Year In Cute 2009: Ad Infinitum

Oh sure, sex sells, but in 2009, Madison Avenue caught a serious case of Teh Qte.  Below, we take another look at the cutest ads we featured in the past year.



  1. SOMEbody in San Francisco sent me “Theo” the Swarovski Cat. Lemme see if I can remember where I put it… out of the reach of the REAL cats, you understand…

  2. The lottery commercials just absolutely kill me! I am dead from exploshuns!

  3. Jess&Friends says:

    Ok, can I skip the car and just ride the huge hamster around? Maybe in a little carriage? kthx. Also, I would love to live with that hedgehog. Something tells me they would be the best roommate ever, not to mention the coolest room.

  4. I never saw that one with the Saworski cats! That was so adorable! I love how the first kitty is all changing colors of pink, and leaves his little footprints all ovah, and the leaves turn green when he steps on them. All of the cats were so cute and whimsical! Love eet! Thumbs up to the animator!

    Cute cute cute.

  5. PS it was a good ad too, cos I had to check out “Who are these Sawarovski guys?”

    Really pretty nice stuff, and not that expensive! I love pretty crystal jewelry! yay!

  6. …ah yes, here we go. 😉

  7. O. M. G. I haven’t seen the first or fourth ads before. Those are adorable!! The leetle paws tapping to the music. The leetle puppees and keetens that can’t even walk yet… Squeee!!! NOMTOM, you are gonna geeet meee een truub-bull here at work!

  8. thedistractor says:

    Well Theo, I’m now going to see you as a googly-eyed crystal cat instead of smileys. Guess that’s an improvement.

    Also, I’m in Tuscaloosa, AL (big game today) and it’s snowing. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

    [Absolutely. Get some braces on those tusks ASAP! :mrgreen: – Ed.]

  9. I am torn between liking the NY state lottery commercial (puppies in PJs, so cute) and the Samsung commercial (love the hamsters eating popcorn.) Frankly the big problem is that I watch them over and over again in an attempt to make and educated choice. Ha, ha, ha. (Do I like to myself much?)

  10. Hammies snorfling popcorn, quivering pork bellies, puppeh belly chubulance, hedgie sneezicle…. there are so many moments to delight in! *thud*

  11. Not to mention bunnies in cubicles! I think the piggies in the bunkbeds are my favorite. But you left out my other favorite NY lottery commercial, with bunnies at the state fair.

  12. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety, but I’d rather see cute animals on commercials than more half-naked people.

  13. OMG the twitchings!!!!!!

  14. Well all I can say is all of these commercials are SCHWEET… Sweeter than Sweet.. That’s SWEET!


  15. @ Teho are you sure they did not model that Kitty after your personality?

    [ALL kitties are modeled after me, duh. – Ed.]

  16. Wait, one of those Swarovski kitties has MY name!

  17. shnoopydoopydoo says:

    OMG I could (and have) watch those hammies eatin poppycorms all day!!!
    That goofy music, the feets, the nyam nyam nyam(there’s a little more than nom nom).

  18. I don’t get the Swarovski ad… what product are they selling? I know in general they sell crystal jewlery, yeah, but.. don’t ads normally show a product? Was it the necklace the siamese kitties were wearing?

  19. Little crystal fluffurines, Cashew.

  20. Where is the bunny commercial from the lottery?!?!? its the clear winner here.

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    Liked the Swarovski cats–sort of a late Chuck Jones minimalist animation style. As Cashew says above, it is impossible to tell what the heck they are advertising. As far as I knew, Swarovski was a late nineteenth century composer, or possibly a member of Khrushchev’s Politburo. I am sure that the crystal connoisseurs understood immediately.

  22. Enter my vote for the Samsung ad. Qte at the Genius Level.

  23. Psh! Glittering whimsical kitties for the win!!!!

    If it’s sparkly, I’m SOLD!

    …Especially fond of the Emily kitty!!

  24. I agree with Blair: the NY Lottery bunny fair is the bestest — the only possible reason for not including it here is that NTMTOM has classed it in the Hall of Fame?

  25. Despite not knowing how on Earth that kitty animation relates to Swarovski in any way, I still adored it! Definitely digging the style, what a delight to watch! I also loved the Samsung advert, the bunnies sitting at their desks made me awwww 😀

  26. Probably nothing will ever be cuter than those little piggies in their jammies. Oh my goodness.

  27. The Swarovski ad was advertising the kitties themselves: tiny, pretty glass versions of them. 🙂 The Theo is adorable (and what a great gift idea it was for our Theo), and I really like Marie and Pierre. 😀

  28. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Von Zep, you beat me to it (Chuck Jones)! I have decided the Swarovski ad is a tribute, and it is just wonderful! I heart all the kitties and I want them all–the cartoon, not the crystal versions. My real, live kitties would smash crystal to bits, and pick their teeth w/the shards.

    The twitching feet in the lottery commercial–redonk! How did the auteurs get all the nanimules to do that on command?? Hee!

  29. Yes, yes, great animation-I just love how the cats keep changing color by section, as sort of sparkling-just well, brilliant, (does that count as a pun, 260?)

  30. One of my hobbies is to spot the “gratuitous pup-dogs” found in ads and commercials for completely unrelated dog merchandise and services. It is amazing–cute animals are used more than sex to sell stuff. Of course what one really wants is the puppy not the whatever.

  31. The Swarovski one is wonderful! It hits just about every cat personality! I will prolly watch it over and over!

  32. the ultratouch commercial made me LOL.

  33. Number 2 and 4 were new to me.

    soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!

    I luved ’em all! Gotta find out what that “other favorite NY lottery commercial, with bunnies at the state fair.” looks like. These people are geniuses!

  34. Jenn in IL says:

    The hedgie’s arms sticking straight out as the chair spun ’round just slays me – SO funny!!

    Everything else was just adorable – loved the Swarovski kitties!!

  35. Hadn’t seen the Samsung one. Hystericals, especially the hedgie!

  36. Samsung is the winner, I want to say. I liked the Sweet Million Lottery one (See the other one that has bunnehs and Kittehs) but I just hate how they ruin the whole thing by startling the puppies who were peacefully sleeping.
    My favorite in the Samsung Commercial was the Bunny WorkPlace.

  37. Too many hilarious moments in the Samsung ad. The hammie nawm-nawm, the bored puppy noises, the talking guinea pig, the out-of-control spinning hedgie with flailing feets, the “Gary!” “Wuh?!”, the cheering chickie….LOVE IT.