Year in Cute 2009: Isn’t It Romantic?

We continue our look back at 2009 fondly—make that fondlingly—with a salute to snorgling:  Interspecies, intraspecies and intra-whatever. (Click pictures to view original posts. Parental guidance suggested.)



  1. Biggest surprise of 2009: That cat didn’t whap that monkey.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    I find vegetable love unappeeling. But this is the sort of photo that’s bound to turnip on the internet sooner or later.

  3. the monkey and the kitty went from cute to to disgusting pretty quickly at around 60 seconds… won’t say what since this is a family show.

  4. divinebluesky says:

    oh man! that last pun is a doozy!

  5. 260-I hope we can be on first name basis by now- 260- you are a national treasure!
    A 24 carrot treasure!

  6. Puns: LOL/Ugh…

    Otherwise, I got nothin’.


  7. Theresa – I agree! lol

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Oh Katrina, am I just a number to you? 😉

  9. Hee! Those carrots! Mother Nature has a lot to answer for!! 🙂

  10. I see with Monkey and puss it’s a post coital bum scratch, no cigarettes for them.

  11. @260Oakley: *groooooaaaaaan* 😆

    Sweet monkey bites !!!

  13. I’m not sure, but at first it looked as if the kitty was playing hard to get!!! The monkey sure is persistant!

  14. kittensnotkids says:

    did we ever figure out how, exactly, there came to be a cat and a monkey on a couch, with kids chattering in the background? sometimes, i can’t see the cute because i’m too distracted by the HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?

  15. 260Oakley can’t be beet – CO should pay her a celery. Lettuce suggest it to them.

  16. Yes, 260 you are a “10”.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Camille ain’t half bad at the puns either. LOL!

  18. 260Oakley is like our own Noel Coward. 😉

  19. i can’t believe the parrot and the cat didn’t make it, but the monkey and the cat did.

  20. 5^^now8ing says:

    I see o-pun season on puns! I’m groanin’ an lollin’ all over my keyboard, here!

    And I do think parrot-and-kitteh would be an excellent addition!

  21. 5^^now8ing says:

    Well that was supposed to read “I see IT’S o-pun season on puns,” but my typing ability is obviously as weak as my punning ability.

  22. 260Oakley says:

    You got the “coward” part right!

  23. So adorable.


  24. The monkey and cat thing is just..disturbing.

  25. I though this site was for animals only, but the occasional exception is made, I suppose. 😀

  26. @Person – there’s a whole category of Product Cuteness, which includes many non-animal items. We don’t yet have a tag for Produce Cuteness, though.

  27. Teeny Gozer says:

    I wish someone would put a Pepe Le Pew cartoon soundtrack on that Monkey & Cat Make Out video!

    “Mwah, mwah, mwah; eet ees Springtime and the flowers of passion aire in bloom, non, my petite dove of love? Mwah, mwah, mwah!”

  28. @260Oakley – I read your comment as “this is the sort of potato that’s bound to turnip on the internet….”
    I’m seeing puns where there are none!! But yeah, veggies just sort of sit there, like, well, vegetables!

    Love the monkey and kitty video. I must have missed that one before, so I watched it twice.

  29. hee hee, you guys are so funny…

  30. Please, someone, whap that monkey and save that cat.

    [OK, I’m off to spank… waaaait a minute. 😐 – Ed.]

  31. The snuggling dogs totally won my heart.

    Then I thought I was going to be okay until I saw the parrot and the kitteh vid. The parrot is petting the kitteh, people!!!! Oxygen, I need oxygen!!!! *thud*

  32. Ed #30 – ROTFL!

  33. Somebody put some pants on the carrots, already!!! I thought this was a PG post.

  34. 5^^now8ing says:

    Teeny Gozer — you’re right! That monkey IS Pepe LePew!

  35. liloaktree says:

    Oh that poor cat.
    And yes, the carrots are quite apeeling. 😉

  36. Anyone remember the Shibu Inu pups smooching? There was certainly a lot of snorgling on this site last year! I love these “year in review” posts…

  37. I was thinking of pepe le pew too! And that monkey has higher brain function. Way to take advantage!

  38. Was the monkey doing what we humans are suppressing?!?!!

  39. dr. berthaservant says:

    Fox the fox
    Rat the rat
    You can ape the ape
    I know about that
    There is one thing you must be sure of
    I can’t take any more
    Darling, don’t you monkey with the monkey
    Monkey, monkey, monkey
    Don’t you know you’re going to snorgle the monkey?

  40. naturalady says:

    The two doggies with matching blue collars are way too darling with those little “heh-heh- we’re-not- doin’-nothin’-here” grins!

  41. I could have done without the carrot porn, thank you very much!

  42. Aw, come on, it’s not porn, the carrots aren’t even peeled! 😉

  43. 260Oakely says:

    Indecent carrots end up in the processing plant in “The Naked and the Canned”

  44. *falls off chair laughing* @ Camille, 260Oakley and Post #30 with Nyota and Ed.!

  45. That monkey and cat making out still kind of scares me… They’re a little too into it!

  46. Carrot pants!!
    Carrot pants!!

    I’m rendered useless for the rest of the day by that mental image.

  47. The Monkey And Cat Was A Bit Disturbing.

  48. iludkittehs says:

    The real reason we have baby carrots! 😉