Winston Is Speechless

When Winston hasn’t used his meow-box for a while, says Rich at FourFour, it tends to get a little rusty, resulting in this compilation of our favorite flat-faced feline at a loss for words.



  1. The little “acks”! And I didn’t think it was possible for Winston to get more adorable (or quirkier for that matter)…

  2. Andi from NC says:

    awww kwitcherbitchin Weeenston! Love him!!!!!

  3. Trabb's Boy says:

    I’m … I’m … speechless.

  4. He had me at “ack.”

  5. That other cat got your tongue, Winston?

    Someone loosen Winston’s collar, STAT!

  6. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Get him some omega-3 tuna-flavored froat spray, stat!

    The name of the video is almost as good as the video itself.

  7. Awww poor Whinny is getting old… My cat used to “meow” like that too… You could only really hear it if you were really close and everthing else was really quiet…

  8. THAT FACE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Winston has some Bill the Cat in him, doesn’t he? 😛

  10. Theresa — I hadn’t thought of that before (even after hours of Winston observing), but you are DEAD ON.

  11. darling creature says:

    The Silent Mew! It doesn’t get any better than this!

  12. Love the little “ack” at 0:25. Made my Friday AM.

  13. toffiffeezz says:

    Love it… Made my Friday morning that much better 🙂

  14. Beth (in NC) says:

    Ha! Saw this on LOLcats and thought about sending it in, but knew that everyone else would too. 🙂 I love Winston….Winston is my favorite!

  15. “ack”

  16. Awww, poor Winston, is he okay? My cat meowed sorta like that for a while, it sounded like he had a cold. Maybe too much meowing does it XD; He’s still adorable.

  17. AWW! But my favorite cat video is “How to wrap a cat for Christmas–or any special occasion” Too sweet!

  18. pretty silly 🙂


  19. Kittytoes says:

    Sigh. He is so adorable. I used to have a great book about cats that told when a cat does a “silent meow”, it is a sign of great love and affection to the recipient. What a smooshy-faced sweet baby!

  20. Cute or/but sad?

  21. falnfenix says:

    every time i see Winston i am always surprised at the head-to-body ratio. i keep thinking he’s gonna be HUUUUUUGE then i see the body and he’s normal cat sized.

    it confuses me sometimes.

  22. Why, Winston! Get off the counter!

  23. resriechan says:

    Let’s face it, doooooooooooooods:

    Winston Sound Effects or NO Winston Sound Effects:
    the rest of us are either JEALOUS of Winston; or we are jealous of Rich, Rudy et al, (for existing in W’s world) : …..

  24. Poor Winston. I think we should hold a fundraiser and buy Winston one of those voice boxes for throat cancer patients. His meows may wind up sounding a bit robotic, but at least he’ll be able to meow…

  25. OMG, I can’t stop laughing. >^.^<

    This is what I've looked and sounded like when I've had dry heaves!

  26. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Winston is da bomb!!

    And his little cackling – our cat did that too. We would say that it sounds like he is bleating like a lamb/goat as opposed to meowing.

  27. Rudy must be excited when he has a bit of peace and quiet from Winston.

  28. snoopysnake says:

    If Winston’s human gets lonesome for the meows, he could always give Winston a bath! 🙂

  29. Ahh poor kitty. I like it when he licks his lips after a failed meow and tries again.

  30. When cats open their mouth and no noise comes out, we call that ‘the silent scream’. It’s awesome having all those silent scream moments in one condensed vid. 🙂

  31. Copperbat says:

    Dear Winston, I love you.


  32. Winston is hilarious!!!! There’s just something about the look on his face after he fails to meow that’s like ‘They’re all laughing at me, aren’t they?’ but still manages to keep his pride. Winston is sooooooooo adorable!!! I wish they’d show a little more Rudy though, he’s so beeeaaauuuutiful!!!

  33. He looks so dejected after some of those meowfails.

  34. It sounds like he’s broken his clack, it needs urgent attention.
    When one of my cats make this noise I think of it as “Oh lord I am so weak from lack of food, I haven’t got the strenth to miaow, what do you mean I was fed just half an hour ago”.

  35. skippymom says:

    My Eddy yells so much that sometimes he wears out his voice and only a weird strangled squawk comes out.

    Hey, everybody! Today is Skippy’s BIRTHDAY!!! He’s thirteen! Please wish him a happy one!

  36. *Blinks* …did he swallow a pink Christina Aguilera cockroach monster?

    (Also, hovertext is WIN!)

  37. LOL “look at me and do it!”
    i love his widdle nose.

  38. Pets on kitchen counters aren’t cute.
    Yes, Winston, get off the counter. Go find your voice box.

    [Maybe pets on YOUR kitchen counter aren’t cute. 😛 – Ed.]

  39. I always wonder if the other kitty is jealous that Winny gets all the attention.

  40. alt text ftw.

    also, i’ve had 3 cats hanging out on my counters for years and i appear to be healthy. let’s all over react about hygiene!

  41. tristabelle says:

    awww my cat does this!! she’s just so tiny that she’s got no force to put behind any kind of hearty “meow”!

  42. skippymom says:

    Hmm…in my house the cats are discouraged from being on the kitchen counter, yet I frequently serve Francesco his dinner on the dining room table. And not until today did it occur to me that that may be a bit odd.

  43. georgina0912 says:

    HA! One of my cats does that all the time right around 4:50-5:10 a.m. when we “for some crazy reason” are still in bed resting after a week’s work. What i guess my cat says is this:

    – i am staaaaaaaahving…
    – i have never had food…
    – i need nourishment…
    – i will never survive…

    Pathetic, little, almost-non-existent meows that make us feel like such bad pet owners that on Saturdays and Sundays we get up to feed everybody. Yup, they are aaaaaall the same…

  44. I think that the reason we all love Winston so much is that he is the cat version of our little eccentric half-crazed oddball collection of CuteOverload fanatics. We are all, in fact, Winston. (pushes glasses up, puts clipboard down, raises hands and hums/sways back and forth to We Are the World.)

  45. poor baby:(

  46. hah! I sound like that first thing in the morning!

    If I contact Rich, do you think that he can teach me how to get my dogs to be quiet long enough that their bark boxes get rusty?

  47. My in-laws’ calico is going the other way on her meowing. When they first got her, all she could do was squeak and silent meow (my husband says she sounded like a mouse). As she progresses into late middle age, she’s getting much more vocal. 😛

  48. @Hon Glad, I know that well. It is the “I can see the bottom of my bowl, I must be starving” moment. 😛

  49. Freaking hysterical, yet sad as well.

    [Sadder by far if Winnie hadn’t been rescued & gone to a good home w/Rich, don’t you think? – Ed.]

  50. Squee!! This reminds me of my cat (who I just-so happened to name Winnie, after this Winston, believe it or not). Everytime we go on a long car-ride, he gives himself laringitis from howling. He ends up squeaking like this.

  51. ACK!

    @ Heather I agree NO “kids” on the kitchen counters ! It’s not a germ thing ,all though considering where cat paws have been (litter box) it’s still nasty BUT it’s a cat hair thing ! There’s nothing like putting a bite of food in your mouth with a healthy helping of cat fur as seasoning eh ? yum !!! =o(

  52. He’s saying something! As soon as he started to talk my cat looked over at the computer. She eventually had to come over to the speakers and sniff all over, trying to find that other kitty. So just because we can’t hear it doesn’t mean he’s not saying something loud and clear.

  53. OMG… I love Winston!

  54. That cat is not right.

  55. ACK litter box toes! Cough cough spit!

    Those guys let the cats on the counter all the time, they don’t seem to mind.

    Did you see the short vid on fourfour of Winnie smacking Rudy (accidentally) in the eye? Ouch!

  56. XD That last, strangled ‘maa-nghh’ is what really gets me. My leetle Miss Bells sounded like this when she had a respiratory infection. Now I wish I’d recorded her. xD

  57. Happy 13th birthday to Skippy!

  58. Thanks, Paunchie! I’m still trying to figure out what special dinner to make for him tonight!

  59. OMG! My fat cat does the same thing!

  60. Winnie the Mew indeed.

  61. My sweet resqte Abby is a Maine Coon and while she chatters at the birds and makes occasional squeaks, I can count on one hand the times I’ve heard anything approaching a meow.

  62. Never been a fan of this breed of cat. It’s like they were born against a brick wall…

  63. Poor Weenston has a sore throat 😦

  64. I had to laugh when I saw this on ICanHasCheezburger with the title “Meow Fail” yesterday. Poor Winnie!

    I used to have a cat that meowed like this – get all worked up and then only a little squeak would emerge. She figured out how to meow properly the night she had her kittens. 🙂

  65. Skippymom, maybe tuna tartar in the shape of a mouse with butter duck sauce?

  66. In my humble but correct opinion, the totally silent attempts are the best/saddest/funniest/best. ‘For this one my mystical smooshedness will incapacitate the microphone.’

    So, this is just an occasional short-term condition; he recovers? I don’t wanna be ridiculin’ a CONSTANTLY helpless critter.

  67. Paunchie, that’s PERFECT! Thanks for the idea.

    pounce: “She figured out how to meow properly the night she had her kittens.” That is so sweet.

  68. StormCat42 says:

    *in a very Elizabethan style manner* I think we may be assuming something about this “counter” thing… *pulls out magnifying glass and leans in* Are we SURE that this is an actual “food preparation” counter? Mayhaps it tis a Kitty food counter, or a storage counter of sorts… I, for one, have a couple of storage counters that my Kittehs are free to wander around on… Also, because I’m now (happily) single, my food preparation is limited to opening the microwaveable meal and popping it into the ray box… Hence I have no need to use most of my counters… Soooo I wouldn’t be quite so quick to determine that this is a food counter…

    Besides, *puts away magnifying glass and squeezes Winston gently* they’re just too darn qte to say no to, wouldn’t you say?

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled sqeeeeeeeee

  69. Re: pets on the kitchen counters

    You have pets? They are on the kitchen counters.

    Don’t believe me? Set up a camera and vid your kitchen while you’re away/sleeping. ;p

  70. resriechan says:

    —FWIW: a friend of mine (who himself tends to be fairly clever in his storytelling) tells of one of his young’uns (an actual hominid young’un this time) …who described the pathetic non-barking scratchy sounds of the newest rescued
    doggie/ puppy:

    “Dad, why’d ya bring this one home? He’s BROKEN!!!”

    Seems relevant to Winston’s perplexed facial expreshe today ……

    (this story is actually TRUE; he didn’t make it up ….. 😉 🙂 )

  71. That looks so SAD! I feel bad for him. He’s trying SO HARD to talk, but it just won’t work. 😦 Poor guy. 😦

  72. Ooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, pooooooooooooooooooor W! No voice…. but, … let’s hope your servant still understands you. Hugs & kissess to W o)

  73. My kitties are technically not allowed on the kitchen counters, so I don’t know how that bread I took out of the freezer got chewed up. >.<
    And I can assure you, not letting them on the counter does NOT keep cat hair out of your food. I somewhere saw handpainted platters that said something about a little cat hair enhancing the flavor. 🙂

  74. Biscuit Tin says:

    Since when does a day go by when Winston “does not use his meow-box for awhile?” Please. (Witness the video, “Winston is Annoying.”) It’s clear that he CAN meow, but he knows that little half-mews and silent mews are like kryptonite to his humans. “Mew-ack” means, “You will now give me every treat in the house.”

  75. says:

    the legendary Silent Meow. what more can one say? Winston has it down pat. every kitteh should have it in their bag o’ trix.

  76. Heehee, awesome. My Ringo used to meow silently, occasionally with a bit of squeak. But when his verbose brother died, Ringo took on all his most annoying habits and now wails at me constantly. Shushing doesn’t seem to work.

  77. *breathy meow*

  78. Sorcha the cat says:

    It was this last year that some university or other released a study showing that the different mews/purrs/trills each had a different meaning. And for this they needed a study?

    My Abbey talks all the time, sometimes I wished she’d get hoarse, especially after she’s spent 10 minutes crying broken-heartedly in front of a shut cupboard. (stick head in, walk away). Sorcha trills (love that sound) and seldom meows. When she does, Attention Must Be Paid!

    My girls get fed on the breakfast bar, but they don’t climb on the other counters, at least when I’m around. Perhaps I should sign them up for study like the one with the cameras on the kitty collar, to find out what fur people did all day. Yep, another study! Probably done at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople.

  79. darling creature says:

    I discourage my furry creature from getting on the kitchen counters, yet I eat cat hair every day. It’s unavoidable.

  80. Steven Baranowski says:

    Winston seems afflicted with patrician malaise. Let’s see more of that other cat. I bet it can meow like a sonofabitch.

  81. What is Winston? We don’t know.
    But we love, love, love him so!

  82. Narelle & Tiffany says:

    OH Winston u get more hilarious by the moment…we’re ur No.1 fans “Down Under”…did they break the mould when he was born?? We’d give anything to have his babies..if u know what we mean!!! Baby Winstons would be the ultimate!! He’s much cuter than Garfield & his face would charm a thousand felines!! Keep posting more Winston…he’s our Pin-up Boy!!!!!

  83. I agree, Lee: Cute or/but sad? Aww, I love Winston. The silent meow. Wow!

  84. I get the ack ack from my girls too. Usually during a long purring session they decide to speak and it comes out as ack!

  85. Winston’s vocalization is as abbreviated as his face.

  86. Check out :48, to the left in the background ;D Socks and tighty whiteys!

  87. @Ray – oh yes, Winnie can meow with the best of them. Check it out in this video of why he’s not normal: 🙂

  88. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    I get the acks and silent meows from one of my girls, turns me into a puddle of squee every time. I learned how to imitate her and it’s the one thing that never fails to get me head butts. *ack*

  89. Peanut's Mama says:


  90. First I love love love Winston!
    Second if you have cats they are on you counter, table, cabinets. couch, top of the fridge, in your desk drawers, closet and anywhere else they want to be when you’re not watching.
    Mine have decided that the new flat cook top is ideal as a cool place to sleep in the summer. Hey you just have to wipe things before you use them and the new Pledge pet hair remover is GREAT!!.

  91. Peanut's Mama says:

    And as far as cats on counters… Peanut sites on the counter next to me while I’m washing dishes, and he gets his treats on the counter too. Clorox moist wipes people! Thats all you need. I would never think of trying to teach him not to go on the counter, or reprimand him if/when he does.

    And someone mentioned the feet and where they’ve been? My favorite thing of all is kissing Peanut’e jellybeans (paw pads). I know he walks in cat litter and yuckiness, but I CAN’T HELP IT!

  92. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Peanut’s Mama, I got a Peanut, too! She’s all black and yes, I’m a toe bean addict.

  93. I love Winston, but I really don’t see (or hear) a reason to be concerned about his silent meows. Cats speak at all different volumes, including what we think as being a silent meow that humans can’t hear but other cats can. I’m sure Win is just fine (do you really think his owners would send CO a video of Win if he wasn’t okay?).

    My own cat talks like this quite a bit and she’s just a regular ole DSH/shelter kitty, not even a smooshie face cat. 🙂

  94. I love it when my cats chirp like that. They usually do that when they want some treats or something special.

  95. I’ve read that the silent(ish) meow with the eyes closed (the slow blink) is a show of affection. They look at you, they blink real slow, they mew… it’s all luhve. So cute.

  96. Have to agree mostly with Biscuit Tin. I’m cracking up with the expressed concern and “poor Win” comments. There’s not a damn thing wrong with his “meow-box” (love that!). Knowing (or following) Win as I do I can see he is wonderfully and uniquely spoiled; thus, he probably doesn’t ever need to meow! He has his keepers trained to read his eyes and body language. Clearly he regards the full-on meow as beneath him. Lol!

  97. NutherDeb says:

    I’ve always loved silent meows. Some cats just understand subtlety!

  98. Sure, I wish my cats didn’t walk over the kitchen counter, but I gave up long ago trying to educate them on this point. I once heard that the difference between cats and dogs is that you can train a dog what to do and not to do, but the only thing you can train a cat in is what not to do when you’re around (’cause they’re going to go ahead and do it as soon as you’re gone…)

  99. My Oscar meows just like this and he has not got the smooshface.

    (P.S. Winston’s telling me Happy Birthday! I turned 40 today.) 😀

  100. awww poor winston, he kinda sounds like a monkey

  101. 😆 Winston sounds a lot like our cat Smokey did BEFORE our cat Badger came along 😆 Smokey would sound like a tiny kitten when she wanted attention where as Badger would SCREAM for attention 😆 Now Smokey has cranked up her meows in order to be heard and get attention 😆

  102. I always feel bad for the other cat in these Winston vids. What’s HIS story?

  103. kibblenibble says:

    J: His name is Rudy.

    ♥Winston!♥ ♥Rudy!♥ They make me SO happy!

    Happy B-day Noelegy!
    Happy B-day, Skippy!

    That is all.

  104. Copperbat at comment 69…
    If my St. Bernard is getting up on my counters I will eat my hat.

  105. Winston looks like Yoda.

  106. omg adorable! Cats are the bomb 🙂

  107. OMG i just sooo love Winston he is the most adorable thing on the planet!!!!

  108. Is it just more or as winston ages, he looks more and more like Wilford Brimley?

  109. I used to have Himalayan who never meowed either—I always thought it was because I pampered and loved him so much, he never had to ask for anything, so he just stopped meowing……….about 3 times a year he would feel the need to stretch his vocal cords, and he sounded just like Winston–kind of “rusty”……..thanks for bringing back some sweet memories……(smile)…….

  110. My Persian, Chewie, does the same thing. She won’t meow for a while and then she sounds all rusty. It cracks me up. XD

  111. Good grief – how pathetic is that.

  112. Silent Meow says:

    Winston is doing the Silent Meow! I luvz it!

  113. He’s saying “Gimme a BANANA, dammit!”

  114. Mrs. McGinty says:

    LOL! That’s exactly the noise our little Shunra – also a rescue, although not quite as beeyoooteefool as Weenston – makes. I just thought she was probably born with a damaged meow-mechanism. She’s a little invalidish in some other ways too.

    But basically it means Weenston doesn’t have too much to beetch about, hmmm? Because I learned from my readings that the kittehs meow only when they have to tell their humans something, because they communicate with each other in other, more silent ways. So if his meow machine is all rusty becaus he doesn’t meow very often, it means he hasn’t got much to complain about, right, Winnie? Are you ready to admit you’re living the life o’ Riley, Grumpy McGrumpyPants?

  115. GreySadler says:

    At 0:13 he sounds like Ace Frehley from KISS!

  116. he’s not meowing

    they keep reloading the surprised kitty video, and he’s saying “squee”

  117. Winston is definitely cute, but his meow is FAIL!

  118. madlymargaret says:

    aw, he’s broken… seriously, he might be sick 😦
    I know, this sounds silly, but it’s a wonderful therapy used on humans to help them heal, BodyTalk, but there’s also AnimalTalk, highly recommended, poor Winston!

  119. I have a flat-faced wonder kitty just like Winston and he always “acks” instead of “meows.” It’s hilarious!

  120. Adorable Winston! 😀
    Maybe he has a hair ball stuck in his throat. Perhaps, that particular hairball HAS HARDENED AND CEMENTED ITSELF ONTO THE WALLS OF WINSTON’S FELINE THROAT? Or maybe, he hasn’t reached puberty yet. Choose one.

  121. it was so cute but you are mean why say do it look at me at do it you yelled you big meanie

  122. Dangit!!!!! I forgot how to use this thing!!!!! (weird squeaky noise) no no no, thats not it. URRRRG!!!!!!!! 😡