Very Pretty. Now Where’s the Food?

Chez Mignon came highly recommended, but when Hudson saw this pretentious plate, he  realized he wasn’t Zagat’s target audience and vowed to stick to Fuddrucker’s.

A+ for plating, Katrina B.

And filed under “Credit, Where Credit is Due”, it should be noted that Katrina B. prepared the above feast of vegetable pizza, biscotti, honeydew slices and birthday cake. The biscotti is sliced walnut, the honeydew is broccoli stem, and the cake is apple and papaya. In creativity alone, it’s worth $150.



  1. I just love people that love their animals so much!
    cute hammie!
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black one.

  2. Sheez, I have got to step up my game when it comes to feeding my pets. All I do is pour stuff in bowls.

  3. How precious! I would love something like that for my birthday.

  4. JohnnyJohnny says:

    *considers, for a moment, that Hudson eats waaaay netter than I do*

  5. Are Hudson’s eyes welling up with tears of joy?

  6. oh and…. BEEP! the little pink nosie!

  7. Andi from NC says:

    What – no miniature candle????

    Actually, the whole thing looks amazing – can I join?

    BTW – love the dainty paw!!!

  8. Wow, that is an amazing amount of time and energy put into hammie’s food! Tres colorful as well. Lucky hammie!

  9. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH that’s my hammy!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness i’m so excited!!! i’m in the waiting room at the toyota car care center but i almost screamed and then *almost* shed some tears!

    I’d like to thank sammy the hammy of course, cute overload, prongs, all my friends and family, whole foods and giant eagle for the food, petco for caring for sammy before i got him… 😉

    oh i’m so proud of sammy 😀 look at that awesome BEF!!! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Gourmet even.

    Reminds me of Ratatouille (the Pixar movie).


  11. How cute is that, when a parsley leaf looks huge?! I know that’s a rule somewhere. What a precious little hammie and a sweet owner.

  12. In Battle Hamster Food the judges award Katrina B. 15 points for plating, 15 points for originality, and 25 points for taste.

  13. whoops!!!! forgot to thank Mathijs van der Paauw from hamster tracker!!!!! i learned my hammy cooking skills from him!!!!!

    trying not to pass out in the waiting room!!!! can’t wait to go home and congratulate sammy!!!! 😀 😀

  14. MissKitty says:

    aww… Hammy Birfday, little Sammy!

    So cute… So nice to see a hamham so well loved and pampered. 🙂

  15. Oh good Lord! And I thought my sister was bad for sauteeing veggies for her cats…

  16. Congratulations, kat and Sammy! 😀

  17. Er, you got any catsup.

  18. Just needs some dinner music and the atmosphere is set! Ratitatouie (bad speller)

  19. “Brava!” from one Katrina to another and, of course, to Sammi! Wonderful scene!
    Give him a nose-touch for me, please. I imagine the dinner music-it is there already! Tres elegant!

  20. Oh Hudson, don’t be such a urban caveman.

  21. Resriechan says:

    1)Cuteness a la Hamster
    2)BEF, seconded
    3) Maybe FOR ONCE this means we ‘Mericuns can — at least BRIEFLY — submit one exhibit to the Japanese kill us w/ Cuteness Every Day Contest???????

    I”m sure that some CO’er remembers,
    the word that les Japonais use, for “making tiny pretty food displays”?????

    I’m too stunned by the Cuteness to have the gumption to search on the ‘Net for it….

  22. Resriechan says:

    (And @ Hon Glad: I thought that we ‘Mericums were the only cads, who ask for Catsup/ Ketchup when we are overwhelmed by an elegant table setting???)

  23. Mathijs and Lucy want the recipe.

  24. @Resriechan
    With a Coke instead of a carefully chosen wine.

  25. Resriechan says:

    (@ Hon Glad: Me: “D’Oh!!!!!”)


  26. “Ah, waiter? I asked for broccoli on the side. Geez, the service in this place.”

  27. Delectabuls! Very lucky hammy…

  28. What a lucky little Hammie to be so well loved! Just look at the individual broccoli blossoms! Sooooo, cute. Happy Birthday Sammie. Kat, do you deliver? Pocket Pets Catering…

  29. That’s so adorable! Lucky ham.

    *waits for someone to build her a birthday cake out of …well… birthday cake*

  30. People who feed their cats ( …. small carnivorous mammals …) steamed vegetables are totally bonkers. Cats eat MEAT as wild animals, and should be eating it at home. They’re not designed to process veggies or people food.

    But this pic is not totally bonkers! Although the posting seems to be driving Kat slightly bonkers! 🙂

  31. That is just too much. Adorable soft looking hammie. What’s the pizza crust? A potato chip?

    Teeny tiny pieces of apple and whatnot? Individual broccolis?

  32. another cute hammie

    …”In creativity alone, it’s worth $150″ LOL!!!

  33. Happy birthday, Sammy the hammy! I hope you enjoyed your tasty meal, which I have to say puts my own food presentation skills to shame…

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    Is that tray/plate a poker chip? or what is it? This little hammie is adorable and kudos to Katrina for pampering him so moische!

  35. All I can say is… WOW.

  36. AuntieMame says:

    The pizza crust looks like a cucumber slice.

    The little honeydews are awesome! I wish we could see the biscotti a little better, though.

  37. Now *this* is a well-loved hammykins! 😀

  38. thank you all for the nice comments!!! 😀

    i’m gonna have to watch rataouille!!

    to answer some questions – the pizza crust is a thick white piece of cabbage – i’m still too hesitant to give sammy people food :s (except for a taste of the top of our wedding cake that we had on our 1st anniversary :)). the tray is an upside-down dip type bowl. and as for a *slightly* better view of the biscotti: – if you click on the picture you can see an enlarged version of him noming one 😀

    thank you thank you thank you!!!

  39. I wish my lunch had looked this tasty. Must try that new Hamsterstanian restaurant…

  40. How many seconds till the nomming began?

  41. I’m pretty smitten with Sammy the Hammy. He’s got to be one of the most adorabuhl hammies ever! And best of all, he’s got an awesome mommy who goes to extreme lengths to make her little guy happy. Does it get any better than that? I think not.

  42. I’m in need of a caterer for my next dig….

  43. Kat and Sammy-congrats to both of you! i got a little overwhelmed myself just reading your posts, you are a great pet Mom! Thanks for posting the extra link to see the biscotti better too!



  45. Daphne Moss says:

    That is amazing culinary talent! And what a sweet thing to do for a hammy.
    I’m thinking she probably doesn’t do that every day … (kinda hopin, actually)
    but that is on lucky ham!

  46. Pounce – you are wrong. In the wild cats eat what they can get. Cats, especially older ones, get kidney damage from too much red meat. Our vet recommends (along with cooked chicken and fish) steamed veges like corn, broccoli, carrots and peas, baked pumpkin…cream-style corn is especially good, because of the moisture, fibre and vitamins – and our cats (one 17 and the other nearly 20 years old) love them! It’s never too early to get your cats started on veges!

  47. Hudson is cute AND educational – i had no idea hammies came in black.

  48. Oh my gosh! A black syrian hammie! Too cute ❤

  49. That is the CUTEST hamster I have ever seen-I am in awe!
    And impressed with Kat too-what a loving & clever hamster mum!


  51. beautiful hammy!!! I just lost my Pickle last week to old age 😦 I wish i would have done this for him! his veggies just came on a paper towel.

  52. Resriechan says:

    Aw, Amy 😦

    Sincerest, deepest condolences…

  53. Amy, love is the best sauce.

  54. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    OMG that is INCREDIBLE!! Now I want to see the wee one pick up the food with his tiny paws & start eating it 🙂

  55. @daphne moss- hee hee don’t worry i’m not that crazy – so far it’s just a birthday thing 🙂

    @mickeyc – 🙂 sammy is a european black bear hamster – or at least thats what petco said 🙂

    @amy – i’m soo soo soooo sorry for your loss 😦 and kar is right – love is the most important thing!!

    thank you all for the great comments!! i keep telling sammy that some people think he is the cutest hammy they’ve ever seen 😀

  56. Amy- Oh, that hurts. He had a wonderful life with you and perhaps, when you are ready, there will be another animal companion in the future! Your loving sounds far too good to go unused! Best wishes, K.

  57. I can’t believe there isn’t a close up of that prosh little paw!!

  58. Brittany F says:

    Awww my little Florence looks *just* like Sammy! She, too, is a European Black Bear Hamster. They’re supposed to be friendlier than syrians, you know, because they were bred from the giant guinea pig sized hamsters that live in France for their docility. But as generations went on, people stopped breeding the sweetest hammies and just bred them because they were all black…I still think my Florence is sweeter than sweet! (Mega-millions voice…)

  59. Brittany F and others…

    I hate to tell you… but the “European Black Bear Hamster” is none other than a well-bred Syrian. They are exactly the same species. The only difference is the fact that they were bred for their size, color, and temperament. The Syrian hamster has been around forever, and with any animal that is bred for different characteristics there are bound to be many variations. Here in the U.S. commercial breeders (and others) have tended to breed for smaller size. (The smaller the better for sales.) And unfortunately the same commercial breeders also breed for volume, not necesarily for quality (i.e. temperament). Consequently, the average Syrian hamster available at pet stores (and the neighbor’s kid down the street) are not as big and in many cases not as “sweet and docile” as they should be.

    So when these larger, “sweeter”, mostly black or brown Syrians became available, the pet stores decided that they needed to call them something different: something special, a “new breed”. Something they could charge more for.

    Don’t get me wrong, these “European Black Bears” are wonderful pets with really great personalities. But so can the “normal” Syrian be with good breeding and good care early in life.

    That said… Sammy (AKA Hudson) is one fabulous ham, with a wonderful “mom” who loves him very much. And of course Florence and her “mom”, too. My hammies, ratties, and I salute you.

  60. aww that is so cute but who would do that much for a rodent not sayin i dont like them they are adorable but really that is so tiny tinny