Year In Cute 2009: Owche

When our ani-pal friends get an owie, Cuteologists respond with an outpouring of concern, which sometimes takes the form of uncontrollable giggling.  Below, a sampling of Cute or Sad? moments for 2009 (click pictures to see original posts).



  1. Oh, this brings out the “Mommy” in me…Nurse Stef- are you there, Nurse Stef?

  2. Aww! I want to pick all of them up and cuddle them. Especially that grey kitty with the HUGE eyes!

  3. poor babies

    glad to see they were taken care of

  4. I can totally identify with kitty in picture #1. My left paw…I mean foot…is all outta whack, only my boot isn’t as cute as kitty’s sock/cast thingy.

  5. awwwww. that poor gray kitty with the white eye liner!

  6. I have a question stemming from ignorance (not nuffing, I swears)–are cows supposed to be that skinny in the hips like momcow at the bottom? I saw one like that the other day as I was driving home from work, and wondered if my concern was misplaced (since human mistreatment of anipals is my kryptonite).

    That being said, the dreaming dog slays me every time I see it :-).


  7. victoreia says:

    I always hate to see fuzzies in casts….(or rather, seeing the necessity of a cast)….

    And little tuxie just needs a couple of weeks to figure out the stretch factor needed for that door.

  8. The eye of momma cow is what makes that picture for me.

  9. I love how the dog is all tail-between-legs-ashamed to have been caught sleeprunning at the end. ha!

  10. Nicolletta says:

    I just want to give them all a great big hug!

  11. little kitty-tries-to-jump just breaks my little heart! i want to huggle him!

  12. Kitteh in casts… aw…

    Not as cute as the one a year or so ago (little sleepy kitteh in a hot pink cast), but cute nonetheless…


  13. Awww, hugs and snorgles for all the ouchie babies. At least they have nice peeps tending to their injuries (in between making fun of them). 😀

  14. mommy cow looks moritifed that her baby fell over in front of the herd.

  15. @Dan – Kittie in pink cast was January 1 on the page a day calendar.

    My personal fave is the face planting calf. No, it’s not nice to laugh at another’s misfortune, but bebeh’s trying to get the hang of standing upright (no matter what the species) are just cute!

  16. @Ilism, yep, cows have really bony hips. They look even funnier when you see a whole group of them moving away from you.

  17. skippymom says:

    I totally missed the cow one the first time around, whenever it was. I agree, mom looks like she’s muttering: “get up, come on, get up, I don’t want the other mothers to see how clumsy my kid is. Elsie was all bragging to me the other day about her little Bess is already taking ballet, and Clarabelle’s son is doing kung fu. I am so embarrassed–I would have to be the one in the herd whose child is totally awkward.”

  18. I was looking for the little marmie with the bright pink cast, too–guess he was 2008. One of my favorites.

  19. That kitten looks just like my Dante did as a kit. And there were no gates or fences he couldn’t pop over. There still aren’t any, and he’s fairly rotund. It’s quite a sight to see this furry sphere fly through the air. 😉

  20. Look at the eyes on that poor tabbula! “Thermometer goes WHERE?”

  21. “fairly rotund” <— snerk! :p

  22. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    llism, I’m no dairy expert but I think sticky-outy hips like that are normal for cows of some breeds. It looks all wrong if you’re used to looking at horses but this mum is well fed. If she weren’t, you’d see her vertebrae and ribs and shoulder bones as well as her hips. (Do a Google image search on ’emaciated cow’, ugh) 😦

    My acid test for whether an animal is being well-treated is: does it look like it has access to everything it needs? Food, water, space, shelter? I think we probably needn’t worry. 🙂

    My favourite was the angry tortoise on the furniture casters.

  23. The expresh on the face of the mama cow is priceless. Don’t tell me she has no feelings about what just happened!

  24. @Theresa – furthemore, don’t tell me animals have no feelings, period.

  25. OMG I loved that turtle story and the pics… I t hink it was one of my favortes from this last year

  26. That poor turtle. I remember that this put a crimp on his love life as he could no longer catch his ladyfriend!

  27. Nurse Stef? Are you going to be here soon?

  28. BrianMPLS says:


  29. You should have included the fish that had the poofy eyes that pooped. So sad and cute at the same time!

  30. Injured animals aren’t cute. Please no more.

  31. Ok, the kitty into the door made tea enter my sinuses… LMAO!

  32. The sleepwalking dog is pure gold. Such elegance in the balance between your will to laugh and your will to just hug the dog and tell him everything is all right.

  33. Second to the last one, omg that is ME when I have to go to the doctor. Meep.

    Nuffers, it’s not the injury that makes the animals cute, it’s their perseverance and the caring of the humans who are trying to help them. These animals are either all receiving the best care possible, or in the case of the video “fails” are obviously uninjured in the first place.

  34. Owchie. Poor baby kitty with large bore needle in his leg! So cute, but let’s hope this made him all better!

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    ceejoe and Theresa: I agree with you! If anybody doubts that animals have feelings, I would suggest to them watching the video of Christian the Lion after seeing his buddies after quite some time had passed. I think that’s proof positive. The love and joy he is experiencing is really very obvious! 🙂

    Both of the videos on this post are great! The dog is running his a_ _ off while sleeping and the kitten is hilarious, too!

  36. @Katiedid 😀 I agree with you about cuddling the little grey kitty 😀 We could take turns cuddling that kitty 😈 spoiling rotten the kitty 😈

  37. Aaah! Fergus is my sister’s cat, and if anybody wants to know the follow-up, he has regained the use of his leg and is now running/jumping/slinking around on all four paws again (though he is still the King of the Baleful Glance when displeased).

  38. platedlizard says:

    Oh gosh, I haven’t seen the sleepwalk fail one before. That’s funny! He starts chasing something in his dreams and the next thing McPupperson’s know WHAM! right into the wall. I think we’ve all done that after a night on the town.

  39. I cannot stop laughing at the baby cow one–the expression in the mama’s eyes is so “OMGZ!!!11ONE”

  40. iggle-that is wonderful news! Give Fergus a hug for us all! Thanks for the update.

  41. That is just so ouchies! all of them all together like that. it’s both cute and sad!

  42. mama cow: oh my beautiful baby…….WOW….DEFINITELY A BOY HUN!!!!!!

  43. Aww, grey kitty is cute! I’ll take 2!

  44. Daisy Bates says:

    I think it’s time to stop posting photo-shopped images……

  45. that kitteh is missing some toofers. meouch!