Stalking the Wild Letter Carrier

Day 24: I gave my porter a break so I could watch the herd across the river.  Most of them had moved to the tall rushes, where their uniforms camouflaged them.  From their skittish chatter, I could tell they sensed my presence.  It was a waiting game now, and I played it better than any hunter alive.

Photograph by Art Verduzco, scoped out by the ever-reliable Marilyn T. and Susan W., as seen on the Daily Dozen National Geographic.



  1. Copperbat says:


  2. I see what you did there.

  3. Target acquired: bull(dog)seye!

  4. This photo is pure awesome.

  5. Letters and cardigan sweaters strewn across the picket fences! Oh the humanity!

  6. FYI – It is obvious this bulldog is a girl hunter, from the pink harness.

    I get a lot of this:
    Them: “Oh! He’s such a handsome bulldog!”
    Me: “Thanks. The bulldog is a ‘she’. See the fabulous pink rhinestone collar and dainty manicure?”
    Them: “Oh, I’m sorry little fella!”

    I know they all look gruff, but believe it or not, there ARE girly bulldogs out there!

  7. This could possibly be the greatest photo I have ever seen.

  8. Why must you assume it’s a girl dog because of the pink harness? Maybe he’s just very style conscious, and someone told him a touch of pink works well with his coloring (which it does!)

    BTW, nice biped you gots there, Bubs…

  9. resriechan says:

    @ Courtney (comment #6):

    I have a greeting card (not to give away, I just keep it for laughs) which has a pic of a 50s gal, in what looks like a poodle skirt, with the following punchline:

    “Gladys is so tough, her poodle skirt has a bulldog on it!”

    (If I were techno-savvy, I would click a picture of it so you could see it here, online,….but alas….I feel I’m *fairly* cute-savvy but *not at all* Techno-Savvy 😦 )

  10. NTMTOM, you’re just plain awesome.

  11. That photo is from National Geographic, submitted by a reader. FYI.

  12. That is a great photo, and I LOVE the story line.

    Nice shiny coat on that pupster. I’d say he/she is well loved.

  13. @Courtney, of course! Have you ever seen the bulldog-supermodel, Zelda?

  14. J., can you post a link to the Natl Geo picture? I’d love to find out the real story.

  15. I spy with my Little Eye…

  16. resriechan says:

    Well, now that peeps are mentioning Nat Geog….I’ll mention what I thought I was seeing earlier…on the Nat Geogr. cable TV network, there’s a pheNOMenal program (I like it even better than the Dog Whisp. program) called DogTown; documentary. The leader of that facility (400 dogs/ rehab & care) is John Garcia…..methinks I see this fellow is John Garcia; similar buff build, similar face; desert surroundings………

    He’s one of my heroes…..

  17. AuntieMame says:

    The mental picture of a herd of wild mail carriers skulking in the rushes is hilarious. 😀 😀 😀

  18. OMG! it is the Hounds of Zaroff hunting The Most Dangerous Game.

    @ resriechan Yeah I love that show, I just wish they would talk a little more about the rest of the animals they help because they don’t just rescue dogs, they do amazing work!

  19. @ Courtney (comment #6):

    Maybe it’s not just because she’s a bulldog. You could be running into me! For some reason, all dogs are boy dogs to me. I even had a female dog once, and I would say things like “here boy” to her and refer to her as him. I guess I have some sort of confused “dogs are masculine” thing in my head.

  20. Looks like that little teufelshunde is scoping out the enemy. Semper Fi!

  21. Be verwee verwee quwiet……..

  22. We shall bite them on the beaches, we shall bite them on the landing grounds we shall bite them the fields and in the streets, we shall bite them on the hills.We shall never surrender.

  23. Haha – Greatest post ever…

  24. @Cashew et al, I couldn’t find the link to the NGM Your Shot page, which is where I first saw that photo, but here is a link that gives the name of the photographer and tells the story behind the photo, Btw, the bulldog’s name is Mini Cooper, which, having a Mini Cooper and loving bulldogs, is why I remember it! 🙂

  25. ❤ !!

  26. Best photo since like forever. Love the hovertext!!! NTMTOM scores again!!

    My little girl chi wears a pink harness and leash so people will know she’s female. But people still refer to her as “he.” Waddyagonnado? 😀

  27. @Hon Glad: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  28. the dog is so cute it is also cool how you made the dog do that!!!!!!

  29. hmmmm I wonder what he’s looking at?? probably just thinking that’s a lo of nothing hehehe

  30. this looks EXACTLY like my favorite vacation place, Cambria.

  31. Aww… this pic just makes me all sorts of happy. What a beautiful day! Lying around in the sun with a cuddly doggie.