She May Look Disapproving, But She’s Really Just a Giant Softie

Wookiee brings Snookie the Bear everywhere with her, and she keeps him protected in of her “love bites”. And while sitting in the garden is fine, car rides are a bit more complicated seeing as the bear is about 9 feet tall.

Hope the parents are pleased, DNA.
[Yep, this is an Encore! – Ed.]



  1. The eyes! The giant paws! The fur!

  2. How can you not love a Newfie? More Newfies on CO, please!

  3. OMG! She looks like a giant, comfy beanbag doggie chair! I lof her!

  4. i feel like i’ve seen this pic before on here. am i going crazy? eh, no matter.

    (dives into fluffy newfy, snuggles in for nap)

    that bear is gonna be slobbery…

  5. Wow that ball of fluff sure has some big paws!

  6. the floof! the paws!
    the cuddling!


  7. n00f! I grew up with a newfie–she was just such a slobbery bucket of love!

  8. Awesome rollover text! Who knew Limp Bizkit could be cute?

  9. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Ooo, I want a big fluffy dog!!

    Just think, if you were a little child & had a dog like this, you would have a LIFE-SIZE snuggle toy to keep you warm.

  10. I call previous post (May 28,2009). Her name is Leilah.
    She’s still an awesome cuddle-bombshell.

  11. GROAN at the hover text. Brought me right back to Highschool. Not in a good way.

    Cute pup, though. And cute bear.

  12. Puppy!!!

    LOL@hovertext. My uncle has a Newfie just as big as this one that’s a little more brown. His name is Chewbacca.

  13. Transpogue says:

    A pox on you, Prongs, for getting Limp Bizkit or however it’s spelled in my head. A pox! A pox! *shakes tiny fist in rage*

    But cute fluffy woofy-woof. 🙂 🙂

  14. kiki willow says:

    Snuggly-Fluff! Newfies are the best companions because they make great backrests.

  15. doomchild says:

    Newfoundland 🙂 Love them, would take one or two if I wasn’t living in a darn flat.

  16. Me and my buddy!

  17. So cute, love newfies the hair everything

  18. Blueheron98 says:

    Wait – wookie is the dog and Snookie the Bear is the stuffed animal? And it says that stuffed animal is 9 feet long? Amazing, either way, so awesome! 🙂 Just want to cuddle!

  19. Aw man. Just when I’d scrubbed the last of that ridiculous song and group out of my mind.

    Seriously, that’s a Newfie? I think we need more shots to confirm the cuddli–, er breed.

  20. Cholmondeley says:

    Zee soft cronshe of lof!

  21. Are we sure it’s a Newfie? Those big sad puppy eyes say Caucasian Shepherd to me…

  22. MissKitty says:

    I always say if you are gonna get a dog… you should get a D-O-G real dog. This qualifies as one. And as an awfully cute one, too.

  23. These doggetts will be featured prominently in my “after winning $17 million dollars in the lottery” life. One really does need the room and the grooming assistance. And the food budget and the fireplaces (one for each) and the veterinarian on staff and the legion of small children to come over and do some serious snuggling and….

  24. Cholmondeley says:

    Dearest [Ed.]:

    Could there perhaps be a Cronshe tag? So many cute cronshe pix could be tidily organized that way – part of the traditional New Year organization binge.

  25. Great mounds of fluff!!!! Big dog with BIG hair!!

  26. Aw big baby!

  27. Aww, such a fluffy Newfie! I love these dogs.

    *sidles up next to her for warmfs*

    [Them are FLEWFIE. – Ed.]

  28. Lynn from For Love or Funny says:

    Ohmygosh, how can anyone resist such puffy canine cuteness?

  29. The only way this dog could be cuter is to be surrounded by newfie puppies.
    I do like the idea of a ‘Cronshe’ tag”, especially for those of us whose lives do depend upon the ‘soft Cronsche’.

  30. The feet! I can’t get past the feet! They’re so big and…well…squeezable… (Gently, of course…) And the ears… Those need a little nomming, I’m sure… As for the fur warmth that was mentioned earlier, it’s only 22 degrees here right now, so yea, the fur warmth would be very welcome…

    (I don’t think my Kittehs would approve of this big guy visiting though… I’m SURE I’d find some gifts that are non-returnable, once he left…)

  31. @ [Ed.] – Flewfie!!! Excellent!

  32. Twoo wuv and slobber, the wining combination.

    [That’s spelled “swabbah”, you know 😉 – Ed.]

  33. I’m in love – she’s absoulutely beautiful!! This is definetely a Newfie – looks like the black version of my Great Pyrenees! (And he is just as fluffy as this “little” beauty queen!) Big dogs are the BEST!

  34. So fluffy and gorgeous! Love Newfoundland dogs!!!

  35. Twoo wuv, Twoo Twoo wuv

    May you live happily in swabbah.

    She doesn’t look disapprouw-ving! She’s waiting for MOI to come home and play wif her!

  36. That puppeh looks like it’s Tired……tired of being admired…..
    (said in my best Madeline Kahn voice)

  37. Well shoot ! I can’t seem to get the link without the video showing up sorry gang.

  38. Blueheron, maybe saying that Snookie is about 9 feet tall is to joke how huge the Newfie must be in comparison. 🙂

    This cute photo makes me miss Cassie the golden retriever–she had the same stuffed dog for all 11 years of her life, and she loved to lie down and “nurse” (love-bite/drool) on it. It lost its eyes and nose and got plenty slobbery, but she never tore it up.

    Cassie also maintained a collection of smaller stuffed animals, mainly bunnies and a wombat. When visitors came over, or if she was especially glad to see us, she would pick a bunny, stuff it into her mouth and greet you while whining and wagging her whole body with excitement. Big, furry dogs are awesome.

  39. My Gods Mudbug, you sound just like her – uncanny!

    Calliope-what a sweet story, I teared up reading it. I miss her too. Did you get another animal companion?

  40. 5^^now8ing says:

    chanpon – a furry beanbag chair! That’s it exactly!

    An’ the pawsies!

  41. NEWFIE!

  42. Katrina – yes, my parents now have another golden retriever, who is equally goofy, and I have two tabby cats. A house needs animals in it. 🙂

  43. Paunchie gets bonus points for the Princess Bride reference, and Mud Bug for the Blazing Saddles reference!

    I’ll be in the snickerdoodle lounge sharing a sofa with Wookie. Collect your free drink tickets there.

  44. WANT!

  45. hey Katrina, I want to live with YOU!! that’s my idea of heaven!!

  46. cubbybutt says:

    what a beautiful dog!

  47. My friend’s Newfoundland looks just like that! Hooray for Noofies and their stuffed animal “babies”!

  48. 5^^now8ing says:

    Blondie’s right – a beanbag chair like that would totally class up the snickerdoodle lounge!

    [Trying to visualize a classy beanbag chair… still trying… – Ed.]

  49. resriechan says:

    er, um ………………while the Newfie is an AWESOME person….I feel compelled,
    by a personal compulsion, to mention that his ….er….Significant Other ….
    would be unwelcome in the home of my Disapproving Mudder ….
    whose Household Standards put Martha Stewart’s (of OMNImedia, in case any of us doubted that Martha Is In Charge of the Universe) household mgmt skills to shame….

    perhaps the canine will not allow the fuzzy white guy enough time off-duty, to encounter the laundry room equipment????

    All in luuuuuuuuuv

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Errrrr Ed: Here in Vegas (and I’m not kidding) there are actually stores downtown which sell these lounge chairs which are in the shape of huge, high-heeled lady’s shoes. *cough. ahem* Please see one below. One day, I’ll have a house with a room devoted to tacky Vegas Stuff and this chair will be in there along with a slot machine and a blackjack table upon which I will be the official dealer in the official Vegas schooled manner. There will also be strewn about Mardi Gras beads from Fremont Street. *cough. cough. end*

    (is there anything tackier than this?)

    [Let’s just say I won’t be trying to find out, this evening. – Ed.]

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    (and a shiny disco ball) *cue Bee Gees music*

  52. dr. berthaservant says:

    Vaguely Snuffalupagus-like, if you imagine the size. Like a different breed of Snuffy.

  53. resriechan says:

    @ QoD:

    “Why, yes, ma’am, I b’lieve that I can respond to your challenge, thusly
    (I am NOT entirely certain whether this might get Editor Moderated):

    “East Coast Tackois, Exhibit A”:

    [That’s… quite remarkable. 😯 – Ed.]

  54. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Quartered!! I shall sit your Ken Doll upon my Tacky Vegas Chair with him petting his doggy on his lap. Perhaps Ken can have the leash around his neck with Barbie holding the other end? (Now I’m in big trouble I’ll bet).

  55. @Queen of Dork

    I’ve seen those chairs in some shoe stores around town and, as tacky as they are, they are SO UNBELIEVABLY COMFORTABLE. I dunno. Just the angle of the back, I guess. I definitely want one!

  56. Yep, definitely reposted:

    I remembered this because if I look into those beautiful eyes for too long, I start to cry and miss my doggie.

    [OK, noted – Ed.]

  57. Awww, I love newfies! Wish I had the space and the time to keep one and take care of it well.

  58. Emmberrann says:

    Oh, my! It’s a floofy, goofy, Noofy! I just want a little teensy nom of da qte, but am afraid I’d wind up with too much of da nomfloof.
    @resriechan: Is that “Martha Stewart NOMnimedia,” by any chance?

  59. Kristin, Thank you.
    When (not if) I do reach the CT State Lottery Office, I will say yet another thank you and then come to C.O. and proclaim open house! You can be one of my co-hostesses. You can make sure that each fireplace is stocked with the 1) firewood and 2) appropriately assigned dogget. Resriechan, I plan on having black dogs and white sofas, so DO invite your Mom, ok? Those rollie-sticky paper things will be available. And, thank you Kristin for believing in the, (now our), goals. More when available! We’ll clean out the shelters and kennels of the East Coast! I just hope you like Classical music.

  60. Nicolletta says:

    Does this teddy bear make my feets look HUGE?

  61. Palm Beach Sugar Daddy LOLOL! 😆

    Somebody said oh no, that’s a Palm Beach Kept Man ha ha!

  62. Calliope – agree a house without an animal companion just isn’t complete.

    Someone? Please? Please explain to me Ken and Barb-oh, nevermind, I’ll never ‘get it’. I don’t ‘get’ Mickey Mouse either. Phaltathlat! (shudders, lets the dog out).

    Comes back freezing from letting the dog out- changing the subject: Hey, Peeps- the days are getting longer! Spring is just around the corner! Gots to go get the doggett now…

  63. yea, the days are getting longer. I welcome every second of extra daylight.

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: I like that spring is coming but here in the Mojave, the thought of summer makes me shudder in horror. Summer here is like what I imagine the pits of hell may be like. With giant, scary, sometimes dangerous bugs. Crap. I always look forward to winter here. Today was bright and sunny with the high temps in the 60s. Summer will be 178 degrees with killer bees trying to kill me and huge bugs taking over the sidewalks, plotting to trip me and eat me.

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    PS – Off, off the subject. My cat is staging a revolt. He’s not allowed on the dining room table but this morning, his Kitty Freak Out Session was so intense that he HAD to jump on that table and run around on it. (what the f*&%*!) Now, he’s in my daughter’s bedroom where there is a perfectly good, comfortable, covered with blankies bed to sleep on. Where has he plopped himself for his 15th nap of the day? On the hard, wooden bedside table. Good Lord. *sigh*

  66. resriechan says:

    @ QoD: Yew R hoomerous!!

    @ Katrina: thx for the invitation; I’ll save the date!!!

  67. QoD- Well, that is yet another reason to live in CT. It never gets above 145 and while it IS a moist heat, it only kills the libido. I’m pretty sure that is how Margaret Sanger got started.
    resriechan-my word, you are so organized-it must be the librariologist talking.
    We’ll use the C.O., Calendar of one’s choice, either wall or desk. Make sure that Mom wears her white gloves, too, ok? Between the doggetts and the changing the fireplace logs, she’ll need them! Now, come to think of it, we’ll need to open the Snickerdoodle Lounge, too, won’t we? Hmm, so many plans….what other doggets shed like crazy besides the Zee Corgi? What people and doggett biscuits to have in the cornucopias of biscuit tins all around the Lounge–the mind boggles.

  68. I think with Ken and Barbie, each is a “beard” for the other!

    Hey Katrina, I just purchased a vacuum that has a dog grooming brush attachment! How handy! I don’t have a dog, but one day… my mother says they love it.

  69. 1) Hovertext FTW. That made me larf.

    2) Love newfies. They are the sweetest dogs.