddings- I look like a damn raccoon the rest of the day, even with “intervention with tissue”. But I don’t show up all lady-like I feel like a earthworm for not ‘dressing up!” When will a truly tear-proof mascara be invented?
    YES TO THE MASCARA ALERT! yes, I was yelling, so everyone in the Snickering/Dancing/Blubbering Lounge could hear me.

    Judy-you have her right there with you? Good job, both of you! Good Judy! Good Ricochet! Perhaps a small “nom” would be in order here? You know, that kind that crunches in between your canine canines?

  87. Using animals for service is slavery. Period. Do you think for one minute that they’re happy? Out of all the service animals you’ve seen, have any of them looked exalted, placated, fulfilled? Do you think that if they had a choice they would choose to live a life of drudgery?

    People should help people, not animals.

  88. This was a local story here in North County, and it’s SO great that you’ve given it national attention. Go, Ricochet!

  89. With all due respect,* allison, you are SO off the mark it is to laugh. I kindly suggest you go have a tofu burger and calm down.

    *And the respect due is NEGLIGIBLE, by the way…

  90. Yay Judy and Ricki!!!

    You are a great team and doing great work for people who need you. While Ricki could not be the service dog you planned for her to be, she is actually helping MORE people doing the work she is now.

    Well done, and I wish you both much happiness and good health!

  91. NJFurryMom says:

    Ohhhh how beautiful! No, I am not crying there is just something in my eye. Of course I am crying that was so amazing. Now if you will excuse me I need to go snorgle my dog who is sound asleep on the couch! 🙂

    (will also be snorgling the cats…)

  92. AuntieMame says:

    Oh Lord. How could there POSSIBLY be a nuff in a thread like this?

    Allison you seriously need to take a look at your values and priorities.

    And in answer to your questions, ALL of the service animals I have seen look happy and fulfilled. Do I think they would voluntarily choose a home where they are loved and cared for and given the opportunity to help someone else have a happy and fulfilled life?

    Yes, yes, and emphatically YES!

  93. Allison, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Do you have a dog?

    Most dogs totally enjoy having a “job” whatever it is. My dogs enjoy having their minds stimulated, whether it’s through sniffing along a trail on a walk, exploring a new environment, or learning new tasks. I have a service dog, and she comes alive when she sees it’s time to do laundry, or the postal driver leaves a package at the end of my long driveway… she’s very excited to go down and pick it up.

    I don’t think for just one minute… I think every minute of my life, my dogs are happy.

    I encourage you to go to my YouTube channel and look through the puppy training videos. You will see very happy, eager pups who want to learn http://www.youtube.com/user/docchat.

    If my dogs could talk, they would tell you they are definitely not living a life of drudgery. Rather, they get to spend 24/7 with me, be involved in my life, and my activities. They play much more than they work. I’m sure they would choose this life over being left in a backyard with nothing to do all day.



  94. @AuntieMame… I know, right?

  95. Mary (the first) says:

    Pass the tissues please. Love and thanks to Judy and Ricochet. And a totally incredulous “huh?” to Allison.

  96. Mary (the first) says:

    I should have also said, thanks to Meg for posting this! 🙂

  97. Bawling like a baby here. Awesome story, very inspirational. All the best to Ricochet and his owner/trainer. You are helping more people than you realize.

  98. Wow, Ricochet! What a CUTIE! And yes, I see service dogs in SF all the time and they absolutely adore their people and love to take care of them. It’s in their nature to want to please people and it makes them truly happy.

    (Admins can we just delete #87?)

  99. lexipuppymommy says:

    Do you have animals? Every animal trainer worth their salt will tell you that working breed dogs are happiest when they have a job to keep their minds stimulated. My dogs are terriers, and when they are bored, they are destructive and anxious. They are happiest when they have a purpose, even if it is just chasing us around the backyard.

  100. This is my first ever post here, and I hate to sound like a Hallmark card. But, thank you for posting that. And, thank you to the video’s creators! I really, truly needed to see that today. Sometimes, I forget that, even though I may not be able to do the things I want to be able to do, God has instilled in me the ability to do the things He wants me to do in order to carry out His Plan for me. Like, maybe I wish I were a “normal” person sitting at my desk at work instead of being disabled here at home. But, maybe God wants me to bless others from right where I am. Who knows? (OK, shutting up, now…) *nervous, embarrassed*

  101. 100% behind the first half of training and the message and the reason.
    Hats of to them BUT that dog is not happy on the board ? in the water, around the water its having the time of its life but on the board its tail and ears are down – read the body language.
    Superb story but let the dog do what it wants, not what you think it wants, did it instictively jump on the board as a pup NO it looked scared and it was set up?
    Just my thought, tail down ears down means I`m not happy any life long dog owner will tell you that.
    It loves the water though – As mother nature taught dog to

  102. Just wanted to add before I get the Neg remarks – I think what the charity does and the people involved are amazing – no disprepect to them intended ok

  103. Andi from NC says:


    Part of the beauty of a free society is freedom of expression so I respect your opinion. But guess what, most humans have this thing they do called a job, It’s where they do stuff for others and in return they get a paycheck which pays for food, clothes and a roof. For a few lucky folks, some get paid to do something they love, but most go to work and do what they have to in order to make ends meet.

    Although these service animals don’t get paid a traditional wage, they do get a roof over their heads, food and water, and hopefully some cool leashes and toys. More importantly, they get pure love and appreciation from those who they help. The video I was watching showed an animal who appeared truly happy and those around them showed nothing but love and admiration. Just watching it gave me chills and as one very perceptive poster put it, “cried because I didn’t know where to put all the happy.”

    I see no animal suffering here – “servitude” and “service” are two very different things.

    Lighten up and see the good – you’ll be better for it.

  104. Rose – don’t be nervous or embarrassed! I think that’s a great outlook to have – everybody has their gifts to give in their own special way. Keep the faith! 🙂

  105. me too crying at desk…darn you cuteoverload.com!

  106. C’mon, anyone, any tissues left? This just proves – yet again – how great animals are.

  107. I think I have a cat hair in my eye… That would explain the excessive watering….
    God Bless Ricochet and her human.
    What a gentle way to remind us all to just let go and enjoy the ride!

  108. Rose, welcome!!

    No need to be nervous or embarassed – thanks for sharing!

  109. Way to go making me cry at work, CO!

  110. just heartwarming.

  111. 20 year old tough guys aren’t supposed to cry. You proved me wrong. Such a powerful story.

  112. Pass the Tissue Please!! Im so glad I am the only one in the office right now! Blessed are the Goggies!!!

  113. Von Zeppelin says:

    Good doggie, Ricochet!

  114. this is the sweetest thing! I definitely just cried my eyes out-thank you for posting!

  115. platedlizard says:

    Guys, I think Alison is just trolling, jumping to her bait is what she wants.

    As for the surfice dog, I think I have something in my eye.

  116. i am now a weepy, blubbery mess due to all this beauty. what a magnificent story!

  117. Just made me burst out crying. Now everybody thinks I’m a whacko at work. Thanks a lot, thanks a whole lot.

    This is a beautiful video. I am the proud owner of a Boston Terrier therapy dog named Tess. You reminded me of what she does for people/children when she’s working. And I am ever grateful for her presence in my life and incredibly proud of her.

    Now if I could just see to PRETEND I am typing a report rather than wipe tears off the keyboard…

  118. I’m one of the ones who is bawling (happily) at this post. Great job, Judy and Ricochet! We all need a reminder that just because life doesn’t turn out the way we wanted, doesn’t mean it hasn’t turned out for the best.

  119. Can barely see thru tears!

    Miracle dog, miracle boy, blessed owner.

    Need tissues asap!

  120. Rockypondgirl says:

    Didn’t even have the sound on and I’m all teary-eyed–too much Happy, too much.


  121. Lbird, have you studied the body language of dogs who are surfing? I think you may be confusing Ricochet’s ears/tail placement. She’s concentrating, not unhappy. Tail placement is interesting to watch in dogs who surf. If you go on YouTube, and search for “surf dog”, or “surf dogs” there are quite a few videos you can watch tail placement. Here is a longer version of Ricochet in that kiddie pool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8LR1xIUU5w In the clips of Ricochet, her tail is not tucked. And to answer your question, yes, she instinctively first jumped on the board (on the ground at first), and jumps on many other things too. She’s a pup that went through my Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning program (http://www.puppyprodigies.org), so trying new things is just another novelty to explore.

    If you watch this video of Ricochet surfing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8eHv7JxO2U, you can clearly see her jumping on the board of her own volition. I don’t typically include that part in the videos because it makes for a long video. But this will give you some idea. Does she always stay on the board when it gets to shore? Nope, not always. And, there are times when she’ll surf into shore, jump off the board, and go chase birds. This is who she is… I accept it. Have there been times when she’s told me she’s done surfing for that session? Yup, and I respect it. Tail down, ears down doesn’t always mean “I’m not happy”. You have to look at the situation, and the individual dog. Making generalizations doesn’t always fit.

    One of the messages of the SURFice dog video is to NOT “make” a being something they’re not. If Ricochet told me she didn’t want to surf… she wouldn’t be surfing. My whole philosophy of training is letting the dog make decisions. Ricochet’s life is not about what I want… it’s about what she wants. I’m blessed to be part of her mission, but these are her choices.

    I’ll end by saying Ricochet is 100% doing what she wants… including chasing birds (her favorite activity), inspiring people, and raising funds for charitable causes. Even if I wanted to choose her life… I could never have dreamed this big. She is the BIG dreamer. I’m the driver, but she’s the navigator.

  122. Martha in Washington says:

    Count me among the soggy eyed! I’m a sucker for animal/feel-good/make-me-proud stories and this one fit all three categories. And I liked the song too!

    YAY Ricochet and Judy. I’ve often wondered though how a person can raise a dog then give it away. My heart would break. But it is such an awesome thing to do. And I thank you for doing it.

    Is it possible that, yes, Ricochet is a little nervous on the surfboard thus the lowered tail and ears but that she is doing it anyway because she knows it is a good thing to do. Just like any one of us sometimes does scary things knowing it is for the greater good?

    Thanks to you too Meg for posting this.

  123. *sniff*

    Any kleenex left?

  124. Hi Rose;
    Please don’t be nervous or embarrassed and welcome! 🙂

  125. Wow, way to make me cry at work guys. 🙂

    *tear* That was SO touching. Thank you for sharing!

  126. Wow that totally made me cry. Although I gotta say, as much as that cute dog and the special things he does were touching, it’s the human element in this story that really got to me. Seeing that guy’s legs shaking while he’s struggling to walk was what I found the most heartbreaking.

  127. Such a sweet story.

  128. The vid wouldn’t load for me at work, so I waited until I got home and was not disappointed…that video is perfect! Judy, you (and Ricochet) are doing wonderful things…keep it up!!

  129. This made me cry and sob so hard…what a sweet story of an amazing dog and great people. Wow…just a wonderful story.

  130. Mouse d'Anon says:

    Thank you SO much, Judy for your explanation (though I didn’t need it – that video was about pure JOY!) Reading it reassured me that you are indeed an angel!

    I WISH I could give my dogs the life that you’ve given Ricochet. Alas, I have to work during the day, and they must stay home and guard their toys and doggie beds from squirrels and birds (though, I do as much work from home as possible since their little faces are my sunshine). She is such a lucky girl, and you are so lucky and blessed to be able to spend your days with her.

    I apologize on behalf of the nuffers. Never let folks tell you that the work that you do isn’t 110% WONDERFUL!

  131. The tail down posture isn’t a dog that’s afraid, it’s a dog that’s working. See this herding video:

    Dot doing what she loves best

    a tail tucked between the legs is a dog in submissive posture and unhappy. If her tail was held tucked, yes, she’d be expressing distress.

    Tail down is just a dog that’s concentrating, because in a wolf’s body language, you keep your tail down when stalking prey so you won’t give your position away (a wagging tail is a flag to prey). It’s also the posture of a working dog that is tense, but not necessarily unhappy. Ricochet is doing something tricky, so her tail is down, but that doesn’t mean she’s unhappy any more than a herding dog is unhappy when herding. She’s doing her job.

  132. and some don’t believe dogs have souls…

  133. Thanks Abigail! I love the video of Dot… and the song is perfect!

    Ricochet totally has to concentrate while on the board with Patrick, so her body language is, as you describe… a dog that is concentrating.

  134. Thank you very much for this post. I had a bad day and then I watched this video and now I feel so much better (even though I am crying like a baby).

  135. monkeylina says:

    Just when you think nothing good happens anymore…

    I have eye sparkles x

  136. have to add my tears, gladly I’m home. kudos to judy, nosepresses to ricochet, and bah to the troll. fantastic story, definitely a happy dog! we do rescue and I have two training to be therapy dogs. I blogged this and now shall send it on through email, hope we can raise some good money for patrick and also ian who I just want to hug forever.

  137. *sniff sniff* That was amazing. Belly rubs to Ricochet! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  138. Thank you Abigail for that great video of Dot! Almost everyday I am reminded of why I love dogs so much by lab/border collie, Maggie. As Roy Rogers said, “If dogs don’t go to heaven, I want to go where they do.”

  139. Nightbird says:

    I watched this…..I sobbed to this….Then I went to read the comments thinking that I am such a big baby and would be the only one who cried….(heck, I cry at the drop of a hat!). Imagine my surprise when I saw that I was just one in a big ol’ crowd of sniffing, nose blowing saps…lol.

    Great video! Great dog! Kudos for letting Ricochet be Ricochet!

  140. earlybird1 says:

    I am a teacher. This made me cry, just thinking about how our educational system wants to put all kids into the same mold, when each kid has their own strengths in areas that may not be TESTED. Beautiful.

  141. To Judy and Ricochett WOW and Bravo and thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring video.

    Sometimes life sends something beigger and better our way in unexpected ways.

    Okay now I gotta hunt for some tissues Thank goodness I waited to watch this until I got home from work,

    Wipes tears from face

  142. yes and you made me cry too

  143. Gloria, I totally agree! My husband and I discuss our little dog’s soul all the time. It just takes one look into those bright little eyes when you’re having a bad day, and it’s undeniable.

  144. Boy, am I glad I’m not the only one who was watching this, practically sobbing. Glad I am home. Thank you Judy & Richochet! Any tissues left?

  145. Simply beautiful

  146. Sorry, I can’t read all the comments through my tears! Saw the mascara alert too late, but luckily I’m not wearing mascara……
    There are so many wonderful lessons in this, not the least of which (like an old friend used to say): “you have to let people be who they are”. Clearly the same goes for dogs, and other animals too.

  147. I haven’t cried in ages, and here I am, bawling like a child. What a great dog!!! What a wonderful story!

  148. P.S. to Judy: Also wanted to add that while Ricochet may not be a service dog in the sense that you wanted her to be, she is definitely still a service dog….just serving a little differently than the others.

  149. Queen of Dork says:

    Just Beautiful! That put a smile on my face and a glow inside! Judy and Ricochet are inspirational!

  150. What a GREAT thing Ricochet and Judy are doing!

    And yes, count me among those needing a tissue.

  151. Read the comments.
    Welcome, Rose! I’m glad the video brought you out.
    @ Earlybird1 – I used to work with “troubled teens”, and I couldn’t agree more.
    Judy, I’m about to share this story over on Facebook. Thank you.

  152. There’s a story that the world will only last whilst there is but one good person left in the world. With stories like Ricochet’s and the humans who support I think that we’re in no danger. I’m usually a cold cynic when it comes to your typical “Cute”, maybe raising a slight grin from time to time, but this is the first thing in years that actually got to me.

    This is probably the best item on CO since the beginning.

    Ricochet – you make me proud to share a planet with you.

  153. You make me oh so very proud… Rock On!

  154. Awww. Can someone pass me some tissues too? Very touching.

  155. Luckily I can’t watch the videos at work. So I’m home and reading about the crying and thinking “eh, we’ll see” and then Ricochet is bounding across the sand, up to Patrick and I’m flailing for Kleenex. What a sweetheart. Gorgeous dog, courageous people and awesome story. Kudos to all!

  156. Yep, cried again from cute overload. I even checked to see if it was filed under cute or sad!!! Augh. You should put a warning label on these…*warning, do not view in a place where you would be ashamed to cry*

    [That’s what the “MASCARA ALERT!” tag is about, y’know 😉 – Ed.]

  157. AuntieMame says:

    So I’m finally at home where videos aren’t blocked…


    What a beautiful video.

    And I think the song is perfect. I think I’ll go see if I can download it on iTunes or something…

  158. Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!! (that’s me sobbing with joy!)

  159. There can’t possibly be nuffs on this post. I refuse to acknowledge their existence. I am supposed to be reading case law but instead I’m crying over this video..amazing.

    [No worries, Susan. I got yer back. – Ed.]

  160. Thanks for making me cry Cute Overload.com….sniffle…..both RIcochet and Patrick make me proud

  161. Sandi and Baby Enzo's Mom says:

    Beautiful video (made coming to work worth it). My pastor has a service dog and that dog loves to help the Reverand no matter what or where they have to go. He ( dog) helped me after I lost my Sandi probably more than anyone else. He has a special gift which I believe all animals do have. Even my tux kitten Enzo is learning how to help mom in the morning when I finally get home. Peace , Love and have a great day peeps.

  162. Crying so much. So beautiful. Thank you so so so much for posting, CO.

  163. Someone pass the tissues!

  164. Sandi and Baby Enzo's Mom says:

    Oh I hate it when I forget what I was going to say. Pastors dog (lab) when on the assist harness has his tail down not tucked . When not on the harness that tail never stops wagging and the face just lights up. He knows he is needed at times and can act like a big ole family dog at others. Sorry for the temprary brain cramp.

  165. [sniff] Thank you, Judy, for sharing this! (And thanks to Meg for posting on CO!)

    Stuff like this is part of why I had to stop checking CO at work! (“Something in my eye” gets a little worn by the fourth usage…..and doesn’t explain the nose-blowing.)

    Totally vote for the “mascara alert” tag!

  166. Best post ever CO. Truly.

  167. This made me bawl like a baby.

    It’s not the same thing but without my cat I wouldn’t have managed through these past few years. I’ve been on sick leave for several years after having been a very active and outgoing woman with a job she loved. The way he would always come to me when I was crying, even if I was sitting in the tub and he had to get soaked in order to curl on my chest, really kept me going through the rough patches.

    This dog looks happy and wonderful and I bet she’d curl up on someone’s chest too if she could fit on it, if only it helped someone she loved. I’m not a dog-owner myself but I know the capacity that pets have for caring.

    Oh, and if someone complains about service dogs… wow. In a society where so many animals are being mistreated and abused, you complain about an obviously happy, well-fed and playful dog doing what she loves?

    [Points well made, but sometimes you just gotta restrain yourself from feeding the trolls. Illegitimi non carborundum and whatnot. 😉 – Ed.]

  168. Nooooooo you made me cry!!! *sniff*

  169. DaddyDoggy says:

    Yup… best post ever.

  170. jackie31337 says:

    This video totally made me cry too, and I almost never cry over stuff like this. I’m going to chalk it up to hormones.

    @Katrina I took a few seconds, smiling at her and then said-”I am crying because I don’t know where to put all my happy.” She smiled and agreed that she felt that way sometimes too.

    Thank you for sharing that. I’ve often been at a loss to explain to my daughter why I’m crying about something she did that made me really happy.

  171. I’m glad I’m not the only one crying…
    Such a beautiful story !

  172. Terrific video & song, & pass me another towel, the box of tissues wasn’t enough!!!

  173. I still can’t believe how is people out there who doesn’t like dogs! They are so loyal, so carefull, so unconditional! i trully enjoy the video! I end up crying!

  174. BUNNY!!!!!

  175. y’no, I was thinking about starting to wear eye makeup, but I’ve been cured of that!

  176. Oh man….. the whole video… all I could think of…”UGH.. why’d they have to pick this song!”
    And then the end, watching that guy walk… omg.. waterworks central here.

  177. After all the tears I have shed for the victims in Haiti it was great to shed HAPPY tears. Must give my pups extra cuddles today.

  178. OMG I NEVER watch these videos… now I’m trying to keep it together at my desk. Awesome, awesome video…. Cute Overload once again brings me that smile I needed to get through the day!

  179. “I don’t think for just one minute… I think every minute of my life, my dogs are happy” – Judy

    If ever there were images of pure joy, this video is it!!! Cats are the ones who like to lie around and sleep (I know – I have two!). Dogs like to be doing something, and Richochet is clearly having a wonderful, joyful life!

  180. Great vid, Ricochet is the man…Great lesson for us 2-legged creatures as well, find your passion and all will be well…

  181. conradvisionquest says:

    holy crap, now i need a tissue.

  182. i am a pile of mush!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. That one brought the tears a rolling

  184. Crying like a newborn… Amazing. Simply amazing.

  185. awwwwww

    I shed a few tears! (unheard of!)

  186. I can’t stop crying. Animals are so beautiful! Great Story Keep them coming PLEASE!

  187. dr. berthaservant says:

    Wow. Thanks Meg for passing this along. Proof that sometimes the animal can ResQte the human.

    [Another point well made. – Ed.]

  188. Oh God, I bawled my eyes out. Thanks for the greatest post ever.

  189. Most… awesome…. post… evah!….


    Anyone have a tissue?

    GREAT video, also loved the way you could see in the eyes and everything, how much the doggy was enjoying itself.

  191. Thank you all so much for the kind welcomes and words!!! I’m overwhelmed! This discussion sure is lively! Wow. It’s nice to be around people who are as passionate about animals as I am. =)

  192. What a beautiful story, beautiful song….. Thank you for sharing.

  193. rumbledoll says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one crying! At least I’m not at work like Birdcage, lol!

  194. OMG!! I started to weep watching this video. Life is good!! And dogs are GREAT!!

  195. utterly beautiful.

  196. What a sweet doggie. When she ran up to the boy on the beach, I wept uncontrollably for the first time in a long time. I want to squeeze her for following her instincts and being more than anyone had even considered her to be. Dogs rule! My poor little Papillon had no idea what was going on there for a second. He was on my lap licking the tears away. I just can’t tell you how happy this video made me.

  197. Beautiful, just beautiful 🙂

  198. TrixandSam says:

    (Waves folks over…)
    Just got a mega pack of boxes of tissues at Costco. Grab a box and pass ’em around!

    There’s a special place in heaven for people like Judy and animals like Ricochet. That’s where I strive to be.

  199. What a wonderful story! Such a cutie pootie!! 🙂 She is a remarkable pooch! She does great work!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  200. omg, this is one of the sweetest videos EVER!!!

  201. To do list:
    Surf web -check
    Drink coffee – check
    Cry like a little girl with a skinned knee and sh*t. – check.

    Thanks CO.

    [Anytime. 😉 – Ed.]

  202. This is EXACTLY why I am madly in love with dogs and have been obsessed with them since I was a child. They are the most remarkable, loyal, unquestionably loving animals.

  203. What they said. Sniff!

  204. Kirsten D. says:

    Thank god I’m not the only one who is literally crying over here. Too, too beautiful. To Ricochet, Judy, and Jorden C for sharing…thank you. It’s things like these that restore my faith in humanity. ❤

  205. Barbara Nelson says:

    well thanks , now I can start my day with red swollen eyes

  206. awwwwwwwwww! that was so cute! i love that video. since ma dog is having puppies im gonna teach one to flip the light switch on and off. maybe teach it to surf. thnks for an inspiring video!!

  207. This is a great story in so many ways! It’s a mascara alerter for sure! sniff… sniff…snif…

  208. Jess, LA, CA says:

    I’ve known several service dogs, including a blck lab who flunked Guide Dog boot camp because he was too laid back. He’s now visiting hospitals as one of the animal therapy dogs, helping people feel better.

    I’m still teary eyed from the video.

  209. michaela park says:

    WHY DD U GUYS MAKE ME CRY?? hahaha. its sooo sad and cute!

  210. Christian says:

    Very moving, very nice.

    (single manly tear)

  211. That was possibly one of the awesomest things I’ve ever seen!!!

  212. I watched this again and cried even more. GAAAAAAD!!!

    I may need an industrial-sized hankie.

    Dr.berthservant – Point very well made.

  213. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I’ve often been teary-eyed here on CO, but watching this video I actually had to reach for a tissue to catch the drops that overflowed this time. And I loved it.

    I think more of this kind of thing goes on that we ever hear about. Thanks to Judy and Ricochet and everyone involved in their lives and putting the video(s) and website together. This is such good, loving, sharing. It’s just love, love, love. And that’s what’s real in life.

    Thanks so much!

  214. Keep walking, Patrick!

    And I’m glad Ricochet found something she can do to help out.

  215. Curse you, now I’m crying too 😛
    Absolutely incredible. I stumbled onto another video from this site and was looking around when I saw this. Putting it on facebook and everywhere else I can think of. Bravo, Ricoshet!

  216. *sniff sniff* darn hormones… I’m all teary eyed as well. It was very touching.

  217. catloveschanel says:

    Hip, Hip, Horray!
    For Judy, Patrick and Ricochet!

    so much for waterproof mascara

  218. Oh my goodness! I’m BAWLING over here! The end where dear Patrick started to walk got me.
    Thank you SO much for this, CO!

  219. I watched this once, originally, bawled at the office. Just SEEING the post again, without even watching the video yet, and I’ve teared up!

  220. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not– -breaks out in sobs-

  221. rudy&finn says:

    uh, no we’re not having bad day

  222. animal luvr says:

    oh my god that made me cry sooooooo sweet!!!!!!

  223. Wow, yes you do! Normally I dont cry over things like this, but damnit, I am now!

  224. Man, I am such a sap. *sniff* That’s a great story! Dogs are fantastic animals.

  225. i hate to cry but i never regret choosing to watch these videos even though i know i’ll be bawling by the end of it. dogs are amazing beings and so are the humans that help them towards their full potential.

    on a side note, i checked out the weird al remake of this song (“do i creep you out?”) and it had me in stitches. a big cry and an equally big laugh from the same post. awesome.

  226. Ha. I just caught this video, and it is very sweet. But I think I’m a stone, or something… because the thing that kept going through my mind was “I thought they said he was a quadripeligic?”

    He was using his arms to prop himself up on the surfboard, after all (which would make him a parapalegic). And then we see a video of him trying to walk near the end…. which makes him….? I actually don’t know the term.

    Not that the video isn’t amazing, or anything. I think I’ve just been neck deep in medical books lately! 😛

  227. CrazyNewt, Patrick has a C4/5 spinal cord injury which impaired function of all four limbs, thus the term quadriplegic. Over these last years that Patrick has gone to Project Walk (http://www.projectwalk.org), where he goes for intense physical therapy… he has seen amazing results, some of which you see in the video. This is the reason Ricochet was fundraising for Patrick, so he can continue the therapy, and continue improving.

    Judy & Ricochet

  228. Thank you for the tears and for sharing two very hard working beings with the rest of the world.

  229. Just shows animals can improve our lives always. And all they want is a pat on the head . They are always there for us. I wish more of us were there for them!

  230. Awwww, I can’t cry because I’m in office. It’s the music, though – I always knew dogs are awesome so I’m not really surprised that Ricochet is rocking people’s worlds 🙂

    Katrina – ”I am crying because I don’t know where to put all my happy.” What a great way of putting it!

    Judy – Ricochet is wonderful! What an apt name (hehe)! Give her a hug from me too!

  231. That is simply beautiful. What a wonderful post. 😀

  232. What a beautiful story! Too often we try to make someone or something into something they are not. It only cause pain for both. This has such a wonderful ending…true love!

  233. ricochet, you make me proud!

  234. OMG!! Patricks sister goes to my school! How ironic that i see this!!! Hi!

  235. this was truly a beautiful story.. anyone would be touched by it.

  236. I clicked this video.. little did I know I was going to bawl like a big baby while watching it! Glad to read others’ comments so I know I wasn’t just being overly emotional… Animals can certainly do that to me! Thata girl, Ricochet!

  237. I can’t remember if I gave you Ricochet’s facebook page address http://www.facebook.com/pages/Surf-Dog-Ricochet/178108649370?ref=ts

    There are probably more CO people there than anyone else. So, for those of you who haven’t joined… come on over! I update it pretty much every day… well, Ricochet tells me what she wants to say, and I type for her!


  238. posts like this should be tagged YWCATO (you will cry at the office).

  239. that was so cute i have seen it so many times on you tube and i still like this so much i think this is the cutest of cute overload i give you the prize meg trophys ribons every thing you are famous

  240. that’s amazing i almost cried at my desk when i saw this!! she was soooo cute when she was a puppeh!!

  241. Madame X…. you are absoulutly right

  242. that is sucha good storie you so make me proud ….. i wanna be a surf dog!!!!

  243. me too!!

  244. Just beautiful!….and yes I cried. I love all of my two legged friends but I live for my 5 four legged kids. smiles

  245. Hey everyone! Ricochet wanted me to tell you she’s on Twitter now… she’d love for you to follow her there! http://twitter.com/SurfDogRicochet

    Thanks again for watching, and sharing the YouTube video link of “from SURFice dog to service dog”

    Judy & Ricochet

  246. Yikes, that made my morning… off to work i goooooo!!

  247. Love it ❤ Made my morning and maybe even my whole day.

  248. My son was just Diagnosed with a learning disabiliity, so this video hit me hard. I cry every time I see it. With the first few bars of the music I’m bawling! Disabled never means Unable! Thank You.