The Year in Cute, 2009

… and, for some things, there are no words.  (Click pictures to view original posts.)




  2. PS: Shouldn’t this be called “The Year in WTF!!!????” ?

    [works for me – Ed.]

  3. PPS: There’s been a lot on FemBlogs lately about how young mens’ lovemaking is being affected by watching too much porn. Scirocco seems to have the same problem. 😛

  4. Delicious, Delectible, Delovely!

  5. Andi from NC says:

    I’m with Theresa! Or as the British: “Indeeeed!”

  6. Doga!

  7. kibblenibble says:

    I loves me some Qte wierdness. 🙂 All of these were/are great.

  8. OMG! I almost died laughing at the first post! That was too funny! No one helped that poor guy out for the longest time…. I wonder how a bird pays child support…hummm

  9. resriechan says:

    1) Somebody *PLEASE* provide me with reassurance, that
    le Pauvre Persecuted Pup was soon released from Prison?????

    2) I also submit that the same item (Pic # 6 from this post) as

    Beer. Is. Bad.

    [I feel I must respectfully CONTROVERT. – Ed.]

  10. skippymom says:

    Oh! I had forgotten about that one with the creepy raccoon hand! Love that one! Does anybody remember, did we have a backstory on how this came about?

  11. god, i have to say i absolutely adore stephen fry. kudos to mark carwadine for being such a good sport while being molested by that bird, lol!!

  12. MissKitty says:

    I second the “yay Stephen Fry”

    We Americans have already embraced Hugh Laurie… its about time Stephen gets his due. 😀

  13. @SkippyMom, we have to go back, back to the story of a one-armed masked escapee from the local lunatic asylum . . . .

  14. @Jen and MissKitty– yes, he wears his extravagant gifts so lightly– he is the most endearing person.

  15. There is nothing quite like that dry British sense of humour.

  16. I loved Stephen Fry as Gordon Gordon on Bones. While I do love Sweets, I miss Gordon Gordon!

    I think the aluminum foil doggeh is my favorite of this bunch though!!!

  17. Aluminum foil dog just kills me! His expression says it all. 😀

  18. I vote that Raccoon Hand wins. Wait, are we voting? -looks around-

  19. skippymom says:

    @Theresa, ah, now I remember hearing that legend told around the campfire….

  20. resriechan says:

    @ Ed:

    (sigh. Sometimes it’s so TRAGIC, having to live in a Democratic Nation, which allows discourse and dissension.)

    Woe is Me.

  21. OMG that parrot one had me fallin’ out of my chair! Whap whap whapity whap! It’s nice though that Stephen Fry (that his name?) helped the camera man (finally) when he noticed he was actually in pain. After having a good laugh first of course.

    You’ve been shagged by a rare parrot! LOL

    And Teresa, what problem do the young men have eh? Not enough foreplay?

  22. PS Anyone else look at the foil wrapped doggeh and start humming Leaving On A Jet Plane?

    don’t know when I’ll be back again…. oh babe, I have to go….

  23. resriechan says:

    BTW, IMHO, the best invention of the British nation, is the verb “to shag”. Ya can’t even SEE it written down, without *snerk*-ing.

    At least, *I* cannot.


  24. I had a fish that kinda looked like Louis Armstrong so I called him Louie. After he died a friend bought me one of those goldfish above and told me his name was Dizzy.

  25. @Resriechan, I always liked the word “snogging,” ever since I heard it on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

  26. PS Shall we repair to the Snickering lounge?

  27. skippymom says:

    Theresa, I was just about to recommend that Resrie check out “snog”!
    I’ll race you to the lounge!

  28. The first video still makes me laugh like crazy. Love it

  29. resriechan says:

    (@ Theresa & Skippymom:
    but izzn’t “snog” about drinking that devil fluid alkeehol??)

  30. skippymom, have you got a supply of milk bones for us all?? 😆

  31. skippymom says:

    Paunchie, see my last comment on the hamster post! I’ll be sending everybody a sample pack of meal worm biscuits soon!

  32. skippymom says:

    Resrie, no, not at all. It’s about smooching.

  33. The enormous duckie (a.k.a. Patito Gigante) was one of my favorites of the year. Though the tinfoil dog and the dog surrounded by cans cracked me up too. My dog hates the sound of falling cans so she would probably be similarly immobilized by that setup.

  34. @resriechan – except that none of those seem to be beer cans – they all look like old Pepsi cans. 🙂

    But I agree, PEPSI IS EVIL. As is Coca-Cola. Down with sugary caffeinated drinks that aren’t coffee! 😉

  35. From the MPFC sketch, “The Most Awful Family in Britain”:

    Mrs Garibaldi When are you coming back tonight?
    Valerie Garibaldi 3 a.m.
    Mrs Garibaldi I think it’s disgusting… you a Member of Parliament.
    Mr Garibaldi I heard you in the hall last night, snogging away.
    Valerie Garibaldi I wasn’t snogging!
    Mr Garibaldi Sounded like snogging to me. I could hear his great wet slobbering lips going at yer … and his hand going up yer…
    Mrs Garibaldi Dad!
    Strange Man (coming out of the cupboard) Yes.
    Mrs Garibaldi No … not you.
    Strange Man Oh! (he goes back in again)
    Mrs Garibaldi Just mind your language…
    Ralph knocks a leg off the table. It collapses entirely.
    Ralph Garibaldi Oh, sorry, mum.
    Kevin Garibaldi (too fat and flatulent to get up) I’ve run out of beans!
    Valerie Garibaldi We was talking, we was not snogging.
    Mr Garibaldi Talking about snogging, I’ll bet…
    The phone rings. Mrs Garibaldi answers it.
    Valerie Garibaldi If you must know, we was talking about Council re-housing.
    Mrs Garibaldi (on the phone) Would it mean going to live in Hollywood?
    Kevin Garibaldi (desperate but unable to move) I run out of beans!
    Mr Garibaldi Where to re-house his right hand, that’s what he was interested in!
    Mrs Garibaldi And has Faye Dunaway definitely said yes?
    Valerie Garibaldi He is the Chairman of the Housing sub-committee.
    (The bell rings.)
    Mr Garibaldi Snogging sub-committee, more like…

  36. dr. berthaservant says:

    That is clearly NOT an ex-parrot.

  37. @Pounce, Pepsi and Coke are perfectly fine substances for taking the paint off a Buick.

  38. I have a friend, a recovering alcoholic, who refers to cola products as Brown Heroin.
    I missed the Creepy Racoon Hand the first time around, thanks for the repeat.
    Re: Stephen Fry comments, all I have to say is, Indubitably. He is a brick.

  39. @Paunchie: That, and a seeming belief that women should always be landscaped, like facials all the time, and being constantly asked “Do you like that? Do you like that?!!”

  40. Surrealle says:

    Well I guess that explains why that breed of parrot is so rare..

  41. The only time I usually ingest brown cola substances is either in rum & Coke, or in Long Island iced tea. 🙂

    The raccoon hand is awesome. I had forgotten it.

  42. I have to admit to being a coke addict.
    Caffiene free diet coke or better yet coke lite.

  43. ROFLOL, that poor guy getting it from that bird!

  44. The first vid is my favorite. Scirocco is a randy little bird, but he’s no cad. At least he stuck around long enough to try to get some cuddles from Mark afterward. 😉

  45. Long Island has an iced tea?

  46. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa: umm…………….thanks………………….(I THINK????) (giggle)

    @ skippymom: umm………………you may feel welcome to share MY helping of mealworms…………………with someone………………..

    But thanks, just the same, for your suave generosity !!!

    MWAH & peace to all.

    (giggle #2)

  47. resriechan says:

    @ Katrina:

    now, dear….Let’s start at (“the very”) beginning…..

    Once upon a time, Prohibition was repealed…..that was a few years ago, dear….

  48. resriechan says:

    PS: the sheep with the H1N1 facemask is rather charming.

  49. That parrott is one randy little fella isn’t he?

    As for the raccoon hand…it is a bit creepy. Cousin IT, is that you?

  50. Beauregard says:

    “Hound Control.” I loled.

    [I stole that from Theo. — Mike]

  51. Anonymous Coward says:

    about that frisky (and rare) parrot: is it a tame one living in a sanctuary of some sorts? is its name “Scirroco” or is this the name of its species? it did look rather unique — obv. not an ara or an african grey, so…


    thank ${deity} the photographer did not get the same reaction from a bigger animal…

  52. Sorry, I’m totally lost in this context-I’d never heard of Long Island iced tea. Oh, well, I know lots of other things… sorry I can’t contribute to this one.

    [HINT: there’s no tea in it. – Ed.]

  53. resriechan says:

    Here ya go, Katrina: click on this item (if I don’t get editor/moderated/delayed).
    Enjoy in good health!!!

  54. Anonymous, that is the world’s rarest (and largest) parrot, the kakapo. There are only 125 of them in the world, which is actually a great improvement — the population fell as low as 55 before New Zealand started their intensive recovery effort. Sirocco was raised by humans, so he’s not afraid of them at all. Sometimes he is taken on tours to the mainland so that people can meet a kakapo, but the rest of the time he lives free on the main kakopo reserve island.

  55. I’m so proud to be a New Zealander right now – that’s our Kakapo! Isn’t he beautiful!!
    I hope our other kakapos take to breeding as well as Sirocco has.

    Just wondering about those fish – are they OK? Are they supposed to be so puffy??

  56. I love you so much for the Major Tom reference….

  57. hi i love this site1

  58. OMG that is hilarious

  59. Anonymous Coward says:

    @Tavella —

    thanks for enlightening me. So Sirroco is not a _species_ name, but an individual parrot’s name. And it shows too much that he’s not afraid of humans — ouch, ouch, ouch. Funny for us, but not for the object of his, er, “attention”.

    Now, whilst I could google it, I prefer to ask someone who seems to know more about this species than me: is it a flightless variety of parrots. From what “they” were saying, it seems that it is. Or is it just Sirroco, due to some injury?

    (And who says that CO cannot be educational too?)


  60. Ha I made a quote and speech balloon for the lamb 🙂


  62. darkshines says:

    Snogging= French kissing
    Shagging= Barry White time… 😉

  63. They are indeed flightless parrots — there were no large ground predators in New Zealand before humans arrived, so the kakapo gave up flight as a bad business. They do climb quite well, and can (awkwardly) glide to the ground afterwards, but that’s it.

  64. jstjessie says:

    awww cute 🙂 i really like these, and the fish. the fish are cute.

  65. Yoga class… time for a little downward facing dog.