THIS JUST IN: Ninja Puppeh!

Meet Boo, the ninja dog! When Boo’s owner first dressed him up for a parade in Kyoto, Japan, little did he know the Pekinese would become a local legend, but that’s what happened.  Now the pup makes personal appearances all over town.



  1. It’s hard to be stealthy when your exposed areas are snow white too!

  2. Boo just looks a little too … cute to be a ninja. He’s all “Kawatta koto aru?” and stuff …

  3. Who ever thought lethal trained assassins could be so cute!!

  4. KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. whew, thanks for the new cute! I think i’ll make it now…
    keee-ute puppers!

  6. No offense NTMTOM, but where has Meg gone?

  7. @ceejoe, I just left you a note at the Chinch post.

  8. That second picture is adorable! However, I do concur with Suzanne that Boo’s white fur might be just a tad obvious…

  9. Oooh, a white Peke! And an assassin, to boot! SQUEEEEEE!

  10. So, how does he draw his sword?

    And how did Boo’s owner get him to hold still in the first place?

  11. toborzgrrl says:

    Does Kakashi know about this?

  12. Crouching Terrier, Tail is Draggin’

  13. catloveschanel says:

    By default, I call all dogs BOO. Just sayin’ BOO!

  14. catloveschanel says:

    Me and you and a dog named BOO
    Travellin and a – living off the land….

  15. awww… so cute!

    Take that, Akamaru (Naruto reference)!

  16. He DOES look like an ewok in that second pic!

  17. Malle Babbe says:

    I Know Cute-Fu…

  18. Silent, crimson leaves
    Softly falling to the snow…
    I poop on your lawn.

  19. @catslovechanel…now I have LOBO running through my head. And my attorneys who aren’t old enough to get the reference as I hum at the copier are thinking I’ve completely lost my mind!

  20. My fur it is soft
    My ninja skills they are strong
    you are doomed by cute!

  21. StormCat42 says:

    Oakley, once again you have made laugh out loud in my office… That is just too funny…

    What a cutie patootie!! I’d dress my Kitteh’s up that way if I didn’t think I’d have to pay for it in the middle of the night…

  22. VentureSister says:

    Henonna, you win one thousand internets.

  23. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Jenna, precisely my first thought…


  24. I’m thinking he’s learned some special technique to overcome his panting imbalance???

  25. awww a pekingese!! we lost our peke Toby to cancer in April. Missing his little snuffle face!

  26. resriechan says:

    PJ; it’s all about meditating on the zen, “comme ca” :

    “ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhm” [pant pant pant] “oooooohhhmmmm” [pantpantpant]”oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhmmmmm” [pantpantpant]

    (etc. etc. & so forth)

  27. SOO cute:) I think my Shihtzu wants to be a ninja now too.

  28. Hey may be a ninja…..but does he have mad ninja skillz?

  29. We were thinking of doing that with our black pekipoo… put fabric nun-chuks on her and a mask of some sort… 🙂


  30. CoconutCheez says:

    Good lord, this is a deadly combination! love it!

  31. Behold the fierce Foo Lion-Dog, protector of Buddha’s temple and all who dwell within!!!

  32. 260Oakely says:

    And the people cried “Boo who?”

  33. Doggie is indeed cute, but I must issue a CO virus warning: if you go to the link on Boo for more info, the page there lists the url of a blog on the doggie. DO NOT go to that site, because you may download a trojan. Just did that, at work no less — had to call our admin. Dang, second time I’ve done that in a month — must end my promiscuous internets ways!

  34. He is a mountain ninja. Snows quite a bit in the Japanese “alps” (central/northwestern part of the country, Hida/Kiso/Akaishi mountain ranges). His white fur blends in withe the virgin snow and brings death to the samurai-cat overlords who oppress their human subjects with their constant meowing and box-based attacks!


  35. Kawai desu!!

  36. That is totally an Albino Ninja Ewok.

  37. 260Oakely
    Crouching Terrier, Tail is Draggin’

    I saw that post and KNEW it was 260Oakely, before even looking at the name, lol!

    Silent, crimson leaves
    Softly falling to the snow…
    I poop on your lawn.


  38. beams of love @ claudine hellmuth

    Cat’s in trouble now
    Cause I can haz ninja sword
    Oops, wrong blog…sorry

  39. Henonna, I agree that you win multiple internets. Best. Haiku. Ever. 😛

  40. catloveschanel says:

    Glad someone else remembers that. They probably think you’re real crazy when you cry out, ‘how I love bei – ng a free man’

  41. Cute cute!

  42. This just about makes up for the lack of posts lately. Juuust about. Soooo funny!

    I know this puppeh is wearing a Ninja costume, but it still makes me think of one of my recent favorite cable finds: “Role Models.” That storyline with Paul Rudd and that adorable kid cracks me up.

  43. I was going to say Crouching Terrier, Hidden Dog Bone but 260Oakely beat me to the pun.

  44. My cat never wants to cosplay. I am sick of it.

  45. OMG! I was actually at that parade – and have a pic of this little guy somewheres. It was the annual costume parade in Kyoto – basically the whole history of the land told by massive amounts of people in fantastic costume. I saw him in October of 2008.

    This dog was hanging out as a bystander right near the modern art museum – and gotta tell ya – he was a star. All these people snappin’ his foto and he was all chill, like “Yey, I got it. Here shoot this side of me, it’s the better one.”

    I know a celebrity!

  46. What’s the picture of, guys? I don’t see anything but a concrete floor and a shot of someone’s lawn or bamboo fence.

  47. Emmberrann says:

    It’s a ninja-ewok! Well, spoze if I were going to be done in by katana, it might as well be done in by da qte….. *heddesk*

  48. I actually used to watch star trek with this dog before he became ninja.. Now you know

  49. CrazyNewt WINS.

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    I agree with Patito…CrazyNewt, that was hilarious. WIN!

  51. I iz ninja. I haz a sword.

  52. In the second picture it looks like he is wearing a Balaclava, all he needs is some gloves on elastic (so as not to loose them) and a satchel and he would look like a geeky school kid of the 50’s.

  53. Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious. Look at that pup’s little fat feet!

  54. He’s adorable…but just wanted to reppeat Zippy’s warning:


    STAY AWAY! (By the way…Cuteoverload should remove the link pronto!)

  55. That’s repeat 🙂

  56. K Boo — a couple things…

    1) The link you’re talking about isn’t on Cute Overload, so we can’t remove it. The link here is to a news article on, which is safe.

    2) I get no kind of virus or malware warning when I go to the Nishiworld link, which is mentioned in the news article, using either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Now, that site is extremely visually busy (yeesh!), so I don’t expect I’ll go there again. (Also, I can’t read Japanese 😦 )

  57. Theo ,

    Yes, the link was safe.
    However, when I went to Nishiworld, my Norton security system said “twinkleii [1].gif” contains virus, quarantined it and removed it from my computer so…

    Anyway, there was nothing interesting about Boo on that blog ,so nobody’s missing anything.

  58. heh heh this cutie is awesome

  59. Little guy has his game face on in pic 2…

  60. Love Ninja Puppy

  61. Ryogakusei says:

    OH my goodness I saw the ninja dog when I was in Kyoto!

  62. Robin Hope says:

    Hi I have the same type of dog, same color and everything. We got him from a pet store in 08. He is the best dog ever. My daughter named him Pup Pup. We couldnt decide on his name, I wanted Gizmo and she wanted Snowball, so he became Pup Pup. Thanks for sharing your pictures!