Make Mine a Double

One of the most popular new drinks that the beautiful people enjoyed over the holidays is called the “Scotch Surprise.” It’s very simple, really — see recipe below:

2 jiggers Smirnoff vodka
Dash of Macallan Scotch whisky
Shake well and strain into glass
Garnish with herbs
Enjoy while kitteh pounces on you from top of cupboard.

Will you be my designated driver, Heather H.?



  1. That reminds me that it’s time for me to re-stock my cubbards with more kittyheads. *adds to list*

  2. And don’t forget the crushed garlic

  3. friendofpets says:

    those herbs look suspiciously illegal.

  4. DewiCasgwent says:

    At least your ‘watering’ the whiskey with a tasteless spirit, just leave the palm out.

  5. Kitteh looks like he’s got his day all planned out. 🙂

  6. Emmberrann says:

    @Ed.: Should this not be tagged “Impending Doom?” I oncet had a kitteh name of Cool Paw Luke who used to POUNCE from high levels onto me when I got within range. Life could be an adventure with a kitteh like that (oh, and it was! It was!)
    @chanpon: oh, and while you’re out, could you get me a little Singapura?

  7. Kitty looks purrrrfectly happy up there. I don’t envision too much lurkenschproinging from him. And what a lovely sunny kitchen!

  8. “lalala 04 reduced”? am I missing something on that first hovertext??
    (or just call me a dummy if I don’t get the joke)

    but YES impending doooom!

  9. 260Oakely says:

    The cat’s up there ready to provide biting commentary on your beverage selections during the mocktail hour.

  10. Kitty Mama says:

    Can I just say that I love this kitteh’s half-mustache? I have always been partial to half-mustached kittehs.

  11. I said, “Scotch, cold;” not “Scottish Fold!”

  12. lol! i’d drink more oftener if a kitteh pounce was part of the bevvie.

  13. Only a DASH of the Scotch? I would reverse the proportions. Or better yet, give the vodka away. 😉

  14. @ T.U.M. hahaha good one!!!

    Perhaps the poor owner needs a drink to calm his/her nerves after one too many kitteh sproings to the head…

  15. Kitty! Whar did your body go!?

  16. Iz in yer cupboard, watchin you drank…

    Putting Smirnoff in yer Macallan? Ohhhh nooooo.

  17. You can only have one drink, there is only in kittteh! Besides, with that mixture, you better not be driving anywhere for a while! Bleah!

  18. “Pounced upon, not stirred”.

  19. PS I wonder how that kitteh got up there? That’s a big leap, and not much else to climb up.

  20. Nicolletta says:

    Shaken, not purred.

  21. oh noes… drunken kitteh pounces!


  22. LOL! It reminds me of the time we went away on vacation and I asked my dad to feed my cats. The first day he came and put food in the bowls and only 2 cats came to eat. So he looked for the third one and could not find him anywhere.
    After 15 minutes of looking he was getting scared that maybe the cat got out when he came in. And then he happened to look up wile hum… taking care of some business in the bathroom, only to see the cat watching him form the top of the cabinet over the washer and dryer. Scared the “bejeesus” out of him!

  23. Why… why does this reminds me of Pickle Surprise?


  24. One of my kittehs made it to the top of a cabinet only once, after coming home from having surgery. Now THAT scared the bejeesus out of me, coming home at lunch to check on him and not being able to find him!
    This, however, is much cuter 🙂 I daresay that leap wasn’t much trouble for that kitteh, especially with the counter free and clear of pesky walls.

  25. Is that the queen’s mug on that mug?

  26. That is a lurken if I ever saw one. My kitty, who happens to look very much like this one, loves to sit on the bookcase. I will be looking everywhere for him, while he’s up there watching me, going “heh, heh, heh”!

    @Emmbarrann: “Cool Paw Luke”??? Awesome name!

  27. I’m still laughing over “Cool Paw Luke.”

    “Pouncin’ on the humans, boss.”

  28. Boop to the kitties Nose!
    sits back and drinks vodka scotch kitty surprise.

    Yummmm zesty!

  29. loved the cute cat in the bright yellow kitchen. and hey ware did the macallans come from. ware does the scottish and african theme come from.brill

  30. Von Zeppelin says:

    German slang for hangover: “Kater” (“Tomcat”). Which is what I predict for those consuming a vodka-scotch cocktail. Even if the lurking cat doesn’t schproing down on your head.

  31. So that’s like saying you’re so hungover you feel you have just had a huge catsproing on your haid?

  32. Von Zeppelin says:

    Paunchie, I think the idea is that if feels like you have an extremely unhappy tomcat INSIDE your head.

  33. That has happened to me, that extremely unhappy tomcat in my head, the MD called it a Migraine, after a spinal tap. UGH, I feel so awful for Migraine sufferers, you have my deepest sympathies.

    Don’t mix vodka with scotch, please just don’t. Pet the cute cat instead, even if he Luurkensproings you.

    That looks a whole lot like a tiny Dracena Marginata- not related to illegal herbs at all. It is not edible, either, it is a house/office plant.

  34. Actually, Katrina – the headache you get from a spinal is worse than a migraine. I get a good migraine about 3 times a month. Last year I needed a spinal, and there was leakage. The headache from that was more unbearable than I have ever suffered in my life. No drug on the planet will make that pain go away. They have to do a blood patch to stop the leaking and once the fluid is back in your brain, the pain is gone.

    Never ever mix Macallan with anything! No ice, nothing! Straight up. 10yr is ok. I prefer the 18yr. The 25 yr is HEAVEN, but pricey…

    One of my orange tabbies will pounce with no warning as well. He likes to be held over your shoulder like a baby. You could be doing anything – working on the computer, in the bathroom, reading a book… If he feels like it he jumps from the floor into the middle of your chest and expects you to catch him. 98% of the time, you don’t see him coming…

  35. Years ago my hubby and I babysat my Mom’s kitteh Blackie for a couple of weeks. One day I came home to a pale, frightened man crying, “Oh baby, I’ve lost your Mother’s cat!” I immediately did a thorough search and found Blackie sleeping peacefully on a black dining room chair. Black cat/black chair: disappearing kitteh! LOL Blackie could also jump from the floor straight up to the top of a 9-foot shelf . . . . swoosh and up. Miraculous kitteh.

  36. I thought a Lürkensproing was made with equal parts Jagermeister and Rumpelminz.

    [Somebody’s gotta try that out & report back. Who’s feeling brave? – Ed.]

  37. @Gigi 😆 Well at least your dad was in the bathroom when your kitty decided to check in on him from on top of the cabinet 😆 I bet your dad had some words with kitty 😆 lots and lots of words with kitty 😆

  38. This makes me want to stick Kitteh Heads on top of all my cupboards to cute-fy my apartment. 🙂

  39. 2 jiggers Smirnoff Vodka
    Dash of Macallan scotch
    Shake well and strain into a glass
    Garnish with herbs.
    Now you have the perfect emetic to bring up that suspect sushi you had last night.

  40. Resriechan says:

    um Blondie: as an endurer of chronic migraines….may I *gently suggest* that in your description of migraines, you add the consideration, of removing the word “good” from anywhere near the word “migraine”? I know I’m being
    ridic. uber-sensitive….but that *IS* the prime component of migraines….Even somebody three doors down the hall, turning on their radio, hurts, when one is mid-migraine.

    Nothing unpleasant your way; just Migrainal Accuracy from a fellow sufferer…..

  41. Kitty has his own sky bar. Too cute.

  42. Resriechan: I was using the word ‘good’ quite sarcastically. “Wow, I’ve got a good one (aka doozy) this time.” There’s no way I would ever use the word good in its literal/positive meaning when referring to a migraine. I’ve had nerves removed from my neck twice to try and control the tension triggered migraines I get. (In combination with great drugs and PT – may have to consider a job change if I can’t manage the stress better. Up until the nerve thing, I spent more time out of work than at work…)

    @ Ed # 36: Not it. 🙂

  43. Emmberrann says:

    @Rooanne: Cool Paw Luke was a really laid-back wonderful cat,. He weighed a slender 14 lbs. so being pounced upon meant you were POUNCED upon! And he, too, meant for you to catch him from wherever he was pouncing. When he would miss a target, he’d look at you to see if you were watching him make a mistake, and then saunter off, as if to say “I meant to do that!”

  44. “emetic” <— 🙂 new woid of the day

    [Also known as “barf potion”, aaand you’re welcome 😛 – Ed.]

    can't stand scotch or whiskey, maybe they are acquired tastes.

    Blondie, I feel your pain!

  45. Blondie and Resriechan- Ouch. Ow, ow ow, yes, I had spinal fluid leakage and imbalance for quite a while (the MD said it would be over in three days- try two weeks. It happened again after the second procedure, too, uuuuugggggggghhhhhh.

    So Blondie, you deal with these awful things and an Lurrkensprionginin inter-room ballistic furry missile? You are one tough cookie.

    Resreichan- I’m so sorry you are a fellow walking wounded.

    Both of you and Paunchie- I took Corocidin D, a round brown pill gotten in the pharmacy allergies aisle and it helped ease the pain. I don’t know if they even make it now, but as we are fellow Peeps, I felt it necessary to try to help. Best wishes to all of you.

  46. How did he get UP there??

    [Straight shot from the countertop, or I don’t know cats – Ed.]