Cat, No Rack

“Ya know, this really isn’t working out as a blanket.  And what happened to those nice pillows that used to be in here?”

Clean your room, Tracey M.!  Sheesh!



  1. The kitteh had no shame when he was is his cups.

  2. Tandem hats. I don’t think the world is quite ready.

    Well, maybe for some nuns who are supposed to go out in pairs, but I can’t picture a pair of elderly nuns looking like extras from “Weird Science.”

  3. Belly straiche 🙂

  4. My darling Stinky (RIP) used to join company in the drawing room dragging articles of underwear with him. 😉

  5. I’ve caught my kitty sleeping in my bra before (it’s huge), but she prefers to lie in it instead of under it. She’ll also sleep in my backpack, purse, or anything that smells like me 🙂

  6. PS: Warin a bra: Ur doin it rong. 😉

  7. “Cats in Racks… holder”

    Aaaawwwww…. sleepy little one in Flying Super Kitty pose, wearing a protective underwire helmet…

  8. resriechan says:

    Well — I surely can’t gripe about this pic/ story SHOWING anything indecent (unless we were back in Victorian times when even speaking of a leg was an indecency in conversation– the proper term was “a limb”).

  9. skippymom says:

    This double hat would be perfect for the two-headed cat in the earlier post.

  10. 260Oakley says:

    Kitteh was trying to steal lingerie, but he got busted.

  11. skippymom says:

    Oh, 260Oakley, were you in your cups when you typed “is his cups”? (Sorry! Couldn’t resist!)

  12. B cup?

  13. Ahhh…my Qte cup runneth over!

  14. 260Oakley says:

    You caught me, skippymom! I really shouldn’t drink and type.

  15. WendyPinNJ says:

    LOLOLOL! Silly kitty with a brassier for a hat!

  16. skippymom says:

    260Oakley, is happens to the best of us.

  17. :mrgreen:

  18. I wonder what kitty hears when he puts his ear to it 🙂
    Love the colour scheme!

  19. Alice Shortcake says:

    Well, he looks like a bit of a boob but at least he’s keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends. Or perhaps he’s been finishing off the Christmas booze – a little nip’ll make you do strange things.

  20. That was sommmme party! sleeping it off and wont remember where he got the bra! 😉

  21. Peanut's Mama says:

    LMAO@Alice Shortcake!

    My Peanut used to drag my bra around the house when he was a baby. Then roll around in it til he was wrapped good n tight.

  22. K Cup


  23. @angela

    I’m guessing, 34C

  24. skippymom says:

    My Francesco is known as The Sock Fiend because he loves to pull clean socks out of the basket and deposit them elsewhere in the house. This morning I discovered that he has now branched into underpants. What’s next, I can only guess.

  25. Kitty waking up with a hangover after the bachelor party for sure!

  26. My dear departed Yevgeny used to LOVE sleeping in ladies’ undergarments.

  27. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Is this a new take on the Facebook status update craze last week? What color bra is your kitty wearing?

  28. Oh, so THAT’s why I just started humming “Weird Science.”

  29. BeckyMonster says:

    Over the shoulder kitteh holder

  30. Now I know why padding in bras is needed. Kitty needs a comfy pillow.

  31. It’s a rack rack! 😎

  32. OMG!!!! How cute is that?!

  33. mine like to use the bras as cushions, also. they rest their paws on them.

  34. I can’t leave bras anywhere that my cats can get them.
    They like to sleep in them – and yes, it’s weird.

  35. Mine used to love putting her head in the cups of my bra, they were a perfect fit (she was a D-cup head) and she’d nuzzle in, like a form fitting pillow I suppose.

  36. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!– all of you!

  37. dr. berthaservant says:

    Cups and kits,
    Cups and kits,
    Since the bra don’t have no …

    No, I won’t continue. You get the pictch.

    […zits? – Ed.]

  38. I’m giving all of you a standing ovation. Funny comments on this on–I love all of your anipals animals dragging intimate apparel around.

  39. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Looks to me like a 34 tab-B.

  40. Space Cowgirl says:

    I am reminded of Saturday night, when I saw ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with my better half. There was a sign for a brasserie (informal French restaurant), and SO goes “WTF? A bra?”

    Had to explain to him the slight distinction between brasserie and brassiere. And I’m not even the one from a country with French as an official language.

  41. Hahahahahahahaha that’s great!!!

  42. Meh. Why do I feel like CO’s standards have fallen lately. Are they just not getting any great submissions anymore or what…..

    [Whatever, Miz Grumpypants. 😛 – Ed.]

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    Space Cowgirl–There’s a difference between a brasserie and a brassiere? No wonder I didn’t get any response when I ordered a beer from the brassiere.

  44. Berthaservant: I’m glad I’m not the only who thinks of Cups and Cakes from time to time. Disturbingly, I find myself singing it while cleaning out the litter box…”Poops and clumps, poops and clumps, oh what things my Petra dumps.” ANYHOODLE….

  45. If the bra don’t fit, you must acquit!

  46. 260Oakley says:

    You know, Von Zep, you can get a lift from both a beer and a brassiere. But both can leave you feeling a little flat as well.

  47. kibblenibble says:

    You people amaze me! 😀

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    anner: Great song! I may borrow it and sing it when I clean SamKitty’s litter. My cat doesn’t do any of these fun things like dragging my underwear around the house for all to see when I have people over. He won’t even play in boxes! I made a purchase over the weekend that came in quite a large box. My daughter and I put the box on the floor for him to play in. I even put some catnip in there to entice him. (I know…I’m being a nip and box pusher) He only stayed in there for a few seconds. Maybe he’s a boxhab counselor to other kitties in the neighborhood.

  49. dr. berthaservant says:

    anner: LOL

  50. @Oakley: You rock, you punster!

    My Kyuri is why only the sock drawer gets left open…..

  51. Well I didn’t know cats were into cross dressing. I can’t quit see the rear portion, maybe there’s a suspendee belt there. “Oh be still my beating heart”.

  52. Starlinguk says:

    I agree with the B theoree.

  53. I see a kitjob in the bra!

  54. Miss Brahms: Shouldn’t we have a fire in a brassiere?
    Mrs. Slocombe: No, Miss Brahms, you light a fire in a brazier, not a brassiere.
    Mr. Lucas: Youv’e never seen Miss Brahms at the disco!

  55. MarmieLover says:

    aww, my little 32As won’t fit a kitteh head… now I’m jealous

  56. My cat would raid my daughter’s room when she was out….there would be undies, thongs, socks, bras strewn up and down the stairs. Hilarious for the husband and I, mortifying for the teenage daughter….

  57. Tracey M. says:

    YAY! yes, that is my dear little kitty mMaggie. she likes to drag things around, play with them, then get sleepy and use them as pillows. and 34 C for those who were wondering. 😉

  58. 😆 That must of been SOME party for kitty to fall asleep with a bra on his/her head 😆

  59. @Dee 😆 Did you take any pictures of your kitty with your daughter’s undies, etc.? 😆 Or one where your daughter is scolding your kitty for taking her undies, etc. 😆

  60. What?! No Rack?? Ridiculous!

  61. I thought my cat was the only weird one that likes playing with and sleeping in bras. Cats are just plain weird, but entertaining!

  62. @Tally 😆 Yeah kitties are weird and entertaining at the same time 😆 That is why we LOVE them so 😆

  63. That is such a cute picture! I have an older version of a cat like yours. She uses other types od blankets and pillows. he-he

  64. I remember when I was this tiny – a true SpaCat in the making. Miro aka @SpaCat

  65. Kitty needs a pair of matching panties to go under the head.

  66. I have a supermodel kitty also – they often fall into a deep sleep like this after a long evening on the catwalk at a Victoria’s Seekrat show.