Tweed, Now with More Prickly

Before slipping on those blazers, always remember to check the sleeves for foreign bodies.

Don’t hedge your bets, Zac T.



  1. Nothing up my sleeve!

  2. BEEP! Just look at that beautiful moist nosicle!!! Oh, beep beep beep!!

  3. D’awwww.
    I really do adore little hedgies.
    I wonder what Melvin would do with one of those. LOL

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Awww.. is it Benson on a stakeout??? sweeet. I may have to get a hedgie someday. Or a hammie. I can’t decide.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Pocket Protector

  6. Little nose. ::::Smooch:::::

  7. resriechan says:

    260Oakley is now Offishe the President as well as the Grand Pooh-Bah
    (whatever those are). Thank you.

  8. awww i just want to squeeze him!

  9. Ow!

  10. gentle BEEP!

  11. Gentle little poke on the nose. BEEP.

  12. Verrry gentle {beep}.

    Do hedgehogs drool?

  13. *bink! bink!* the moist nosicle! eep!

  14. Biggest piece of pocket lint I’ve ever seen! Cutest one too..

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Beepity beep beep…boop bop!

  16. OMG, hedgies are so cute!!!!

  17. Oh how cute!

  18. certified cutologist says:

    Beep. This reminds me of a story I heard about Montaigne, that once, when a cat fell asleep on his (huge?) sleeve while he was at his desk, he cut off his sleeve rather than disturb the sleeping cat when he wanted to get up… I think he would have cut it off for this sleeping hedgehog too… (and then gave him a beep). Well that’s what I heard anyway…

  19. @ certified cutologist I think my husband and Montaigne wpould have got along great, he will sit on the floor rather than push one of our cats off the chair in the living room. I make fun of him but I think I would rather go without a coat in our Canadian winter then move that sweet little sleepy hedgehog out of his comfy pocket.

  20. Kiss kiss on the moist nosicle!

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Gigi, where DID you find a man like that? I want one!! *pout*

    Hedgie looks SO cozy!

  22. kibblenibble says:

    BTW folks (threadjack alert) there is a new cute Winston video over at fourfour. Now back to the sleeping prickly guy…

  23. Scronched face!! >_<

  24. I find a passing Hedgie is most useful for removing stray hairs and lint from my overcoat.
    Further to the story of Montaigne, the prophet Mohammed had a tabby cat which fell asleep on the sleeve of his robe. Rather than disturb the cat,he cut off his sleeve when he answered the Muezzin (call to prayer). This cat warned him of danger and to this day Tabby cats have the ‘M’ mark on there foreheads in rememberance of his blessing and three dark lines on there backs where he stroked his cat.

  25. YES! i submitted this a while ago and im so happy to see her on here! Her name is Lucy and she’s asleep in my sweatshirt pocket. 🙂

  26. How do hedgehogs make love? Very carefully, snerk!!!

  27. bookmonstercat says:

    Hon Glad, I already knew that tabbies have an “M” on their forehead because they are beloved of the Prophet, but I never knew why. I didn’t know about the lines on their backs. Thanks. Tabbies are my favourite, although I’ve had all sorts of moggies over the years.

    Prongs, y’all rock with that hovertext.

  28. Aawww, little sleepers. MM, my hedgie doesn’t drool, but she’s always licking her nosicle, and leaves little wet nosicle marks everywhere. I get a little wet nosie kiss from her evrytime I say goodnight.

  29. Hedgies have the bestest moist nosicles evah! I want, I want!! *thud*

  30. @Earwig-I know what you mean about the nosicle marks…Roscoe owns one side of my couch and sleeps behind the cushion. Every time I pick him up to put him back in his hogcave (cage) there are teensy little nosicle stamps all over the microsuede lol 🙂

  31. He should have a pocket ham-kerchief instead.

  32. “Drool” is just one of the best words ever. Dontcha think?

  33. My hedgie likes to snuggle into my clothes and once in a while, I’ll have to extract Cal from my sleeve. Cal’s a shoulder guy, preferring to sleep on my shoulder but he’ll burrow if I don’t watch out and then slide down my back onto the sofa. This picture says it all – the smooched face, the look of contention, oh my, ( fanning my face), just too cute!

  34. @Cuteoligist and Hon Glad
    Took a while to find but look up 1/16/07 in cats with hands at

    [Relevant direct linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  35. @ Hon Glad – is that only for English speaking Tabbies, or is the letter for the consonant “M” similar in arabic? (Honest curiosity, not poking, I promise!)

    I think a hedgie would be a fabulous addition to my family, just not sure what the puggle would think of it… but the nose!! OMG!

  36. Aw, he looks so comfortables! 🙂

  37. skippymom says:

    Ooh, a delicious Kalamata olive! (grabs nose and attempts to twist it off)

  38. certified cutologist says:

    Though Montaigne was a cat lover, I think the story I heard must have been misattributed to him… sigh…

    Well anyway…. one last beep. BEEP.

  39. earlybird1 says:

    @DewiCasgwent (#34): Awesome link! LOL!!

  40. One word= AWWW!

  41. AAahhhhhnnnnn! So cute. I lost my little prickle-monster to astonishing old age (8 years!) a few weeks ago. I’m almost starting to miss my little cleavage diver and his grumplyness. PFFFT! PFFFFT! *puffs like a grumply hedgie*

  42. aw. my hedgie loves sleeping in my pocket