Bunny Brain Balance Book Baffles Buyers

I have no idea what you’re talking about… so here’s a book about a rabbit with a pancake on its head.

From 1999 to 2003, Hironori Akutagawa photographed his rabbit, Oolong, with various objects perched on his conveniently flat head. Now the photos have been compiled in a book titled In Almost Every Picture 8 from KesselKramer Publishing.

We eagerly await the sequel, featuring a bunny with a book about a bunny with objects on its head on its head.

Just what your coffee table’s been yearning for, Kyra M.



  1. Is this a Koan?

  2. Eeee!!! My fav is the chocopie!

  3. resriechan says:

    WOW that’s so surreal & impactful that it’s actually DEEP!!!!

    (ie requires deep study to entirely comprehend all facets)

    (for my piddy-poo ‘Mericun braincells, at least…)

  4. ooooh, I like the pink mochi one!

  5. There will never be another Oolong and I’m so happy there will be a book, much too long overdue.

  6. Well…who is to say this is a waste of time, really.

  7. OK.. what is on that bunny’s head in the last picture?? I wants it NOW!!! 😀

  8. Okay, the picture of Oolong peeking out from under the stuffed animal is hilarious. And if ever there was a bunny who had every reason to be disapproving, it is certainly this sweet patient little creature! Silly human…

  9. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I have loved Oolong since I discovered him a few years ago (a weird story in itself). I have a print of a pic with him balancing two pancakes on his head. The text reads “Whenever I feel glum, I just balance two pancakes on my head.” Good advice, I think. And the picture always lifts me from a funk.

  10. I have to share a brilliant haiku written by an internet friend when the members of another board discovered this bunny years ago:

    Pancake on my head
    Syrupy paws stuck to earth
    How can IHOP now?

  11. resriechan says:

    (and yes, if no one else notices the extra extra repeated repeated words words in the caption caption ) — I noticed ’em !!!

    (I’m beginning to feel like Adam and the Ants)
    Related earworm (odd coincidence of the term “earworm” for this picture) Du Jour:

    ” [you] Don’t drink; [you] don’t smoke; what do you do?
    Don’t drink; don’t smoke; what do you do?
    Subtle innuendos follow; there must be something inside …”

    (Adam & the Ants/ Adam Ant/ 1982: “Goody Two-Shoes”)

  12. Katiedid, looks like a Wagonwheel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagon_Wheels) to me. Yum!

  13. I like the pink snowball. It looks like a hat.

  14. I’m afraid there won’t be a sequel. I was an avid follower of Oolong and I think he passed away a few years ago.

  15. OMG, this book is $85 on amazon.com!!! I do kind of want it, though.

    …. is this something we -should/ should not- try w/ bunnehs at home?

  16. How can IHOP now?


  17. Oddly enough, he doesn’t even look very disapproving. Maybe that’s the secret to bun happiness.

  18. The photo with the stuffed animal is hilarious!!! 😆

  19. how much does 24,95 Euros translate into US dollars?

  20. Everything’s better on a bun. I guess it’s easier than putting your hare in a bun.

  21. I’m with NTMTOM…what the heck is with that pink thing?! Seriously, THIS is art.

  22. Clearly this bun is trying to out do Lady Gaga. Shame Monster.

  23. I’m usually a sucker for cute stuff but, this I just don’t get.

    Walking away, scratching head….

  24. Trin called the pink blob as mochi, I think (http://media.photobucket.com/image/mochi/xTwinklsaur/quizilla/mochi.jpg).

    Also, Resrie — I also get that song habitually stuck in my head for no apparent reason!

  25. Okay the last picture I think bunny is sporting a Moon Pie… Similar to wagon wheel..(Okay could be either confection).. Most delicious marshmalow treat of all time!

    Yummm MoonPies… ::Drools::

  26. @Yaya, thanks for posting the haiku…it is hilarious.

  27. TrixandSam says:

    I often look at the posts here and think, “Boy, I’d like to come back in my next life as that {insert critter name}. What a grand life that would be!”

    I’m ambivalent about this Bun. What does everyone think? Was someone punished or blessed coming back as Oolong? (And what did Oolong move onto from this???)

  28. A few years back I introduced a friend of mine to the fun pictures of Oolong and his pancake. In return, two years ago on my birthday, my friend’s daughter made a plush bunny with a cloth pancake balanced on its head. Said bun is sitting atop my monitor as we speak.

  29. Wow. Every one of these definitely falls into “I has a hat” territory. But Pink mochie bun is probably my fav!

  30. My cat Francesco is nicknamed “Pancake Boy”. (It comes from a picture my niece drew of my cats and her guess as to how to spell his name.) It had not occurred to me to put a pancake on his head. I think tonight I may make some pancakes for that purpose. Thank you for giving me the idea. And Francesco also thanks you.

  31. jennifer zoole says:

    I want to see just the head of Oolong, to see just how flat it is!! 🙂

  32. Jimbeaux, I’m jealous of your plush Oolong! I have the original posting of the pancake and “I don’t know what you’re talking about, so here’s a bunny with a pancake on its head” on a t-shirt with this adorable bun!

  33. There was even a mention of Oolong in a New York Times articles years ago:


    , and then a letter to the Editor:


  34. I want that stuffed bunny. And a donut.

  35. Oh, I loved Oolong!

  36. My favourites are the stuffed bunny and the drink carton

  37. Hehe! Buns on buns! It’s so meta, I love it!

  38. I would approve of bunny’s disapproval if he did exhibit more of it. I do think in the pancake pic that he looks downright ticked but that could just be the pressure of the pancake on his eyes. Poor bun-bun. What our pets put up with…

  39. skippymom says:

    Does that pancake have Japanese characters stamped into its surface?

  40. Bunny on Bunny – Real Bunny says, “Ooomph!”

  41. 24.95 Euro should be around 35.79 USD, money well spend on a bunny with stuff on it ^v^

  42. shahinrani says:

    This bun and his Head Performance remain one of my favorite things evar.

  43. Most likely delicious pink rice cakes. Nom bunny nom bunny nom! http://www.kirbiecravings.com/2009/09/sasa-dango.html <— see here for details

    [I was thinking it was some sort of mochi, but this is more specific – Ed.]

  44. SixFootJen says:

    If you go to http://www.bruil.info/order you can get the book for $39 (US dollars) which seems to include shipping and handling! A bargain at twice the price.

    I was an early Oolong adopter and actually burst into tears at work when I went to his website http://www.fsinet.or.jp/~sokaisha/rabbit/rabbit.htm and saw that he’d died. As for a sequel… Oolong’s owner got a new rabbit! Her name is Yuebing (it means “moon cake” and she is (was?) very, very pretty. http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~yuebing/

  45. I was wondering how Akutagawa-san was doing. He stopped taking photos of Yuebing back in 2005, so I hope she is thriving as well (she would be getting pretty up there in a rabbit’s lifespan).

  46. @TrixandSam & Fuzzy: believe it or not, rabbits actually kinda like having stuff on their heads. In bun-society the boss bunny gets his forehead groomed by the other rabbits, so they’re hardwired to enjoy the sensation of petting or pressure on their foreheads. They’ll hunker down and just zone out.

    My Finnegan is always shoving his nose under my hand for a nice head-rub 🙂

  47. Stuff on my bunny!

  48. Pink mochi = very Jackie Kennedy

  49. poor Oolong! This is just SO wrong…….
    and I can’t stop laughing at those pictures!! hmmm, I never knew anything about rabbits but my bun likes having that flat area on his head petted, I wonder if he would… sit for this?

  50. poogwrangler says:

    Does this count as a balanced diet? Too many sweets, methinks.

  51. The only thing cuter and sillier than a flat-headed bunny is a flat-headed bunny with a pancake on his flat head. :3 Oolong seems sweet.

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    Oolong manages to look quite fashionable in each shot! Work it, Oolong!! (Except maybe for the stuffed animal on his head…there he just looks asleep). I won’t be surprised to see runway models wearing similar items as hats in some high fashion show this spring.

  53. Oolong!! I miss his exploits. If I remember correctly his owner wrote on his website that Oolong actually enjoyed balancing those things on his head – he didn’t run away from it. Sadly, Oolong passed on and I think he was trying to train Yuebing to do the same (who knows where Yuebing is now..). *sign*

  54. This bun looks disapproving in EVERY picture. Crazy.

  55. Annie – thank you for the bunny behavior lesson. Next time I see a bunny, if I can hold the sneezes back long enough, I will gently place an offering on its noggin. Makes me think a bunny beanie business could be a good entrepreneurial move.

  56. Fuzzy, I would totally buy a bunny beanie. If you could make it a blue bunny beanie, that’d be even better. If you can say “buy a blue bunny beanie” five times fast, I’ll even pay double the price.

    Now I have to go find someone with a pet bun…

  57. My bunny used to love having his head rubbed – or even just having a hand there. So I guess it isn’t a far hop from that to balancing a pastry – I bet Oolong DID like it. Also, if Oolong did NOT like it I can GUARANTEE he would NOT have tolerated those photos (you bun owners know of the dangers of Extreme Disapproval).

    I miss Oolong – I was one of his early followers. He brought many smiles .

  58. Can’t comment – too busy trying to figure out if it’s Jesus’ face on that pancake.

  59. Is the caption alliteration or assonace. Maybe one of you wordsmiths could comment.

    [The former. – Ed.]

  60. Doh!…….assonance.

  61. Reminds me of Stuff On My Cat, maybe they can start Stuff On my Bunny?

  62. You just know the rabbit is thinking, “Is this really necessary?”

    Although, unlike what Shug seems to think, he/she doesn’t really seem deeply concerned; I mean, it’s not like someone’s waving a boa constrictor at Oolong and saying, “Hey, wear this and let’s see how you like it!”

  63. Is this all leading to a site called stuffonmybun.com?

  64. metsakins says:

    I just read the comments quickly, being I have a job and all that boring stuff, but did no one get the Lewis Black reference?

  65. All I can say is baroo?!

  66. He’s got something on his head!
    But it is soooooo cute!

  67. I love how his expressions change from “buh?” to standard bun disapproval. I have the original pancake picceh somewheres.
    In related but not so cute news, I found an icon of “I have no idea what you’re talking about, so here’s Neil Gaiman with Cthulhu on his head.” It made me giggle.

  68. this is adorable though i like the bunny holding a plush bunny haha it is sooooooo cute awww