Snug as a Bug in a…Thistle.

Each night, Snuffles asked to be tucked in – something that required a constant supply of Band-Aids.

What a protective sleeping bag, Heather L.



  1. Quilll-ted Comforter

  2. Opps my L Key went crazy there LOL

    Quil-ted Comforter

  3. Ohh and one more thing

    because noscicles are made for beeping

  4. O – I would risk many nicks and cuts to tug him in. OOOOO – little handses! Noooes, not like Peter Pettigrew, well a little, but a not an evil relative.

  5. Oh gawd. OH GAWD. The leetle handses! I die! *dies*

  6. GingerBean says:

    In the infamous words of ET…oowwwche!

  7. can i paint his wee little fingernails?

  8. Can I paint the tiny tips of every one of his/her quills?

  9. Urchin Drop™

  10. Brandi7920 says:

    Anyone remember Popples?!?

  11. Katrina, will you also paint her leetle toenails, please? Cute toe nubulosity.

  12. Naaaaah. Peter Pettigrew is a rat, not a cute little hedgie.

  13. are hedgehog spines their equivalent of fur? or are they different? do they have fur AND spines? Has anyone actually touched a hedgehog that can verify/deny CO’s claims of pricklyness?
    …also, dawwwww!

  14. BEEP!
    ouch! ouch!

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    I see these and I think “I want a hedgie!” and then I realize if I had a cute pie like this, I’d want to snorgle and cuddle and kiss goodnight .. and we all know that would be bad.. so maybe for my own self protection I should NOT have a hedgie, but they are SO CUTE!

  16. aaaw, what a cutie 🙂

  17. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    @Cashew… hedgies have both fur and spikes. They’re mostly spikey on the top for protection, but soft and fuzzy on the tummy and head. The spikes are smooth, not barbed and are shed just like fur (try stepping on one of those at 2 in the morning!). They can get fleas in their spikes, too. I’ve only delt with the african pygmy hedgehog, not the european ones, so I can’t speak from experience there.

  18. If you just look at his head, he’s got a sort of Dear Daniel thing goin’ on.

  19. Dang! Prickly. Quilly, even.

    Eh, I’d suffer through it to tuck him in.

  20. Yes, I am very curious about how a hedgie feels as well. Someone please fill us in.

  21. MamaDawn, thanks! I was thinking they looked *slightly* less threatening than porcupines. Now, on to the part of your message that reminds me of the carrying capacity of european vs. african swallows… please tell me that was on purpose! Haha.

  22. “No, you may NOT tickle my tummeh!”

  23. Making that hedgie my new desktop!!! The puffy paws enslave me!!!

  24. resriechan says:

    Might I, with all due respect & squeeeeeeees, suggest, as title for the Youtube video at comment # 23:

    “Squirms R Us”??????

  25. my Buffy dog has a hedige named Hector, stuffed of course. She loves her Hector

  26. Awww, it’s like he’s tucked into a spikey sleeping bag.

  27. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    @Cashew… what’s your favorite color :)….

  28. OMG! FEETS!!


    And if he’s a huffy little guy, he’s more like Snape than Pettigrew.

  30. resriechan says:

    @ MamaDawn:

    “Green, no — Blue, no — I don’t knoAAAAAUGGGGHHHH”

    (MP/ H Grail ref., for those, who are not as ancient as I ….)

  31. Fetché le hedghog!

    Not that I would ever put one in a catapult.

  32. Is it just me, or do I detect a wee bit of disapproval there?

  33. I must beep the nose and each of the paws.

  34. Oh how I love this website! Seriously, I ask you, where else on the interwebs would your find the following phrases and have them actually make sense?!

    “…Urchin Drop…”
    “…I’ve only delt with the african pygmy hedgehog, not the european ones…” and
    “…Not that I would ever put one in a catapult…”

    God I love CO and our wacky little community… 🙂

  35. Hedgies may not be quite as disapproving as rabbits, but the quills make their disapproval much more intimidating. Mind you they’re just trying to look tough. Their bellehs are soo soft and cuddly 🙂 I love my hogs!

  36. I so want a hedgepiggy. I have to remind myself, though, that with the dogs, having one would most likely result in a very expensive vet visit…

  37. @Nikki – I do, too. This is the GREATEST. WEBSITE. EVAR!!!

  38. You know, just today I was talking with one of my flatmates (I just moved to the UK this fall) and he said he had never heard of hedgie being kept as pets. I asked around and pretty much all of the UK people agrees; “Why would you buy them as pets? That seems silly.” From now on, I’m showing them this picture because SQUEE YES WANT WANT WAAAAANT~~!

  39. …*sighs* Typos ahoy! That was “hedgies*” and “agreed*”. I blame studying for the typos and thank CuteOverload for regenerating me enough that there weren’t MORE of them!

  40. look at those PLUMP paw pads!!!

    @mary (the first) – be careful – i wanted to get one too, but they are illegal in some states! *eyeroll* and apparently they really, really crack down hard on people with them in PA, so i no can has hedgie 😦

  41. @melissadesa – omg that blink/lick combo at 1:28 kilt me ded :p

  42. Need close up on the prickles under the chin, pleeese.

  43. How do you tuck in this prickly?
    quickly quickly quickly.

  44. Kat: I am BY FAR the biggest fan of “puffy paws” as I call them!!!!

  45. the urge to beep the wee nosie is overwhelming.

    But the nosie in question seems to be upside-down with respect to cats/dogs. The nose taper is narrow at top and wider at the bottom with the little nostrils (sp?).

    Still, a very beep-able nosie indeed! And the beady-eye-factor is WAY up there too. I don’t think my little furry guy would approve of me having a hedgie, so I’ll just have to appreciate him on CO.

  46. Is this prickly pocket a pinto?

  47. dinsdale.


  48. His pointed toes on the front paws make me think he is about to jump off the high dive into the pool for the bestest ever cannonball plunge.

    Judge: *holds up sign* 10.0!

  49. Jackie Summers says:

    Hey there, I was wondering I’m about to be doing a YouTube video on the same topic, I was wondering if you’d mind me quoting you. I’d be sure to leave a link to your site in the description.

  50. jackie31337 says:

    I love how the little hedgehog has its paws up like “Rawr! I am a fierce, scary creature!”. So adorable. 🙂

  51. Andi from NC says:

    It’s the wee hands that get me…

  52. I love the Maru imitation in Melissadesa’s vid. Hedgies need quills to keep from being sqooshed to death by adoring fans. It’s their only defense against overzealous snorglers. 🙂

  53. andgreyskies says:

    @JupiterStar: I live in the UK and one of my friends has has an albino hedgehog as a pet for three years or so! I think they’re getting more popular, and the hedgehog is pretty adorable!

  54. Chaeriste says:

    Hedgies feel, as my friend put it, like a dry pine branch. When my baby’s quills are flat, he’s very cuddly. He’s a grumplepuff, tho…

    [Now there’s a word worthy of this site. 🙂 “Grumplepuff”… – Ed.]

  55. MissKitty says:

    The little paws… the little grumpy old man face… I love it! squee!

  56. Chaeriste-could you fill us in a bit more on the word “Grumplepuff”-it does sound like a perfect CO word. Could you please use it in a couple of sentences for us?

  57. Chaeriste says:

    Grumplepuff: a combo of hufflepuff (which I did not intentionally steal from Harry Potter) and Grumplehog. Tumbleweed has a million nicknames. My husband calls him “Tweek” b/c he twitches. I call him Babyhead.

  58. Hmm… this little guy looks familiar. Hey, wasn’t he sitting on Drew Barrymore’s shoulder during the Golden Globes?

  59. Chaeriste, Tumbleweed is an Exceptional Name for a hedgehog! So hilarious!

  60. @nikki: I can’t take credit for it… he was adopted by us with that name. I love it, though, b/c that’s what he looks like! You can follow him on Facebook… just look up his name.

  61. Tumbleweed-your hedgie’s name is Tumbleweed? That is overflowing-full of win!

  62. @katrina Yep! His former owner (or the woman that he formerly owned) named him, and I kept it. He’s really adorable. I’m not sure if this link will work… but here’s a pic of him:

  63. awww!!!!! SO CUTE! I LOVE PORCUPINES!!!

  64. @Claudia – hedgehog, actually. Porcupines, however, are also awesome.

  65. Ohhh I wish one day for my hedge vids to get up here! Must be harder to get into than Heaven….or for that matter, The Emerald City!!!!

  66. … one gets to see Meg, no way, no how!!! *slams door* Sorry, had to.

    I am also sending mind-beeps to that hedgie’s nosey!

  67. Chaeriste says:

    please help hedgies by voting for the hedgehogs in the Bissel MVP Photo Contest. All money will be given to help te massive rescue efforts in Texas. Thank you !!!