A Public Service Announcement

It’s a tragic story:  A busy kitchen, a distracted parent, a curious toddler, and a cupboard carelessly left open — the perfect ingredients for a recipe… of addiction! Once a child develops a taste for kitten huffing, he or she is often lost… for life.

That’s why the scientists here at CuteLabs labor ’round the clock to make pets safer, with innovations like the Child-Proof Kitteh™… because we care.

Special thanks to lead researcher Andy P.



  1. Awww… This reminds me of my niece and her kittehs… *melts into a puddle of goo*

  2. wow they start cheesing at such a young age these days 😉

    would put up some south park cheesing clips, but prob too ris-que….

  3. oh my GAWD!!!!! that is the most BEAUTIFUL kitten i’ve ever seeen!!!!!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i can’t takes it! too prosh!!! AAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!! omgomgomgomg

  4. aaww, so presh! What a supercute kitten and a sweet little girl 🙂

  5. Cutest pic of the year – by far! I may just change my mind about having kids now…

  6. resriechan says:

    CUTE x 2

    (NTM, you just *might* have found the ONLY human baby
    cute enough to prevent the CO “no children” nuffers!!!!!!…)

  7. *ded*

  8. Awww, how freaking adorabuhls is that! Leetle kitteh is in heabens. ❤

  9. I just want to inhale that kitty myself!

  10. Stressfactor says:

    Love how the kitten is like “Eh, it’s a living…”

  11. Heh, to me the kitteh like its saying “I is wuved”. And the adorable little girl is saying “SNORFFF”. Too adorable.

  12. Suuuuper cuuuuute!

  13. Those are some cute babies — both of them! 🙂

  14. Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  15. LovesDogs says:

    Please don’t squeeze the kitteh.

  16. Awww.. kitteh looks so big in her wittle hands.

  17. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Yeah kid, don’t squeeze the little love so tightly.

  18. I think that bebeh kitteh just adores that bebeh girl.

  19. This is your brain. This is your brain on kittehs. *splort*

    That is an adorable picture!!! I want to be that little girl right now!

  20. 260Oakley says:

    That’s a well-behaved kitten. If a kid did that to me I’d be hissing and spitting.

  21. cute

  22. martha in mobile says:

    Kitteh is most tolerant because she has done a cross-species cross-check and has satisfactorily identified at least two corresponding factors: identical snub noses and perfectly matched cheekchub. Under these circumstances, interspecies snorgling is the ideal response!

  23. resriechan says:

    wow 260Oakley speaks (writes/ types….) in non-puns!!!!!!


  24. I dont think she is squeezing him too much. Both are cute.

    [I think that was a riff on those old Charmin commercials. – Ed.]

  25. nicefrenchgurl says:

    the look in this kitteh’s eyes is priceless

  26. Well, that explains my addiction.

  27. I think the kitteh expression says:
    “Ok, fine. You can go ahead and cuddle me, so long as you pass me a fish stick under the table every once in a while. We cool?”

  28. nwcunningham says:

    The nose! The dangly paws! The eye-roll! Suddenly my Monday is bearable.

  29. Oh MAN. That is heaven right there.

  30. Serious proshness here! Love the eyeroll on kitteh, which is what my 20-year-old cat gives my 3-year-old granddaughter when she hugs the bejeezus out of him! I still huff him from time to time, too!

  31. That kitteh is wonder “what the heck are you doing to me?



  32. The kid’s trying to get a buzz off the leftover nip on kitty’s head.

  33. ‘I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.’

  34. “Someone in this picture is definitely high, and it ain’t the kid.”

    Exactly what I was thinking, NTMTOM. 😉

    Just remember, boys and girls: If you don’t tell your kitteh about catnip, who will?

  35. This is really REALLY cute! What a little cherub that girl is! Kitteh is awfully snugglable! They make a great pair!

  36. Sweet dog biscuits! After having a crappy start this morning, this makes everything wonderful!

  37. Awww! Such an adorable moment! I want that kitty, and to have a child that cute someday. As a side note, WHY do kids ALWAYS have the perfect highlights, and we adults have to pay to get them, and they STILL never look that good? Life’s not fair, I tell ya. Not fair at all… lol

  38. ……………aaaaaaaand, I’m Ded.
    Ded Ded Ded ka-thonk.

  39. How do I get a kitteh that fat, stubby and snorgelicious?

  40. Jenn in IL says:

    What an adorable picture for a Monday morning! Love the beautiful kitten with her pretty blue eyes AND the most precious toddler with the most perfect little blond curls I’ve ever seen.


  41. There is nothing wrong with kitty huffing (I thought it was snorgling) I practice the art all the time. Why they smell so sweet, considering they clean themselves with spit, I don’t know.
    I have to be careful when I snorgle Stan, my floofy cat, his coat is so fine and thick I nearly asphixiate my self.

  42. LOL Sooo cute Huffs Little One and hides her behind my back… Kitty Huffing is addicting… I never do it… Considers grabbing Lilac off the craft table and huffing her!

  43. Holy crap… I am particularly kilt ded by this one.

  44. OMG, that is too adorable! I know the power of the SNORF, it is very addicting! I snorf my oldest baby every night because she sleeps next to me, I love to snuggle my face into her fur. The worst part is when she stands on my pillow and licks my face to demand being let under the covers!
    Long live kitteh huffing!

  45. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, that is the cutest picture I have ever seen…in my life…ever.

  46. @ Hon Glad, ya’ll just made me laugh out loud…pretty danged loud…at work…where we are supposed to be VEWY VEWY SEWIOUS… So funny about the spit!!!! LOL

  47. When you are TCFN (too cute for nuffers), you are cute indeed.

    This is my first official week as a 50 year old, and this pic just adds to my thought that its going to be a great year.

  48. kitten sez: look kid, I know I’m cute but I’m a baby too and its time for my nap. So just put me down and we’ll meet up again when its time for your cookie break. I’ll be all rested up then and ready for those cookie crumbs. Deal?

  49. Keeps getting better…just started to save the pic to my desktop to oooo- aaahhhh-squee over it until i am completely healed of my i-really-REALLY-hate-mondays-AND-i’ve-decided-to-stop-smoking-today hideous, terrible and horrible mood, and the name that populates when i go to save it is “kitten-trumpet.” lol 😀

    [YAY 😀 for stopping smoking, tho! – Ed.]

  50. This kitty is insanely CUTE! If it were mine, I’d NEVER put it down!

  51. ysubassoon says:

    *Whispering so her cat Ogre can’t hear her* That is the most adorable baby kitteh in the world. One huff of that little one and I’m a goner.

    *Falls to floor ded*

  52. @marthava – you can do eet!!

  53. emmberrann says:

    This pic looks like it has to be purr-fect to send to “Parents” Magazine. In fact, It’s so kay-oot, It might even have come from the 1950s! Nonetheless, 2 adorabuhls 4 words! NTMTOM, I just knew it was you (even tho’ it doesn’t include any snarkiness in that capshun)!

  54. I propose a “monday-better” tag for this one. THIS is the kind of picture that can make most anyone’s Monday better.

  55. @ Fluffy Happy Happy Birthday to you… you do know 50 is bold And sexy and filled with WIN!

  56. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    OY! Such major Qte there. Could do lotta hugging and huffing…
    And Fluffy, it’s my first week as a 52 year old. HBTY to you and me!
    (i have to get the wishes where i can, they forgot me at work.)

  57. LeAnn Happy Birthday, and many more cute years too!

  58. Is it just me or do they both have the look of TOTAL BLISS ?

  59. That’s a happy couple right there!

  60. Re: How do they smell so sweet, when they clean themselves with spit? Last night I was snorgling my Chloe’s floofy white belly, and I swear she was exuding a sweet, flowery perfume from her pores. I asked her how she got so sweet-smelling, and she just looked smug, of course.

  61. ha, sniffing! i’m totally addicted, too.

  62. Yesterday I was doing exactly that to my kitteh, and got a noseful of Fresh Step (the powdery stuff I mix in with regular litter to eliminate odor).

  63. Okay, this is one of the sweetest pictures ever! I envy that little girl!

  64. [slowly reviving from marmie toe beans]

    [looks at pic]

    OMG!!!!! Silver tabby floof!!!


  65. That is some serious love in those beatiful blue eyes…….or is it something else? Nay, just love on both sides and “squishes” all around. Monday afternoon just got better!!

  66. That is some serious love in those beautiful blue eyes…….or is it something else? Nay, just love on both sides and “squishes” all around. Monday afternoon just got better!!

  67. Eeee! That kitteh looks like it is in absolute bliss! Sooo cute!!

  68. @ Skippymom You have a cat that smells like flowers too?
    I thought I was going crazy when I noticed my biggest boy “Knucklehead” smelled like flowers only on the top of his head. Good thing my students also smelled flowers while huffing his head so I wasn’t worried about going nutz all alone.

    (BTW, his name is Knucklehead because my hubby loves motorcycles NOT because the cat is is stupid. We also have a girl named “Harley”)

  69. omg, this is sooo adorable!

    Monday just got a whole lot better.

  70. Dear Mud Bug, you MUST explain how your students came to be huffing your cat’s head! Do you take him to school, or do you teach at home?
    As for Chloe’s belly, it wasn’t so much like actual flowers as “floral”, if I may make that distinction? As though she was wearing sweet ladies’ perfume.

  71. What, no ‘primates’ tag? :O

    [OK OK… – Ed.]

  72. @marthava – you go girl! you can dooo eet!

  73. I don’t know which one is cuter, the round-cheeked curly-headed toddler or the blue-eyed, stubby-limbed kitteh. It’s like someone took a cute number and squared it!

  74. @ Skippymom: Well, yes to both questions. I live below my pottery gallery/studio
    in a commercial building so when we go up to work all 6 of my “kids” (the cats) go to work with me. All my students ( adults BTW) that aren’t allergic to cats have learned to throw pottery on the wheel with a cat on their lap or back. The cats also “supervise” the hand builders at the work table. And yes, occasionally I do loose a piece in the gallery now & then but hey , where else can I get “employees ” that don’t ask for longer breaks? ;oD

  75. AWW… Check out the privacy tail tuck!! Too cute.

  76. They are both so precious!! And so affectionate~ I don’t think I’ve seen such a careful child around animals!

  77. @SkippyMom, my darling Stinky also actually had the most wonderful form of BO, like he perpetually just jumped out of a dryer. 😉 God, I miss that cat.

  78. Theresa, I believe Skippy is to me what Stinky was to you. I can’t imagine ever living without him. He will be 13 this Friday, and he’s going great guns although he has gotten a bit cranky in his maturity. But he has a right to be, given that over the years three younger ones have been added to invade his space.

  79. Kitten Huffing! YAY!

  80. Mud Bug, your studio sounds like a wonderful place. I’m very much enjoying picturing your students working on the wheel with cats on them. Heheh!

  81. That kitteh is working on killer abs!

    Don’t animals usually hang like noodles when you pick them up under the arm pits like that?

  82. Thanks Skippymom! I have to admit it is a little different around this joint. Most people don’t learn to throw pottery with supervision literally on their back , looking over their shoulder ! Wish you were here !

    (Support your local potter everybody !)

  83. Oh.

  84. the cheeks and the calm expression on the kitteh’s face to the point that for a Monday, i know it shall be ok…

  85. Poor kitten.

  86. @85-Felicia: Really? That kitteh looks pretty happy to me.

  87. Mud Bug, my mother and one of my cousins are both former potters, so I’ve spent a lot of time around that scene and made some pots himself. (My cat Eddy eats his meals out of a bowl I made when I was thirteen.) If I’m ever passing through your town, I’ll stop by the studio.

  88. Kittenhuffing actually stunts your growth. That kid is really 13. 🙂

  89. So cute, both look so calm

  90. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh my freakin’ goodness. Is that not THE CUTEST kitten ever. My head just popped off from the cuteness. Want to snack on him!

  91. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yes, sweet-smelling felines – one of those great unsolved mysteries. I’ve often noticed that my cat smell like Johnson’s Baby Powder yet I never use the stuff myself. Weird…*cue spooky theramin music*

    As for the photo, I detect the faintest hint of exasperation in the kitten’s expression. “Here we go again, snot all over my fur…”

  92. To many healthy years of friendship between them!
    Both are cute!
    Love the “Nemo” reference comment #33.
    kiss sounds like “pppt” off his head.

  93. I’m a kitteh huffer too. My favorite flavor of kitteh passed on last April (baroooo,) but his brudder from anudder muther is still around, and I huff him from time to time. He doesn’t smell as sweet as my Arthur, but, he brings OTHER wonderful kitteh things into my life.

    I remember telling Arthur, “I don’t know what I’m going to do when you are not with me – your fur smells so good!” *sigh*

    *spends a few quiet moments remembering sweet, huffable Arthur…*

  94. Ah, what’s better than toddler snorfing kittens? Heehee

  95. That is the sweetest picture and I love the adoring look the kitty has looking up at the little girl – a match made in heaven!

  96. Adorable. Nice to see a kitten getting some loves. Awww!

  97. When Philo was a baby kitteh, I used to come home from work on bad days and pick him up and huff him under the general rule that huffing kittehs makes everything better. Now he’s almost three and too cool for all that. Sigh.

  98. Kitteh huffing – just as addictive as puppeh huffing. And with the bonus of no paint around your face when the huffing is done – bonus!

  99. @LeAnn: A very happy birthday full of qte to you.

    @Marthava: Lollipops! Lots of them! You can do eet! And of course kitteh huffing will help as well. (Just not at the same time or your lollipop will be furry and your kitteh will be sticky – giggle.)

  100. How cute? The kid too!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!

  101. Copperbat says:

    hahahah that’s adorable!! ❤

  102. mervtheflamingo says:

    Adorable picture!

    Not to be a downer, but I too have a kitty that smells like she stepped out of a dryer. And I have figured out why.

    She smells like the stuff they put in cat litter to cover litter box smells.

    So, the smell ain’t so great, but I love my kitty.

  103. Hey, what’s going on here– there hasn’t been any — well, here goes:


  104. dr. berthaservant says:

    Hon Glad – we addicts call it “snorgling.” “Huffing” is a derogatory term coined by the press to humiliate us.

    P.S. Kid – the belly fur is the strongest.

    [P.P.S. – the formerly derogatory term has been reclaimed by, among other parties, Huffington Post. Oh, and Hufflepuff House. 😉 – Ed.]

  105. Ker-thunk! *woozily climbs back up from floor to try to post…*

    This is the most adorable picture! There is nothing but love in the room. (I’m a bunny huffer myself, but if I had that kitty, I’d be burying my nose in his fur too!) What a beautiful photo. I need to lie down now. Too. Cute.

  106. P.S. I think what we are witnessing here is the rarest of Rare Phenomena, one which only occurs with a harmonic convergence of all of the Constellations of Cute–a Nuff Proof Post! The power of teh qte is strong in this one…

  107. emmberrann says:

    Picky smells/snorgled like cinnamon! Who knew?

  108. HA! “Kitten huffing!”

    I used to do this to my kitty because when I adopted her, her fur smelled like wood smoke. It was so odd because she is an indoor-only kitty and I don’t have a fireplace, and the shelter she came from certainly didn’t have a fireplace either. The smell disappeared after about 9-12 months. I keep checking to see if the smell has come back… (she kinda smelled nice, like a warm, cozy fire in the winter.)

  109. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Kitteh: Um….halp? O bellef there ish a person on ma fwuffeh head…They is snorlign’ teh wrong wai!
    xD ykwim

  110. JuliaJolie says:

    Seems to me the “nuffers” poop hits the fan when someone COMPLAINS about “nuffers”.

    Seriously, just 6 comments in and someone is already bitching about it. That’s like insisting someone is upset when they’re calm until they actually get upset, then saying: “oh, I told you so”. Stop faeces-stirring and enjoy the damn site.

  111. leendadll says:

    Definitely teh best kitten huffing pic evah!

  112. Finally, a kid on cuteoverload THAT IS ACTUALLY CUTE!

  113. Daphne Moss says:

    Amen. Lots of people just poised to smoke out nuffers almost like they can’t wait for someone to fit that category. Which is bogus anyway, because nobody says everyone has to like every picture.
    But this one is fabulous … two little beauties …

  114. Fuzzalina says:

    This picture could not possibly be any cuter. That kitten is amazing.

  115. kibblenibble says:

    VERY darling picture. My George smells like a blend of sesame seeds and Karo syrup, sort of an “Asian candy” fragrance. My Isabella usually smells of vanilla or some sort of cookie. Oh yes, and occasionally George will smell like that scented kitty litter. He’s quite a vigorous digger. ☺

  116. Queen of Dork says:

    This is one of the cutest pictures EVAH! And as for cat huffing, I do that with my cat everyday. He doesn’t understand it but he smells so freesh all the time. Like Hon Glad said, that’s odd as he cleans himself with spit. And sometimes his breath isn’t all that great. But his fur smells really good! A sweet cat scent.

  117. I want that kitten… So precious! This is the 1st pic in a LONG time w/ a kid in it that doesn’t come off as attention-whoring. It’s a really great shot! The kid & kitten are equally darling & precious here. =)

    [Um… thanks? 😐 – Ed.]

  118. Sweet kid, look at those curls. Look at her eyelashes. Look at the feeling of contentment huffing the kitteh expressed in her wee face.

    Sweet kitteh, I shall wuv you forebber he sez to the girl.

  119. OOOMMMGGGGGGG…. i’m dead.

  120. “smells like kitty litter….. quite a vigorous digger”… Hmm. 😛

  121. i want one (the kitty:)

  122. WOW. Absolutely my fave…. and I say that to myself once a month here, but THIS is adorable to the point of no return.

  123. Holy cow, it finally ran. I sent this in months ago!

    Ready to have your heads explode? I found this picture on 4Chan, in the /b/ Caturday thread.


  124. If kitteh-huffing is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  125. very cute, even though there’s a human in it and I like cats better than humans.

  126. kittyhuffing this early in life! She’ll grow up with an addiction.

    not that it’s a bad addiction. *huffs puppy*

  127. Resriechan says:

    @ Julia Jolie:

    ummm….I wonder whether you haven’t posted or read comments often on CO to already be familiar with some of us commenters who post fairly frequently, but ………………

    I wuz kiddin @ # 6 ???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not stirring faeces…………………………thank you……………………….

  128. BeckyMonster says:

    Well I’m just disappointed that nobody got their undies in a bunch about making light about huffing. IT’S A SERIOUS PROBLEM, HOW DARE YOU TRY TO ASSOCIATE KITTENS WITH DRUG USE, ETC….

    I huff my kittehs all the time. Someone mentioned the smell of wood smoke. Mr. Mookie often smells like a campfire when he comes in from outside. I imagine him sitting around a burning trash barrel with some older hobo cats complaining about their human bondage and how good they had it back in ancient Egypt…

  129. After reading all of your comments, I’m slightly disappointed. When I huff my dogs, the only thing they smell like is dogs.

    Even right after bath time the smellgoodbetter, but still smell like dogs.

    Perhaps I need to spend some time a shelter to discover different scented kitties. And take one home with me.

  130. So adorable. That little girl will be on CO soon wishing to snorf all of the other aminals posted here.
    That is one cute kitten though lol.

  131. This is so cute I could go into seizure. So cute it HURTS!!! Anybody who doesn’t think this is cute should be deported- to the Moon!

  132. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen, and that counts all the cute stuff on this site.

  133. Awwwwwww, this photo made my day. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over! So sweet!!!

  134. Where is everybody getting these flowery smelling cats to huff? All of my cats have smelled like dust. :O

  135. skippymom says:

    @dogface: my three boycats smell like dust, but Chloe smells sweet. I guess because she’s a girly-girl.

  136. @ Resriechan : I’m sure you didn’t mean to come off as faeces-stirring, but all it takes is a mention. No disrespect intended to you, though.

    There, I took the bait. *sigh*

  137. @skippymom:

    Weeeeiiiiirrrrrd. I saw something above about something put in the cat litter to make it smell good. Maybe we’ve just been getting some plain, unscented stuff for all these years. My old cat was a crabby old man and my ‘rents’ current cat is a girly-girl and they were both dusty smelling. :O

    My old dog smelled like turkey. Which is weird. 😀

  138. @Mud Bug 😀 You are SO lucky to have six kitties at work with you 😀 Where is your pottery studio located? 😀 If I knew of a pottery class involving kitties 😈 I would not only go 😈 the kitties would be my SPECIAL inspiration for each and every piece of pottery I made 😈

  139. 😈 That kitten would be in for some MAJOR SNORGLING from me if it was me in that picture 😈

  140. My First Snorgle by A. Cat and I. Kid

  141. Adorable!

  142. I always kiss my kitteh behind the ears so she constantly smells like vanilla lip balm. Hehe.

  143. My cat Amy always smells like old ladies lavender soap. Suspiciously I live near a old people’s estate and she is mysteriously chubbier than she should be.

    I suspect secret old lady snorgling.

  144. resriechan says:

    @ Girl: thanks — sorry if perhaps I didn’t sufficiently make it evident that I was tryin’ to sound silly not nuffin’…???


    Lassie come home?

  145. 😈 I forgot to add that kitty’s little head would be soaking wet from all the KISSES it would get from me 😈

  146. @Charlie 😆 Sounds like your kitty, Amy, has an elderly friend or a group of elderly friends who are SPOILING her ROTTEN 😆

  147. MMMmmmmm…..kitty brains….. or is it just me? 😛

  148. That is the cutest little kitten…..and I guess the toddler is OK too…..but I am more of a kitty person myself!

  149. Awww that is very sweet. 🙂

  150. Gotta take time to stop and smell the kittens

  151. OMG!!!!! I thought I was crazy for thinking my cat had a (good) smell!!!
    My kitty BabyCat (gone three years this week – BAROOOO (snif, snif)) smelled like powder on the scruff of her neck. My Sofie (who saved my soul after losing BabyCat – BAROO) has a smell that I haven’t identified yet, but I love. I am always scooping her up and inhaling her scruff area.

    Long live kitty snorting!

  152. snoopysnake says:

    Snorgling rules! I think kitteh is very fond of this little girl; the eyes look very adoring.

  153. I love animals and I definitely want the calendar. I really want a puppy that looks like Butterball when I’m older and I really want some pictures of Butterball to keep because I also love dogs and I really want some pictures of your animals on my Musicplayer.

  154. just like “a boy and his dog”…. this is worthy enough for “a girl and her cat” 🙂

  155. i, too, thought i was crazy for thinking my cat kiko had the nicest scent! i don’t feel so alone anymore! 😀

  156. Wow, kids are starting on kittens younger now! I was at least 6 or 7 before I started! lol

  157. My kitteh Colby smells a lot like graham crackers. It’s too bad since he’s gotten real wiggly since he hit 10lbs.

  158. library_girl says:

    yayyyyy, this totally made my birthday!!! ^_^

  159. They Are so cute

  160. Oh, that is a beautiful kitten. Look at those eyes.

    Does that little creature know that it is loved? You’d better believe it.

  161. Love this picture! I would love to have a kitten like this one. Can anyone tell me what kind he is? (I already have the kid). I want to join the snorgling club too.Thanks a bunch.

  162. Can that kitten have a more adorable expression? I think not.

  163. @Joyce

    I suspect it’s a Norwegian Forest Cat. They have that kind of fur and large paws, not to mention the patience for that kind of snorgle.

  164. catloveschanel says:

    how did I miss this one? It’s a cover for sure

  165. so adorabless!

  166. omy goodness that cat is the cutest cat i have ever seen with its pretty little eyes and its fluffyness omy goodness i want one now!!! lol

  167. Oh you just made my day!! How sweet. I’m going to go sniff my kitty now 😉

  168. he is so cute i want to kiss that kitten too

  169. wow i have never seen any thing like thay i wish i had that kitty

  170. jess cutie says:

    woooooooooooooh that is cute i want 2 have 1 right now

    u r a cute little kitthe

  171. That picture is beyond perfect and beyond adorable!

  172. This is so adorable!!! Love it.

  173. Where are the words when something as sweet as this picture steals your way into your heart? Ezra Pound said there are no end to things in the heart.

  174. the kittens looking at her like put me down!!! lol
    so cute