Pigs in Blankets

Shirley told me that Rhonda told Milicent who told Beatrice that he likes me. And it’s like, duh, obviously. I know he likes me, but do you think he like-likes me? I dunno, let’s have some Twizzlers and Coke and really break it down…

Reese’s Pieces and mixed tapes come into play around the midnight marker, Anita C.

A lot more  fun with pigs can be found here.



  1. Aww! This makes me miss sleepovers!

  2. I’m having déja peeg

  3. These peegs are so qte, we needed to see ’em twice!

  4. nuthin’ cuter than guinea pig moufs

  5. OMG – go to the linked site, and your curser has a string of teeny peegies following it around. ahahahahahahaa….

  6. Hmm, repeat posts… a case of hyperPIGmentation?

  7. *laughing* click the link and you can play “whip lash” with the piggies that follow the cursor. Nice to see that Fairy has a nice comfortable home with understanding big sisters!

  8. OMG. The New Zoo Review and the Great Space Coaster *were* on at 5am! Wow. I remember that.

    No gnus is good gnus.

  9. I guess there’s really only one angle to take on this picture, haha.

  10. “Oh, I know, she is such a pig and her house is a sty!”

  11. NICE!

    Love the sleeping bags!


  12. “Let’s call up Domino’s and send Mrs. Fritznhuefle twenty pizzas!”

  13. Eek! Our piggies again!

    Thank you all for visiting our website! I hope you found Fairy’s page, she is the little white cutie in the photo here. She also has her own little series of Fairy’s Tales available to download via her web page. ‘Fairy’s First Christmas’ is the latest in the series!

    Here’s the link, I hope it’s ok to add it!

  14. Nothing like good Hunky food!


  15. Mildred Mittens your Piggies are divine

    anyone who wants to see the piggies chase your cursur around you must be using Explorer as your browser.

  16. Jess&Friends says:

    I always wanted to get a whole group of guinea pigs together and then just let them run wild at say, a wedding or something. I feel like that would be really, really funny. For me.

  17. certified cutologist says:


    No one else has done so yet, so I shall….
    BEEP, BEEP, and…. BEEP!

  18. dr. berthaservant says:

    Seems a bit odd to have a rerun so soon. Still pretty cool.

  19. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I know! After s’mores, let’s paint all 60 of our toenails!

  20. Whoa, deja vu!! Could this be a repeat post? Really, this early??? Gosh…;)

  21. Still, so cute, no complaints

  22. Argyle, that’s 42 toenails! Piggies have 3 toes on each hind foot and 4 toes on each forefoot!

  23. BrianinCanada says:

    OMG – The New Zoo Review and Great Space Coaster! I used to get up early to watch those shows too!

  24. kibblenibble says:

    260Oakley, how do you continually top yourself? Amazing! 🙂

  25. again? I knew I saw these recently. hum……

  26. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    [AD is shamed by the anonymous L into admitting to knowing nothing about guinea pigs’ appendages. Dammit.]

  27. ….”But does he really LIKE me in that way?”

  28. @Victoreia, let’s call him up and see!! Or at least ask him if his refrigerator is running. 😛

  29. Sod the Peegs, where can I get an adult size sleep sack. They look warm and comfortable and with the present cold weather, they’d be ideal for snuggling in while watching TV.

  30. Adorable in too many ways to list, but my absolute favourite thing is the “oooo” expression on the peegs’ faces. Love guinea pig leeps!

  31. this is the cutest picture ever i htink every guinea pig owner should get a bed for their guinea pig it’s a good way to hold your guinea pig they find comfort in it my favorite guniea pig in this pic is the one in the yellow bed

  32. Thank you all for your comments about my piggies in this photograph 🙂 And Kitty Adventures, thanks! and thanks for mentioning the piggy-cursor trail, it doesn’t work in my Google Chrome browser so I have to get my fix by looking at it in IE!

    Alpaca Amber, thanks! That is Marigold the Texel piggy in the yellow cuddle-sack! Matilda is on the right, and Fairy is in the middle, she is our beautiful and magical little deaf and blind piggy. She has loads of photos in her thread on the Guinea Lynx Forum –

  33. oops in my excitement I didn’t do the link in full, sorry:

  34. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!