Welcome to Play Fight Club

The first rule of Play Fight Club is: You do not talk about Play Fight Club.

The second rule of Play Fight Club is: You do not talk about Play Fight Club.

Third rule of Play Fight Club:  If someone yelps, goes limp, or taps out, the play fight is over.

Fourth rule:  Only two pups to a play fight.

Fifth rule:  One play fight at a time, fellas.

Sixth rule:  The play fights are soft kronches only.  No shirt, no shoes, no chomping.

Seventh rule:  Play fights will go on as long it’s fun.

And the eighth and final rule:  If this is your first time at Play Fight Club, you have to fight.

Now that’s what I call a play date, Amy S.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Such scawy Qteness! 🙂

  2. Owchie – hope that was a light chomp in picture 5! Love corgies….

  3. 6th photo explain how Corgis loses their tails. Outch!!!

  4. ooh! ooh! can women join play fight club?!?! please!

  5. lots of ‘tock kronsching!

  6. The Corgi of Eternal Peril by Castle Aaaargh!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Fight club? More like Bite Club. Starring Brad Pit Bull.

  8. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Love the tongue flappage in pic 3!

  9. LOL 260Oakley

  10. MMA doggies! One of them has the other in a leglock, the other a guillotine choke.

    i’m just waiting for one to tap out =P

  11. resriechan says:

    Foxy, man — REALLY foxy!!!!

  12. Picture 5 = playing dirty! (O_o) Those corgi eyes, they BUG!

  13. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Are kittehs allowed at the Play Fight Club? Oh wait I just spoke of it……xD ykwim

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    The expression on bottom dog’s face on pics four and five crack me up!
    (yelp, snarl, growl, grrrrr, arf! and so on).

  15. haha crazy eyes in pic #4 😀

  16. loves2sneeze says:

    i am Jack’s total helplessness in the face of Corgi cuteness!

  17. “You wanna piece of me? An ear flap or a paw pad?”

  18. Von Zeppelin says:

    Looks like the epic battles between my housemates, Sam and Max (Freelance Dogs). I wonder if there is a lot of fake growling and snarling between these two corgis. Our dogs should be WWF wrestlers.

  19. too cute!

    dub1 – lmao! now i have to go watch monty python…

  20. @chanpon: I was just going to say that. The eyes in Rule 5’s photo? Totally wonky.

  21. Love the eye-rolling action!

  22. Tocktics… the best strategy for Play fight club!

  23. Oh Katrina!! Corgula Combat!

  24. thedistractor says:

    My mom has two corgis and this is a common sight at her house. Every day, Maggie and Ham use their stubby legs to try to pin the other one down. They can’t ever quite get around the other’s neck. One of the joys of going home for a visit.

  25. Picture 5 is hilarious. His eyes look the opposite of cross eyes! I laugh more everytime I look at it!

    I love the hover text NTMTOM, is there some online reference for such awesomeness wordplay like Moidalize? I wish to change my primary lingo to it.

  26. I’d watch that movie…if it starred Brad Pit Bull or not. I lurve play fight clubs!

  27. 260Oakley says:

    Photo 5: Pup finds himself facing directly into a strong tailwind.

  28. How sweet are these ferosh little corgis, which I’m assuming are siblings. Just like real children, they’ll be play fighting their whole lives. Love the play fight club!

  29. Von Zeppelin says:

    Zaferina, I’m not sure of NTMTOM’s source for the verb “moidalize,” but to my ear it sounds like a Three Stooges word, specifically, a Curlyism.

  30. The conversation must went like this:

    Pup 1: Well, what do you want me to do? You just want me to bite you?
    Pup 2: C’mon, do me this one favor.
    Pup 1: Why?
    Pup 2: Why? I don’t know why; I don’t know. Never been in a fight. You?
    Pup 1: No, but that’s a good thing.
    Pup 2: No, it is not. How much can you know about yourself, you’ve never been in a fight? I don’t wanna die without any scars. So come on; bite me before I lose my nerve.
    Pup 1: This is crazy.
    Pup 2: So go crazy. Let ‘er rip.
    Pup 1: I don’t know about this.
    Pup 2: I don’t either. No one’s watching. What do you care?
    Pup 1: Whoa, wait, this is crazy. You want me to bite you?
    Pup 2: That’s right.
    Pup 1: What, like in the face?
    Pup 2: Surprise me.
    Pup 1: This is so #$%$ stupid…
    [Pup 1 bites, connects on one ear.]
    Pup 2: $%^^&! You bit me in the ear!
    Pup 1: Well, Jesus, I’m sorry.
    Pup 2: Ow, Christ… why the ear, man?
    Pup 1: Guess I #$%$ it up…
    Pup 2: No, that was perfect!

  31. resriechan says:

    BTW — if Rules 1 AND 2 are about NOT talking about play fighting, how did NTM get the Rules? Is NTM a corgi pup?


  32. Tailio chomp.

    Rule 5 is the best one! Tock chomp and the other one is making googlie eyes!

  34. I think Moe said “I’ll murderize ya!” — but with goofy pronunciation a la “Soitenly!”

  35. LOL VOn Zep I was all set to write that when I go t to your post about the three stooges. Truely they were the inventors of Fight club!

  36. I read too fast and thought Von Zep said, “Our dogs should be WTF wrestlers”

    [I kinda think you’re actually right and VZ typoed. 😉 – Ed.]

  37. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Just to settle the mystery: “Moidalize” is a Stooge-ism, “murderlize” with the appropriate downtown accent (more pronounced in Curly than in Moe, granted).

  38. Looks like these two cuties are having a “ball of a time’!

  39. Again I forgot to look for the hover text. Zounds it’s good!

  40. Those stumpy Corgi legs. I just wanna chomp on them :3

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    juniper, now that you mention it, “WTF Wrestling” is a pretty good description of the performance Sam and Max (Freelance Dogs) put on most mornings. I get up early, leaving the Countess Von Zeppelin snoozing peacefully with two sleeping dogs curled up at her feet. By the beginning of my second cup of coffee, there is a cacaphony of snarling, growling, yapping, strange honking noises, and the canine equivalent of “I’ll moidalize you!” coming from the bedroom. When I go back to see what’s happening, the stop ripping each other’s faces off long enough to give me an innocent “What?” look. Then back for the next round–snarl, growl, yap, honk, etc.

  42. so cute!
    “moidalize ya!” lol

  43. they’re all crazy-eyed but in a cute way. is that possible with people?

  44. dr. berthaservant says:

    What kind of human being would do this? I mean, seriously, people. I’m surprised there isn’t more outrage!

    WHY IS THIS NOT ON VIDEO??!?? Still pictures do not do Bite Club justice!!!

  45. victoreia says:

    LOL @dr. berthaservant!

  46. I just love how even the freakishly short legged and cute ones go all shark-week with the eyes and teeth. We’ll just let them think they’re tough . . . (rolls eyes)

  47. This is too awesome.

  48. LOL great captions.

  49. zomg, 4 cute. But can this cat who tackled me at ravenswood winery join in? full nelson, here: http://www.fotobabble.com/m/N1JSZDB4ZUZQR2c9

  50. Picture #5 is the best …. the expression suggests the doggie on its back isn’t quite sure if the nibble of the naughty bits is surprisingly good or surprisingly bad.

  51. I call “foul” on panel #5. Definite illegal kronche move. Rowch.

  52. ^ Lol! Jinx, Manoonoo.

  53. Christopher says:

    xxxtreme Corgitude!!!!!

  54. Has anyone else here read “Under The Dome” by Stephen King? There’s a list of characters “of note” at the beginning of the book, and it includes three “dogs of note.” One of them is a Corgi named Horace. There are small segments of the story told through his POV, and they are quite well done: funny and poignant and all too true to anyone who’s been owned by a dog.

  55. I wonder if our own dear Queen has this problem with the Palace pooches.
    ” Ones dreadfully sorry Mr President, but the state banquet is orf, untill Rex or Peter win by two falls or a submission and they are fighting it out on the state banqueting

  56. @Hon Glad, can’t you give the old girl a buzz and ask her?

  57. Love that it’s the smaller corgi that’s chomping on the bigger one…. LOL

  58. Cuter than Brad Pitt, and no doubt safer to be with than Michael Vick.

  59. also, my corgi could possible weigh 10x as much as those two:



  60. Snips and flails and puppy dog tails
    That is what play fight club is made of!

  61. Theresa – Actually I usually see her in Roxie’s dive bar and horse knackers yard, so I will ask her.

  62. Von Zeppelin says:

    Hon Glad, if the movie “The Queen” is to be believed, Her Majesty has only to snap her fingers and the corgies fall in with a precision that the Brigade of Guards would envy. Too bad that doesn’t work with some members of her human family.

  63. Dog on the bottom has da best expressions!!! bahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Are all corgis born with tails? *head scratch*

  64. cardigan corgis still have tails.
    only pembroke corgis have delicious nommable nubs.

  65. DaytimeDeb says:

    I don’t have a tail and my legs are sorta stubby… yet I am not nearly as cute as a corgi. But then again, not many things are cuter than a corgi!

  66. So the cardigans have both sweateaws and tails, while the pembrokes have only nubules. 😀

  67. I’ll bet this was a rollicking good time! Looks like the pups are enjoying themselves immensely!

  68. Yes! A huge round of applause for posting all the rules! Too often people will stop at the second rule, but you – YOU – rememberd them all! Bravo!
    Oh also, the most anerable fighting eva!

  69. Love the insane puppeh eyes of Complete Fewociousness.

  70. The Corgula- or Corgulas pictured here are well on their ways to the chubby speedbumps of their adult selves. They are extremely oral doggetts-mouth, mouth, mouth, eat, chew, eat, talk, bark, whine, mouth-right, DaytimeDeb?

    Killer is also super mouthy- and she has a few extra pounds on her. Queen Elizabeth has Pembroke Corgis, and I bet they do fall into attention for her!
    Being very bright doggetts, Killer knows exactly what I am saying and has mastered the art of ignoring. They are not doggetts for beginners.

    Those puppehs are just so, oh what is the word- CUUUUUUUUTE! So many pictures- thank you, NOMTOM.

    OK, back to the pictures! Nom, nom, nom, nom….

  71. P.S. Killer does not do well with other dogs, she literally “goes for the throat.” It is just SO MUCH fun to sequester he at the Vet’s office- argggh! Again, these are not doggetts for a beginning dogget owner.

  72. Totally LOVE this… they are so cute… Guess that is why they are on this site!! 🙂

  73. May I remind those people whose neighborhoods receive snow:
    “The Corgi” is a unit of measure for snow. “One Corgi” is enough snow so that the trail of said Corgi through said snow includes four paw prints, two on each side of a line down the center (for the thorax don’tchaknow)- hence a “Corgi full of snow”. “Two Corgis” is enough to pretty-much cover a Corgula (if the Corpulence isn’t too extreme, in which you may need an extra inch or two to actually cover the aforementioned Corgula. Now, I’ve never had a Corgula Puppy, but I would say that the scale kicks in after the Cori has turned into a full-fledged (mouthed), Corgula. Unless someone wishes to pro-rate the unit of measure into smaller units. “Drams” comes to mind for some reason. Perhaps “Dram of Snow” is a tenth of a Corgi?

    Please check and dry the undersides of your Corgulas when they are coming back in the house! Not unlike your grocery basket in the food store, the Corgi may have forgotten something on the underside to which attention must be paid.

  74. (All the school kids gather ’round)…. “Play, play, play, PLAY! ” (you know instead of Fight, fight, fight, fight ) yeah? Oh well…too cute!

  75. @Katrina
    Don’t forget the “Slug Path” unit of measure that doesn’t require the same extreme environmental conditions as you describe. All that is necessary for the “Slug Path” is grass about 4 inches high on a dewy morning. It is truly a sight to behold upon completion…meandering paths across the lawn as the sun rises….

  76. I propose a movement to re-name “Play Fight Club” to “Bite Club”. All in favor, raise your paws plzkthx.

  77. Cholmondeley says:

    This is another post that is crying out for a Cronshe tag. Or a Cronch tag. Or Chompage. Whatever!

  78. that toddler above is way cuter than these dogs.

  79. Two Corgis wrestling beats a kid with a kitten – any day!

  80. AuntieMame says:

    People enjoying cute photos without resorting to snark is cuter than anything.

    [Amen. – Ed.]

  81. SFF Corgi says:

    What I’m wondering is are those red&white Cardis (possible, but not typical) or undocked Pemmies (Euro style). At that age and with that much wiggling, it’s a little harder for me to tell.

    Oh, and SQUEEEEE!!

  82. Mary (the first) says:

    Those puppers just look so happy to be together. I wonder if they are siblings, just getting acquainted, or long-term bff. Very cute, whoever they are!

  83. Corgis have really grown on me. Anyone know if they shed and are the sort to never calm down? If they’re calmer dogs and shedless, I would consider getting one someday. 😀

  84. SFF Corgi says:

    Their personalities are extremely individualistic, but they’re working dogs – always a little intense. I think Pembrokes can be a little mellower than Cardigans, though.

    Oh, and they shed absolute tribbles-worth of hair, constantly.

  85. Aww, so cute! I love corgis!

  86. @SFF Corgi
    No kidding about the shedding. When we adopted our girl a few months ago, we started taking pictures of the massive amounts of hair we got out of her every time we furminated. We also have a daily “tuft watch”, cause you can tell when she’s got a loose tuft of white hair sticking out and ready to attach itself to the nearest pile of clean clothes.

    Sigh. Our beagle mix was never this much tribble trouble!

  87. O M G! Corgi’s make my day better, hence the reason I have one of my own. They are mouthy lil things tho!

  88. Francesca says:

    Those are definitely two pemmies, one who has a tailio and the other who has the nubbin. Some pemmies have tails others do not from birth. God what an adorable pair, they look like they could be sibs of my corgi girl.

  89. Taryn-Corgis shed the most on days with a “Y” in their names. The shedding is 24/7 and 365/366. The fur is downy and it comes out in individual and tuft formations. Fur flies when the Corgula hasn’t been brushed in 4.2 seconds. Petting a Corgula is an experiment in static electricity and this produces as fine sheet of fur that covers everything that can be covered in plaster dust during a home renovation. That said, I love my Abbey (Killer) and wouldn’t trade her for the world. But shedding? Oh, yeah. We call it “Corgi Tweed” around here, after a CO Peep who gave us the name many moons ago.

  90. Pic # 5- Inappropriates!!!:-D

  91. Ah, thanks, Katrina and others for responding. I think I’ll be staying far away, cute as they are. My current dog’s shedding is bad but not nearly as bad as that and it’s more than enough for me to handle.

  92. Just get used to it and it doesn’t even phase you anymore. I just tell people that I have a generous supplier of fur and let it go that that….I am very used to the corners of every room in the house looking like a mousie nest, sans mousie, of course!

    I hear that Bichon Frises don’t shed- is that true, anybody?

  93. Von Zeppelin says:

    An acquaintance of mine brought samples of her dog’s hair to the carpet store to match it. Told the salesguy, “I don’t want to have to vacuum every hour.”

  94. Love it Love it. Corgis are the best!

  95. resriechan says:

    @ Von Zepp: now THAT’s planning ahead & disaster prevention!!!