No, You Repeat After Me

“Cute Overload is the bestest site on the whole Intertubes EVER!”  Brwaaaaaaaawk!

Ooh, you’re gonna have some dead pixels on that screen, Susan R.



  1. I loved that little puppy with the capshon You’ve been “pretty” good.

    You may have “a” cookie.

    I really need to get off my computer more, I remember all of those pics!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s a very discerning parrot. Or parakeet. Or whatever it is.

  3. eclectus, I think.

  4. OMG!!! It’s like I’m looking at my own Jack!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!! Thank you CO for makin’ my day!!!! I keeeeessss you!

  5. That’s Katiedid’s boid? Why hello there Katiedid’s boid, Jack! Does he really sit on the monitor and stare at you with them beady eyes? Why are you looking at cute animules when you have MOI??

  6. Paunchie- That isn’t Jack but could be his twin lol 😀
    I have recently found out (via youtube) that almost all electus’ make the same honking or “hum” sounds.. It’s so good to know my bird isn’t “that” weird…

  7. And there may be some… interesting things behind the screen too.

    I used to have a parrot (Bytewing, the canary-winged conure). They tend to mark their territory.

    Katiedid, he’s gorgeous!

  8. fluffernugget says:

    Hooray! A parrot made it on CO. A pretty eclectus. After this picture was taken birdie hopped down and started ripping all the keys off the keyboard.

  9. Awe that does look like Captain “Jack” I love that bird!

  10. fluffernugget- That did happen with my Jack a month or two back.. I donno how he got onto the desk but he pulled up a few of the keys. Only the “n” key wouldn’t fit back on. There were triangle bites in all of the papers left on the desk too. LOL.. It’s funny now.. but then.. not so much..

  11. My Lilahbird will NOT sit still on the back of the laptop. She MUST peck and pull at alllll the keys.
    This pretty eclectus looks quite content to perch there!

  12. All I can think is Crunch where the claw is pressed so hard against the monitor.

    BTW I remember all those pictures too.


  13. Yeah I thought that was funny that was mentioned when it actually happened.. Hes such a great bird!

  14. skippymom says:

    Katiedid, I love it that your bird is named Jack. Years ago I had a green parakeet named Jim who was one of the best companions I’ve ever known. I applaud people who give their animals unusual/interesting names, but deep down I really get a kick out of basic, plain “human” names for pets.
    In college I knew a cat who had another name but we called him Ron because it just suited him better.

  15. kibblenibble says:

    The beak of an eclectus always reminds me a bit of candy corn. 🙂

  16. skippymom- Jack is his nick name.. His full name is Captain Jack Daniels Sparrow Crenshaw-Schultz. Although I’m not sure how he became a captain when he’s only 6. 😀

  17. I see disapproval in that beady little eye.

  18. skippymom says:

    Katiedid–ooohhhhh, wow, that is in fact a very impressive name.

  19. Yeah, there were about 5-10 people involved in the naming of Jack. The vet gave him the Crenshaw-Schultz and the people I used to work with gave him the Jack Sparrows part, I gave him the Daniels, and my bf gavie him the title Captain. It seems to be an ever evolving name….

  20. victoreia says:

    [monotone voice] “Cute Overload is the bestest site on the whole intertubes ever.”

    “These are not the droids you’re looking for. You can go about your business.”

  21. there’s an ad on TV here for the employment section of the want ads, bird like this one in a cage sayin’ “Can’t take it, not another day” and a minute later his owner comes home, presumedly from work, going ARHHHH not another day! Can’t take it!”

    Not another day rawwwwk!

  22. He’s so beautiful! ❤

  23. Is it sad, that the first thing I analyzed from that picture is that the computer is probably a Dell Latitude D series notebook? Yeah, I thought so too.

  24. skippymom says:

    Parrot joke: Woman gets out of bed in the morning, opens the curtains, takes the cover off the parrot’s cage, starts the coffee maker. Phone rings and it’s her boyfriend saying he’s on his way over. She unplugs the coffee, covers the parrot, closes the curtains and gets back into bed. From the parrot’s cage is heard “Well that was a short [bleeping] day!”

  25. Nice boidy! Perhaps a wooden rail frame on the top of the laptop might come in handy.
    Please, someone, tell us more about the elctectusus boids? Thanks.

  26. Colonel Jenna says:

    Parrots aren’t the only thing to keep away from the keyboard. Blue the rat took a stroll across the laptop and had a gay old time removing keys until I realized what he was doing. I had to take it to my local geek to get the keys stuck back on! I miss that rat…

    I don’t want to think about what my brother’s Severe Macaw or heaven help us the African Grey could do to a computer. Alex the Grey could shred an entire laptop if he felt like it.

  27. Katrina- What do you wanna know?

  28. OMG what a beauty! I always wanted to have a bird like that, but I hear they don’t tend to get along with kitty-babies very well…

  29. @Katrina, the thing about eclectus parrots is that the male and female have completly different plumage. The one in this pic is a boy eclectus. The female is a red bird. They are both totally gorgeous.

  30. Beautiful male eclectus! (He is relaxing and resting on one foot)

  31. Why are you using internet explorer? 😦

    Cute bird though 🙂

  32. OMG! That’s my baby!!!!! I am unbelievably excited to have something posted on CO!!!!!!! This, seriously, just turned my whole dang day around!!!!

  33. Yay Eclectus boys! I miss mine!! They are absolutely the sweetest!!!! He looks so cozy sitting there.

  34. He’s adorable! 🙂

  35. that whole web browser is a dead pixel 😛 aww, sorry – love my calendar! 😀

  36. His name is Merlin Birdie. He’s sitting here on my Dell Inspiron 600 as I type this and my awesome wordy birdy is very VERY proud of his celebirdy status on CO!

  37. I don’t know how to embed a link, but here’s Merlin ringing in the New Year! Literally …..

  38. What a sweetie! That jazzy music suits him perfectly!

  39. RipleyRoxie says:

    Ripley, Roxie, Xavier and CoPilot are all very proud of their famous cousin, Merlin!

  40. Polly wants a cracker, awwk!!! Polly wants a cracker.

  41. The pixels aren’t dead. They’re just resting.

  42. I’d love to see even more bird pics and vids on CO. I really had no idea how entertaining they can be! They even seem to display a sense of humor and you can’t beat that. ❤

  43. Birdcage- He’s such a pretty little guy!!! Loved the video. Super cute! 😀

  44. YAY Birdcage!!! Merlin is a beauty!

  45. Wow, what a beeeautiful boid!

    Katiedid and Birdcage and Theresa- thanks for the info and assistance. I was just wondering why the sort-of-oddly-clinical name and stuff. The video was great!

    How old is Merlin?

  46. (*pushes professor glasses up her nose*) Eclectus parrots are named thusly, I believe, because they are uniquely ‘eclectic’ in appearance – because males and females are dymorphic (different colours) which is not unique among birds generally but is somewhat unique among parrots. Female eclectus are bright scarlett red with blue/purple bands of colour across their chests. Merlin is a “red-sided eclectus” subspecies historically from the New Guinea region (though Merlin was born and handraised in Ontario). There are other subspecies as well. Merlin is 7 years old, so he’s a teenager in parrot terms. Eclectus can live to be 30 to 50 years of age. Eclectus can be excellent talkers – among the best on the planet – Merlin speaks in full sentences and often appears to use his words in context.

  47. Thank goodness my bunny can’t get at the keyboard! He loves chewing off remote control buttons.

  48. WOW, Birdcage…errr Susan… he uses full sentences? That would be fun!

  49. Birdcage- Jack talks in kind of an old lady voice with new words (Very scary). And like someone with their mouth closed, trying to talk, with words he knows really well. Does Merlin sound like that? By the way, I saw your other video of him and the Pirates of the Caribbean song. That was way too funny! I laughed my butt off! He is a good dancer, jack has the same moves. I would love to see a video of Merlin talking or singing!

  50. @ Katiedid – Merlin sometimes has a great old-lady voice. And he often sounds like he’s talking through a mouth full of cottonballs with words and phrases that are really comfortable for him, or he’ll use a really soft voice – almost like mumbling or whispering. He’ll talk to his foot sometimes which is pretty cute: I’ll hear him whisper directly to his foot or to one of his toys, “Hello, how are you?” He also does a perfect-pitch imitation of my mother’s voice, which is really scary – there’s nothing like minding my own business in the privacy of my home, only to hear my mother in the other room saying, “Whatcha doing?” I thought of your Jack yesterday and that Pirates of the Caribbean video – there’s a glitch in the video so it’s of poor quality so I didn’t post it here. I’m trying to capture some of the talking and other dancing that he does – it’s tough. He often shuts up when the camera is on.

  51. Birdcage- Jack is camera shy too. He loves to talk when we are in the other room. We will be watching TV and hear “Hellow? Hellow?” Followed by clicky noises or kissy noises. He learned how to climb down his cage and come into the living room and climb up the couch.. Kinda creepy when I am not paying attention and all of the sudden I hear “HONK!” from behind me.. But I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. He is such a ladies man too. HATES my boyfriend. But he makes sad honking/crying noises when he leaves. He lived with my mom for a couple of months and she would always yell down the stairs for me so he knows how to say my name but does it in the creepy old lady voice, which is very scary when you are home alone!
    Merlin seems like a little ham too! That would be too cute if you caught him talking to his foot and were able to record it!

  52. Several years ago, I was dating a guy named Mike that Merlin never seemed to like particularly much – never had much to say to Mike, but when Mike disappeared from my life, Merlin starting embarrassing me in front of new boyfriends by walking into the room and asking, “Hey, where’s Mike?”

  53. LOL! OMG, that’s great! Too funny.
    Whenever Mark, my boyfriend, gives Jack something to destroy/rip apart, Jack always destroys it and very aggressively. Almost like he’s saying, “I wish this was you!”

  54. OMG! I love your bird stories – both of you!

    “Hey, Where’s MIKE???” 😆

  55. NTMTOM: That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw that picture (dead pixels!)